OriginalBloodAce Is Back Baby!!!

Hey everyone, it’s been ages since I was last on the site, and actually posted anything, not sure how many people still care for the site, but hey its a new year so hopefully this new, improved and revamped OBA Forums can bring the fans back! I changed a number of things on the site, including the background, header, font for articles, added Authors to the side of the page, which by the way AquaFlameBeat is an Author aswell if you didn’t know, so a tip of that hat to you AquaFlameBeat, thanks for posting when you can. I’ll be around to post a bit now!

So this is the new OBA Forums site debuting in a new year, 2016! Enjoy your stay!

P.S The Adventures Of Nin-Dragon will return, but only 1 new chapter a week I’m afraid. I have a lot of stuff on my plate. Every weekend, either Friday or Saturday night I will put up the next chapter! I can’t guarantee either day so check back both days or follow me on Twitter @True_Nin_Dragon and I’ll let you know when new chapters go live!

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