Nintendo Direct Later Today – Focusing On Wii U & 3DS Games Up Till Spring 2015!


Attention everyone, a Nintendo Direct is happening today at 2pm Pacific Time. (3pm my time) Nintendo apparently will cover games on both Wii U and 3DS that are coming up till Spring 2015, meaning March-ish if they mean games coming out till Spring starts, or if the mean till the end of Spring, that would mean games coming out till June 1st. In which case I suspect a new trailer for Splatoon will be shown off, If I’m right I’ll be happy about that. MK8 DLC will probably be shown and a release date will be given, (wouldn’t be surprised if they said it’s out RIGHT AFTER THIS DIRECT lol) also Smash Bros Duck Hunt Dog trailer might pop up, other then that Mario Maker, Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, and Yoshi’s Whoolly World might all be showcased to. Though don’t expect Zelda or Starfox since those will be later 2015. November 2015 for Zelda. Also this will be the first time since before E3 that we will have seen Iwata in a Nintendo Direct due to his surgery, hopefully he doesn’t botch the Direct and will do a decent job. I myself will most likely miss the Direct (Live) unless I can watch it on my phone lol, since I’ll be away, however if not I will watch it when I get back and definitely will do a video on Originalbloodace going over my thoughts!

Anyway enjoy, and remember 2pm pacific time, (3pm my time.)


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