You will be able to get an $80 Fox McCloud stone Figure!!!


Well holy moly, this sure is something that’s hard to resist buying, especially if you a Starfox fan, much like myself. Apparently it will release on February 9th, which is 2 months before Starfox Zero, which is odd, but still it will cost a whopping $80 (USA), which is probably going to be $100 here in Canada. Granted I would have preferred a Wolf O’Donnell one I’d even pay $150 for it lol, but this is tempting. It appears this is a Gamestop exclusive. (I suspect EB Games will also get it) though only 5,000 will be made. So you might want to pre-order this. Also if your wondering it’s 8 inches tall. So definitely bigger then an amiibo lol. Purhaps this is Nintendo actually trying to advertise Starfox Zero? If Nintendo was smart for a change they would advertise the hell out of Starfox Zero, even half as much as Splatoon and it would be a hit!

Yacht Club Games Isn’t Done Quite Yet With Shovel Knight!


If your a fan of Shovel Knight, and it’s last free DLC, Plague Of Shadows well then hold onto your seats cause Yacht Club Games has stated they plan to finish Shovel Knight completely in 2016, which I thought it was but it most certainly isn’t. There will be 2 more DLC releases for the game, we don’t know when exactly, but there is one for a Specter Knight campaign, and King Knight campaign, aswell as a Battle Mode will be coming to the game.

Here is what they had to say,

“So the things we still have lined up – Specter Knight campaign, King Knight campaign, Battle Mode on consoles, and Gender Swap. Those are the stretch goal unlocks we’re still working on. That’s fine that some backers are okay and moving on, not keeping a hot eye on it, but there are people still following it closely.”

“I’d say our goal is to completely finish Shovel Knight in 2016! That’s what we’re hoping to do.” Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo added, “That’s the weirdest thing with the Kickstarter updates, just working on one thing for so long. The idea of starting something fresh after 2016 is almost crazy to us at this point.”