You will be able to get an $80 Fox McCloud stone Figure!!!


Well holy moly, this sure is something that’s hard to resist buying, especially if you a Starfox fan, much like myself. Apparently it will release on February 9th, which is 2 months before Starfox Zero, which is odd, but still it will cost a whopping $80 (USA), which is probably going to be $100 here in Canada. Granted I would have preferred a Wolf O’Donnell one I’d even pay $150 for it lol, but this is tempting. It appears this is a Gamestop exclusive. (I suspect EB Games will also get it) though only 5,000 will be made. So you might want to pre-order this. Also if your wondering it’s 8 inches tall. So definitely bigger then an amiibo lol. Purhaps this is Nintendo actually trying to advertise Starfox Zero? If Nintendo was smart for a change they would advertise the hell out of Starfox Zero, even half as much as Splatoon and it would be a hit!

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