This Hello Kitty New Nintendo 3DS Console Is Just Purrrfect. (Terrible pun)

hello kitty

Cute as a button

North American Nintendo fans may be over the moon about the fact that the smaller New 3DS console – the one with the collectable cover plates – is finally coming to the US, but over in Japan they’ve got through quite a few special editions of the customisable handheld system already – and there’s another being added to the list.

Sanrio and Nintendo have just announced that a new special Hello Kitty New Nintendo 3DS bundle is on its way. Expected to cost around 17000 Yen not including tax (approx £93 / $140 / 127 Euros), this should prove irresistible to any self-respecting Kitty fan (that’s basically everybody, right?).

Of course, the chances of this bundle ever leaving Japan are slim, but if you’re really keen then you could always import one.

AFB: WHY IS THIS A THING!? This is such a waste of a collaboration! Granted, the better collaborations are more difficult and usually are just harder to do in general, but why would you think this is a good idea? Also, this is just japan, but still, you could use your time better then by agreeing to this?! Anything is better then sitting down with another companies representatives and them ask you, “Could we make a HELLO KITTY 3ds?” I just don’t understand it.


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