Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon (Gen 7) Confirmed Coming Holiday 2016!

Well in the awful Direct, we got confirmation that Gen 7 is coming, which I can’t say I’m surprised. Comes out this holiday Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Get hyped!!!


Zelda Hits It’s 30th Anniversary In Japan!


Now technically it’s February 21st in Japan right now, so for them Zelda has reached it’s 30th anniversary! Congrats to my favorite game franchise!!! How will Nintendo support Zelda’s 30th Anniversary? Mario had Mario Maker could we see a Zelda one? (Doubtful but would be nice) We know the year will end with Zelda Wii U releasing November on Wii U (Trust me it will) but what else could they do? I don’t wan 3 other Zelda games in 1 year that’s to much and ruins Zelda. How about some neat 30th Anniversay Statue on the Club Nintendo replacement Nintendo Account or My Nintendo?

Both Bayonetta & Corrin Arrive In Smash On February 3rd!



Well it’s hard to believe but we suddenly find ourselves just 3 days away from Corrin and Bayonetta being released to the world as the final DLC for Smash Bros Wii U/3DS. Also the final batch of Mii costumes…if anyone gives a shit lol. Will you be getting the final DLC? February 3rd sometime in the afternoon is when you can download these final goodies for Smash!

Gamestop Wants To Know If You Plan To Buy The NX Within The Next 12 Months?


In what seems to be a bit of a premature survey, Gamestop has decided to do a survey to their customers, asking them if they plan to get the Nintendo NX (Whatever it maybe) within the next 12 months…even though Nintendo hasn’t even said anything about it yet…

As for myself, will I get it? If it’s the NX Handheld, and if I see no BULLSHIT anywhere, and we get Pokémon Gen 7 as a launch title, probably lol.

Satoru Iwata To Be Honoured With Lifetime Achievement Award At D.I.C.E Event


The DICE awards this year take place on Febrary 18th, and are in Las Vegas. This time they will be awarding the honor of the “Life Time Achievment” Award to the former Nintendo President, Mr. Satoru Iwata. This is a very nice jester, as a few other iconic people have received that award including The Father of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi and early Nintendo of America presidents Minoru Arakawa and Howard Lincoln. It’s just a damn shame everyone is praising Iwata now and not when he was alive.