Sony Seems To Be Trying To Trademark The Term “Lets Play”


We all know how big a thing, “Lets Plays” on Youtube are, well it seems Sony didn’t pay attention to when Nintendo tried to have any kind of control over something they shouldn’t have. The definition of what the trademark covers is the following.

‘Electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer networks; streaming of audio, visual, and audiovisual material via global and local computer networks’.

Now I would really like to see how Sony, could trademark Lets Plays in general, Sony has no say over a Microsoft or Nintendo game being in a Lets Play. In the end this will result with Sony castrating their fans, much like how Nintendo fans boycotted Nintendo when Nintendo started causing issues with Youtubers, before they backed off. Either way, Sony…go home you’re drunk.

Here is the source.


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