Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Hot Wheels cars spotted


Here’s an odd product collaboration you don’t see everyday! According Hot Wheels Collectors and spotted on Brazilian toy site T-Hunted there’s Hot Wheels cars on the way.

There are six designs each inspired by six different Mario games. Super Mario World gets a Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus, Super Mario Bros a van and Dr Mario seems to get something resembling a hearse. Nice.

There are also ones for Super Mario Kart, Super Mario 2 and Super Mario Bros 3. Only the the Super Mario Bros. games have the 30th Anniversary logo on them.

  • 8 Crate Delivery (Dr. Mario)
  • A-OK (Mario Kart)
  • Cool-One (Super Mario Bros. 2)
  • Dairy Delivery (Super Mario Bros.)
  • School Busted (Super Mario 3)
  • Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (Super Mario World)

These cars are due to hit stores in October, but we’re not entirely sure if that includes Australia. We’ll attempt to find out!

I haven’t played with hot wheels since I was a kid, but I will be making an exception lol. As stated on the last post of mine too, I am Aquaflamebeat, a new author who is assisting OBA in running this site. I am a huge Kirby fan, and I will attempt to be posting very often on here.


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