Trailer Of U Craft Revealed [Alpha Footage]

Nexis Games have also revealed a bit more detail, you can read about it below.

“The never ending worlds of UCraft offer a strong focus on the casual single player as well as the hardcore online multiplayer experience giving players offline quests and missions, as well as online and local multiplayer quest creation on top additional survival modes. UCraft opens up with 3 available class systems at launch, including the Warrior, Magician and Engineer with more UCraft class additions to be revealed leading up to its planned Holiday 2014 release. This variety and immersion can be enjoyed with friends and family in 2 player local co-op or expanded to a bustling 16 players by connecting your Wii U online through the Nintendo Network. Voice chat is enabled during online play to bring UCraft enthusiasts creating online even closer together!”

“Players can adventure through several unique realms in their UCraft exploits, and the first to be revealed is the UCraft Realm of Sumeria. These distinct realms are entirely different worlds consisting of a variety of different specific materials. As progression is made into UCraft gameplay, access to new realms will be awarded to that player.”

“Nexis Games promises a never ending adventure complete with never ending support behind the controller, frequent improvments and updates, as well as dedicated DLC both free and paid making UCraft one of the most ambitious indie games coming to the Nintendo Wii U platform this year!”


“UCraft from Nexis Games seamlessly connects with HullBreach Studios’ SDK Paint for integrated customized UCraft block texturing opportunity, officially making it the first mod tool for the Nintendo Wii U system. Internet access required to exchange various cross shared content between SDK Paint and Nexis’ UCraft. When Nintendo’s Wii U combines UCraft with HullBreach Studios’ SDK Paint together it will truely bring an absolutely fun amazing meta gaming experience to eager download gamers everywhere!”


“UCraft will conveniently and easily import any specified user generated artwork from within SDK Paint’s internal servers, allowing players to creatively customize each individual side of a single block in their UCraft profile with multiple hand drawn unique textures through SDK Paint’s FREE UCraft Stencil DLC. SDK Paint will also make available special Texture Bundles for a player’s personal use in a multitude of compelling Nintendo eShop’ exclusive indie games currently in development. Leading that pack at the top launching this new motivating cross-game functionality coming out of HullBreach’s SDK Paint eShop creation application is UCraft from Nexis Games! This recently revealed and excitingly innovative indie collaboration between HullBreach Studios and Nexis Games directly aims sights at satisfying everyone from newcomers to the genre, to the core eShop gamers, coupled with the many Miiverse veteran artists of the community whom are creating stunning artistic feats across Miiverse even right now. Together these teams are devoting everything to giving everybody the tools possible and needed to build each and every dream to life in all of our neighboring UCraft adventures around the globe!”

“Lastly, as promised, the latest and what is merely the 2nd piece of UCraft footage jumping out fresh from deep within Nexis Games quietly operating at a stone throw away from Retro Studios in Austin Texas. UCraft Teaser 2 is out!! Please enjoy this update to UCraft, Nexis’ newest Wii U exclusive and we thank the Nintendo gamers watching it everywhere!”

So as you can see we got a hefty amount of info and goods here. I am definitely looking forward to it a bit more now.


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