Terms Of Service


These are the rules of the site. By posting anything you agree to these terms. Brake any rules and you will be punished.

1: No being hateful/bullying to other users. (Casual swearing is allowed) (1 Strike Point)
2: No spamming. (1 Strike Point)
3: No trolling. (1 Strike Point)
4: No posting links to anything that is irrelevant to the topic or site. (1 Strike Point)
5: No posting anything illegal. (INSTANT PERMANENT BAN)
6: No asking people for personal information other then Wii U NNID’s and or 3DS Friend Codes. (1 Strike Point)
7: No advertising. (1 Strike Point)
8: No posting inappropriate images/videos. (2 Strike Points)
9: No impersonating any other person. (INSTANT PERMANENT BAN)
10: No talking about modding, hacking or anything of the kind. [Includes things like Project M] (2 Strike Points)

Get a total of 3 strikes and you will be banned.

I settle all arguments.

This is how banning works. Each time you violate a rule you get a number of strikes (based off the violation) Get 3 strikes in total and you will be banned temporarily for 1 week. Once your ban has expired you will go back down to 1 strike. So if you get another 2 strikes you will be banned again but for 2 weeks that time. Now once that ban expires your strikes will only go back down to 2, so if you get 1 single strike again you will be banned PERMANENTLY.