The Banjo Kazooie Spiritual Successor “Project Ukulele” Is Getting A Kickstarter Also Some Screenshots!




Well now this is a pleasant surprise, Playtonic, the former Rareware devs who have gotten back together to make the spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie have given us a bit of new info aswell as some screen shots. (See above) Here is what they had to say.

“We honestly weren’t expecting as big a reaction as we got,” Price, a veteran of British studio Rare, said. “We’ve had tons and tons of emails – a massive fan response. But it’s good – we want that pressure, we’re really happy with that reception.

“Up until a few weeks ago [Kickstarter] wasn’t really on our radar, but since we’ve had such a massive response from people – we’re thinking that the game has to become a lot bigger, a lot broader, we want to do a lot more with it now to make people happy.”

“We’re still sending stupid ideas to each other, and thinking about how much to push the fact that this is a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie,” Price said, when asked about potential names. “We’re coming up with different puns… we’ll get there in the end. Apparently the name Halo 5 is taken.”

“If we needed, we could make the game with a few hundred thousand pounds, but if we can go beyond that we will scale up the game and add features as fans want from us. We could do the game comfortably on £400,000, but if we had more to spend we could, for example, hire a proper QA team rather than beta testing it.

“And as for ourselves,” Price adds, “we’re not taking the best wages in our career right now – we’ve all come down in wages and we’re in a tiny office – it’s cold in the morning and too hot in the afternoon with all the computers on. But it’s kind of how we like it – it’s reminiscent of the early days at Rare in the barn there, in this place that was never supposed to be a development studio but was just a building next to a farmhouse.”

“We’re almost starting a pre-Kickstarter Kickstarter campaign,” Price continued. “We don’t want to force tiers and stretch goals on fans, we’d love to hear if people would like to voice characters, if people want to have early access to the game, perhaps – and this is just a pipe dream – if we can have a boxed N64 copy of the game to really play off the game’s nostalgic feel. So it’s about finding out what people want from us from the Kickstarter campaign and then creating it with that in mind.

“And out of about 500 emails we receive every week, probably about 499 of them are shouting Wii U! Wii U! As a games fan, I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since the NES days. Most of are fans are Nintendo fans as well. So while we can’t confirm what platforms we will be on – some of that is beyond our control – but we are developing on Unity and we don’t want to leave anyone out. And we’d try to ship simultaneously to make the biggest splash possible when the game comes out.”

I personally love the little Xbox jab there with “Halo 5” though it’s nice to see that basically EVERYONE is shouting Wii U at them lol. I think it’s a safe bet Wii U will get this title, not only because they are all Nintendo fans, but David Wise is part of this game, and he has strong connections with Nintendo.

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