The Adventures Of Nin-Dragon [Chapters 26-50]

Chapters 26-50 of the Adventures Of Nin-Dragon will be on this page, since the last page was getting to big lol. Enjoy the next 25 chapters on this page.

Chapter 26: The Return Of Nin-Dragon

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Zygen is falling at crazy speed towards the bottom of the mountain. Giagantic boulders are falling down after him. While Zygen is falling, he is trying to think. “Shit, what kind of training is this, what am I supposed to do with all these rocks while I fall?” Zygen glances at one rock, and notices one side of it is perfectly flat, almost like a platform. “Wait, could it be that simple?” Zygen quickly looks at rock after rock, as he is looking it feels like time is slowing down again. “They are all similar, they all have a flat side. It’s a good thing my eyes can move so fast and analyze situations like this now, it’s like the birds Nin-Dragon sent up into the sky.” “WHOOSH!” One of the boulders flies past Zygen. “I think I know what I’m supposed to do. I hope I’m right cause I only have one shot at this otherwise that ground is going to become red real quick.” “Time to pass this test!” “Whoosh!” Another rock is passing by Zygen as Zygen uses his improved eyes to look from rock and planning his strategy. “First this one! HYAA” Zygen lines up his body and puts his foot on the flat part of the rock and jumps off of it towards another rock. “Now this one. HYAA” Zygen jumps off that one and heads to a 3rd one. “Next that one, then that one then that one.” “HYAA, HYAA, HYAA” Zygen continues to jump from one rock to another as he dodges other rocks that fall past him. “Almost there…” Zygen has made his way back half way up the mountain. “CRASH, BOOM, SLAM” Rocks smash into the ground at the bottom of the mountain. The sound catches Zygen’s attention he turns to look down, then as he turns back a small rock smashes him in the face. “SMACK” “OW” Zygen drops to 1 knee on on the rock but they are still falling. “Shit, gotta pay attention, HYAA, HYAA, HYAA!” Zygen hopes up a few more rocks, as he is looking for the next rock he is nearly at the top of the cliff that Nin-Dragon kicked him off from, when he notices a massive boulder dead ahead of him, and heading straight towards him. “Ah shit there is no rocks left to jump to, and only this massive boulder infront of me.” It’s getting closer, and closer, it’s just a few feet away. “Well fuck it, if I can’t go around it, I’m going THROUGH IT! HYAAAAAA!” Zygen jumps off the rock he was on and reaches back with a fist, then slams his fist into the middle of the boulder. ” CRACK, KABOOM!!!” Zygen smashes the rock in half as he flies through the middle. “Ahhh! My hand, I fucking broke it, but at least this is out of the way, time to complete this test, now I have a final platform to jump from.” “HYAA!” Zygen quickly jumps off one of the two spilt pieces of rock and jumps high up into the air.

“Well Nin-Dragon where is he?” Dia asks sounding worried. “Hmph, right here.” “WHOOSH!” Zygen goes flying up into the air past Nin-Dragon and Dia. “WHOAAA!” Dia looks up so suddenly at Zygen and in surprise that he falls over backwards. “Thud” Zygen lands on his feet on the ground with a thud. Zygen stands up straight. “PHEW, I did it!” “Bravo Zygen! I knew you would pass the test!” Nin-Dragon walks towards Zygen and goes for a high five. “Smack” Nin-Dragon and Zygen high five. “Ahh! Shit my hand, I forgot about that!” “Oh? What’s wrong with your hand Zygen?” Dia gets back up and rushes over to them. “Yeah what’s wrong with your hand Zygen!” “I broke the damn thing punching that big ass rock.” “Oh? is that so Zygen?” Nin-Dragon smirks and looks at Zygen. “What are you smiling at?” Zygen sounds a bit annoyed. “Your hand Zygen…there is nothing wrong with it.” “Yes there is what are you…” “Wait…what the hell? It’s…fine…?” Zygen flexes his hand and moves his fingers. “What the…it was broken just a minute ago…” “Yes, yes it was Zygen, but I healed it for you.” “You did? but when……wait when we high fived?” “Correct! Zygen. As soon as I touched your hand I healed it instantly for you. You didn’t think I would purposefully hurt you in a test did you? Did you forget how my training works? Sometimes in order to pass the training you much sacrifice your body, mind, and soul, but you always got healed at the end. You got the job done, you did what was necessary to not only pass my test, but to survive. I’m very proud of you Zygen.” “Wow…amazing, you really are in a league of your own aren’t you…” “Ha, I used to be, but I don’t have all my abilities I used to, I’m probably at about 25% of my old power currently.” “Wowzers!!!” Dia goes over to Zygen and grabs Zygen’s hand, and starts looking at it. “How did you do all that Zygen? How did you get back up here?” “Well it’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t know about our abilities but I will try to explain it to you.” Zygen spends a few minutes trying to tell Dia about how his eyes saved him. “Well I don’t really get it, but I’m just glad your alive still Zygen.” Dia hugs Zygen. Zygen pats him on the back. “That makes two of use Dia, but you really have to stop being so emotional, quitting hugging and such, we are soldiers there is no hugging hehe.” “Hahaha.” Nin-Dragon laughs. “Well Zygen, your training is 100% complete, I’ve taught you all I can for now, and now…” Nin-Dragon turns to Dia. “Now it’s your turn for training Dia.” “Gulp!” Dia is nervous. “Your not going to throw me off the mountain to are you?” Nin-Dragon picks up Dia and walks towards the cliff edge. “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” Nin-Dragon is about to throw Dia off the cliff, when he spins at the last second. Dia closes his eyes. Nin-Dragon then drops him after he spun back around, and Dia screams as he falls about 3 feet before he hits the ground. Dia is in shock as he just sits on the ground. “HAHAHAHAHA” Nin-Dragon and Zygen are laughing loudly. Dia opens his eyes slowly and looks around, he notices he is still on the mountain. He gets really red faced and mad, as he gets to his feet and looks at Nin-Dragon, he yells, “THAT WAS NOT VERY NICE NIN-DRAGON!!! I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!” “Hahahaha” Nin-Dragon and Zygen still laugh but stop after a minute. “Now, now Dia, calm down, it was just a joke.” Nin-Dragon pats him on the head. “Your no where near Zygen’s level of skill, you are no where near ready for this kind of training. “…Okay…good.” “But that being said, we should begin your training, and I want Zygen to assist me.” Nin-Dragon looks at Zygen. “Sure, I’ll help, hell I promised I would train him anyway hehe.” Alright, lets go back towards the cave for your training Dia, no reason to be close to a cliff you could fall off.” “Okay!” Dia sounds excited to finally learn how to fight from Nin-Dragon. “Race you over there Zygen!” Dia takes off as Zygen goes after him. Nin-Dragon walks behind them.

“Uhhg.” Nin-Dragon drops to one knee and puts his good hand against his face. “Uhhg.” “Ahhh yeah!!! I won!” Dia yells, as he beats Zygen to where Nin-Dragon told them to go. As Dia turns around he notices Nin-Dragon is about 50 feet behind them on one knee. “Nin-Dragon! Whats wrong!” Zygen turns around and see’s Nin-Dragon. They both go back over to Nin-Dragon as Zygen gets down next to Nin-Dragon. “What’s wrong Nin-Dragon?” Zygen asks sounding concerned. “Uhhg…don’t…worry. It’s just that the current Nin-Dragon’s mind is getting a lot of it’s strength back and it’s almost able to take over again. I won’t…be around much longer.” “Why does it hurt Nin-Dragon?” Dia asks. “Uhhg, imagine two minds inside one head, there is only room for one of them to be confortable, when we are merged there is harmony and…uhg…balance, but two separate…uhg…minds are basically squished together inside the head…uhhg…” “Damn, that sounds painful.” Zygen says. Nin-Dragon stands up. “Uhhg, this is nothing….uhg….compared to fighting the Dark One and his army, but yeah it’s UHGG! not a good feeling, that’s for sure. I think I only have about 15 minutes left before our minds get merged back together…uhhg!” “Does that mean you can’t train me?” Dia sound’s disappointed. “Yes…and…uhhg…no…” “What does that mean?” “Well…uhhg….you will be trained, by Nin-Dragon…uhhg…but not by me, but by the current Nin-Dragon…uhhg…remember he has seen everything we did, he knows everything we have done, I will share the training plan I had in mind for you…uhhg with the current Nin-Dragon, so…uhhg…when he takes control again, he will be…uhhhg…able to train you with…UHHHG! Zygen’s help…” “Oh…okay!” Dia sounds okay with that. “Zygen, tell me you will know what to do, and promise me, you will treat the current Nin-Dragon the same as me….UHG! I’m still in here remember, so I will always be watching and listening to you guys…uhhg!” “I promise Nin-Dragon!” “Good…now I can let Nin-Dragon take back his body….I can’t resist it anymore, it….UHG!….was nice to see you again Zygen….UHG….maybe we will meet again at some…..uhg….point……and Dia….it was….uhhg! nice to meet you….uhhg!!…farewell for….uhhg….now….” Nin-Dragon falls over backwards and lands on a patch of snow on the ground. “Thud” He is unconscious. The symbols on Nin-Dragon’s body that have been there since he got knocked out by Arken are finally starting to fade. “Zygen….look…” Dia says quietly. “I see it Dia…” “Farewell…Nin-Dragon…thank you for the training.” Zygen whispers.

The symbols on Nin-Dragon’s body slowly begin to fade….more…and more…a minute goes by and the glow is gone completely, and symbols themselves fade back into Nin-Dragon’s skin. With that, Nin-Dragon looks normal again, for the first time since being knocked out by Arken. “Uhhg…” A minute passes by. “Uhhg…” Nin-Dragon moans. Dia tries to approach Nin-Dragon, but Zygen stops him. “No, don’t touch him, just give him a minute. “Uhhg…” Another minute goes by. “Uhhg” Nin-Dragon moans as his eyes slowly open. “Nin-Dragon! Your back!!! Or…are you the old Nin-Dragon from 5,000 years ago?” Dia asks. Nin-Dragon sits up and rubs his eyes. “No…it’s me Dia…the current Nin-Dragon…” Dia hugs Nin-Dragon a bit to hard. “Hey, let go of him, he just recovered from having his mind all screwed up Dia.” Zygen says. “It’s fine Zygen…it’s good to see you again Dia.” Nin-Dragon hugs Dia back. “But what did the old Nin-Dragon say about hugging…” “Oh yeah…sorry Nin-Dragon.” Dia lets go, and gets up. “Hehehe relax Dia.” Nin-Dragon gets to his feet, Zygen tries to help him. “No thank you Zygen, I’m fine.” Nin-Dragon looks at Zygen. “It’s good to see your okay Nin-Dragon, we were worried about you.” “I’m glad to see you to Zygen, and don’t worry I know how you respect the old Nin-Dragon more then me, I know he told you to respect me as much as him, but I’m not him, I’m not a legend, so you don’t have to, all I ask is you treat me fairly and don’t be an ass to me…….hahahahah” Nin-Dragon to laugh. Zygen smiles, “Okay you got a deal.” Zygen holds out his hand as Nin-Dragon looks at him at stops laughing. Nin-Dragon shakes Zygen’s hand. “Or would you rather high five? Since that is something everyone did in the Nin-Dragon army…” Zygen looks shocked a bit. “Yeah…did you forget I was able to read the old Nin-Dargon’s mind while he read mine? We know everything about each other, well he knows everything about me, I only know a few things about him. HAHA” “Oh hahaha.” Zygen laughs. “Okay sure!” Nin-Dragon and Zygen high five. “Smack” Nin-Dragon turns to Dia. “As for you Dia, I’m not the old Nin-Dragon, so we do things my way, not his. He told you to lose the emotion, but I say fuck that. If you want to hug someone then go for it, just don’t do it at the wrong time, for example don’t do it on the battle field, or your going to get yourself killed.” “Okay Nin-Dragon. So…are you going to train me now?” “Yes, the old Nin-Dragon have me the training plan he was going to do with you guys. So I know how to train you.” “Great!” Dia smiles. “Now lets get your training done as quick as possible then we can get back to Crystal.” “Right!” Dia looks serious.

“Well lets get started then Dia, Zygen!” “Right!” Both Zygen and Dia say at the same time. Nin-Dragon walks a few feet away and stops. “Alright…here we go Dia, your training, begins now!”

Chapter 27: Training Complete, Dia Becomes A Soldier.

“Alright listen up Dia, your going to charge straight at me and try to land a single hit on me, I don’t care if it’s a punch or a kick.” “Okay, but do you really think I’ll be able to?” “Nope, I don’t.” “Waaa? Well then whats the point?” “Simple I’m going to show you why this type of attack strategy is never to be used. Since you have 0 training in combat, we have to start with the basics of what works and what doesn’t.” “Oh, that makes sense.” “So I’m going to stand here, and I wont move my feet at all. I will simply block and dodge you attacks but don’t stop until your tired.” “Alright, here I come!!!” Dia charges at Nin-Dragon, “RYAAA!” Dia jumps towards Nin-Dragon and lunges forward with a punch with his right hand. Zygen is off to the side watching, and he notices Nin-Dragon’s eyes are keeping track of Dia at the insane speed as before when it was the old Nin-Dragon in control. “Smack” Dia’s fist hits the palm of Nin-Dragon’s left hand. “Darn, you blocked me….how about this!” “RYAA” Dia goes for another punch but fakes it and quickly changes to punching with his left hand and aims for Nin-Dragons leg. “Smack” Nin-Dragon once again blocks Dia’s attack with his left hand. “Grr how are you able to block so easily? How do you know where I’m going to hit you at?” “Yes…I to would like to know how your doing that Nin-Dragon.” Zygen speaks up, though I noticed your eyes are the how, but how can you use that skill?” “Heh, I get it Zygen, you are wondering how I can use something that only the original Nin-Dragon could use as well as now you but it’s simple, the old Nin-Dragon is inside me remember, he and I are basically one in the same, so some, but not all of his skills are a part of me, think of it as him awakening some of my powers once he went back inside me. Though I can’t use his Divine Beams or other abilities, for right now I can only use my improved eyes, and maybe a few other small tricks hehe.” “Oh…interesting.” Zygen says with a smile. “RYAA” Dia goes for a surprise attack by trying to kick Nin-Dragon in the knee. “Smack” Nin-Dragon once again blocks the attack. “Grrrr that does it, I’m going to land a hit! I’m going all out with this Nin-Dragon!” “Bring it on Dia.” In quick succession Dia goes for punch after punch, kick after kick, but each and every one gets blocked by Nin-Dragon’s left hand without him even moving. “Huff…..huff……I….am….to tired….to…continue.” Dia is out of breath, but as Nin-Dragon lowers his guard Dia goes for a final surprise attack, but is once again blocked. “Heh, nice try Dia, but you have failed to land a hit.” “Awe….man…” “It’s fine, remember this was to show you that you should not just charge into battle and go fully on the offense, it makes you vulnerable and could get you killed.” “Alright, I get it. I wont charge into fights head on.” “Good, lesson 1 is now complete, now for lesson 2, Zygen this is where you will help me train Dia.” “Alright.” “Dia go stand over by Zygen.” “Uhh, okay?” Dia walks over to Zygen. “Now once again I’m not going to move my legs but this time Dia, you will learn a way to increase your speed, though it still wont be enough to match up to Zygen and I’s speed but it will do for now, now Zygen, I want you to pick up Dia, and throw him as hard as you can directly at me.” “WHAAAAAAT?” Dia and Zygen both looked shocked. “You heard me, and Dia once you are hurled towards me I want you to aim for tackling me in the chest.” “uh….uh…..okay….” Dia sounds a bit nervous. “Are you sure about this Nin-Dragon?” Zygen askes. “Of course, just be ready Zygen, and make sure your paying attention with your new and improved eyes. Now, DO IT!” “Okay here he comes! Hyaaa! Zygen picks Dia up and throws him as hard as he can at Nin-Dragon!

“WHOOOOOSH!” Holy crap this is fast!!!! Dia is thinking to himself as he flies towards Nin-Dragon. Alright, I’m going to get you this time for sure! Dia once again thinks to himself. “WOOOOSH” he is getting close to Nin-Dragon when both he and Zygen notice that Nin-Dragon’s eyes are closed. “What the hell is he doing!” Zygen thinks out loud. He must be making this easier for me I guess. Dia thinks to himself. “HYAAA” Dia opens his arms to go for the tackle, but just as he gets close to Nin-Dragon, Nin-Dragon starts to fall backwards, it’s almost like its in slow motion for Dia, but with Zygen’s eyes he is seeing it in slow motion, Nin-Dragon continues to bend his back, backwards until he is staying at an impossible angle, a 45 degree angle with his back pointing straight out but his feet are still planted on the ground. (Just like the move from the Matrix) “Waaaa” Dia can’t stop and is flying right over top of Nin-Dragon. But as Dia starts to go past Nin-Dragon, Nin-Dragon lifts his left arm up and grabs Dia by the ankle and in 1 quick sudden movement is standing back up and he spins around which causes him to alter Dia’s trajectory and he lets him go, causing Dia to fly right back at Zygen! “Shit!” Zygen thinks to himself, “AHHHHHHH” Dia screams as he crashes into Zygen’s chest. Zygen was able to catch Dia and not take any damage from the impact thanks to his eyes. “Uhg.” “Back so soon Dia? hehe.” Zygen laughs as he puts Dia down on the ground. Dia looks like he is in shock. “Whaaa…….whaaa……what……happened?” Nin-Dragon walks over. “Hahaha, I sent you back to Zygen, you see lesson to was to show you how you can counter attack, I have taught you that charging in is wrong, now I have taught you that it is important to know how to counter attack. For if your opponent can’t hit you, then you can’t lose.” Dia gets to his feet slowly. “Uhh…I don’t feel that good.” “Hahaha” both Nin-Dragon and Zygen laugh. “You’ll be fine Dia. That’s 2 lessons, down, and 2 more to go.” “How did you do that Nin-Dragon? Zygen asks. I watched that very carefully and saw that your eyes were closed, how did you not only execute that move where you bent over backwards, but how did you know when to do it and when to grab Dia and toss him back?” “Again Zygen, it’s really simple, I used my other senses, by shutting off my sense of sight by closing my eyes, I not only fooled you guys into thinking the challenge would be easier but when 1 sense is shut off, the others become stronger, so I could hear the wind moving from Dia flying through the air, as well as feel the air against my face of him coming closer. So even with my eye’s closed I could see him in my mind, and was able to dodge. grab and send him right back to you without opening my eyes. As for the actual way I dodged, that is one of the moves that the original Nin-Dragon passed on to me.” “Wow…impressive.” Both Zygen and Dia say at the same time. “Can you teach us how to do that?” Zygen asks. “Well I can teach you guys how to strengthen your other sense, but the actual move I did I’m afraid only I and the original Nin-Dragon can do that.” “Really? I see… well I would definitely love to strengthen me other senses.” “Good, but I wont train you today on that, since Dia isn’t done his training.” “Okay, that’s fair.”

“Now Dia, it’s time for me to train you in defense. I want you punch and kick the sticks that I’m about to throw at you, and don’t worry, they wont be very big or heavy. Just imagine they are attacks, this style of training is called the 360 degree sphere defense. I want you to stay in 1 place but you are allowed to rotate your body. I’m going to run around you really fast, you wont even be able to see me, and Zygen you will do the same, both of us will throw sticks at you at different times and angles. You will try to smack them away with punching and kicking them. Got it?” “Yeah, I think so.” “How about you Zygen? You ready?” “Yup, but where do we get the sticks from?” The trees over there, I’ll go get them.” Nin-Dragon runs off in a flash and is gone. Zygen and Dia can hear branches cracking in the distance where the tree was earlier that Zygen had to count birds. A moment later Nin-Dragon returns and tosses 30 sticks onto the ground. “Alright Zygen you take 15 of them, I will take the other 15.” “Got it!” “Ready Dia?” “Yup!” “Alright, lesson 3, BEGIN!” Nin-Dragon and Zygen take off in a blur and the 30 sticks are gone in an instant, both Nin-Dragon and Zygen are running around Dia who is in the middle, there speed is almost creating a tornado around Dia. I have to get this right! What was it Nin-Dragon said again? he could hear me coming towards him before so maybe I can hear the sticks coming towards me? Screw it, worth a shot! Dia was thinking to himself. “Feeeww” the 1st stick comes flying towards Dia from Nin-Dragon. “THERE!” “HYA” Dia kicks sideways and knocks the 1st stick away. “YES I GOT 1!” Dia shouts as Zygen throws a stick at Dia and It hits him in the foot. “OUCH!!!” “Crap I have to pay attention!” Dia says to himself. Another stick comes at him, “THERE”, then another and another, “THERE AND THERE” Dia punches two of them and kicks another one away. Good he is getting it, Nin-Dragon thinks to himself. After another few minutes Dia continued to block most of them, Zygen and Nin-Dragon bother have 2 sticks left. “Now Dia, lets see how you deal with 4 attacks at once! Do it Zygen!” Nin-Dragon screams. “PHEEWW, PHEEWW, PHEEW…….PHEEWW! They throw the last 4 sticks at the same time as they fly towards Dia. “Crap which one to go for, going to have to kick 2 of them at once and stop the other two with my hands.” “Hyaa” “Smack!” Dia kicks 1 stick then the other one behind it causing the on stick to fly straight up, as Dia spins around and just in time he catches both the other 2 sticks in his hand!” “I DID IT!!!!!” Dia yells in triumph. Nin-Dragon and Zygen stop running and both applaud Dia. “Great job Dia.” Zygen says, “Yes good job Dia, it wasn’t perfect you blocked about 75% of them, so about 7 sticks hit you, but still good job.” “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.” As Dia is standing there holding the 2 sticks still in his hand and having a big grin on his face, the stick he kicked up into the air falls back down and lands right on his head. “Smack” “OUCH!” “HAHAHAHA” everyone laughs. “Make that 8 sticks hit you.” Nin-Dragon says and smiles. “So tell me Dia, how did you manage to knock away the sticks that you did block?” Nin-Dragon asks. “Oh, I was thinking about what you said when I was throw towards you by Zygen, about listening to me move through the air….so I listened for the sound of the sticks as they came towards me, I did hear them faintly but I couldn’t block them all, sometimes there was just to many.” “Ha, well how about that.” “Really Dia? that’s impressive. Zygen says. “Thanks!” Dia has a big smile on his face.

“Alright Dia, lesson 3 is complete, that means just lesson 4 is left. Now that you have defense, it’s time we train you in offense. This is a short and easy training lesson though.” “Okay, I’m ready!” “This time I want you to attack me again, but this time I will once again block you however your attack technique will be improved here, instead of fists and kicks, I want you to open your hands, and try to hit me with open palms, its less power then a fist, however this makes your attacks have a more focused spot. These are called palm thrusts, and they are great at dealing damage and protecting your own hands, with fists you could easily break your hands like Zygen did earlier haha.” “Oh…okay.” Dia nods. “Alright so this fighting style is called deity palms. You should always target certain body parts with these attacks to get the most out of it, the ribs, the neck, the shoulders, the elbows, and the knees. Basically you target joints, and if the hit lands, then you can temporarily shut off the nerves on that part of the body, except the ribs, this will break ribs. So try to aim for those parts, and disable your opponent. Got it?” “Yeah…I think so…ribs, neck, shoulders, elbows and knees right?” “Yup.” “Okay I’m ready.” “Very well let lesson 4 begin, and just target those areas on my Dia, don’t worry I’ll be blocking every one, but an actual opponent in the future wont be expecting you to know this type of fighting style. So keep the knowledge that you can do it a secret okay?” “Alright.” “Also one other thing, try to keep going faster and faster, even if you think you can’t go any faster don’t stop pushing forward, push your body past it’s limit to extend your bodies limit.” “Okat got it!” “Okay then, BEGIN!” “HYAAAA” Dia charges towards Nin-Dragon again but about 15% faster then the last time. “Hmm look at that he is already noticeably faster.” Zygen thinks to himself. While Dia is going after Nin-Dragon he thinks to himself. Neck!, “smack” shoulders!, “smack” elbows!, “smack.” Minutes go by as Dia continues his assault, and his endurance has increased as well, he isn’t as tired as he was the last time. Knee!, “smack” now for the ribs! “smack.” 5 minutes go by as Zygen watches and Dia’s speed goes up by about 5% more. “HYAAA, HYAAA, HYAAA, HYAAA, HYAAA!” After a few more minutes Dia finally gets exhausted all at once and drops to his knees. “Phew….huff….huff…I’m done hehe, I’m drained.” “Clap, clap clap.” Zygen applauds Dia as he walks over. “Lesson 4 is now complete, bravo Dia, you were on point with each attack, sure I blocked each one, but your aim was perfect, and you increased not only your endurance but your speed as well!” “Really? I didn’t feel like I was going much faster?” Dia stands up. “Trust me Dia you were faster then your first battle with Nin-Dragon, your speed went up by about 15% at the beginning then another 5% at the end there, so a 20% increase is insane for your first day in training, but when your trained by the best, like Nin-Dragon, it’s not to surprising.” “Wow….that’s great!” Dia smiles as he wipes sweat off his face. “Also you lasted about 10 minutes longer then last time before getting tired, so you increased your endurance so good job on that Dia.” Nin-Dragon says. “Yeah I did notice I lasted longer this time.”

Well there is only 1 thing left to do to complete your training Dia, since you are now a member of the Nin-Dragon Army after each training mission we high five.” “Alright!” “Smack!” Dia high fives Nin-Dragon and Zygen. “Thank you….both of you, now the next time Arken shows up I can kick his ass!” “Hahaha, that’s the spirit Dia, but no, your no match for him, even I can’t beat him, though I can handle him now thanks to the skills the original Nin-Dragon gave me. But at least you wont get knocked out again, or I hope not haha, you should be able to at least defend yourself from now on.” “Awe…I was hoping to kick his butt!” “HAHAHA” they all burst out laughing. “Well your guys training is complete, so we are now done for the day! However Zygen, I do hope you were paying attention, the Deity Palms technique can be used by you also, so remember to do palm thrusts in battle so you don’t risk breaking your hands again hehe.” “Hehe, yeah I was watching that carefully, that’s good knowledge to have.” “Next time….Kiga wont be able to beat me so easily, I killed him once, I will do it again.” “Hmm…” Nin-Dragon smiles and nods.

“Now….I’m sorry to spoil our happy mood here, but now we should turn our attention back to the person who still needs us…..Crystal. I know the original Nin-Dragon healed her internally a bit, but she is still not awake, she is still in rough shape, we should watch over her carefully for another day or so before we try to bring her back to your house Zygen.” “Yeah….I agree.” Everyone walks back towards the cave. “Hang on Crystal, we all got stronger, now it’s your turn!” Nin-Dragon thinks to himself.

Chapter 28: The Dark One’s Next Move

[Arken, Kiga and Sapphire are nearing the Dark One’s castle on their way back from their fight with Nin-Dragon, Zygen, Crystal and Dia.]

Inside the Dark One’s castle, the Dark One is deep in the belly of the castle. Inside one of his many laboratories he is hard at work with another experiment of his. He stands alone in the center of the room, on the floor in front of him is a corpse, that was alive only minutes ago. The skin on the corpse’s hand is gone. “Ahhhhhh!” The Dark One screams as his experiment is in effect. One of his skeleton hands has skin starting to form on it and it’s trying to multiply itself to cover his whole hand, however after a few moments it turns black as the skin dies and falls onto the ground. “Uhg….again it fails. This is getting ridicules. How hard can it be to grow back the skin you once had 5,000 years ago!” “RAAAA” the Dark One throws a vile with blood in it as it smashes against the wall, causing blood to drip down the wall. “Hmm…there…some new art for this room, haha.” There is a knock at the door. “Knock, Knock” “Come in.” Arken enters the room. “Were back master.” Arken notices the blood on the wall and the corpse on the ground. “How did your experiment go master?” “Another massive fucking failure.” “Sorry to hear that master, but I know you’ll figure it out sooner or later.” “Oh there is no doubt about that Arken, so were you successful on your mission Arken?” “Well…the main objective was a success master, but…” “BUT WHAT ARKEN!!! I’m losing patience with you Arken, all you do is fail me!” “Please master, don’t be mad, we did obtain the Water Relic.” “Really!!! That’s great give it to me!” Arken reaches into his cloak and pulls out the Water Relic and hands it to the Dark One, who takes it in his skeleton hand. “Ahhh…..excellent, very good Arken, very good indeed. Now we have two of the relics….” The Dark One walks over to the counter and puts the relic beside the other relic. “The Nature Relic…and now the Water Relic is ours! HAHAHA” The Dark One laughs maniacally. “We just need the remaining three then I can create the Blade Of Corruption!!! And make this entire planet decay and crumble to pieces beneath me!” “Of course master and we will obtain those for you as well.” Arken speaks up. “Yes you will my friend…yes you will. Next up is the Fire Relic….which thanks to Cryptic’s side adventure when you were gone, I know where it can be found.” “Really? Great, where is it master?” “Hmm….it’s at the bottom of Mount. Infernous.” “Mount…Infernous…wait a moment, that’s an active volcano is it not?” “Indeed it its Arken, its at the bottom of that volcano’s molten lava.” “Well…how the hell do we get to it then?” “Don’t worry about that, I have a plan, which is the experiment I was working on…” “Oh? Just what is the experiment you were working on if you don’t mind me asking master?” “No, I don’t mind, it’s rather simple, if I’m successful, I’ll have made it possible for us to regenerate our skin. Not only our skin, but our skin from 5,000 years ago.” “So…we would be fully revived back to our old self? At least in appearance?” “That is correct Arken.” “Interesting, but how does that allow us to get the relic at the bottom of the volcano?” “My god Arken, your so incredibly stupid, let me spell it out for you, once this experiment is complete, you can jump into the volcano, sink to the bottom, grab the relic, and fly back out, your skin will be gone obviously, however after a few moments it will regenerate itself and you will be as good as new.” “What! You want me to jump into the volcano master? Wont that kill me?” “No, it won’t kill you, molten lava can’t kill us, though I wont lie, it will hurt like a bitch. And trust me, the feeling of your entire body regaining it’s skin will hurt just as much, if not worse haha.” “I see…well if it gets us the relic I suppose that’s all that matters right?” “Exactly Arken.” “Just think of the possibilities Arken, with us being able to regenerate our skin, even if that egotistical punk, Nin-Dragon cuts us into pieces, our skin will regenerate and when you add that to the fact that we can already regenerate our bones, we will be able to re-connect ourselves. So even if Nin-Dragon can cut my in half I’ll just fix myself, we will be invincible!!! And you will also become a god like myself! HAHAHA” “Really?…me…a god just like you master?” “Well, you still won’t be anywhere near as strong as myself, but you will have your old body back and will be far stronger then you ever have been, and every mortal on this planet that I let live will call you a god haha.” “Wow…I can’t wait for that master.” “Good, but that’s way in the future, you said you only completed the main objective of your mission, which was to get me the Water Relic…so what part did you fail? Don’t tell me you failed to kill Nin-Dragon’s little group of pals?” “Uhh…well.” Arken stutters.

“Yup, my big bro blew it like always, Dark One.” Kiga walks into the room slowly and causally with a small bone in his hand that he is using as a tooth pick. Arken turns his head and gives Kiga a serious look of anger. “Ah…Kiga, so you were revived by Arken after all. Good to see you back with us.” “Thank’s Dark One, it’s good to be back.” “Why you!” Arken gets a bit upset. “Now, now Arken, calm down, keep your temper in check, he is your little brother after all.” “Uhg…sorry master.” “Now, Kiga, would you be so kind as to inform me as to what happened out there, and what happened to prevent Arken and you guys killing Zygen, Crystal and that little boy?” “Sure, no prob’s Dark One, so first of let me just say that…” Kiga gets cut off. “Weeeeeeeeeeee hehehehehehahahahah” Sapphire comes running into the room as psychotic as ever. She looks around briefly and then she spots the blood on the wall. “I knew I smelt new blood!” “Eeeeeeeeee” She runs over to the wall and stars licking the blood off the wall. “Sapphire! Stop at once or I wont let you out of your cell to play for another 100 years.” The Dark One snaps at her. Sapphire stops as her tongue is about to touch the blood. “Aweeeee, but why not?” Sapphire says in a whinny voice. “That’s my new art for this room.” The Dark One replies. “Ohh? Art? Okay then.” “Just sit there in that chair and shut up while Kiga tells me what happened with you guys out there.” “Okay master!” “Now, Kiga, please continue. “Uhh…right…” Kiga is looking at Sapphire thinking, wow what a nutcase. “Anyway, everything was going great, Nin-Dragon got the Water Relic for us, then we ambushed them, after I was brought back to life, we split up, Arken took on Nin-Dragon and that kid….what was his name again Arken?” He looks at his big brother. “Uhh, I don’t remember…Dio or something? “Yeah, well whatever, Arken took on Nin-Dragon and that kid, I faced off against Zygen to get revenge for him killing me way back when, and Sapphire over their went after her sister, Crystal.” “Okay, good, so far I don’t see the problem?” The Dark One says as he looks over at Arken then back to Kiga. “Continue Kiga…” “Yeah, so I was absolutely destroying Zygen, in a matter of a minute or two I knocked his ass out and was enjoying my revenge, Sapphire was doing…whatever she was doing with Crystal…” “Oooooooh let me tell that part of the story pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!” Sapphire shrieks. Sigh…”Very well Sapphire dear, you may tell me what happened with you and your sister, Crystal.” The Dark One says with a bit of boredom in his voice. “Eeeeeeeee great!” “Okay so I met with my sister after 5,000 years and I grabbed her, and ran off with her, and I was sooooooo excited and was just bursting at the seams to play with her after so long, she didn’t seem to want to play much though…she just stayed on her back on the ground, crying and crying…but I kept on playing, I slashed and slashed, and cut and cut, I think I got a new high score, I must have cut her 100 times! Eeeeee there was so much blood, I was licking it, I was painting with it, it was so much fun!!!!” “Man I would have loved to have seen Crystal’s reaction when you showed up after she thought you were dead 5,000 years ago haha, So…you killed your sister then Sapphire?” “Welllllllllllllllll…..I think so….” “You…think so? What does she mean by that Kiga?” “Well that’s where things kinda turned….strange…Dark One.” Kiga replies.

“Oh, why what happened?” “I think Arken should explain it since I wasn’t fully paying attention, he saw it all happen himself.” “Very well, Arken, explain to me what happened,” “Yes, master…” Arken pauses for a moment, he seems hesitant to reveal the details. “Well Nin-Dragon and I fought for a while back and forth, he was using the Water Relic against me, but he wasn’t able to tap into it’s full power, it was only as strong as my shock waves so our attacks canceled each others out. After a while I split myself up into 6.” “Ah yes, that ability is quite handy, but risky if your opponent can take the clones of yours out.” “Yes master, anyway one of my clones took out the boy, which is not much of a victory since it was just a boy, 1 single uppercut from underground sent him flying and he was knocked out…or dead I’m not sure which, meanwhile Zygen was knocked out from Kiga, and Crystal was lying on the ground bleeding with Sapphire on her, so it was down to just me and Nin-Dragon…” “Okay and…..? I’m sensing your getting to the failing your mission part finally?” “Yes master…you see after a while he managed to take out one of my clones with the Water Relic, and eventually I landed multiple blows on him which sent the water relic flying, and Nin-Dragon was on his knees….then he collapsed while trying to reach for the Water Relic, I sent a clone to retrieve it, and blasted him with a shockwave which knocked him out finally.” “Okay….I’m still not getting the failure part here…..YOU GUYS KNOCKED EVERYONE OUT AND STILL FAILED? GET TO THE FAILURE PART ALREADY ARKEN!” “I am master…you see it happened next…” “Good, get on with it then.” The Dark One is tired of this long story. “I ordered my clone who got the water relic to use it on Nin-Dragon…I figured the water would wake him up…but…but…the water wave…it disappeared before it got to Nin-Dragon, it just evaporated a foot away from him for no reason…” “What?” The Dark One stands up right, now finally interested in the story. “Yeah…I don’t know what caused that to be honest, but as I was standing there thinking of why the relic wasn’t working on Nin-Dragon…that’s when I noticed….” “NOTICED WHAT ARKEN!” The Dark One is getting worked up a bit. “I noticed that….Nin-Dragon was standing all of a sudden…” “What? He just got up? After you knocked him out and injured him?” “Yeah….and Nin-Dragon was silent, even when I yelled at him….I sent a shockwave at him and it hit him dead on…but when the smoke cleared he was unaffected by my shockwave…he hadn’t even budged. So I sent three shock waves at him, but as my shockwaves were heading towards him, his left hand raised up and all three shockwaves hit his hand and made small explosions….much smaller then they should have been…it somehow cancelled out my shockwaves…” “He did what? How could he manage that? Tell me what happened next Arken! NOW.” “Of course master, after the smoke cleared from those three small explosions, a bunch of weird symbols started to appear all over Nin-Dragon’s body except for his right arm that I turned to stone way back when with the Nature Relic. The symbols were glowing…” “…….” The Dark One is silent as Arken continues. “Then lines appeared on his body and connected the symbols, they were all glowing a bright gold color, and that’s when Nin-Dragon’s eyes opened again…and they were glowing bright gold aswell, it was so bright I couldn’t even see his eyeballs, it was just a bright light coming from his eye sockets…” “So Nin-Dragon was unconscious that whole time wasn’t he…” The Dark One sounds extremely serious and uneasy. “Yes, I believe so master, but that’s when it seemed like Nin-Dragon awoke again…but it was different, it wasn’t…Nin-Dragon anymore…it was……it was….the original Nin-Dragon that had taken over the current Nin-Dragon’s body somehow…” “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The Dark One erupts in a fit of anger and sends multiple corruption waves at the wall, which are similar to Arken’s shockwaves, just much, much stronger and are pitch black. “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.” After the smoke clears there is a hole and a tunnel where the wall used to be, the tunnel goes for about 10,000 feet. The Dark One is breathing heavily and is enraged. After a few moments he stands up right again. “Arken…You’re telling me…that…the original Nin-Dragon…is…is…BACK!!!” “Yes…master…” “How…could that be possible…are you sure it was him? How do you know Arken?” “He used those Divine Beams that he used during the great war to destroy my four remaining clones…and he told me…he said there is only ever one Nin-Dragon…he still thought it was the same time period as the war….that’s when I told him he wasn’t in his body, and he noticed that and went crazy…he dropped to his knees and started screaming so loud that it wasn’t humanly possible to be that loud, it was causing my ears to bleed, hell my blood in my body was vibrating from it, I got the relic, and made the decision to grab Kiga, and Sapphire and get the hell out of there while we still could, cause I knew we were no match for the original Nin-Dragon…I’m sorry master…”

“Unbelievable….he…he is back also….”The Dark One is deep in thought and talking aloud to himself. “This could ruin everything!……No….no this is a fine….we have 2 relics, last time he had all 5, he has none this time, I have the advantage, yes….this is actually a good thing.” “A good thing….how so master?” Arken asks. “Yes…this is a good thing…Arken, now instead of killing his descendant…I can kill the original Nin-Dragon, and get my revenge on him for sealing me away! Once I get all 5 relics and reclaim my powers after I unseal them I’ll obliterate him myself…oh…the irony, last time he had his Divine Blade…but this time….I will seal HIM AWAY with the corruption blade! Or maybe….yes….even better, I’ll corrupt him and turn him evil!!! I’ll make him become a soldier of MY ARMY, NIN-DRAGON WILL JOIN US AND BETRAY HIS FRIENDS!!!!” “Brilliant, master…but do you think it will be that easy? And once again, I’m sorry for retreating.” “No it’s fine Arken, you did the right thing, since he is back, you were right, you three were no match for him…but it wont be easy to corrupt him, everyone will need to be much stronger….you, Kiga, and Sapphire, as well as any others that may join our fight hahaha.” “So you’re not upset to much then master?” “No Arken, Kiga has proven he can handle Zygen, and once I give Kiga a few new abilities, there will be no doubt in my mind that he can kill Zygen. At least Crystal was killed…at least she might be, if she lost as much blood as you claim she did, I don’t see how she lived that, and that boy…he is no threat, however we must keep an eye on him…he might be able to become a pawn of mine later mwhahaha.” “Very good master.” “As for Nin-Dragon…he is our only threat, as long as we prevent him from getting any of the remaining 3 relics I think we should be fine. From this point on, the relics in our possession do not leave the castle, not until I have all five and can make the Corruption Blade. So we must be swift, and careful from now on in retrieving the remaining three.” “I agree master.” “But before we can obtain the Fire Relic, I need to solve the problem with my experiment…at least we have a slight advantage, in the fact that Nin-Dragon doesn’t know where the other relics are, even though I myself only know the Fire Relic’s location, we will worry about the other two later, also they will be recovering for awhile from the damage you three did, and at least they are 1 down….with Crystal gone, that leaves just Nin-Dragon, Zygen, and the boy.”

“Eventually, when our grand battle happens Arken, you and Kiga will take on Zygen if he is still alive, I will take on Nin-Dragon, and as for that boy, who knows.” “Got it, so what’s the plan then master?” “Simple, I will continue my experiment, but I will need your assistance to help me speed this along, in the mean time, Cryptic will be the only one that leaves the castle until my experiment is complete. He will be our eyes and ears on the outside world, he will keep and eye on Nin-Dragon and his group, and he will continue to try to find out the location of the remaining two relics.” “Alright, it would be an honor to be a part of your experiments master.” “Hmm…now…we have no time to waste, let us get started right away.”

[Back with Nin-Dragon]

Nin-Dragon, Zygen, and Dia are walking back towards the cave as they all stop dead in their tracks…there…at the cave entrance…is……Crystal.

Chapter: 29: Back From Near Death, Crystal Lives!

“Crystal!!!” Nin-Dragon, Dia and Zygen all yell out. Dia takes and runs up to her to give her a hug. Crystal maybe standing but she is still incredibly weak, her legs seem wobbly it seems she can barely even stand on her own. She is breathing heavily. Dia wraps his arms around Crystal as she groans in pain. “Uhhg…easy their Dia…I’m in a lot of pain here…” “Oh…sorry Crystal…I…I just am so glad your alive!” Dia has a few tears in his eyes. “That…makes…two of us…Dia…to be honest…I’m surprised I’m alive…” Crystal drops to her knees, collapsing from lack of energy and blood. “Crystal are you okay!?” Nin-Dragon ask her as he rushes to her side and helps her sit down. “You need to take it easy, you lost a lot of blood Crystal.” “Did I?” Crystal asks sounding a bit confused. “Yeah…you don’t remember?” Zygen asks as he sits down next to them. “I’m not sure…” Crystal replies. “Well what’s the last thing you remember Crystal?” “Hmm, let me think for a second…I remember…my sister…Sapphire…” “Is that all?” Zygen asks. “……No….we were battling Arken…Kiga…and Sapphire…or you guys were…I didn’t fight at all…I just froze up…as my…my…” Crystal chokes up a bit. “My…sister ripped me to pieces…” Everyone is quiet as a breeze goes by. “How…how could my own sister do that to me…?” Zygen speaks up. “You know as well as I do Crystal, that isn’t your sister anymore, Sapphire is no longer your sister, she is a soldier of the dark one’s. In fact I bet he sent her to kill you since the shock factor alone of seeing her again would render you useless. Which is DID!” Zygen yells. “Zygen! Why are you being so mean to Crystal!” Dia asks. “She needs to hear this Dia, it will sound harsh but its Crystal’s own fault that she ended up like sliced meat! She has the skills to have fought back, we all know Crystal is smart, and a decent fighter but she couldn’t bring herself to defend herself, or more importantly…kill her sister!” “Stop that Zygen!” Dia says as he raised his voice a bit. “It’s not her fault! Tell him Nin-Dragon!” Dia and Zygen both look at Nin-Dragon. “I’m sorry Dia, but I agree with Zygen.” “What!” Dia says. “Calm down Dia…they’re right.” Crystal replies. Nin-Dragon speaks again. “Don’t get me wrong, Zygen and I are glad your alive Crystal, but you are not fully at fault. We all got destroyed. Dia was taken out with a single uppercut, Kiga beat the pant’s of Zygen and he wasn’t even trying…and I…even with the Water Relic….I wasn’t able to beat Arken…I got beat so badly that a lot of crazy shit happened…” “What do you mean Nin-Dragon? Tell me everything that happened since I’ve been unconscious.” “Alright this is a long story.” Nin-Dragon goes over everything that happened, everything from him being knocked out and the original Nin-Dragon taking over his body and still being inside him now, he told her how the original Nin-Dragon trained Zygen, and healed her as best as he could, and how when he himself was back in control he trained Dia how to fight and defend. Nin-Dragon told her how a few days have passed and that Arken took the Water Relic and retreated back to the Dark One with Kiga and Sapphire. Nin-Dragon takes a big sigh after he finishes talking. “I see…so a lot has happened then…” Crystal looks at her body, her arms, chest, and feels her throat. She feels and notices all the scares over her body. “So…it was thanks to the original Nin-Dragon that I survived then…heh…” Crystal lets out a small laugh. “Whats funny?” Dia asks. “It’s just…5,000 years ago he saved me as a kid…and even now…5,000 years later…even though I’m an old lady, he still saved me again…It makes me feel like I thought I was stronger this whole time then when I was that small girl back then, but…I’m not, I’m still not good enough…”

“Hey now, don’t say that!” Dia chirps in. Crystal pats Dia on the head. She then looks at Nin-Dragon and Zygen, “so…how much blood did I lose?” “About 85% of your blood…” Zygen replies. “85%….” Crystal mumbles to herself. “Nobody should live that…but I did…thanks to you Nin-Dragon…” “You mean the original Nin-Dragon…right Crystal?” “No…well yeah and no…see if you weren’t around then the original Nin-Dragon would never have been around to save me…so I thank both of you, for saving my life.” Nin-Dragon blushes a bit. “Uhh, well your welcome Crystal…” “I’m surprised Arken hasn’t returned the past few days with a new plan to kill us all.” Crystal says. “He wouldn’t dare come back when the original Nin-Dragon was around Crystal, he knew he was out matched against him. Even though he wasn’t at 100% he had some of his abilities still which was enough to scare him away. Though if he knew the current Nin-Dragon was back, he might try to attack us again.” Zygen says. “Well then we best get out of here then right!” Crystal says as she tries to stand up. But has trouble doing so. “Easy Crystal, your not recovered yet to travel much. I bet you still don’t have all your blood back yet for crying out loud.” “You’re right about that Nin-Dragon, I can tell I have only maybe 65% of my blood in total…but even if I’m weak, we must not waste any time, we must make a plan, The Dark One will have made a plan a day or so ago by now. We can’t let them get more relics, they already have the Nature and now Water Relic…there is only 3 left, we must obtain and keep the 3rd one.” “I agree Crystal, but…” Dia starts to say. “But what Dia?” Crystal asks. “We don’t know where the other 3 relics are…” Dia looks a bit disappointed. “That’s right…we don’t…” Crystal admits. “Wrong!” They all turn and look at Nin-Dragon. “What do you mean wrong Nin-Dragon?” Zygen asks. “I know where they are.” “WHAT!!!” They all say aloud. “Well…I know where one of them is…the other two I have no clue.” Everyone has a shocked expression on their face. “Which one do you know the location of Nin-Dragon?” Crystal asks him. “The Fire Relic.” “Ah, and were is it? And how do you know where it is?” “It’s at a volcano called Mount. Infernous.” Nin-Dragon says in a serious voice. “To be more specific…it’s at the bottom of the magma pool inside the volcano…” “Mount. Infernous…yes that makes sense…Crystal says.” “At the bottom of a VOLCANO!!!! How the heck do we get that!” Dia blurts out. “That’s a good question…” Zygen says out loud. “Any idea’s on how to get it Nin-Dragon?” “Nope…none at all…” “Hehehe” All of the slightly laugh. “So how did you know it was there Nin-Dragon?” Zygen asks. “Well, it’s kinda simple, the original Nin-Dragon…he knew 3 of the 5 relic locations…the Nature, Water and Fire relics…and since both our minds are in my head, we can read each other’s minds basically. So most things he knows I know myself, and he knows everything I know.”

“Really? That’s crazy, and quite lucky for us…now we have something to work with.” “I agree Crystal.” Zygen replies. “So it might have been a good thing we all got destroyed, if the original Nin-Dragon never showed up then we would be stuck. Now maybe we have an edge…but I doubt it, some how, some way, I bet the Dark One already knows where the next relic is, the question is…is he going after the Fire Relic next also?” “Hmm….that is something we will probably have to deal with Nin-Dragon.” Zygen says. “Yeah with our luck we would get there and Arken would ambush us with an army of bad guys or something…” Dia says sounding annoyed while he pictures walking into an ambush in his mind. “I have a feeling it is inevitable that we will run into Arken and who knows all else again…” Nin-Dragon says. “I agree.” Crystal says. “Now, onto making our plan…” Crystal says. “Zygen can you teleport us to Mount. Infernous?” “Uhh, I can teleport Dia, Nin-Dragon and myself, but not you.” “What do you mean not me Zygen, you’re not leaving me behind.” “No that’s not it, in your condition, teleporting would not be good for you. The further the distance for one of my drawing teleportation’s the more stress it puts on the body, and your body would suffer from you making the long trip to Mount. Infernous, you can barely stand for crying out loud.” “But it’s teleporting….it’s almost instant…” Crystal responds. “That maybe true, but the body is still traveling a distance. I believe you will be…okay to teleport back to my house since its a shorter trip, but you will feel tired and probably fall asleep after you get back…” “So you want me to go back and rest while you three go to Mount Infernous to get the relic which you have no clue how to get? Yeah…great plan…” “We’ll be fine Crystal, we are stronger then before, you are not.” “Sigh…fine I guess your right…” Crystal sounds disappointed. “Well lets hurry up back to the your drawing on that rock Zygen, and don’t worry Crystal, I’ll help you.” “Thank you Nin-Dragon…” “Alright then, lets head back to my house”, Zygen takes the lead followed by Crystal who is hanging onto Nin-Dragon as he helps her walk. Dia is walking along side them. After the slow walk back, they arrive at the stone, the drawing is still there. “Good, it hasn’t faded!” Dia exclaims. “Heh, it wont fade Dia, it doesn’t disappear until it gets used to return back to the other one.” Zygen says. “Oh, neat!” Dia smiles. “Alright I’ll go first, then Dia, then Crystal, then you Nin-Dragon.” “Alright, sounds good Zygen.” Nin-Dragon nods. Zygen puts his hand on the stone as it starts to glow then in an instant, “poof” Zygen is gone. “Alright Dia, your up next, see you in a minute.” “Okay!” Dia runs up and puts his hand on the stone, and he to teleports away. “Alright your up next Crystal.” “Wait just a second Nin-Dragon…” What is it Crystal?” “I…I just want to say sorry…again…sorry for being useless in that last fight, and almost dying on you guys…”It’s fine Crystal, it’s over, the past is the past…although that’s a bit of a joke isn’t it…since everything we are doing is because of the past…hehe…” “Hehehe.” Crystal laughs a bit. “Also…thanks for being there for me Nin-Drgaon…” “You’re welcome Crystal, you’ve had my back a number of times, so I will always have yours!” “Thank you…” “Your welcome, now, they are probably wondering whats taking you so you better hurry up hehe.” “Yeah…your right, alright see you on the other side.” Crystal walks slowly over to the stone and puts her hand on the stone and teleports back to the house. Nin-Dragon is left standing alone…thinking about everything that’s happened the past few days. After a moment he takes a deep breath and places his hand on the stone and in a flash, is back inside Zygen’s house.

“There you are Nin-Dragon, we were wondering what was taking you so long haha.” Zygen says jokingly.” “Sorry, just wanted to take a last look around before I left, it was a beautiful mountain…and we didn’t really get to see it much during battle.” “Ha, true enough.” Zygen replies. “We already helped Crystal to the bed, so she is all set. We can leave anytime now Nin-Dragon. “Don’t you have to draw a new teleportation drawing Zygen?” Nin-Dragon asks. “I did already…I got here first remember…” Zygen points to the wall behind Nin-Dragon, Nin-Dragon turns around and there on the wall is a drawing of a volcano with magma inside it. “Oh, so you did…haha” Zygen, Dia and Nin-Dragon laugh. Alright Crystal, we will head out in a minute then and just do some exploring and see if we can figure out something, even if we can’t we will return after we have scouted the area. “Wait, what if I need to get a hold of you guys? Since I’ll be stuck here I will try to figure something out…anything, like where the other 2 relics could be, or who knows what.” Zygen speaks up. “We wont be gone long Crystal, maybe a day, if that. So don’t worry about it. You just rest and figure out what you can, cause when we get back, we should have the Fire Relic…I hope…” Zygen sounds doubtful. “Sigh…okay, just be careful.” Crystal says in a quiet voice. “We will. But before we go, I have to ask you one question Crystal, a serious question…” “Okay, go ahead Zygen.” Crystal replies. “Once you heal up fully…if you heal up fully, the next time Sapphire shows up…will you kill her? Cause you had better be able to face her and not freeze up again.” A long quiet pause happens. “I…I don’t know…I know I should kill her, but…but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to…” “Humph!” Zygen doesn’t like her answer. “Well you better be able to when the time comes around.” “I know…”Crystal says. Zygen walks to the drawing on the wall. “Well away we go then, and don’t worry, I got some food we can eat, since we haven’t eaten much the past few days, and Crystal, there is food in the fridge and shelfs so help yourself if you get hungry, just don’t walk much and don’t push yourself to hard.” “Okay…thanks…” she says. Zygen puts his hand on the drawing on the wall and in a second he is gone. “See you soon Crystal! Get better!” Dia says with a smile, then puts his hand on the drawing and is gone. “Take care of yourself Crystal, we will be back as soon as we can…” “I will Nin-Dragon, remember be careful…and see you when you get back.” “We will…” Nin-Dragon puts his hand on the drawing and is teleported to Mount. Infernous. “Good luck…you guys…good luck…” Crystal says to herself.

Chapter 30: The Fire Relic & Trap

[A Day before Nin-Dragon, Dia and Zygen went to Mount. Infernous]
[At Mount. Infernous]

“Fuck it’s hot here…” Arken wipes sweat off his partial face. “It sure is bro.” Kiga is along side Arken as they arrive at the top of Mount. Infernous. “I’m glad Sapphire didn’t join us on this mission, she would not like this heat at all right Arken…” Arken is staring into the molten lava of the volcano, not paying much attention to his little brother. “Uhh…Arken?” Arken looks down at his arms. “Do you really think that the masters experiment worked Kiga?” “Awe, are you worried about melting big bro? Why is it that I’m the younger brother yet your the cry baby? HAHA” “Grrr” Arken growls. “Listen Arken, you have been with the Dark One for so damn long, you better then anyone know his experiments are the most horrific, and sick things in the world, however each and every time they always work perfectly.” “…You’re right Kiga, I shouldn’t doubt the master, but it’s just I’m jumping into a damn volcano then I have to find the damn relic all while melting and hopefully not dying…” “Sigh….” Kiga exclaims as he jumps into the molten lava and begins to sink down into the depths of the volcano. “KIGA!!!” Arken yells, “What are you doing! And are you okay?” “Before Kiga fully sinks under the lava he says, “You were whining to much so I figured I’d get the damn relic. As for am I okay, not really, I’m fucking MELTING, as you can see my skin is melting but my bones see undamaged. so it seems I’ll survive, now just wait there until I come back up with the relic.” “Good…..I’m glad masters experiment worked on us, or at least you anyway. Do you even know what the relic looks like?” “Yes Arken, the Dark One told me, its a stone big enough to fit in my hand and has the picture of 3 flames in a circle on it.” “Okay…good, just don’t stay down there to long.” “Yeah yeah.” Kiga sinks and sinks, deeper and deeper into the volcano as soon all of his skin is gone, his muscles and nerves are all gone as well, all that remains is his skeleton, however do to being brought back to life the way he was, the magic keeps him alive. Kiga after a minute or 2 hits the bottom of the volcano floor. “Sheesh it’s insane down here, really is a good place to hide such an important thing. Now were is this Relic.” Kiga is thinking to himself. As he walks around trying to see, which is difficult since his eyes are not eyeballs and just darkness since he returned to life. “Is this it? Nope…how about….nope, maybe this one….nope, ah ha here it……nope…….fuck there is a lot of rocks down here…” After a few minutes Kiga finally spots it. “Ahhhh that must be it, its buried under a big ass rock and a bunch of little ones!” Kiga walks over and clears away the little rocks, and can see most of the Relic, he tries to lift the big rock but since he is but a skeleton he lacks the strength to lift it. “UHHHHHG……GRRRRR…..UHHHG” “Damn no use, I’m going to have to get clever here.” After a minute of thinking to himself, Kiga has an idea. “Hmm…that…might just work…” Kiga thinks to himself. Kiga begins to punch the boulder as hard as he can, over and over again. “Excellent the Dark One was right, our bones are unbreakable which means I can break this rock to pieces.” “HYA, HYA, HYA, HYA, HYA, HYA!” Kiga punches and punches until cracks start to form on the boulder and with each punch they get bigger and bigger and soon enough the rock falls to pieces. “Crumble” “Heh, not a single scratch on my bones, nice. Ah and there you are little guy, we were looking for you!” Kiga picks up the Fire Relic.

“What is taking him so long…maybe I should go in after him….” Arken is getting anxious and concerned. “Okay that’s it, he has been down there long enough…..” Just then Arken notices something….movement on the surface of the molten lava, the movements slowly get bigger and bigger until…”GASP!” Kiga breaks through the surface and grabs onto the edge of the top of the volcano. “Kiga, there you are, I was about to jump in after you!” “Ha…like hell you were bro, now help me out of this infernal volcano.” Arken extends his hand out and Kiga grabs it with his skeleton hand and Arken pulls him out and onto solid ground. A bit of lava drips onto Arken’s hand causing the little bit of skin he has to melt off. “AHH! Fuck that hurt.” “HA that was just a bit of skin on your hand, try having all your damn skin melt off, THAT hurts.” “Fair point Kiga….fair point, so…did you get it?” “No…..I just felt like coming back up to the surface to say hello…..of course I got it!” “No need to be an ass Kiga.” Arken says. Kiga smirks. Kiga’s other hand reachs out and Arken extends his hand, as Kiga drops the Fire Relic into Arken’s hand. “Excellent job Kiga! The Dark One will be pleased.” “Of course he will, especially when I tell him I got it all on my own, and you did nothing HAHA.” Kiga laughs. “Why you!” Arken was about to punch Kiga, when he stops and notices his hand…the area on his hand that had a bit of skin before…is regenerating….in a matter of seconds he once again has skin where he did before, no more then he did before but no less either. “Huh….so the other part of masters experiment was correct as well.” “Looks that way.” Kiga says aloud as Arken looks at his younger brother and watches as all of Kiga’s skin is regenerating and in a matter of moments Kiga looks as good as ever…or at least as good as he did before he melted off all his skin…”Ah, much better, it’s good to be home….even if by home I mean in my own skin again HAHAHA!” Kiga laughs loudly. Arken can’t help but smile a bit. “Well should we get out of here now bro? I’m sick of the heat.” Kiga asks Arken. “No…not yet.” “Why not?” Kiga looks puzzled. “The Dark One told me once we got the Relic that we were to leave a little…surprise behind for Nin-Dragon and his group of pals for when they show up, and speaking of them, it was kind of nice not having to fight them for a Relic for once.” “Meh, I wouldn’t have minded beating the shit out of Zygen again, but whats the surprise we are leaving them?” Kiga asks. “This…” Arken reaches into his cloak and pulls out an egg….about the size of a watermelon. “Whoa…..what is that? It’s huge, how did you fly here with that big ass egg in your cloak?” “You really don’t know much about these cloaks do you Kiga?” “No…I guess not, feel free to enlighten me though.” “Sure, you already know they are magic, but did you know that they can carry anything no matter the weight? Size is a different issue, but weight is meaningless with it. Also I did not carry it all the way here, these cloaks act as a small portal back to the castle.” “WHAT!?” Kiga sounds intrigued. “Though I should mention only mine and the Dark One’s have that connection, yours does not. “Awe man…that aint cool, but whatever.” “Yeah anyway, I can reach into my cloak and my hand will appear inside the castle and I can grab something and pull it back through the portal to our location.” ” Ah so we act as moving portal’s basically…hey hold on a second? Why don’t we just use that to send the relic back to the Dark One instead of flying all the way back?” “Good question, but a simple answer, the portal in my cloak is a one way portal, I can take things from their but not send things back there.” “Oh….you would think with our kind of power we could easily do that but whatever.” “Heh, true enough Kiga.”

“So what is the deal with the egg then Arken?” “It’s not just a simple egg Kiga, this is an extremely rare egg, its called an Urodra Egg.” “Urodra Egg? Never heard of it…” “Not surprising the world hasn’t seen what hatches from these eggs since the beginning of Earth itself. Infact this is the last egg of this kind…so when this guy hatches…he will be the last of his kind…kind of sad really…” “So we are going to hatch him?” “Oh no, no, we are simply going to leave it behind and when Nin-Dragon gets here HE will hatch it. This will attack ANYTHING it see’s once it’s hatched so we don’t want it to attack us. Only the Dark One could take down one of these….and maybe the original Nin-Dragon, though even he has never seen one of these before….hell even I have never seen one before, so I don’t even know what it will look like when it shows up.” “Damn….that thing must be insane, so whats the plan? how does it hatch?” Kiga asks. “According to what the Dark One told me, we have to throw it into the volcano and that will get it prepared to hatch, then it will only hatch once someone arrives in this area and says a certain word…” “Whats the word Arken?” “It’s pretty simple…..all Nin-Dragon has to say or anyone for that matter is the word fire, and there is no doubt in my mind that when he shows up he will mention the word Fire Relic which will cause the egg to begin hatching, after the word has been spoken the egg will send pulse waves everywhere, growing bigger and bigger, which will cause the whole volcano to shake, once it has reached its top strength it will erupt into flames and whatever is inside….will arrive…also according to the Dark One…..these things are very large….I don’t know how large….” “Sheesh ,well at least we wont be around to see it right Arken?” “That is true, now lets toss this egg in already.” “Hyaa” Arken tosses the Urodra Egg into the volcano and it begins sinking to the bottom. “Now we can get out of here and back to the Dark One, brother?” “Almost, I have to grab one more thing,” as he puts the fire relic he was holding in his other hand into his cloak, he reaches into his cloak after putting the Relic away and pulls something else out. “Now what do you got Arken?” “Master wants to be able to watch when this goes down, so he told me to place a few of these around.” “A few what?” “Hold out your hand Kiga.” Arken commands, “Uhh, okay then.” Kiga holds his hand out as Arken opens his hand and drops 4 eyeballs into his hand. “Ewwwww…..Eyeballs??? What kind of sick thing is this supposed to do? Also…what is up with these eyes? They look….strange, the pupil is gone and there is just the emblem of the Dark One in the center of them?” Arken takes 4 more out of his cloak. “This is one of the Dark One’s other experiments….though he said these might not work fully…he hasn’t perfected this experiment yet.” “Huh? Doesn’t he usually wait till he is finished before using an experiment of his?” “Normally yes, but think of this as a field test.” “Okay…..then….so what exactly do we do with these?” “These eyes have been altered and connect directly with the Dark One’s eyes, so whatever these eyes see, he will see, and in turn he can allow us to view what he see’s so we will all be able to watch this shit go down when Nin-Dragon gets here.” “Damn….that’s crazy Arken!” “I thought so to, now we have to position these across the top of the volcano and make sure they are out of sight, we don’t want Nin-Dragon finding these, so hide them in the rocks around here Kiga, I’ll do the same.” “Got it!” kiga runs around the one side of the volcano top and places the 4 eyes around, as Arken does the same. “Alright, now we can finally leave right?” “Yup, lets get out of here and return back to the castle.” “FINALLY, I’m sick of this heat, I can’t wait to give the Dark One the F-” “HEY!!!” Arken shouts. “What Arken?” “You almost said the word that hatches the damn egg you idiot!” “Oh shit, your right, sorry.” “Sheesh that could have been disastrous!” Arken and Kiga both dissolve into black mist and fly away, returning back to the Dark One.

[1 Day Later]

Zygen and Dia have just arrived at Mount. Infernous, shortly after Nin-Dragon comes through the portal and joins them. “Well here we are guys….that….is Mount Infernous…” Zygen points to the Volcano. “Is it just me or is it a bit warm?” Dia asks as he whipes sweat off his face. “It’s not just you Dia, unfortunately this heat is nothing, it will be far worse, even near fatal heat at the top of the volcano.” Zygen says. “So you couldn’t get us any closer to the top Zygen?” Nin-Dragon asks. “Nope, I got us to the base of the volcano, we will have to go the rest of the way on our own. Though we can all just jump up the volcano in no time, thanks to the training we got before from the original Nin-Dragon. “I guess your right Zygen.” Dia replies. “Well, just think of it as a bit of exercise guys! Now lets get going, we don’t want to be here to long, Crystal’s waiting remember and we said we were just going to look around, though if we find the Relic we should grab it and return with it.” “Agreed, now lets get up there and do a quick sweep. We shouldn’t stay up there more then 30 minutes, the heat will drain us and slow us down a bit. And Dia…” “Yeah?” You shouldn’t be up there more then 15 minutes, our bodies can handle the heat more then you can.” “I AM NOT STAYING DOWN HERE, If THATS WHAT YOUR SAYING ZYGEN!” Zygen looks at Nin-Dragon, “What do you think?” “Well, I promised I’d look after him, it maybe dangerous, but his father new that, and I can’t look after him if he is way down here by himself…so I say he comes with us, just take it easy Dia, and if you need to leave tell us and we will all come back down and go back to Crystal okay?” “YES!!! Thank you Nin-Dragon, and I fully agree.” Dia sticks his tongue out at Zygen. “Heh, if you want to keep your tongue I suggest you put it back in your mouth.” Zygen smiles, and Dia quickly puts his tongue back in his mouth. “Alright, enough goofing around, lets get up there!” Nin-Dragon shouts and takes off. Soon followed by Dia and Zygen.

The three of them jump and hop their way up the volcano and after 5 minutes of jumping from rock to rock, cliff to cliff, they finally make it to the top of the mountain. “Oh my god, I’m going to pass out it’s like I’m on the sun itself!” Dia says as his face is sweating profusely. “Dia if you can’t handle this then we can turn back in a minute. Can you at least hang on for a minute or 2 while Nin-Dragon and I look around?” “Yeah I can last a minute or two I think.” “Okay good.” Nin-Dragon and Zygen say at the same time. “Hopefully the Fire Relic is close you guys…” “Crack”.

Chapter 31: Ancient Ikarukiri Is Born!!!

[At the castle of the Dark One]

“Ah yes, finally it’s show time, Arken and Kiga get in here.” Arken and Kiga walk into the throne room and the Dark One is sitting on his throne. “So they finally showed up did they? Ha, just as you predicted they would master.” Kiga says with a smile, as he is using a small bone as a tooth pick. “Squawk!, master is always right, squawk!” Cryptic is sitting on the Dark One’s shoulder. “Must that damn flea bitten pest be here master?” Arken says angrily. “Now, now, no arguing you to, just sit and enjoy the show, for the time we have been waiting for is finally among us.” “Correct me if I’m wrong master, but didn’t you want to be the one to kill Nin-Dragon? So why kill him with whatever will hatch from that Urodra egg?” “That is true Arken, I did say that, and to be honest I still do want to be the one that kills him, but think of this as a test, if he can’t even survive this, then me killing him won’t be that meaningful now will it?” “I guess master, so you think he will kill whatever is about to hatch?” “HAHAHAHAHA hell no, but I expect him to survive….somehow…also I’m hoping to see the original Nin-Dragon brought out by this fight…” “Oh, so that’s the true reason behind this then.” Kiga asks. “Well that and I thought it would be great entertainment in watching his allies get killed in front of him MWAHAHAHA.” “HAHAHAHA” They all laugh together. “Now, it’s time for me to show you what my eyes can see, with the connection you helped me make between my own eyes and the special eyes you left behind.” The Dark One stands up, and pulls out a dagger, that is similar to the one Arken has, but it has numerous symbols all over it, the blade also glows dark purple. “HYAAA” The Dark One stabs himself in his left eye! “GAAA” “SPLURT, SPLAT!” Blood sprays all over the place, as he grabs hold of the handle, and tugs it out, pulling his left eye completely. He then walks about 20 feet away and in the ground is a small pedestal sticking out of the floor. “What are you doing master? Why did you stab your own eye?” “Just be patient Arken.” He says calmly. He places the handle of the dagger into the pedestal on the ground, as the blood from the eye socket drips down the blade and onto the pedestal. After a few seconds it starts to glow a darker purple, then a flash of purple shoots 10 feet into the air, as a dark mist, similar to the dark mist Arken becomes when traveling appears in the air, and grows until a square of mist is floating in the air. The Dark One walks back to his throne and sits down as Kiga and Arken are shocked. “There, now everything is ready, time to enjoy the show.” Kiga and Arken turn their attention to the floating mist, as an image starts to appear…after a moment passes…”Hey it worked!, that’s Mount. Infernous…” Kiga yells. “Correct Kiga, now you are seeing the same thing I can see in my right eye. Now watch this.” The Dark One starts to look around with his right eye, as the image in the mist moves along with his movements. “Whoa… it’s like a camera, controlled by you?” Kiga is in awe. “That’s close enough to what it is yes, so we can see everything, nothing will be hidden from my vision, and now, lets see…if we look over, ah yes there they are.” The image on the mist is showing Nin-Dragon and Zygen standing next to Dia. “Huh, so even that kid survived…” Arken sounds disappointed that his uppercut from before didn’t kill him. “Hopefully the Fire Relic is close you guys…” Dia’s statement is heard over the image in the mist. Arken, Kiga and the Dark One all smile. “SQUAWK! SHOW TIME! SQUAWK!” Cryptic shrieks.

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

“CRACK!!!” “What was that!!!” Nin-Dragon says out loud. “VOOOOOSH” “SPLASH!!!!” Pulse waves begin emanating from the egg at the bottom of the volcano, as it rapidly is growing, in a matter of seconds it’s twice its size from before. “VOOSH!!!” a bigger pulse wave sends lava flying into the air!” “Zygen whats going on!!!” Nin-Dragon yells. “I have to clue, but I can sense something……” “VOOOOOOOOSH” The pulse waves are getting more and more powerful, sending more lava flying. The egg has now grown to 6 times it’s normal size! “What is it you sense Zygen!” Nin-Dragon hollers as he tries to keep his balance, while the volcano is shaking. Dia has gotten up and ran over to them, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!” “Dia screams at the top of his lungs. “PSSSSSHHHHHH” some lava lands right beside Dia as it begins to melt the ground a bit. “We don’t know Dia!” “Zygen, once again what is it you sense!” “I…I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s from along time ago….from before even my time…I feel like I can’t even measure it’s power….it just keeps amplifying!” “VOOOOOOOOSH, VOOOOOOOOSH, VOOOOOOOOOSH!” “Whoa!” The pulse waves from the egg have gotten so strong that they have knocked Zygen, Nin-Dragon and Dia over. “We have to get out of here NOW!!!” Zygen yells while dodging more lava. “I agree-” CRAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! CRAAAAAAAAAAAk!!!! Suddenly the volcano starts to have fissures appear as the ground crumbles to bits and giant gashes appear in the ground. The egg has now grown 30 times bigger then it’s original size! “VOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, VOOOOOOOOOOOSH, VOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!! Suddenly, pillars of lava erupt from the volcano shooting 500 feet in the air! “Ahhhhhhhh!” Dia yells. “Cra………ck…….crac….k…….CRACK!!!! The egg has now hatched! “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A deafening roar that sounds like the planet itself has split in half. Nin-Dragon, Zygen and Dia are frozen in fear, as they cover their ears but can easily still hear the roar. Blood starts dripping out of all three of their ears.

[Back at the castle]

Arken is stunned at the roar as Kiga took a few steps back. “What……what the fuck made….made….that noise….” Kiga says, his voice is shaky…”Hahaha, why the lovely beast from the egg of course…” “Beast…..?”
“Well I guess technically beast isn’t the correct word to describe it…it’s actually a dragon…” “A….a……dragon?” Kiga looks at the Dark One. But those don’t exist, they are just a mythical creature…right?” “Just watch Kiga, and you will get your answer,” “MWAHAHAHAHA look at them freaking out, they have no idea they are about to meet A GOD!!!!”

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

Lava continues to fly into the air as the whole volcano trembles. “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the surface of the lava has been breached as the creature comes shooting out of the lava into the sky! The creature never seems to have an end, it just keeps coming out of the volcano….after a good 30 seconds, it finally has arrived, as it floats up in the sky…”RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!” It lets out another mind numbing roar that echo’s almost across 25% of the planet! Nin-Dragon has gone pale, as he is in sheer terror….”IT’S………..IT’S………A FUCKING DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Dia has almost past out from the roar alone. “IT’S…….HUGE…..” Dia says to himself….

[Back at the castle]

“THATS WHAT HATCHED FROM THE EGG!!!” Arken says in amazement. “That dragon… massive, it’s bigger then this entire castle!” “Oh it’s much bigger then the castle Arken, so Kiga now you have your answer, dragon’s are indeed real, well….they used to be, this is the last of the Urodra’s which is a dragon god.” “My god…that things power….I can’t even tell how strong it is, it overwhelms my body to try to measure it…”Oh yeah, I forgot to warn you guys, don’t bother trying to sense it’s strength, it is impossible, even I can barely sense it’s true power.” “Now the show gets good, so Nin-Dragon SAY HELLO TO THE ANICENT DRAGON GOD, Ikarukiri!!!!!!!”

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

Ikarukiri is flying around in the sky, it’s a massive crimson red dragon that has molten lava inside it’s body that oozes out of it’s scales, it has 5 horns on its head almost forming what looks like a crown, its total size is about the size of a city! It’s tail alone is 10,000 feet long, it’s arms bigger then skyscrapers! It’s mouth is wide open with each tooth as big as a building! It has saliva dripping out of it’s mouth, however it’s saliva is molten lava, it rains down from above dissolving anything it touches. “SHHHHHHHHHHHH” boulders are melting all around. Lastly, in Ikarukiri’s chest, is what seems to be a massive green emerald? However it is actually his heart!

[Back at the castle]

“Is that an emerald on it’s chest!” Kiga asks, “No…it’s not…”Arken says as he walks closer to the image in the mist to get a better look. “That…has a pulse to it….” Arken looks at the Dark One. “That’s it’s heart….isn’t it?” “Very good Arken, yes that is indeed it’s heart. It’s the source of it’s power, and its most valuable thing. You see long ago, there were a number of Urodra Dragon’s around the planet…however they were hunted down and killed…” “WHAT? Arken and Kiga both exclaim at the same time. “You’re telling me something was able to actually kill something like that!” Arken points to the image in the mist. “That’s correct Arken.” “What on earth could kill that!” Kiga asks the Dark One. “Well that’s just the thing, you said what on earth….nothing….” “Wait what? You said it was hunted and killed yet you said nothing on earth could kill it? What does that mean?” “Exactly, I didn’t say what killed them was from earth did I?” “What!” Arken says aloud. “You’re saying something from what? Space killed them?” “That’s not quite what I’m saying, you see it was the 4 Deities themselves!” “………………..” Arken and Kiga are stunned and stand there in silence. “After a minute passes Arken speaks. “Wait but…master, you were one of the Deities originally right?” “Again that is indeed correct. The Dark One clenches a fist in anger at remembering those times. “So that means……YOU…” Arken is cut off, by the Dark One. “Yes Arken, I killed one of them myself.” Kiga looks like he is about to pass out. “Holy….fuck…….I new you were the strongest being I know, but who knew you had taken down one of those in the past…” Kiga says weakly. “Trust me, I did not want to kill it back then, but I was ordered to by the other 3 Deities…you see they believed the world could not survive with them roaming around, so each of us was sent to kill one of them….there was 1 in each corner of the planet, all 4 died after trying to fight us off. However the Deities didn’t let them go to waste completely. You see, their scales and such were used to make the clothes the Deities and I wore so long ago…and their emerald hearts were each a source of power, each one containing a different power, 1 being fire as Ikarukiri here shows us.” The Dark One pulls out the Fire Relic from inside his cloak. “Is there a connection between the Urodra Dragon Gods and the ancient relics?” Arken asks. The Dark One gets a sly smile on his face. “Why yes…where do you think the relics originally came from?” “……From….no….it couldn’t be…” “Yes Arken I know what your thinking, and it is, the relics were part of each of their hearts. The water relic came from one, the nature relic came from one, so forth.” “Wow…..but wait, explain the fire relic, we have it hear, but how can it have came from Ikarukiri when he is alive right now?” “Good question Arken, though it’s simple, after I killed the dragon I was sent after, I had discovered a single Urodra egg left where the dragon had lived….it’s unborn child…” “And that’s egg was the one you gave us?” Kiga asks. “Yes, I decided way back then I would hang onto that egg, cause it could come in handy one day, and of course I didn’t tell the other 3 deities, but eventually as you know Arken, I was banished from the deities and had most of my power taken away…but I still had that egg. Hehehe, those fools, what they didn’t even realize is that those dragon’s made the damn planet earth, and yet they decided that they had to die so some other creatures could inhabit this planet? HUMANITY DIDN”T DESERVE SUCH A PLACE….but you know me, I always do my research, so I knew the truth, I tried to tell the other deities that what they did was wrong, but they wouldn’t listen, they simply said times have changed and it’s time for humans to have their time…” “Is that why they banished you master? Arken asks. “Yes, after they said that, I had lost it, I was so angry, how dare someone simply chose to wipe away such magnificent creatures simply because their power was almost unmatched! They simply wanted to do a science experiment with earth, the human race…..what a joke, going from such majestic beings to……meat suits that only cause conflict with each other and kill each other.”

“Now I get it master, the reason you kill humans, and want to rule over them is to punish the deities for what they did so long ago…” “Yes Arken, that’s exactly it. I would have succeeded long ago, but the deities had to stop me….they had to use their power to create NIN-DRAGON!!!” “Wow……that’s insane, but after hearing that it makes me even more dedicated to helping you achieve your goals master!” Arken says, and Kiga also replies. “Me to, hearing that just gets me all pumped up!” “But wait, you still didn’t tell us about the fire relic, and how it’s not from Ikarukiri?” Arken brings up. “Ah yes, well you see there were many dragons before and they would always have a child, that would take their place, so basically, Ikarukiri’s parent is the one who created this fire relic…” “Fascinating…so does that mean if we killed Ikarukiri, we could have a 2nd fire relic?” “HOW DARE YOU EVEN SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT ARKEN!!! “While yes that is true, did you not listen to what I had been saying this whole damn time? I DON’T WANT THESE DRAGONS DEAD!!! I never did, and I don’t want Ikarukiri to die either. It will be my pet, that helps watch over the world once I rule it!” “I’m sorry master, I didn’t mean it that way…” “Humph, not that you two could even cause a scratch on it anyway, hell even I don’t think I could kill it if I wanted to…since I don’t have the same powers I did back then…that is why we must get the remaining 2 relics, so I can create the sword of corruption and regain my full powers, and my original body! It’s a bit sad that we have to use the relics since it’s like we are being accepting of the dragon’s deaths, but their power made this world, and we will use it to FIX THIS WORLD!!!”

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

Ikarukiri has stopped roaring and is just floating in the air as he looks down at the top of the volcano and notices Nin-Dragon, Zygen and Dia. Ikarukiri flys a bit closer and opens his mouth. “I AM THE URODRA DRAGON GOD, IKARUKIRI!!! YOU SHALL ALL BE THE FIRST TO DIE THEN THE REST OF THIS PLANET WILL BURN!!!”

Chapter 32: Ikarukiri’s Unstoppable Power!!!

“Do you mere humans have any final words before I incinerate you with my sacred fire, and use you’re charred bodies as candy?” Nin-Dragon, and Dia are speechless…”Oh not so brave are we little human? Very well, then allow me to – “HYAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Zygen launches himself at Ikarukiri’s head and hits one of his horns with a palm thrust. “RAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAA! Silly fool.” However the contact had no effect on the massive horn. All that happened was after the contact was made lava started to ooze out of the horn and Zygen quickly retreated. “Did you really think you could harm me? There is nothing on this planet that could harm me, and yet here you are, fighting me without any fear in your eyes….you are a special human aren’t you?” “What do you mean!” Zygen yells. “No need to yell you insect, you maybe tiny but I can hear you just fine, but yes….something about you…hmm….” Ikarukiri moves in extremely close to, and tilts his head so only a giant eye is beside Zygen. “Look into my eye mortal.” Zygen can’t help but look at the giant eye in front of him. “Hmmm….Ahhhh…..yes….I see…” Lava drips off Ikarukiri and hits the ground melting it in front of Zygen. “What is it you see? Spit it out beast!” “BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ikarukiri roars up and flys back to his original position. “You DARE call me a BEAST!” “Uhh…Zygen maybe you shouldn’t try to enrage the giant dragon that is about to kill us” “Listen to the smart one you little spec of flesh.” “No, I don’t fear this beast, he maybe a dragon, but I fought much scarier things in the past.” “Ahh, you are speaking of the dark one’s army back 5,000 years ago….you are not from this time. Well since you don’t belong in this time, let me eradicate you from this time period!” In an instant Ikarukiri raised his claw and flicked Zygen’s entire body. It was like being slammed by a building. “Zygen!!!” Nin-Dragon and Dia both scream! “VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH” Zygen’s body goes flying, and crashes into a pile of rocks on the summit of the volcano. Zygen is knocked out. Nin-Dragon and Dia attempt to run over to him, but Ikarukiri stops them. “NO, you will leave him be, I will kill you both in a moment. You’re buddy over their has every bone in his body broken, not to mention internal bleeding in both his arms and legs, as well as his torso. Be glad he isn’t bleeding internally in his skull or he would be dead right now. Though I bet if he was conscious he would want to be dead now, since he won’t last much more then 5 minutes at this rate. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now time to finish him off. Ikarukiri flys high up into the sky and makes a horrifying screech. “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Ahhhhhh Dia, cover your ears!” Nin-Dragon tries to yell, but it is drowned out by the screech. “Wait what’s happening?” Dia yells but Nin-Dragon didn’t hear it, but he could read his lips and the both look up into the sky. The sky appears to have a ripple in it…like a ripple on water?

[Back at the castle]

“Holy crap did you see that! Zygen was all I’m mister badass, I can beat this beast, then Ikarukiri was all flick! and Zygen is about to die! It’s a shame I can’t be the one to kill him after all…” Kiga says in disappointment. “What insane power…” “If you think that was power, you are going to be quite surprised when you see what he really is capable of!” The Dark One says calmly and with a big smile on his face. “What is he doing know? What’s up with the sky?” “Just wait and see, if he is doing what I think he is doing, lets just say this is his way of showing mercy HAHAHAHAHAHA!” “MERCY? Why would he show mercy to Zygen? You said the Urodra Dragon Gods would just destroy everything and everyone?” Kiga exclaims. “Relax boy, his mercy is not what traditional mercy is, its much more cruel hehehe. You see mercy wasn’t always what it is today, mercy used to mean a cruel and torturous punishment hehehe.” “Oh? How so?” Kiga asks, “Just watch.” the Dark One replies.

[Back at Mount. Infernous.]

“REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The sky is almost like waves in the ocean now. Clouds have almost liquefied the sky has blurred, and it almost appears as though the sky is melting and about to just drop out of the air like rain drops. Ikarukiri stops screeching and turns his attention back to Zygen’s body. He reaches towards him with his claw. Nin-Dragon and Dia look at Zygen and make a break for it, to try to get to Zygen! “Come on Dia we gotta save Zygen!” “Wrong!” Ikarukiri looks at Nin-Dragon and Dia and they both instantly freeze. “Arrgh….I can’t….move…” “Me…either….uhg…” Dia says as he and Nin-Dragon are frozen in place. “Of course you can’t move you stupid fleas, I froze you in time itself! I only allow your mouths to move so you may breathe a bit longer before I kill you myself! Now, back to this one…” Ikarukiri raises his claw towards Zygen and points one of his long sharp claws at Zygen’s chest. “Farewell human.” “NOOOOOO!!!!” Nin-Dragon and Dia scream! “Splosh”, Ikarukiri impales Zygen’s body with his claw, it is sticking out of Zygen’s back!” “Oops….I think I broke his spine…poor thing HAHAHAHAHA however you won’t die here, you will die in your own time period!” Ikarukiri flies back up into the sky where the sky is still all blurred and messed up. “Now say farewell to your friends!” Ikarukiri waves Zygen’s body around like a finger puppet. “How….HOW COULD YOU! That’s just EVIL!!!” Nin-Dragon roars! “HAHAHAHAHA, your time is coming so sit tight, oh wait, you can’t do anything BUT sit there HAHAHAHA.” “Well farewell you annoying bug, go die in your own time and consider this my mercy!” Ikarukiri reaches back and then throws Zygen’s body at breakneck speed as his body slides off Ikarikiri’s claw with blood pouring and dripping everywhere. Zygen’s body goes into the ripples in the sky. As Nin-Dragon and Dia watch…waiting for him to fall back down….but he never does…”WHAT…..WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!!!” “ROAR!!!!! Would you quit demanding things you annoying pest!” Ikarukiri turns back to Nin-Dragon and Dia as the sky begins to go back to normal. “What I did was I opened up a portal of sorts.” “What? A Portal?” “Yes a time portal to be exact. I tossed his sorry excuse for a life in, and well, it sent him back to his time period….the past. 5,000 years ago to be exact.” “Wha….what….no….” Nin-Dragon is in shock, and Dia….he doesn’t know how to react…the death of Zygen has shattered his spirits…his eyes are just blank and emotionless. “Yes so right about now he is back at the great war, lying on the battlefield bleeding, and out cold, with all his bones shattered! Hahahaha, he will be dead within 2 minutes I would think.” Ikarukiri looks back at Dia and Nin-Dragon and they collapse to their knees. They are no longer frozen in time.

[Back at the castle]

“Holy………” “shit……” Kiga finishes Arken’s sentence. “Did…did he really just send Zygen back to the great war but as a dead man?” Arken turns and asked The Dark One. “Indeed he did…” “But, won’t that effect history?” “It will effect some thing’s yes.” “But wait what about Kiga, does this mean Kiga never died by Zygen’s hand? What will happen to him?” “Good question Arken, however nothing will happen to Kiga, I have a feeling Ikarukiri sent him back AFTER he had already killed Kiga, so Kiga will remain unaffected.” “Ohh…well then what will change?” “Hard to say…only time will tell…HAHAHAHA but now it’s the end of that boy.” “But what about Nin-Dragon, you wanted to kill him, but now Ikarukiri will kill him!” “I don’t think so Arken, haven’t you noticed Nin-Dragon has a tendency to survive everything he is put in?” “Well yes but…” “Arken relax some how, some way Nin-Dragon will survive this. Fate has planned for me and him to face off in a rematch from 5,000 years ago. Plus…I want to see if the original Nin-Dragon takes over again and saves him…” “That seems like an awful big gamble master…” “Are you doubting me Arken? Who was it who was around when these dragon gods roamed the earth?” “You….master…” “Exactly, I know what I’m doing, and don’t you forget that.”

[Back at Mount Infernous]

“NOW!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE I KILL YOU TO, I FEEL I SHOULD BE GENEROUS AND SHOW YOU A BIT MORE OF MY POWER BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!” Nin-Dragon looks up feebly…Dia still is emotionless. “NOW WITNESS SOME OF MY POWER!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ikarukiri tilts his head back and breathes fire and lava into the heavens, covering the sky, almost like he is attacking the sky itself, and turning it from formally a blue sky to crimson red. The red grows more and more until the entire sky is red, people all over the world witness the sky turning crimson, as panic sets in on a global scale. “The sky…it’s…bleeding?” Nin-Dragon mumbles to himself. Ikarukiri finally stops after another minute or so, and looks back down on Nin-Dragon. “The sky is not only bleeding, but what I have just done is use an ability of mine called the Tortured Souls Of Heaven And Hell, it changes the sky itself, into blood from dead souls both human blood, and blood from beasts and other creatures, then it mixes with my own lava and fire…now all that’s left to do is release it…it will come down like rain, but it will cover everything and melt everything like acid, though I will be immune to it of course, it will continue until this entire planet has been cleansed and I….an Urodra Dragon God will rule the planet once again!!!” “Now that you have witnessed such a rare treat, you have my permission to DIE!!! FAREWELL!!!!!!!!!!” Ikarukiri looks to the sky and shoots a single lava shot into the sky, causing a ripple to start again, this time the ripple grows bigger and bigger as it expands and covers the whole sky, as the Tortured Souls Of Heaven And Hell activates and the blood of the dead as well as lava and fire begin to rain down upon the world!

Chapter 33: The Worlds End?

[Time almost seems to be in slow motion]

Drops of blood and lava the size of the human body are plummeting downwards towards Nin-Dragon and Dia. Nin-Dragon and Dia are still both frozen in place, from witnessing the death of Zygen. A second passes by…their end draws closer…”Sorry, but I have to take over again if your just going to stand there and die.” “Huh?” Nin-Dragon heard a voice in his mind. Instantly Nin-Dragon’s body starts to once again have those strange symbols appear. It only takes a second but all of Nin-Dragon’s body excluding his stone arm is glowing again, as Nin-Dragon stands up and points his left hand upwards towards the sky. The Original Nin-Dragon is once again in control of Nin-Dragon’s body. As the bloody lava is only a few feet above their heads Nin-Dragon concentrates and a pulse wave shoots off his hand and turns into almost a bubble, it expands to the point where it encases both Nin-Dragon and Dia. “Dia snap out of it!” Nin-Dragon puts his hand on Dia’s shoulder and sends a jolt of energy through Dia’s body, causing him to snap to his senses…at least temporarily. “Huh…Nin…..Nin-Dragon?” “Yes, it’s me, the original Nin-Dragon again.” “What! Why are you back?” “Well if you didn’t notice the world is going to shit, and the current Nin-Dragon was just sitting there much like you were, you guys would have died if I didn’t step in again.” “TSSSSSSSSSSS” Nin-Dragon and Dia look up above them, the bloody lava lands ontop of the bubble like energy shield around them and starts to sizzle. “Ahhh!!” Dia yells. “What did I tell you before Dia, there is no being scared on the battle field, I saw everything, Ikarukiri is not to be underestimated, even I stand no chance against him. Even if I was at full strength I don’t think I could take him on.” “Sorry….Nin-Dragon, it’s just I’m not as used to wars as you are…” “Well you gotta learn fast Dia.” “Is…is that shield of yours going to hold?” “……” Nin-Dragon says nothing. “Nin-Dragon….” Dia asks again. “No….no it wont Dia. It won’t last forever, I don’t think it will last more then another 5 minutes.” “What! Then what are we going to do?” “I’m not sure, even though I saved us….all I only did was buy us some time…and not much, we have to get out of here, but the thing is…it doesn’t matter where we go…no place on the planet is safe from this…well I bet where ever the Dark One is, is safe…but nowhere else…either way we have to figure something out and fast!”

[At the Dark One’s Castle]

“Ahhhhh haaaa!” “There he is…you were right Arken, the original Nin-Dragon….he indeed is still alive, even though it’s in a weakened state…” “Uhg…” Arken seems displeased to see the original Nin-Dragon again. “Even though he showed up again master I don’t think it matters much. Like he said himself, he only gave them a few more minutes to survive, that barrier he created wont hold off The Tortured Souls Of Heaven And Hell forever.” “Indeed Arken his strength…from what I can tell is only about 20% of what it used to be…” “So you still think he will survive this master?” “Hmm….” “Tsss, Zzz, SHHHHH!” Suddenly the image in their dark mist disappears and they no longer can see what is going on at Mount. Infernous. “Whaa hey…..what happened!!!” Kiga jumps up and down in frustration. “It was just getting good!!!” “The Tortured Souls Of Heaven And Hell is what happened Kiga, it melted the eyes you and Arken left around. Our connection to Mount. Infernous is gone.” “Awe!!!! Well that sucks, can’t you do something to fix it?” “I’m afraid not, the world is in the process of being erased and cleansed.” “Master, I thought you wanted to rule over the people of this planet? If they all die then you won’t have anyone to be your subjects?” “That is true Arken, however I have a plan for this.” “Oh, and what would that be master if you don’t mind me asking?” “I don’t mind Arken, it’s simple I will make a pact with Ikarukiri, and with his abilities to effect time, I will have him bring back humanity….then I will rule over them.” “WHAT!!! You want to make a pact with….with THAT URADRA DRAGON GOD????!!!” “Hmm…..yes.” The Dark One says calmly. “How do you intend to manage that? If you were to come face to face with him he would kill you master, even you said so, not to mention you can’t even leave the castle till you’re at your full power.” “Hehe, oh Arken, aren’t I glad I’m the one with the brains.” “Huh?” Arken says confused. “I don’t need to leave this castle to contact Ikarukiri. I can communicate with him in his mind, though to him my voice will be almost like a little bug.” “Really? You can do that?” “My god Arken, how can you be surprised from the things the Dark One can do still?” “Ha, he has a point Arken.” The Dark One smiles. “I’m sorry master.” “It’s fine Arken, now Cryptic if you would be so kind as to fetch me the rusted ancient knife from my lab please.” “SQUAWK!!! OKAY, OKAY!” Cryptic flies off in a hurry.

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

“Uhh…uhgg” Nin-Dragon is sweating and down to one knee as he is getting weaker and weaker. Dia looks around as the bloody lava has now came pouring down for the past 2 minutes and the mountain they were on they can’t even see anymore, it’s just a sea of bloody lava around them and they have submerged under the ocean of bloody lava. They can still see the sky above them with Ikarukiri above them looking down at them. Ikarukiri slowly floats down to their height. “YOU!!!……” Ikarukiri says in a long and slow tone. “You…are like the other one…you are not from this time period either…I sense…you have a connection to the deities who slaughtered my kind so long ago!!!” Ikarukiri roars into the sky. “You…must die…as well, I will not allow you to survive another few minutes with your little magic bubble!” Ikarukiri raises his claw up and brings it down towards Nin-Dragon’s barrier. Dia braces for the impact!

[Back at the castle]

Cryptic returns back to the Dark One, as he drops the small blade into the Dark One’s hand. “Thank you my pet.” “SQUAWK, NO PROBLEM!” “Now observe you two.” The Dark One grabs the small rusted knife and thrusts it into his other hand as some blood drips down onto the floor. “Uhg.” The Dark One grunts from the bit of pain. “Here me Ikarukiri! It is I the Dark One, I demand your attention!!!”

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

“Hang on Dia, brace for this!!! My shield is going to shatter!!!” Nin-Dragon yells as he himself prepares for his death! “DIE!!!!!!!” Ikarukiri’s claw comes hurtling towards the shield and then….nothing…”Huh?” Nin-Dragon and Dia open their eyes and look up to see Ikarukiri’s claw had stopped just short of the barrier. “Wha….what happened Nin-Dragon?” “…I’m not…sure?” They look up at Ikarukiri as he seems to be staring into nothingness. “How did you….no…..wait….I know how you did this… dare you make contact with me! You source of all filth in this world!” Ikarukiri talks aloud. “Who…who is he talking to Nin-Dragon?” “Again…I have no clue Dia. Let me see if I can sense anything.” Nin-Dragon closes his eyes and concentrates.

[Back at the castle]

“Listen to me Ikarukiri, I would like to make a pact with you!” “HA, HA, HA, why on earth would I do that? I could just kill you! In fact I can sense your deep underground in this planet, deep enough to the point my lava wont reach you! However I myself could just burrow down to you and destroy you and your little castle!, it would just take a sneeze and I would wipe you away from existence!” “You could indeed Ikarukiri, but you wont!” The Dark One replies. “Ohhh and why is that? You are another who doesn’t belong in this time, as well as those 3 others beside you!” “How….does he know about us?” Kiga asks as he appears to be nervous. “He can sense us that’s how.” The Dark One says calmly. “Yes I can sense you fools, now again I ask you why should I make a pact with you and not just come kill you!” “Well…it’s thanks to me you even were born Ikarukiri, I saved you as an egg long ago and-” “ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You slaughtered my kind!!! You have the nerve to act like a hero to my kind!” “Wrong, Ikarukiri, my former deity acquaintances were the ones who hunted you down. I was ordered to kill you but I did not. I chose to save you.” “ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ikarukiri lets out another loud roar. “You only saved me to use me in the future for your own despicable plans! And don’t try to lie to me, I can sense your true motives and your plan through the connection you made with me!” “I haven’t lied to you yet, now again I will repeat myself, I wish to form a pact with you, and I don’t want much in return.” “Grr…….yes….you want me to not kill you and you want me to bring back the human race just so you can rule over them later…” “That is correct, so what do you say?” “What do I say!!!!” “ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!” “You think since you have that little knife made from the scale of one of my former Urodra Dragon Gods that you can demand ANYTHING from me!!!” “Ah…so that knife is made from a Uradra Dragon Scale, that’s why it’s so old and rusted looking…” Kiga says aloud. Arken nodes. “I am not demanding anything Ikarukiri, I am simply asking you politely to make a pact with me. Oh and by the way I’m going to need you to not kill Nin-Dragon…he is mine to kill.” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You fool, I don’t care if you are the Dark One nobody tells us Urodra Dragon Gods what to do! NOBODY!!!!!” “No DEAL!!!!ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After these 2 die I’M COMING FOR YOU!!!” Ikarukiri lets out a sonic boom level roar. The knife in the Dark One’s hand vibrates and shatters into dust. As the wound in the Dark One’s hand heals in a second. “Uhhg…that Dragon is more stubborn and unpredictable then I thought he would be, I saved him and yet he shows no gratitude…” “So whats the plan Master?” “I can’t let him kill Nin-Dragon…if he dies by any other then my own hand, then I may as well not even be alive myself!” “Come on!” The Dark One quickly gets up from his throne and walks off as Cryptic flies above him. “Where are we going master!” Arken asks. “To the alter!” “Alter? What Alter?” “You’ll see.” “Come on Kiga lets go.” Kiga and Arken quickly follow the Dark One. As the Dark One heads down into the depths of the castle.

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

Nin-Dragon opens his eyes. “It was him….” “Him who?” Dia asks. “It was the Dark One…” “WHAT? He was talking to Ikarukiri? About what?” “He wanted to make some kind of pact with Ikarukiri, he wanted him to bring all the humans back that get killed from this bloody lava, so he could rule over them.” “WHAT!!!” “And that’s not all, he also wanted Ikarukiri to not kill me….since he himself wants to be the one to kill me.” “So he tried to save you?” “In a way…I suppose so, but Ikarukiri shut him down, and overpowered the connection between the two of them.” “Wow….so even the Dark One can’t handle Ikarukiri…” “It appears that way Dia, both he and I are not at our full power, hell even if both him and I were I still don’t know if we could take out Ikarukiri even if we worked together…” “Whoa….really? Is Ikarukiri really that strong?” “Yes, even I can’t sense his full power, I can only sense that Ikarukiri hasn’t even been trying to kill us, this was him basically ignoring us…” “WHAT!!!” “You are exactly right mortal!” Ikarukiri looks back at Nin-Dragon and Dia. “Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to finish what I started before I was so rudely interrupted by that annoyance.” “Now where was I? oh yeah, about to kill you!!!” Ikarukiri raises his claw up into the sky once again. “Dia…this is it, I can’t hold the barrier much more then a minute, but when he slams down on the barrier it’s over, we are dead!” “No!!! this can’t be the end for us!!!” “I’m out of idea’s Dia, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you…” “Hmmmmmm……you know what…I won’t bother shattering your small bubble, it will be more fun to watch you lose your energy and be melted into nothingness!!! Since you can’t hold that up more then another minute I shall just wait and let you witness your own end! HAHAHAHA” Ikarukiri lets out an loud echoing laugh.

[Back at the castle]

The Dark One, Arken, Kiga and Cryptic are at a dead end in a hallway with a statue attached to the wall. The statue is of a skull with the Dark One’s emblem carved into the forehead of the skull. “What are we doing here master?” “Just watch, I don’t have time to explain!” The Dark One approaches the skull on the wall and puts his head level with the skull and lines up his eyes to the eye sockets in the skull. After a second dark purple mist comes out of the Dark One’s eyes and go into the eye sockets of the skull in the wall. “Whoa….” Kiga says softly. After a few seconds the mist fills up the eye sockets of the skull and form a pair of dark purple mist eyeballs. A second passes and a loud “CLICK” echo’s throughout the hallway. Shortly followed by a few more loud clicks, then the wall suddenly lifts up slowly as bits of the wall fall down in rubble on the floor. Nothing but pure darkness can be seen behind where the wall was a moment ago. “Whoa….what is this…” Kiga says, as he was about to rush in. “No, let me go first!” the Dark One walks in and says aloud, “Aligh, Ignus, Trigero!” Suddenly torches on the walls of this hidden room ignite as dark purple flames spawn one after another. It was as fast as a blink of an eye, and the room was lit with a fair amount of light, and the room was now exposed fully. They stood in a fairly large circular room, there is nothing in the room except for the torches on the walls and in the middle of the room…a pair of obelisks. The Dark One rushes to the pair of obelisks. “What…what is this master! What is this room, and what are those two obelisk’s?” “This room is the Alter room, and the two obelisk’s here….are the Alter Of Corruption!!!”

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

“This is it Dia, the barrier is about to give, we got about 15 seconds left!!!” The barrier starts to lose energy and fade…as they, and the barrier is now completely submerged in bloody lava.

Chapter 34: Into The Heart Of Darkness!

“Quick Arken, I need you to go over to that second obelisk, we have no time to waste!” The Dark One yells. “Uhh…right, but why?” Arken rushes over to the second obelisk of the Alter Of Corruption. “Arken we don’t have the time for questions! Just do as I say! NOW!!!” The Dark One bellows. “Sorry master, what is it you need me to do?” The Dark One positions himself infront of the 1st obelisk and looks at Arken and Kiga. “First off Kiga get over here, and stand in between both of us!” “Yes Dark One!” Kiga hurry’s over. “Now Cryptic you better stay back for this, don’t want you getting sucked in.” “SQUAWK!!! ROGER!” Crytpic flies off the Dark One’s shoulder and heads just outside the room as he lands on an unlit torch on the wall. “What did you mean when you said sucked in master?” Arken asks sounding puzzled, and confused. “ARKEN NOT NOW!!! NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS!!!” “Right, sorry.” “Now listen closely Arken, you see that hole that goes inside the obelisk?” “Arken looks down, and midway down the obelisk is a hole about the size of a canon ball, maybe a bit bigger. “Yeah I see it master!” Arken hollers. “Good, so here is what we are going to do, both you and I will cut our arms with our blade, and you MUST cut at least half way through your arm, cut right to the bone!” “WHAT?!” “ARKEN SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN.” Arken shuts his mouth and remains quiet. “Now once we have done that we will both stick our arm in the hole at the same time, I will cut my left arm since I am in front of the left obelisk, that means you must cut your right arm! Once we both put our arms in, you will push your arm in all the way, as far as you can. I will do the same, after you will feel a strong force of darkness, it will feel like 10,000 needles pierce your arm and your body will be drained off all of it’s energy very quickly. You will only have about 2 minutes of this before your energy is gone, and you die….but don’t worry this wont last that long, this won’t even last a minute.” Akren just nods, but seems a bit scared. “Right, now once we do this a portal will open up in between both of the obelisks, it will be made by the link between our blood and our darkness Arken, now this portal will cause a suction that is equal to that of a black hole, so you better plant your feet good now, now Kiga I will tell you your part in a moment, just plant your feet in the ground and don’t get sucked in.” “Right!” Kiga says quickly. “HYAAA” Kiga stomps his feet into the ground causing a small crater with each foot. “Hyaa!” Arken does the same as does the Dark One. “NOW LETS DO IT ARKEN!” Arken nods, and grabs his blade from inside his cloak and quickly slices into his own right arm, as he groans in pain. “UHHHG” He pushed deeper till he hits bone. “SPLSS” The Dark One also took out his blade, and cut his left arm. “NOW ARKEN!” Arken nods as he and the Dark One both slide their damaged arms into the obelisks, as it activates instantly. “AHHHHHHH” Arken lets out a scream as he feels the pain from the obelisk. “CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!” A loud crack echo’s through out the room, and suddenly a rip in the air itself appears…the portal starts to expand, as it’s nothing but a swirling purple mist. The second the rip in the air appeared a strong suction force picks up, pulling anything into the portal. “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” It’s so loud that you can’t hear much of anything. The Dark One looks over at Kiga and talks to him through his mind. “Listen Kiga, I need you to stick your arms into the portal!” “WHAT?” He looks at the Dark One in shock. “NO TIME TO ARGUE JUST SHOVE YOUR ARMS INSIDE, YOU WILL BE FINE, AND JUST FEEL AROUND AND WHEN YOU FEEL SOMETHING PULL IT WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH AND PULL IT THROUGH THE PORTAL TO US!!!” “Kiga took a single second to think about this, then nods, and plunges his arms through the portal. Strangely it doesn’t feel like much the portal, besides the suction feeling like it will suck his arms right off, he begins flailing his arms around trying to find….something…”

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

Only 10 seconds left till Nin-Dragon and Dia are killed, when a small purple mist starts to form in front of them, as another rip in the air happens, after 3 seconds a pair of arms comes through the mist and they start moving around! “AHHHHHHHH what the hell is that!” Dia screams in terror. “This is darkness…” Nin-Dragon says aloud. Only 5 seconds left till the barrier shatters! The hands move around and land on Nin-Dragon’s left forearm and Dia’s right shoulder.

[Back at the castle]

“I GOT…SOMETHING!” Kiga says to The Dark One in his mind. “GOOD THEN PULL!!!” the Dark One roars in Kiga’s mind! “HYAAAAAAAUUUHHHHHHHHG!” Kiga pulls with everything he has. “Akren has dropped down to one knee as he is losing energy at a rapid pace.

[Back at Mount. Infernous]

“What are these hands doing!” “Ahh, we’re about to find out!” Nin-Dragon yells as the hands pull him and Dia forward towards the purple mist. Only 3 seconds left! Ikarukiri’s claw is only a second or 2 away from crashing through their barrier! “Dia, don’t resist, even though this is Darkness, I feel if we resist this we die, if we let this take us, we may die….but we may also live!” “You’re right Nin-Dragon, we have no other choice, and nothing to lose!” Nin-Dragon and Dia stop resisting as they let the hands pull them into the mist. 1 second left! They pass into the mist as the rip in the air at Mount Infernous closes itself up just as Ikaurkir’s claw makes contact with the barrier. “CRACK, CRASH!!!” The barrier explodes as bloody lava floods where Nin-Dragon and Dia were standing just 1 mere second ago! “ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” Ikarukiri is furious as he notices they disappeared and managed to escape.” “ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU GOT AWAY MORTALS, BUT YOU WILL DIE IN THE END ANYWAY!!!!! YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!!” Ikarukiri shoots up into the sky and flies away to start his destruction of humanity as he wishes to watch people and cities burn and melt to nothingness.

[Back at the castle]

“HYAAAAAAUHHHHHHHG!!!!” Kiga is pulling as hard as he can, he doesn’t seem to be strong enough to pull his arms back out of the portal though! “Master….I can’t… it, I need more strength!” “You have the strength, remember I increased you and Arken strength, you can do it Dia, PULL just focus and remember that you are a soldier of darkness! let the darkness in you grow and overflow in you!” “Alright I’ll do it!” “HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!!” Kiga yells but nobody hears it with the sound of suction, as it feels like his arms are about to rip off in the portal! Arken has now dropped down to both knees! The Dark One notices and talks to Arken through his mind. “ARKEN, GET UP, YOU’RE STRONGER THEN THIS, IF YOU FAIL ME, YOU NOT ONLY DIE, BUT THIS PORTAL WILL CLOSE, AND YOUR BROTHERS ARMS WILL BE RIPPED APART, AND EVEN I CAN’T FIX THEM!!! NOW GET TO YOUR FEET!!!” “I will try….master!” “Uhhhg…..” Arken gets one foot under him and pushes himself. “Let your darkness overflow Arken!” “Arken remembers he can release his darkness all at once to give him a burst of strength, as he roars loudly. “HYYYYYAAAAA!!!!” his eyes go dark as purple mist starts pouring out of his eye sockets, and his dark purple aura emits and pulses from his body. “HYAAAAAAAA, HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Arken slowly gets to his feet and stands his ground. Though how much longer he can last is unknown. Kiga himself know has started to transform like his brother. His eyes go dark but instead of mist pouring out his eyes, blood starts to trickle down from his eye sockets, its continues to trickle down before being sucked off his face and into the portal. Kiga’s dark purple aura does activate though. The Dark One talks to Kiga in his mind again. “KIGA, GOOD JOB, NOW PULL WITH EVERY BIT OF ENERGY YOU HAVE!!!” “I can’t see master!, my eyes….” “Don’t worry about your eyes, they will heal up after this is over, and if they don’t I can fix them, now PULL!” Kiga smiles, as he pulls with more strength then before! His arms start to come out of the portal, but only inch by inch. “Kiga you have to hurry!, we can’t keep this portal open much longer!” “UHHHHHHHHHHG!!!!!!!” Kiga tries pulling harder, his feet sink into the ground even more with the force of his own energy. Kiga’s arms continue to be pulled out of the portal, inch by inch.

[In darkness]

Nin-Dragon and Dia are still being held by these two hands, as they are in pitch blackness, they can feel they are being pulled and moving through some kind of space. “What is going on!” Dia asks, however no sound comes out of his mouth. Nin-Dragon notices and tries talking. However again no sound comes out. Nin-Dragon think’s to himself. “Where ever we are, sound doesn’t exist, did we die? Is this some kind of hell? Are these hands an evil soul trying to drag us to hell? Should we try to fight free? Just where are we!”

Chapter 35: Deja Vu?

Screams can be heard off in in the distance somewhere, from women, men, and children. Loud metal clanging, echo’s everywhere. “CLANG!” “CLANG!” People yelling…men giving out orders….cries of pain and agony carry across the air. Small drops of blood on the ground begin to grow, bigger and bigger, until they are small pools of blood, they spread as the ground absorbs blood and gets stained a crimson red. Cracks are in the ground everywhere…where am I? This seems…familiar…

Zygen’s eyes slowly open as his vision starts to return to him. Zygen stays still, laying on the ground out in the middle of no where. He just lays there and listens to all the different sounds. After a minute or so passes he hears something…no, someone off in the distance yell something. “Quick get those people out of here, don’t let the Dark One know there are people still around here!” Then someone else’s voice, “YES SIR, Nin-Dragon!” Zygen’s eyes snap open, as he tries to sit up but can’t, as he immediately feels nothing, no pain, no discomfort, no feeling at all in his body. All he can manage to do is open his eyes and look around. He glances down at his body and freezes, he doesn’t know how to react as his body and mind go into shock, he is laying in a pool of blood…his own blood. From what he can tell, he must have lost nearly all his blood, at least 75% of it. Then he notices his chest, a massive hole right in the middle of his chest with blood still pouring out, he can see his ribs all broken to pieces inside his chest, he can see one of his lungs has nothing left and the other one is damaged badly. And under all the blood, torn muscles, and crushed bones he see’s it….his spine…..shattered right in the middle. Then Zygen remembers…as he thinks to himself. “That’s right…I was with Nin-Dragon…and…Dia…then there was that…Dragon…..god…and I tried….to fight it….and that last thing I remember was…him flicking me with a claw…and I crashed into…some rocks…then I blacked out…must have been….knocked out…but sometime after that….I had this….done to me….” As he looks at his chest again. As he thinks to himself again. “But…where am I? This isn’t Mount. Infernous….is this how I die?….Am I already dead? And why did I hear Nin-Dragon’s name….?” Zygen continues to lay there, bleeding out what’s left of his blood. “I guess….I am dead…I may as well….accept that…forgive me…Nin-Dragon….I failed….you…” Zygen says to himself in his mind. As he closes his eye’s, ready to accept his fate.

[5 minutes pass]

“Poke”…..”Poke”…….”Poke”……Zygen can hear something hitting his face, but he can’t feel it. He musters up as much strength as he can to open his eyes again. “Hey…hey mister….are you still alive? Wake up!” “Poke”, “Poke”, “Poke”. Zygen opens his eyes weakly, as his vision is blurred he notices someone is sitting on the ground next to him….and this person is poking him in the face repeatedly. After a second his vision clears a little bit more, and he can tell it’s a person, a child in fact. The child notices Zygen’s eyes are open. “Oh good! You ARE alive! I’m so glad you’re not dead!” It’s a female, Zygen can tell by the voice. “I’m glad I found at least one survivor out here!” Zygen tries to speak but he can’t his lips wont even move. “What’s your name?” she asks Zygen. However he gives no response. “Oh…I get it, you can’t talk….yeah I suppose with this kind of injury if you could talk you would have to be a deity or something…” “Deity did she say?” Zygen says to himself. “How does this child know about the deities?” “Well mister you’re not going to last much longer just laying in your own blood there, how did you even get in this shape? Oops sorry, guess you can’t tell me, but it’s like an explosion went off inside you…it must have hurt, but since your still alive that must mean your a strong one, much stronger then any of the people from our village…” she stops and thinks to herself for a moment. “Wait? Could you be from Nin-Dragon’s group?” Zygen’s eyes widen, and she notices that. “You ARE, AREN’T YOU!!!” “How does this child know about Nin-Dragon?” Zygen asks himself. “Ohhh boy that would explain how you survived something like this, but what did this to you, I don’t think even….” she pauses “the Dark One…could do something like this to someone…” “The Dark One? She knows about him aswell!? Just who is this child?” Zygen asks himself. “I better try to get you some help, if you just stay here….oops…sorry guess you have no choice really…well you stay here and I’ll get help, I’ll go get Nin-Dragon to help you!” She stands up and is about to run off when she turns around and looks at Zygen and says, “By the way don’t die while I’m gone, bringing Nin-Dragon to a dead friend won’t be pleasant. Also I know you couldn’t tell me your name, but my name…” she pauses… “my name is…Sapphire.” She then runs off. “Sapphire!!!!” “Did she say her name was Sapphire?” Zygen says to himself in his mind, and she knows…Nin-Dragon?…and is going to bring him….here?” “she couldn’t be….the same….Sapphire that was….Crystal’s…sister…could she? No…then that would mean…..I’m in…the past…” Zygen lays there continuing to bleed as time ticks away, seconds feel like hours, Zygen has lost about 85% of his blood now. The only reason Zygen is still slightly conscious is from his sheer will power to figure out what is going on. “Hang on, she said I was stronger then anyone from her village…and Nin-Dragon was there…and I know I heard someone say “Yes Sir, Nin-Dragon” that’s it…I am back in the past…but how? The village she is talking about that Nin-Dragon is near, and him giving out orders, it can only mean one thing. She is from the village hidden in the forest of Driea! And when Nin-Dragon said make sure not to let the Dark One know people are still here, yes….I know this….this did happen in the past, this was from our original time period, I’m back 5,000 years, well maybe a little further back, since the war hasn’t happened yet, this is when Nin-Dragon first stopped the Dark One’s plans…and what ultimately starts the war!”

“Thud, thud, thud.” Zygen can hear something in the distance. “Thud”, “thud”, “thud” it’s getting closer. “So…Sapphire here is a child, this must be before the Dark One caught her and turned her evil…that means Crystal is around somewhere to…” “Up ahead, there, he is still there!” Sapphire’s voice can be heard by Zygen. He can tell she isn’t alone this time. Sapphire gets to Zygen first “So, Nin-Dragon, do you know this guy?” She points to Zygen. Nin-Dragon gets about 5 feet away when he stops suddenly and is shocked. “I take that as a yes.” “ZYGEN!!!” Nin-Dragon yells out. He rushes to Zygen’s side and drops to his knees as he looks over Zygen’s body. “Ohh so that’s his name? Zygen?” “Yes…he is my right hand man, and best friend, but…this…this is all wrong….Zygen is back at your village Sapphire.” “Huh? so what are you saying? This guy is an imposter?” “…no….this man is…Zygen, I can tell, but he looks different, he has aged…but I can tell Zygen apart from anyone, and look here.” Nin-Dragon carefully lifts up the sleeve on Zygen’s arm and points to a mark. “See, that’s my mark….the mark of our group…” “GASP” Sapphire lets out a gasp. “But it looks old? It’s faded a lot…how can that be?” “I….I don’t know…” Nin-Dragon looks deeply into Zygen’s open eyes, and notices his eyes are getting dimmer and slowly starting to close. “ZYGEN! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!!!” “He can’t talk Nin-Dragon, he has lost more blood then he had before I left him…”You’re right Sapphire, he doesn’t have much time left, even someone as strong as Zygen can’t survive these injuries, he has lost about 90% of his blood I would say…I have to heal him…” “What? Do you really think you can?” “Honestly, I don’t know…” Nin-Dragon looks worried and is in a panic. “Zygen I think there is only one thing that can save you, but you’re going to have to make a contract….” “A contract? How does he do that? And how is that going to help?” Sapphire asks. “I don’t have time to explain, Zygen if you want to live, you will have to make a contract with the deities…” “The deities?” Zygen thinks to himself. “What do you mean deities? They aren’t real Nin-Dragon!” Sapphire says. “Sapphire I need you to be quiet, and by the time this is over, you will be a believer. though I suspect your memories will be erased afterwards.” “What? Why?” “Nevermind, just stand back.” Nin-Dragon gets up and pulls out his Divine Blade, “I’m sorry Zygen, but there is no other choice if you want to live close your eyes and open them again, that way I will know you want me to save you!” Zygen thinks for a second, then closes his eyes….a few seconds tick by and Zygen’s eyes open once more. “Alright, then I apologize Zygen, but I have to impale your heart with my Divine Blade….” “WHAT!!!!!!!” Sapphire screams. “YOU’LL KILL HIM!!!” Nin-Dragon looks down at the ground. “No, Sapphire….I’ll save him.” “Alright, time to save you Zygen.” Nin-Dragon raises the Divine Blade up, with the point of the sword pointing down. And he brings it down in a flash, impaling Zygen’s heart!

“SPLOSH” Blood sprays across the blade, as Sapphire screams, and Nin-Dragon looks up to the sky and yells out a chant. “I NIN-DRAGON ENVOKE THE POWER OF THE 3 SACRED DEITIES, WITH THIS DIVIVE BLADE THAT YOU FORGED FOR ME, I REQUEST TO BE GRACED BY THE PRESENSE OF THE THREE SACRED DEITIES, TYMZION! SEPRATH! AND HILOSTRA!!!” A few moments pass as nothing happens…then just as Sapphire was about to say something. “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM” “CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The loudest thunder ever heard shakes the very planet itself, and the sky seems to have lightning covering it, but soon it all blends together until the sky looks like it’s electrified! A number of moments go by as lightning strikes everywhere around them, and more supernatural thunder echo’s across the sky. “WHAT IS GOING ON!!!” Sapphire yells but nobody can hear her. Zygen’s eyes are closed, and he is currently no longer alive…

Suddenly 3 enormous lightning bolts come raining down from the sky and make contact with the ground, causing 3 massive craters to be where the ground used to be a minute ago. Smoke covers the area where the lightning hit. As suddenly the thunder stops, and the sky returns to normal…As the smoke clears 3 figures can been seen in the craters…the smoke has almost completely cleared as Nin-Dragon looks at them.

“Hello again….Tymzion…Seprath…Hilostra…” Sapphire looks from the 3 beings to Nin-Dragon and back to the 3 beings again…”I need your help.” Nin-Dragon says sternly.

Chapter 36: The Three Sacred Deities, Tymzion, Seprath & Hilostra!!!

The three figures step out of the smoke one after the other, towards Nin-Dragon. The first to step forward is a tall figure, roughly 15 feet tall. Fairly slim, he is wearing a long cloak that is pure white, to the point it seems to be glowing white with light itself. There are symbols and patterns across the cloak made of pure gold and what appears to be some kind of stones that sparkle like stars in the night sky. His face is near impossible to describe, it’s skin, or what might be skin is dark blue, it’s eyes are just 2 holes in his face with the same blinding light that his cloaks posses. He has no hair at all. His left arm is protected by some kind of gauntlet made of some unknown material. In the middle of the gauntlet is what appears to be a blue stone, similar to a sapphire, but more the color of water…He also has a hood from his cloak over his head. This is Tymzion. The second of the deities to step forward is similar in appearance but not completely the same. This deity is almost 20 feet tall. This one has green skin, or what might be it’s skin. It is wearing the same cloak as Tymzion, however this deity has long white hair that goes down to the small of it’s back, the hair must be 10 feet long. However the hair itself is like stands of light. He is wearing a gauntlet on both arms unlike Tymizion. They are also made of the same unknown material. This deity’s gauntlets also have stones in the middle, one is similar to an emerald, but the color is closer to that of grass, the other has a stone that is pitch black but has small specks of blinding white light in it…he doesn’t have his hood up covering his head. His eyes are the same as Tymzion. This, is Hilostra. The third figure steps out and once again looks some what similar to the other two, but has noticeable difference, this deity is the a bit bigger then Tymizion, roughly 17 feet tall, this one’s skin is red, it almost looks like he was set on fire…His cloak is the same as Tymzion’s and Hilostra’s. Just like Hilostra he doesn’t have his hood covering his head. He has three red spikes on his head, that are on fire. He is wearing a gauntlet on his right arm only. In the middle is a stone that looks similar to a ruby, but seems to have almost a supernatural red color to it, like its about to burst into flames at any minute. This, is Seprath.

“You dare summon us Nin-Dragon?” It’s Seprath that asks. His voice is powerful, and forceful sounding with each word he says your body can feel an impact causing your body to almost vibrate. He sounds agitated. “Now…Now…Seprath, calm yourself.” Hilostra says slowly and calmly. Hilostra’s voice is incredibly soothing and hearing it, almost makes you fall into a deep sleep, it makes you forget about everything that’s going on and relaxes the body to the point where you have to force yourself to be able to move. “Yeah, that’s no way for a deity to act.” This time it’s Tymzion who speaks up, as he lifts his hood up off his head. We see that the top of his head looks like water…there are ripples crossing his head, like when a raindrop lands on the surface of water. Tymzion’s voice is a bit more normal, but it sound’s like he is talking while under water. “Oh shut up Tymzion, you never get pissed cause if you did you would evaporate yourself out of existence!” A few small flames shoot up from the spikes on Seprath’s head. “That maybe true, but would it kill you to cool down once in a while Seprath?” Tymzion replies. “Now…now…you two, calm down…we have business, to attend to.” Hilostra calmly ends the small conflict between the other two deities. “Now…Nin-Dragon, it’s been a long time, since we last met…why do you summon us now?” Hilostra turns to Nin-Dragon and asks him. “Yes it has Hilostra, and I deeply apologize for doing so, I wouldn’t summon you three if it wasn’t for something incredibly important, but I require your immediate help!” Nin-Dragon sounds calm yet slightly anxious. “Oh big surprise another being needing a god’s help to solve his problems!” “Seprath retorts. “Seprath…that will due…” Hilostra glaces back at Seprath. Seprath shuts his mouth but doesn’t seem to happy. “Now, what is it you need…our help with Nin-Dragon?”

“SAVING THE GUY WHO IS DYING ON THE GROUND RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU GUYS!!!” Sapphire who has been in shock this whole time screams in almost an outrage. “YOU GUYS ARE TAKING TO LONG, HE IS PROBABLY DEAD BY NOW!!! SOME GOD’S YOU ARE!” She screams at the three deities. Nin-Dragon quickly turns to her and gives her the most terrifying expression he has ever done, as he says calmly, “Do…you have ANY…and I mean ANY, idea who you’re talking to Sapphire!!! You will show respect to the 3 sacred deities. These three are the ones who created everything!” Nin-Dragon almost hisses at her. “Actually it was four of us that created everything, the one you call, The Dark One was once one of us, remember.” “Oh…right.” Nin-Dragon says. “Oh…now who do we have here? Mrs. Bigshot?” Seprath looks at Sapphire and crouches down to one knee infront of here. She can feel the air around her starting to heat up quite rapidly, the heat from the spikes on his head have already raised the temperature by 20 degrees and he is still roughly 10 feet above her. “Listen here girly, I’ll let that slide this one time, and one time only, but if you ever say ANYTHING like that again to me or any of us, and lets just say…I’ll turn your body inside out and grill your flesh to a crisp. Are we clear?” Sapphire is absolutely petrified, as sweat pours down her forehead, both from sheer terror and from the increase in temperature. She tries to speak, and say yes sir…but her mouth is to dry, and she is to scared, so she simply nods her head. “Hey no scaring the humans Seprath!” Tymzion says strictly. Seprath just snorts, as a few small flames shoot off his spikes. Nin-Dragon looks back to Hilostra, “I’m sorry about her, but she does have a point, my friend here…no my BEST friend, and most loyal soldier Zygen here is about to die, he…he might already be dead and he needs your help-” “Relax…” Hilostra interrupts Nin-Dragon. “Huh?” Nin-Dragon looks confused. Hilostra crouches down to both knees, his face is still easily 10 feet above them. “I have, no problem with the girl, Nin-Dragon…but onto more important….matters…this man, Zygen…let me take a look at him for a moment.” “I don’t mean to be rude Hilostra, but I don’t think he HAS a moment left.” Nin-Dragon sounds very anxious. “Relax…Nin-Dragon…you stabbed his heart, with the Divine Blade we made you, and initiated a contract…with him and us…his life is currently…frozen in time.”

“What?” Nin-Dragon quickly asks. “Yes, his life is safe…barely, I sense…he doesn’t have enough life left in him…to last another three seconds…in real time…if you did not stab his heart….he’d be dead.” “Oh…wow…I had no idea…” Nin-Dragon says in shock. “Of course you didn’t. You didn’t think we told you everything there is to know did you?” Seprath says arrogantly. Hilostra looks back at Seprath. Causing Seprath to be quiet again. “It’s true, Nin-Dragon, there are an infinite amount of things we never told you, simply because it is not your purpose to know them. Tymzion says to Nin-Dragon. “I…I see…” Nin-Dragon seems unsure how to react to that, but quickly turns his attention back to Zygen. “So can help him?” “Hmm….” Hilostra lets out a long, loud sigh. “Lets see what damage we are talking about here.” Hilostra says calmly as he leans in closer to Zygen. His face is about 5 feet above Zygen. “Hmm…ahh…I see…” Hilostra talks out loud to himself. After a minute of him examining Zygen’s corpse Hilostra stops talking to himself. “Sigh…I believe I know what has happened to your friend, but I must make sure.” “Alright…great! How are you going to make sure?” Nin-Dragon asks suddenly. “A simple touch…I will lay my finger on Zygen’s body…and I will be able to see all of his memories…that will show me…the truth…” “I see…then go for it!” “Do not rush me Nin-Dragon…if I put just a slight bit to much weight on your friend his memories, his personality, his life will all be erased. “Oh, shit! sorry…please…be carful.” “I will, now…I need absolute silence everyone…” Everyone looks at Hilostra as he lowers a finger down to Zygen’s body and slowly rests it over his head. “Memory Release!” Hilostra says quietly. Hilostra’s eyes get brighter and brighter until Nin-Dragon and Sapphire have to close their eyes. After a few seconds Hilostra stops and quickly pulls his finger back from Zygen. “Gasp…” Hilostra lets out a quick gasp. “What? What did you see Hilo?” Tymzion and Seprath ask the other deity. “I saw…what I was hoping I would not see…” “Hilostra says sounding unhappy. “What was it?” Nin-Dragon says with his eyes now open again. “When I saw the hole in your friends chest…with his spine shattered…and all his bones in his body broken…I recognized it immediately, as well as I can sense particles…inside the wound…from what did this…”Well what happened to him? What did this?” Seprath barks out loud. “Sigh…” Hilostra lets out a loud sigh. “This damage…was caused by…an…Urodra Dragon…” “WHAT!” Seprath and Tymzion exclaim loudly. “An Urodra Dragon, I know you don’t mean the Urodra Dragon God’s!” Seprath roars. “They are all dead! WE KILLED THEM!” Seprath bellows. “That’s true…we eradicated their species…” Tymzion says in a bit of shock. “That is true…Tymzion, however this man…Zygen…has seen an Urodra Dragon God…and actually lived to tell about it…in a matter of speaking…anyway.” Hilostra says quietly.

“I’m sorry, but what is an Urodra Dragon God and how did it do this to my friend? I haven’t seen any Dragon Gods flying around here!” Nin-Dragon says as his voice has raised a fair bit. “Let me explain…Nin-Dragon, this man…Zygen…he is from…this time period…however he already has lived this time once before…” “Wait…so you’re telling me Zygen is from, a different time?” Nin-Dragon collapses to his knees. “Both yes, and no…” This is his normal time period, however he has been sent here…from the future…” “From…the future..?” Nin-Dragon says to himself. “How far in the future?” Tymzion asks Hilostra. “A bit more then 5,000 years from now…” “5,000!!!” Seprath and Tymzion both exclaim. “Yes, now let me continue…to explain what happened…He was with a future…descendant of you…Nin-Dragon, a…modern Nin-Dragon, helping to fight against…The Dark One….” “WHAT, how is that flea infested garbage still alive in 5,000 years?” “I’m…sorry Seprath, but I cannot share that knowledge…I can’t have time being effected…more then it already has. All I will say is…history between The Dark One and you Nin-Dragon…lasts a very long time.” Nin-Dragon swallows and makes a gulp noise. “I feel like my heart was in my throat from hearing that…knowning I can’t end the Dark One…and that my descendants will have to deal with him…” “Do not worry Nin-Dragon…your descendant is worthy of you, now back onto what happened…with Zygen here…he and Nin-Dragon and another…were up against an Urodra Dragon God…and it caused this damage…and as for how he got here..this is something only an Urodra Dragon God could do, it ripped open a hole in time and sent Zygen into it…it’s did what it calls mercy, but in reality is a cruelty like no other…it knew Zygen was from this time, so he sent him here to die…” “Wow….but wait what happened to my descendant? You said he was with Zygen and another person?” “That…I do not know…” Hilostra says, sounding concerned.

“So…some how there is an Urodra Dragon God in the future, well that means the human world is gone for…” Tymzion says. “We have to prevent this now!” “NO,we must not effect time, we must wait…5,000 years before anything can be done, we must….have faith that Nin-Dragon’s descendant will be able to defeat it…some how…” “Honestly Hilo, you put to much faith into these beings sometimes. Nin-Dragon may be a creation of ours, but even this Nin-Dragon wouldn’t stand a chance against one of those.” “True…but all we have…is faith…” Hilostra says quietly. “However…now that we know what happened to Zygen, I can now help him.” “REALLY?” Nin-Dragon says as his eyes grow wide. “Yes…Zygen will have to agree to the contract between him and us three.” “I see…” Nin-Dragon replies. “Hang on, you really want to have a contract with a human?” Seprath yells. “Yes Seprath, I know it’s never been done before, but Zygen must be saved…he plays an important role in this, and he must get back to modern times…and be along side the current Nin-Dragon…” “Uhg…fine, lets get this over with then.” Tymzion and Seprath approach Hilostra and crouch down beside him. “Alright you two, lets make this deity contract…and save Zygen. The 3 deities place their hands ontop of each others, above Zygen’s body as Hilostra pulls out a long blade made of what looks like pure light, from inside his cloak. He then stabs the Blade Of Light, through their 3 hands, as all three of their hands bleed, the blood mixes together as it drips down and coats Zygen’s body and the Divine Blade still in his heart. The blood comes to a rest over his body, then a few bubbles start popping up, as more and more pop up and they spawn faster and faster, it almost looks like Zygen’s being boiled in blood. Nin-Dragon and Sapphire look on his utter awe. The three deities go into a trance where all three of them can now access Zygen’s mind, where his mind, and life has been frozen in time.

Chapter 37: The Deity Contract Between Zygen & The Three Sacred Deities!

“Wake up mortal!” Zygen’s eyes open as he hears the voice. He looks around and notices he is standing…and he appears to be perfectly fine, he places his hand to his chest where the hole was but it’s not there…as he looks around he all he can see is blinding whiteness. “Hello!?” Zygen’s voice echo’s on and on as it fades away the further it gets. “Where am I?” Zygen says to the whiteness. “This is the inside of your own mind Zygen.” The voice makes Zygen jump, being startled he spins around, but nobody is there. “Who said that?, Who are you?…WHERE ARE YOU?” Zygen squints his eyes but doesn’t see anybody. “I said that.” Zygen looks dead ahead as 3 figures start to appear in the distance and they approach him they get bigger and bigger, it’s Hilostra with Tymzion and Seprath right behind him. “Ahh!”Zygen gasps. “Who are you three? And you say this is all in my mind? Are you sure I’m not dead, and this is some kind of heaven? And what happened to my injuries?” “Yes I assure you… that you’re not dead, well, technically your not alive…but not dead either…” Hilostra says with a warm smile on his face. The 3 deities are now only a few steps away from Zygen as they stop. Zygen has to look up as they are massive even here in his mind. “What do you mean I’m not dead or alive?” “He means your suspended in between life and death at the moment you moron.” “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?” Zygen yells. “Now, now…be nice Seprath, we are in this young man’s mind…so you will treat him with….respect…” “Uhg, fine. But he isn’t really a young man now is he? Remember what you said about his being from a different time.” “Oh yes…that is true, hehe.” Hilostra chuckles. “Enough of this babbling, who are you three?” Zygen demands and sounds assertive. “You should be more polite to the ones who are saving your life you know…” Tymzion says calmly. “Relax everyone, I shall explain everything to you Zygen…” “We have been called many things over time, some have called us gods, some only label us as myths, though as you can see…we are very real. My name is…Hilostra. That’s Tymzion, and the one with the mouth that is as harsh as a serpent is Seprath. We are the 3 Sacred Deities.” “The…3…” Zygen thinks to himself for a minute. “Wait! Your THE sacred deities? The ones who made everything? Including this world, me, Nin-Dragon and reality itself?” “Heh” Hilostra smiles. “Well I wouldn’t really say…we made reality, we control it…but we didn’t make it, reality has always existed, it’s just that it can be altered. As for the rest…yes we did create this world, and you…but Nin-Dragon…his origins are not as simple as yours. He was created by us, but he was not born as a mortal like you or any other human. He is a combination of our powers, well…part of our powers, we made him for the sole purpose…as to be the guardian of this planet.” “WHAT?” “I suppose that must be a big shock for you to learn, so you should take some time to let that soak in…” Zygen shakes his head. “Now, onto the reason we are here…” “To save my life? Like what was it? Tymzion said?” “Yes…that is correct, right now we are in your mind because the Divine Blade we forged for Nin-Dragon was stabbed into your heart before you died…it is thanks to that action that has triggered your being, meaning your mind, personality, spirit, and life itself to be…frozen in time and space.”

“WHAT I WAS STABBED? BY NIN-DRAGON?” “That is…correct…he did it so that we may save you…” “Well that’s great! But how are you going to manage that? How does this work?” “In order for you to live again, you have to agree to a contract…” “What? You want me to sign a contract? Is this like a deal with the devil? I sign over my
soul and I get to live?” “Haha no, no.” Hilostra laughs. “A Deity Contract is like a bond…or a connection between your life energy and us.” “Oh….okay…so how do we do that? And does this mean Nin-Dragon has one of these contracts?” “Yes, there is a Deity Contract between Nin-Dragon and us, though it is different then the one we will offer you…” “Why is it different?” “Simple, because you are mortal, and he is not.” “Oh…” “Now as for how we do the contract it is simple, We each will place our hand on you and a symbol will appear on your body, think of it like a…tattoo…though it will glow when you tap into the power we will grant you.” “Wait you 3 sacred deities are granting ME powers?” Zygen is in shock. “Yes, it won’t be on the same level as Nin-Dragon, but you will come to learn you have a few new abilities that should help you battle against….the Dark One…” “Well so far so good, that sounds awesome, lets get started!” “Hold on one moment Zygen…I must tell you the full details of this contract, there are rules that you must accept, for if you break the rules… will drop dead right then and there…” “GASP!!!” Zygen gets a catch in his throat. “Not only that, but you will be dead forever, even us 3 couldn’t bring you back.” “Shit…good thing you told me know, I think it’s best if you tell me the rules first…” “Agreed…”

“Rule one is you are not ever allowed to mention this contract with anyone, and you must not ever tell anyone you have seen us 3 deities.” Zygen thinks for a second. “That makes sense, can’t have the whole world knowing about you, no telling what that would fuck up…” “Indeed…” “So what are the other rules?” “Rule two is if you tap into your contract powers to frequently or for to long of a period of time, it will rip your body to pieces and you will also die…” “Sheesh it seems my choice is death now, or death later….” “Pretty much pip squeak.” Seprath says with a grin. “So…does this mean I will live longer? With this contract that is?” “Yes Zygen, you will, however you have already lived for more then 5,000 years which is do to the connection you have with Nin-Dragon, all members of his army were able to live nearly forever…the emblem of Nin-Dragon that you have imprinted on your arm…you had no clue that it was the source of magic that kept you alive for so long.” Zygen places his hand on his arm, over the mark. “So…that’s why Nin-Dragon gave us these….” “Yes Zygen.” “If you had ever lost that arm, you would have died instantly, since the magic wouldn’t be able to work across your body, though your arm would have continued to live.” “Well…that’s a sick thought…” Zygen looks like he is about to puke. “Indeed, it is. So make sure you don’t lose your arm. But back onto what I was saying before, you can tap into this contract and gain your powers, but you will find…it puts an insane stress on you, both on your body, and mind. You will likely think that there is no way you can handle it, but trust me, you will be able to, so long as you don’t over due it. Your safe limit is about 5 minutes. Not quite as much as Nin-Dragon’s who can maintain it for up to 24 hours at least…when he is in his prime…the Nin-Dragon from the present time, wouldn’t be able to do more then 3 minutes…but I suspect the Nin-Dragon of this time, the original….Nin-Dragon
when he takes over the current Nin-Dragon’s body, I suspect he could last about an hour only…but if he is able to get the Divine Blade once again, Nin-Dragon will regain all of his power…anyway, for you, 5 minutes is your limit, if you push for more then that, your body will begin to rip itself apart. You might last 6 minutes, but I wouldn’t try it.” “5 minutes….okay, got it…don’t use it for more then 5 minutes…” “Yes, however you will find when you release the contract power and revert back to normal, you will be instantly drained of 99% of your overall energy, you won’t even be able to stand you will be so weak. So, take great responisiblity with these powers Zygen…don’t use them in every little situation. You will regain your energy but first your normal energy will regenerate, after about 5 minutes you will find your normal energy has returned, but your Deity Contract energy will regenerate much slower. It takes 1 hour to regenerate 1 minute of your contract powers.” “So…what your saying is 5 hours to regenerate it back to 100%?” “Give or take yes.”

“Now you said don’t use it to frequently? How frequent is to frequent?” “Tough to say, depends on the being, Nin-Dragon can use it more then you, and faster then you, but I would say a safe number would be, don’t use it more then once a day. “Alright…I can manage that. Is there any other rules I should know about?” “Yes, the final thing you should know, is if for some reason, we 3 deities should die…all who have contracts with us will die as well…” “Wait, HOLD UP A SECOND!!! How would YOU 3 die? Your the fucking sacred deities!!! You made everything, you have been alive for I don’t even know how long, forever?” Hilostra smiles. “No, we have not been around forever, though it has been a very, very long, time…however it is not your business to know our origins…” “Sorry, my apologies I just don’t know how you 3 would die after being around for so long.” “Sigh…” Hilostra lets out a calming sigh. “It’s rather simple, we will die…one day, for we have seen our fates, we know the past, the present, and the future, though we don’t know the future will stay as we have seen, it is a 99% chance of staying that way, fate cannot be changed. We have seen our deaths, they will come at the hands of a former Deity…” “…………..” Zygen thinks deeply for a minute. “The Dark One…?” “It is not yet clear if it is him or not…though that does seem possible.” “Well when does he do it! With this knowledge I can stop it!” “NO!” Seprath yells. “It is not your purpose to intervene with fate and save us, it is our fate to save you Zygen, though in reality, all we are doing for you is allowing you to borrow more time for your own life…” Tymzion calmly says. “So you just want me to let you guys die which in turn means I DIE?” “Yes…precisely that.” Hilostra says soothingly. “You will have had a long life Zygen, you already have…you will have to come to terms with death like everything does…” “I…I don’t know if I can do that.” “You can, and you will, I know it…” Hilostra says. “Now I should also tell you, if 1 of us dies you will feel the contract weaken, causing you to weaken aswell, you won’t die from 1 of us dieing, now if 2 of us die….the contract will keep you alive, but you will be unable to move, you will have no energy at all, you will basically be in the same state…as you were when we met you…near death…” “Alright….I get the picture…so that’s it? That’s all I need to know?” “Pretty much.” Seprath says. “Oh wait, how do I activate the contract?” “You will know how once the contract has been made, it’s all in your mind…think of your mind as the key to a chest, where the powers are locked away inside.”

“Now, Zygen, are you ready to make the contract with us?” “YES!” “Very well…stand still as we make the contract.” Hilostra places his hands on Zygen’s head as the stones in his arm guards glow. Tymzion is next to place his hand on Zygen, but he places his hand on Zygen’s chest, over his heart and his stone on his arm guard glows as well. Hilostra looks over at Seprath, “You’re up….” “Uhg…” Seprath seems disgusted to have to touch a mortal. Seprath walks up behind Zygen and slaps his hand down on Zygen’s back, right on his spine, as his stone also begins to glow. New symbols appear on Zygen’s body, under the hands of the sacred deities. These symbols are burned into Zygen’s flesh, but there is no pain at all. “Now Zygen, all that’s left for you to do, is sign the contract.” “And how do I do that?” Zygen has his eyes closed and is standing still. “Simply place your hands against each of our hands.” Zygen reaches up with his left hand and places his hand onto Tymzion’s hand that’s on his chest. As his right hand reaches around to his back and rests on top of Sepraths hand. “Uhg” Seprath seems repulsed. A shock wave flies into Zygen’s body from Tymzion and Seprath. One right into his heart, and one right into his spine. “Now Zygen, complete the contact by placing your hand on my hands that are on your head.” “Right!” Zygen takes his hands off the other deities hands, and slowly brings them up to his face, as his hands get closer to Hilostra’s hands, his body begins to get warmer, and warmer! Soon his body feels like it’s on fire. “Whats….happening…” “Do not hesitate Zygen, finish the contract now, you’re slipping back into real time, and if you take to long this will all have been for nothing!” “Shit! Alright here goes!” Zygen quickly slams his hands onto Hilostra’s hands on his head. As a final shock wave goes into Zygen’s brain. “The contract has been completed…farewell Zygen…return to the present time, and reunite with the current Nin-Dragon.” Zygen can’t feel their hands on him anymore, he opens his eyes and looks around, but the 3 sacred deities are gone. All he can see is the whiteness getting brighter and brighter, as his body continues to get hotter and hotter. “Shit….feels like I’m on the sun!!! Am I really going to live through this?” Zygen says to himself.

[Back in real time with Nin-Dragon and Sapphire]

The 3 deities stand up as Nin-Dragon asks, “Is it done?” “Yes….it is…he is saved….now it is time for us to go….however the young one…Sapphire, I’m afraid we must erase some of your memories, we will remove the memories of you meeting us…” “What why” “Cause we said so kid.” Seprath snorts. Hilostra waves his hand infront of Sapphire’s face as a quick flash of light appears then disappears. “Ahh” Sapphire closes her eyes and rubs here eyes from the blinding light. “Farewell Nin-Dragon, I pray you don’t need to summon us again…” “Yeah, good luck with you know…fighting the Dark One and everything…” Seprath says as he gets struck be a bolt of lightning and is gone instantly. “Take it easy Nin-Dragon, and don’t worry about you’re friend, he will live.” “CRACK!” Another massive lightning strike, this time it hit’s Tymzion and he is gone aswell. Only Hilostra remains. “A final word Nin-Dragon…” “Yes…what is it Hilostra?” “If for some reason, in the future you think it would be helpful, you can restore the girls memory…” “What how? And why?” “It may prove to be helpful to you…all you have to do is say…” Hilostra wispers something into Nin-Dragon’s ear. “Farewell Nin-Dragon, and remember, we three are always with you and watching down on you…” “CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A final lightning strike hits, this time Hilostra, and in an instant, he is gone…as Nin-Dragon is left with Sapphire who is still rubbing here eyes. “Uh, I can’t see properly Nin-Dragon, did I stare at the sun or something?” Sapphire says. “I’m sure you’ll be fine Sapphire, give it a minute.”

Suddenly Zygen’s body starts to move slightly. Nin-Dragon quickly turns to Zygen. Nin-Dragon’s mouth opens wide and his eyes bulge as he witnesses, the deity contract taking effect. Nin-Dragon quickly pulls the Divine Blade from Zygen’s heart, as soon as he removed the blade, Zygen’s heart starts beating again…as the cut in his heart begins to heal itself. a bright glowing symbol appears on Zygen’s head, heart and on what’s left of his spine, as his heart repairs itself right in front of Nin-Dragon’s eyes, followed after with his shattered bones and spine magically fusing themselves back together and going back in the right places. Zygen’s arms and legs begin to straighten out as his bones heal back to normal. Lastly the massive hole in his chest begins to seal shut as new flesh appears from what was left of his chest and in a matter of seconds the hole has been completely healed. Zygen’s body now looks 100% normal…

“Zygen…Zygen? Are you….alive?” Nin-Dragon asks anxiously. The symbols on Zygen’s body fade away, as his eyes open slowly.

Chapter 38: The Reunion Of Light And Darkness!

Still in complete darkness where nothing seems to exist, no light, no sound, no anything Nin-Dragon and Dia are being pulled by the 2 hands that have a death grip on them. The grip is so tight it feels like their bones will break. “Ouch!” Nin-Dragon says in his mind, then he realises something. “Wait…pain? That means we aren’t dead…if you can feel anything, then clearly you’re alive still…”

[Back at the castle]

“Kiga are you almost done!” Arken yells at his kid brother. “Errrrr……rrrrrr…..yeah… come my hands!!!” Kiga continues to pull his arms out of the portal, as he starts to take a step back, one after another, his arms continue to come back through the portal.

[Back in the abyss]

Nin-Dragon and Dia stop struggling after they both notice ahead of them is light? Not real light, but it’s almost like a hint of purple in the darkness, they notice it’s moving…swirling even? “Grrrr” Nin-Dragon and Dia both groan in silence as their pulled towards this swirling purple color in the abyss. As their hands get to the mysterious swirl, their hand begin to sink into the purple mist, and disappear into it. “Arhhhhg!!!” Nin-Dragon thinks to himself. “It feels like my arm is being sucked right off! Is this the end of this journey? It better be, cause I’ve had enough of this shit!”

[Back at the castle]

“AHHHHHH!” Kiga continue to pull his arms back through the portal, as his wrists finally immerge, then his fingers, then…a forearm begins to immerge through the portal, followed by a shoulder? “Here they come! NOW LETS FINISH THIS KIGA!” The Dark One bellows. “RIGHT!” Arken again drops to a knee, his body looks like it has had everything sucked out, he almost looks like just a skeleton. “Hurry….I…can’t….last…..much….longer!” Arken manages to barely say aloud. As blood drips down his face. “HYAAAA” Kiga digs his feet in and pulls with all he has left!

[Back in the abyss]

“Something is happening! We’re about to get out of whatever this…is…” Nin-Dragon watches in amazement as his whole arm is pulled into the purple mist, as his face is about to collide with the portal! “I hope I don’t suffocate in this!” Nin-Dragon’s face meets the portal, as it feels like water across his face. Dia is still trying to resist being pulled, his shoulder and arm are both through the portal, as his face is about to pass through, he decided to hold his breath, not knowing what will happen! Just like Nin-Dragon, Dia’s face begins to pass through the portal, as he closes his eyes and begins to hold his breath.

[Back at the castle]

After just a few seconds, both Nin-Dragon and Dia’s head’s appear through the portal! “There they are! You’re almost done Kiga!” Blood is literally gushing down Arken’s face now as his body is struggling to stay together and not get sucked into the portal, he drops to both knees. Nin-Dragon and Dia both open their eyes and are in complete shock to see Kiga right in front of them, his hands pulling them. “KIGA!” Both Nin-Dragon and Dia look at each other and think to themselves. “So Kiga was the one pulling us through that abyss…but why?” Nin-Dragon finds himself asking himself. By now Nin-Dragon’s torso head and both arms have immerged through the portal, as Dia has most of his body through the portal. Arken hunches over and starts coughing up blood. The portal starts to lose stability and go crazy. sending out shock waves in different areas casing miniature explosions everywhere, “ARKEN YOU ONLY HAVE TO LAST ANOTHER FEW SECONDS!” The Dark One says to him in his mind. “I’m…sorry master…I can’t…continue…” “ARKEN!!!” Kiga has now got Dia fully through the portal, as his foot passes through and he is flying in the air as the portal tries to suck him back in! Nin-Dragon has most of his legs on this side of the portal. “KIGA, PULL NIN-DRAGON OUT THIS INSTANT!” The Dark One roars in Kiga’s mind. “Sorry master, I’m trying, he isn’t as light as the kid. Here goes!” “HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Arken collapses on the ground as his arm slips out of the obelisk. Nin-Dragon’s feet just manage to escape the portal, as the portal begins to expand into a black hole! The Dark One quickly pulls his arm out of the other obelisk. Nin-Dragon is also flying in the air as the portal instantly disappears behind them, the suction is gone as well, causing Kiga to finally release his grip and fall over backwards from trying to keep from being sucked in, and Nin-Dragon and Dia both drop to the ground with a thud. “Crash!” Everyone just lay’s there for a minute except The Dark One who stands examining his arm, it’s gone numb but that’s about it. “Huff…..huff…..huff…” Dia, Nin-Dragon and Kiga are all catching their breath. It’s Nin-Dragon who is first to get to his feet. With a bit of effort he manages to push himself up onto a knee then to his feet. Dia is struggling to get to his feet, his legs are like spaghetti noodles. Kiga is next to get up, he sits up, notices Nin-Dragon is standing, and he quickly gets to his feet. “Kiga! explain yourself! Why did you grab us? What did you do? Why did you save us? And what the hell were we pulled through!”

“I believe I can answer those questions…Nin-Dragon…” Suddenly the mood shifts, and instantly Nin-Dragon senses it…darkness…and not just darkness, but…the source of evil itself! Both Nin-Dragon and Dia slowly turn their head to the right, and that’s when they see him……The Dark One! “YOU!!!” Nin-Dragon yells as he gets into a position that looks like he is about to attack. “Calm yourself Nin-Dragon, our fight is not going to happen at this time.” “What? You expect me to believe you won’t try to kill us right now, right here! Where is here anyway!” Dia is in absolute horror as he can’t even comprehend that he is looking at The Dark One, even though it’s dark in the room, and the can only see his outline, every muscle and nerve in Dia’s body is petrified. “This is my castle Nin-Dragon, and yes, I have no intention of killing you right now, in fact it was I who told Kiga there to save you.” “WHAT? Why would YOU of all things save us?” Nin-Dragon is still on guard, and not going to easily let his guard down. I shall explain that all soon enough, right now though…Kiga, go to your brother, he needs immediate assistance. “RIGHT, ARKEN!!!” Kiga forgot about his brother in all the commotion, he looks over at his brother who is motionless on the ground. “ARKEN!!!” Kiga runs over to Arken’s body and puts his head in his lap. Arken! Wake up….SNAP OUT OF IT!” “It’s no use Kiga…” The Dark One calmly walks past Nin-Dragon and Dia towards Kiga and Arken. He then kneels down beside Arken. “You don’t mean….he’s dead…right? I mean…HE CAN’T DIE! He has lived for 5,000 years!!!” “He is…dead Kiga, but not permanently dead…” “WHAT!!!” Nin-Dragon and Kiga both yell. Nin-Dragon and Dia are both looking over at Kiga holding his older brother, their eyes are getting used to the dark now and can see Arken in Kiga’s arms better, though the Dark One has his back to them so they can’t see him. “ARKEN….” Nin-Dragon gasps. As he can now see that Arken is in bad shape. “What…happened to him?” Nin-Dragon says aloud without really thinking. “He died saving you two.” The Dark One says sternly. “Master! You said he isn’t dead permanently what do you mean? You can save him right? Bring him back to life? RIGHT!!!” Kiga is extremely upset. “Yes, I can bring him back. “OH THANK GOD….I mean thank YOU master!” The Dark One raises his hand which Nin-Dragon and Dia can now see is mostly a skeleton hand with some flesh on it, as The Dark One snaps his fingers. “SQUAWK!!!” A squawk can be heard echoing through the hallway behind them. “Master! Squawk you called!” Cryptic comes flying in and flies above The Dark One. “Cryptic!!! Grr….” Nin_Dragon is not happy to see him. “Yes my pet, if you would be so kind as to go to my lab, and fetch me the vile marked Sample – R please. “SQUAWK sure thing master!” Cryptic quickly takes off back down the hallway. “What’s Sample – R!?” Nin-Dragon asks aggressively. “Hehheh, none of your business Nin-Dragon, I swear your more evil then I am, I saved your life, or rather Kiga did, and you just can’t say a simple thank you? “Is Sample R what I think it is master?” Kiga asks. “Yes Kiga, it is, it’s complete.”

Chapter 39: The Dark One’s Party!

Two minutes have passed as Kiga is still beside his brother, The Dark One is standing over Kiga, Nin-Dragon and Dia took a few steps back and are whispering. “Psst Hey Dia.” “Yeah?” Dia asks trying not to bring attention to them. “I have a plan but I need your help alright?” “Oh that’s great, I was hoping you would come up with something to get us out of this!” “Yeah, well…I’m not sure about getting out of this mess, right now Ikarukiri is out there melting humanity and erasing human existence, so at least we are safe here for now…” “True, but what’s your plan?” “Simple, even though I’m grateful the Dark One saved us we can’t let this go sideways against us.” “What do you mean?” Dia is confused. “Right now Arken is dead, at least basically dead and the Dark One plans to bring him back, we have to prevent that, if we can prevent Arken from being revived then that’s one less bad guy to worry about, then it’s just Kiga, Sapphire and the Dark One himself…we will have evened the odds again since we lost Zygen.” “Right! So we can’t let them bring back Arken! But how do we do that exactly?” “Simple, I figure this Sample – R thing is what will save Arken, so we simply have to get a hold of it and threaten to destroy it so Arken can’t be saved!” “Brilliant, but isn’t that something a bad guy would do Nin-Dragon? I thought good guys always try to save people…even the bad guys?” “Sigh…Dia this is a matter of saving the world, you really think saving Arken is a good idea?” “ I suppose not…but still it doesn’t seem right…” “Dia, it’s not always about doing whats right, it’s about doing what must be done.” “I guess you’re right, so how do we get that Sample – R thing?” “Cryptic is bringing it…so when he gets back here you distract them by passing out and then I’ll snag it.” “Okay, got it, sounds simple enough.” Just as they finish up their conversation, “Squawk!!!” Cryptic’s squawks can be heard echoing down the hallways. “Good, Cryptic is on his way back, it will be fine Kiga.” The Dark One places his half skeleton hand Kiga’s shoulder. “SQUAWK!!!” Crytpic flies into the room at a rapid pace and in his talon he is holding a small glass vile he was heading for The Dark One as Nin-Dragon looks at Dia. “Uhg.” Dia collapses onto the ground, catching everyone’s attention. The Dark One and Kiga look over at Dia. Cryptic is just flying in place looking over at Dia. “What happened to him?” Kiga asks. “I think being dragged through that abyss was to much for him, can you do anything for him?” The Dark One looks at Nin-Dragon and walks slowly towards him, stopping only a foot away. As Nin-Dragon gets a close up view of the Dark One’s face finally. There they stand, face to face as the Dark One stares straight into Nin-Dragon’s eyes. “I don’t know what you’re thinking Nin-Dragon, but if you honestly think I’ll save this kid then you’re even more of a pathetic disgrace to the original Nin-Dragon then I thought.” Nin-Dragon stares right back at the Dark One’s eyes, which are only each half an eyeball with blood dripping from the eye sockets. “What happened to you…” Nin-Dragon is in shock from seeing his face, which is mostly all bone, with small bits of flesh here and there. “Oh please, you know all about that. Now back to the boy, I won’t save him for you, but out of the generosity in my heart…heheh okay lack of heart I’ll end his suffering right here and right now for you!” The Dark One raises his right hand up and points it towards Dia. “NOOO!” Nin-Dragon yells!

“Why not?” The Dark One asks, “You know what frankly I don’t care why, the boy was to weak, so he deserves to die.” “Uhhg..” Dia opens his eyes and looks around. He acts confused and says “What happened?” “Oh, look at that, the boy woke up, maybe he wasn’t so weak…but I still think I should kill him now, I mean that’s one less of you to deal with later, and by my count that would just leave you now wouldn’t it Nin-Dragon? First Crystal then Zygen was killed after this boy it’s just you, and that’s so much more manageable now isn’t it?” “Grrr” Nin-Dragon almost growls at the Dark One. Dia gets to his feet and acts weak but stands next to Nin-Dragon. “No, you don’t need to kill me! You have to save him don’t you!” Dia points to Arken. Kiga snaps to his senses. “Oh yeah, my brother! You have to save him now!” “Ah, right you are Kiga, my apologies for getting distracted.” The Dark One turns and starts walking back to Kiga and Arken. Then in an instant Nin-Dragon rushes 10 feet away and leaps into the air as he reaches back with his stone arm, and yells “HYAAA” As he lands a solid and direct punch to Cryptic, hitting him square in the ribs. “SQUAAAAWK!!! Cryptic goes flying and crashes into a wall as he slides to the ground unconscious the vile he was holding fell from his talon and was falling towards the floor. But Nin-Dragon was quick to grab it and get back to Dia’s side in a second. It only took two seconds to get the job done, but then Kiga yells out a gasp!, and the Dark One turns back around to Nin-Dragon and looks furious! “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Nin-Dragon! Hand that vile over this instant!” “No!, This is so important, and since I have it, I’ll be calling the shots around here now!” “Ohh is that so.” The Dark One takes a step towards Nin-Dragon, “Ah ah, one more movement and I’ll shatter this vile and Arken won’t be coming back!” “You dare to try and command me?” The Dark One looks angry. Go ahead and smash that vile, I have plenty more then just one single vile you fool!” “Err.” Nin-Dragon looks shocked that he didn’t figure the Dark One would have more. “Then maybe I should just drink this then!” Nin-Dragon says as he pops the cork off the vile. “Now your just pissing me off you insect!” The Dark One raises his hands suddenly and snaps his skeleton fingers” A sudden wave pulses out from his body and covers the room, going through Dia and Nin-Dragon. Nin-Dragon tries to drink the contents of the vile but he can’t move, not a single muscle in his body is responding. Dia also has become immobilized. “What have you done!” “Have you forgot that I was once one of the Four Sacred Deities! I know you’re well aware of their ability to suspend peoples lives in time. You didn’t think that I could still do that did you? Maybe cause I’m not one of those deities anymore? Maybe cause you thought that since I’m not at 100% I couldn’t do something like this? Either way you both shall pay for your intentions! But first I shall be taking this!” The Dark One grabs the vile from Nin-Dragon’s hand and brings it over to Kiga, alright Kiga, pour this down his throat and he’ll be back with us in a minute or two. As for me, I’m going to deal with our unsporting guests.” “Right!” Kiga takes the vile and tilts Arken’s head back and opens his mouth, then begins to pour the contents of the vile into Arken’s mouth.

“Now, back to you two…” “I saved you both, and now you go and piss me off.” “Why did you save us anyway!” Nin-Dragon cuts him off. The Dark One raises his right arm and points his open hand at Nin-Dragon, “HYA!” Sending a shock wave at Nin-Dragon, smashing into his throat. “GAaaaaaAAaaa cough aaaggaaaa cough” Nin-Dragon coughs up blood but since he can’t move the blood stays in his throat and slips down his now crushed voice box. The shockwave from the Dark One is easily 100 times stronger then the ones he was hit by from Arken before. He tries to speak but only bloody gurgle sounds escape Nin-Dragon’s mouth. “That’s what you get for cutting me off, I’M A DAMN GOD and you have the nerve to talk over me! Now that you can’t talk back, I’ll tell you why I saved you! Frankly I didn’t give a damn about that kid but I saved you simply because I’M THE ONE WHO MUST KILL YOU!!!” the Dark One screams! “Now I wasn’t going to kill you here and now, since I wanted your assistance in taking down Ikarukiri, now I know what you’re thinking, why did I bring him to life to begin with, simple he was a tool to erase mankind, at least a majority of it. The rest I’ll rule over. Now I can handle him on my own, once I get back to 100% strength after I obtain the last few relics. But now the plan has changed, now I’ve decided to simply kill you right here, right now!” As he raises his right arm again his skeleton hand starts to glow purple as he moves his hand towards Nin-Dragon’s chest. “Now I’m aware you have had your rib’s broken a number of times now, however eventually they heal, so how about a more permanent solution? How about I simply REMOVE THEM. “HAA” The Dark One shoves his hand forward as his hand phases right through Nin-Dragon’s chest and the Dark One wraps his fingers around a rib inside Nin-Dragon’s chest. “Ah yes, this one will do!” “HAA” The Dark One yanks his hand back as he pulls an entire rib which snaps at a point in his chest right out of his chest and throws the bone onto the floor. “Gllaaaaaallaaauuhgg!!!!!!” Nin-Dragon screams in pain but only a weird and an impossible to understand loud gurgle escapes his mouth. “NOO Nin-Dragon!” Dia yells. “Don’t worry boy, your turn is coming, though I’ll torture you in a whole other way.” As a sick sadistic smile crosses his face. “Now lets continue shall we? “HYAA!!! HYAA!!! HYAA!!!” In just a matter of seconds 3 more ribs are removed from Nin-Dragon’s chest and lay in a pile on the floor. “Hahahahaha 4 ribs are now missing from your chest, tell me Nin-Dragon, how does that feel? Do you feel a bit empty inside? HAHAHAHA”

The Dark One turns to Dia, alright I think you should get a bit of the fun now don’t you!” As a grin crosses his face. “This is what happens when you mess with me! You will realize that this whole thing, meaning this right now, and my plans for this world, and EVERYTHING IN REALITY ITSELF IS MY PARTY!!! I make the rules, and you either obey those rules or you DIE!” “MWAHAHAHA” “Master!” The Dark One turns to look at Kiga, as Arken is starting to wake up. His eyes slowly open as Kiga starts to smile, “Arken your back!” Then Kiga lets out a gasp, “Wha…whats going on! Master whats happening to Arken?” Arken’s body is starting to have bits of skin form out of seemingly no where. “Ah relax Kiga, that’s the effects of Sample – R, as you should know! I knew it, my experiment was a success as it always is in the end!” “Uhhg…Ki…ga…..Mast…er…Arken sits up slowly and looks around as he notices Nin-Dragon and Dia, then notices Cryptic who is still on the floor not moving. He then remembers what was happening before he collapsed. “Uhg, help me up Kiga.” “Right bro! Glad your back!” With Kiga’s help Arken gets back to his feet. He feels something on his body so he looks at his arms and notices skin is forming across them and his entire body. Though it quickly stops completely. “Master…is this your experiments doing?” “Welcome back Arken, and yes it is. A complete success, well technically a 33% success, it will take another 2 vials before you will have 100% of your old body back!” This…this skin is my original….skin…” “Yes Arken, it is.” “You…are truly amazing Master.” “Why thank you Arken, and while I’m glad your back, if you’ll excuse me…I’m not done with these two.”

The Dark One turns his attention back to Dia and approaches him as he raises his right hand once again and it begins to glow that purple glow from before. Dia is mortified and just starts screaming! “No…NOO….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Chapter 40: The Forgotten Guardian Angel!

“Hahaha, this will be so very entertaining!” The Dark One has his right hand approaching Dia’s chest. However Dia’s blue diamond starts to glow catching The Dark One of guard. “What?” The Dark One says as a flash of blue light gets emitted from dia’s diamond covering the room in a blue glow, though the glow almost has a physical form to the point it makes the air feel heavy. “Whaaaaaaa…..aaaaa…..aaaaa….t…..” The Dark One says in a super slow pace. It’s like time has been drastically slowed down. Suddenly the diamond begins sending out a series of quick pulses they stop in the middle of the room and begin to morph together until they have all blended into…something…Dia is in shock as he thinks to himself “What…what is going on!” Dia looks over at Nin-Dragon and he is not moving as blood pours out of his mouth in slow motion. Then the blended pulses start to make loud popping and cracking sounds. It begins to go berserk as small energy waves almost like sparks fly off in every direction in slow motion. Then it all abruptly stops…as the morphed energy begins to tare loudly, as if reality itself is being torn open. Dia watches in awe, as The Dark One, Kiga and Arkan are slowly turning their heads towards the phenomenon.

A ripple begins to form inside the torn space as it continues to get bigger and bigger. Suddenly the surface of the ripples is broken, and a hand comes through it! The hand keeps coming through, as soon an arm, then shoulder are through. Dia’s mind has gone absolutely blank. Cryptic finally begins to stir from being knocked out, but is trapped in slow motion aswell. Next a foot followed by a leg comes through the opening. Then the other leg. The Dark One’s head is finally looking fully at the torn hole in reality as a head begins to immerge, followed by the other arm, as she steps out of the rift.

As she stands up straight, Dia realizes instantly. “CRRRRRRRRRRYSSSSSSSSSSSSTAAAAAAAAAL!” Dia yells but his voice is also in slow motion. Crystal looks up her eyes lock with the Dark Ones eyes. “YOU!!!” The Dark One says in his mind. Crystal takes her gaze off The Dark One and looks past him to see Kiga and Arkan just now looking at her. She can tell they are shocked to see her. She then turns her attention to her side, as she notices Dia and Nin-Dragon, as soon as she see’s Nin-Dragon she gasps, and rushes over to them both. However she isn’t effected like everyone else, she can move at her normal speed. The Dark One moves his head and slowly follows her movements towards Nin-Dragon, he can do nothing but watch as she reaches into her cloak and pulls something out, then begins to draw something on Dia’s forehead…a symbol? “What is that symbol?” The Dark One finds himself asking himself. The symbol Crystal draws appears simple in design however it seems to alter itself in what seems to be a never ending cycle of changes? After a few seconds parts of it stay the same while the rest of it’s design keeps changing. After a few more seconds more parts stay the same, lastly after a few more seconds it stops changing as it glows gold, brighter and brighter! Then in an instant it explodes into mist right off Dia’s forehead. Suddenly Dia falls to the floor as he can now move again! “Wha, how!” Dia begins to say, but he is cut off by Crystal who simply says, “No time to explain.” Dia starts to get to his feet as she quickly draws the same symbol on Nin-Dragon’s forehead. The Dark One is livid as he witnesses Dia being broken free from his power. The symbol on Nin-Dragon starts acting the same as it did on Dia, but seems to be taking longer. Why is it taking so long” Dia asks Crystal. “Nin-Dragon’s got two minds and is two beings in one, this will take a bit longer. After a few seconds a part of the symbol stops as the rest continue, The Dark One is beginning to get enraged. Cryptic’s eyes are slowly starting to open. Another part of the symbol finally stops then another, and another, “just one part left.” Crystal says to herself. The Dark One has had enough, he begins to close his eyes to focus his powers to break free of whatever Crystal has done to slow down time. Cyrstal looks back at The Dark One with a serious look of determination in her eyes. She can see that The Dark One has a massive frown on his face…or what there is of his face. Suddenly a sudden small explosion followed by the mist from before catches Dia and Crystal’s attention as the symbol on Nin-Dragon’s forehead is gone as his body collapses onto the ground in a thud. “Quick help me grab Nin-Dragon Dia, you’re stronger then I am.” Crystal orders. “RIGHT!” Dia and Crystal pick up Nin-Dragon as they toss an arm of his over each of them, Dia has Nin-Dragon’s stone arm which he never realized weighed so much!

“Come on Dia, we’re getting outta here!” “OKAY, sounds good to me but how?” She nods her head at the rift she came through. “We go inside.” “What? Oh I don’t want to go in anymore portal things!” Dia whines, “Dia you were about to die a minute ago, if you want to stay here with these monsters then fine!” Dia looks over at the Dark One who has his eyes closed as a dark purple aura starts to grow across his body. “Uhh No thank you! To the portal thing it is!” Crystal notices what The Dark One is trying to do. “HURRY Dia we need to leave NOW!” “Okay lets go!” Dia and Crystal both make their way to the torn rift as Nin-Dragon’s body leaves a blood trail behind, just as the reach it Cryptic’s eyes are fully open now, but he is still in slow motion and hasn’t even caught on to what he is seeing yet, as the dark purple aura around The Dark One builds and builds. The Dark One starts letting out a roar which is still in slow motion but not as slow as it was a moment ago! “Rrrrrrraaaarrr!” “Now. Dia we all must jump in together alright! Otherwise one of us could get left behind!” “GULP”, Dia imagines himself being left behind. “No time to be scared now Dia, we jump in 3….” The Dark One’s aura begins to break him free from whatever Crystal did. “2!!!!” The Dark One’s eyes snap open! As a dark purple pulse shoots off his body and covers the room. He is FREE! “1!!!!!!” The Dark One quickly raises his hand towards the trio! “JUMP!!!” Dia and Crystal both jump towards the portal, bringing Nin-Dragon’s body with them. Their bodies are halfway in the portal as an energy wave from The Dark One is sent flying at them! However the shockwave is still somewhat effected by Crystals slowed down time, but it only slightly slows down the shockwave as it gets about 3 feet away from Crystal’s back they’re 3/4 the way through the rift. The shockwave is just 2 feet away from her back as they pass through the rift completely and are gone! And as soon as they disappeared the rift itself was gone in the same instant??? “Get Them!” Kiga yells as he falls flat on his face. Suddenly aware the blue energy in the room is gone and they can all move again.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THAT BITCH, HOW DARE CRYSTAL SHOW UP NOW OF ALL TIMES AND BE THEIR FUCKING GUARDIAN ANGEL!!! I THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD GOD DAMN IT!!!” Cryptic finally flaps his wings and is air born again as he looks around for the vile he had in his talon the last time he saw it. “SQUAWK! Where’s the vile, where’s the vile?” he flies in a circle. Arken and Kiga rush to The Dark One’s side as he is absolutely boiling mad. Master are you alright, you must calm down master!” “CALM DOWN!!!! CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAA” The Dark One blasts Arken across the room smashing him into a wall. “MASTER!” Kiga yells! The Dark One pays him no attention “MASTER!” “MASTER!” “WHAT!!!!!” he roars! Kiga points to where the rift used to be. “What, what are you trying to say Kiga!” As The Dark One grabs Kiga by the neck and lifts him up into the air. “Master…look…” Kiga struggles to get the words out. “Look at what? Look at there being nothing there, look at the fact Nin-Dragon and that kid got away!!!!!” “No…Master….your….shockwave….” “What about it Kiga! It’s not there!” “Ex….ac…tl…y…..” Kiga starts to cough. Then it hits him.

The Dark One releases Kiga as he drops to the floor and The Dark One’s rage is instantly gone. Arken comes to as he gets back to his feet and slowly walks over. “What is it master?” Arken asks, noticing The Dark One has calmed down, and returned to his normal calm and collected self. As his dark purple aura vanishes back into his body. “Hehehehe” The Dark One starts laughing. “What’s so funny master?” Arken questions. “Heheheheh HAAAHAHAH, it’s as Kiga pointed out! My shockwave Arken! It’s NOT THERE!” “I can see that master, but what are you getting at?” “Don’t you see you fool! My shockwave didn’t hit the wall or anything beyond where that rift was!” “Okay?” Arken still doesn’t quite follow. “Which MEANS YOU IDIOT, that my shockwave went THROUGH that rift as it was disappearing!” “Ohhhhh!!!!” Arken finally catches on.

“That’s right, my Shockwave either did hit that bitch, or is going through that portal with them and will be quite the nasty surprise when they come out of it, wherever that maybe!!!” “Hahaha your right master!” Kiga gets to his feet as he also laughs. “Hehehe, she is about to pay a heavy cost for her actions!” All 3 start laughing together. “HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!”

Chapter 41: The Side Of Darkness Has The Advantage Dia & Crystal Are All That’s Left!

[At Zygen’s House]

The blue rift that Crystal took is still open as it flashes brightly a few times before Crystal, Dia and the body of Nin-Dragon come flying out as they all collapse on onto the floor, the Dark One’s shock wave blast comes shooting out of the rift behind them and flies straight over their heads as it smashes into one of the walls of the house, “KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!” Crystal and Dia slowly look up as the smoke clears and they see that the entire wall is gone, reduced to rumble. “Holy crap…that was close, where did that come from!” Dia exclaims, “The Dark One shot that at us as we were jumping through the rift. We were incredibly lucky that, the spell I used was able to slow it down just enough for us to avoid getting eviscerated by that. Crystal says with a sigh of relief as she gets to her feet. “Help me get Nin-Dragon up Dia.” “Sure thing!” Dia gets to his feet as they are both lifting Nin-Dragon up Dia gasps when he notices something behind Crystal. “GASP!” Crystal and Dia accidentally drop Nin-Dragon’s body as Crystal yells “WHAT!?” Dia points behind her, as she turns around she witnesses it to…the wall that was obliterated just a moment ago, has started to reform itself! “What the…did you do this Crystal?” “No…it seems Zygens house has all sorts of secrets. I should have known it had some of his magic on it.” Crystal says with a smirk. “Oh right Nin-Dragon!” Crystal suddenly realizes they dropped him. “Help me put him on the bed Dia.” “Right!” After some effort to lift the body of Nin-Dragon onto the bed, Crystal takes a seat at the table and asks Dia to sit with her. “We have a lot to go over Dia, you first. Tell me what happened, everything from you guys going to Mount. Infernous which by the way you said you wouldn’t be very long! To the world out there being destroyed by god knows what, to the sky changing red and you guys ending up WITH The Dark One also where is Zygen?”

Dia takes a big sigh, then begins. “Well lets start with Mount. Infernous, we got there just fine, we were looking for the Fire Relic and couldn’t find it. When suddenly loud crack sounds were everywhere we thought the volcano would explode…and in a way it did.” “WHAT? What happened!” Crystal asks. “Well I don’t know what caused it, but from inside the volcano…a…a…” “What is it Dia, spit it out.” Dia gulps. “A dragon….god….came flying out and went high up into the sky…” “A DRAGON GOD!!!” “Yeah…it could talk…and…it was…huge, bigger then anything I could even imagine. We stood no chance against that thing. I’m surprised the world could even contain something that massive…” “A…Dragon God…” Crystal whispers to herself in shock. “It can’t be…those were only myth. No way they could be real…” “WELL WE FUCKING SAW ONE!!!” Dia yells with an aggressive tone. Crystal sits up in shock hearing Dia swear. “I’m sorry Dia…I believe you, but I just can’t believe those exist, let alone in todays day in age.” “So you heard about them before Crystal?” “Yes…as a child over 5,000 years ago we were told the story how at one point they ruled the world…but that’s all we were told. We thought it was just to scare us kids into being good…” “Wow…” Dia says calmly. “Anyway, go on Dia, what happened next? Did you try to flee?” Dia pauses as his memories of what happened next rush back to him causing him to choke up a bit. “Whats wrong Dia?” “No…” “No what?” Crystal asks cautiously. “No…we didn’t flee. We didn’t even try. We were absolutely froze in fear…” “Oh…” Crystal says. “Then the Dragon God starting talking to us…” “WHAT they can speak human language!?” Crystal is shocked. “Yeah…though maybe its some kind of magic or something that lets us understand each other?” “I see…I see…” Crystal nods her head. “What happened next?” “Well…it said it’s name was…Ikaurkiri, and that it was going to get revenge on the human race and wipe us all out and rule the world once again.” “……” Crystal has no words other then whispering to herself “Ikarukiri….” “Then that’s when it went from bad…to worse…oh so much worse…” Dia begins to tear up. “What happened Dia?” Crystal looks concerned. “Well….sniff…..sniff……Zygen…he…he broke free of his initial fear….and…and he….attacked Ikarukiri head on….” “WHAT!!!! ZYGEN ATTACKED A DRAGON GOD!!!” “Yes…and it didn’t go well at all. He couldn’t even make a scratch, Ikarukiri couldn’t even feel Zygen’s attacks…” “…shit…” Crystal says aloud. “Then, Ikarukiri decided it was his time to fight back, and well….he stabbed a single tip of one of his claws right through Zygen’s chest…this was after he flicked Zygen sending him flying into some rocks onto of the volcano…Ikarukiri said every bone in his body was broken, and he was loosing blood…more blood then you were losing CRYSTAL!” Dia’s eyes are crying now. “More…blood then I lost….oh no…so…Zygen’s….gone…” Crystal lowers her head. “That’s not all of it Crystal…sniff…sniff…then he did something strange…he made a ripple in the sky, like you would see when you toss a rock on water…” “What?” Crystal looks up confused. “Why?” She asks. “Well he threw Zygen into the sky…into the ripple, but…he never came back down…” “What?” “Ikarukiri said he didn’t belong in this time period…and that he would show mercy in the sense that he would have him die in his own time period…” “Wait…your telling me, he has the power to throw people into different time periods?” “Uh huh…sniff…sniff…and he said Zygen would not last more then 2 minutes with those injuries. And that was so long ago now, so…Zygen…Zygen’s….” “Dead….” Crystal says for him. “YEAH!!!” Dia starts wailing. “Oh my…so Zygen’s gone…Nin-Dragon is gone…this isn’t good. “Wait….how did you and Nin-Dragon get away from Ikarukiri?” “Oh right…sniff…sniff…” Dia starts to gain some composer. “Ikarukuri did something to the sky, he roared really, really loud and he said he was showing off some of his power, that it was the souls of the dead and blood and lava would blend together and rain down and destroy everything on earth. that’s when the original Nin-Dragon showed up again, and took over Nin-Dragon’s body. He was able to put up a shield around us while blood and lava rained down…but it wasn’t going to hold long. As it was about to break…” Dia pauses. “Ys what is it Dia?” “A…purple mist showed up out of no where at our feet, and two hands came out feeling around…” “What? Two hands?” “Crystal is puzzled. “Yeah, Nin-Dragon said we should grab them, cause we honestly had no other choice, take our chances with the mystery hands, or die to Ikarukiri.” “I see…yes you only had that option…” Crystal nods. “So then what happened?”

“Well we each grabbed a hand, a they pulled us into the purple mist, we then were being pulled, but it felt like we were flying through the air…but it was pitch black, we couldn’t see or anything, we each just held on for dear life!” Crystal is biting her nail in suspense. “After who knows how long, we go pulled through a portal of some kind, and we fell to the floor of The Dark One’s place…” “Wait…so it was The Dark One who saved you two?!” Crystal stands up quickly. “Well..kinda, it was technically Kiga who saved us. By order of The Dark One.” “But why…why would he save you two?” Crystal begins pacing back and forth. “Well he said he only saved Nin-Dragon cause he has to be the one to kill him…” Dia looks over at Nin-Dragon’s body. “And looks like he succeeded.” Dia begins to tear up again. “As for me, he didn’t have a reason for saving me, guess I was just lucky I grabbed onto Kiga’s hand….otherwise I would have melted back at Mount. Infernous.” Crystal pauses. “So what happened between then and when I showed up?” Crystal sits down and looks Dia in the eyes. “Well what they did…to make that portal seemed to kill or at least nearly kill Arken, so The Dark One had his bird, Cryptic go get some vile….Nin-Dragon wanted to take that vile and prevent Arken from being brought back, and even though Nin-Dragon got it, it was short lived, for The Dark One got furious that Nin-Dragon would try to tell him what to do, and he…he froze us in place somehow…Even Nin-Dragon who was still the Original Nin-Dragon couldn’t break free…and that’s when it happened…” Crystal sits up straight and looks over at Nin-Dragon. “He…he shot a blast at Nin-Dragon’s throat when he defied him, and made it impossible for him to talk then he….some how…was able to put his hand right inside Nin-Dragon’s chest…and…and he….” Dia is about to cry again. “There there Dia, take a deep breath.” “He ripped out 4 of Nin-Dragon’s ribs and just tossed them on the ground like it was a few twigs…that’s when Nin-Dragon…stopped moving…that’s when The Dark One was turning his attention to me…that’s when…you showed up…

“Wow…you went through so much horror Dia….I’m so sorry…if only I wasn’t injured back then, if only I was with you guys, maybe something would have been different…Things are not looking good for us or the side of light…The Dark One has three of the five relics, Zygen is dead…Ikarukiri is alive and destroying the world…and our best hope…Nin-Dragon is gone…it looks like it’s up to just you and I Dia….we have to get the other two relics…and save the world…things couldn’t possible get any worse….could they?”

Chapter 42: Things Get Worse!

“So tell me Crystal, how did you recover? You seem quite a lot better then when we last saw you!” Dia asks Crystal as she is looking over Nin-Dragon’s body. “Ah, yes I suppose it would be best to explain what I’ve been up to.” “Come sit down Crystal and tell me.” Dia calmly says as he points to the table. Crystal walks over and joins Dia. “Well, as you know when you three left me behind here before I was alive and in good enough condition to stay alive, but I was still very low on blood. So in the simplest terms I just had to wait while my body resupplied itself with it’s normal amount of blood. That took a fair while.” “I see, so just sitting here….that’s all you had to do?” Dia looks concerned. “Pretty much Dia, though I wasn’t just sitting here twiddling my thumbs you know, I was doing research on two things.” “Oh yeah? What where you researching!” Dia sits up straight with a curious demeanour. “Well first I was looking into how I could locate you guys, if there was even a way to begin with that is. And as it turns out there was. You see, I was looking into Zygen’s books and getting now where, almost all of them were unreadable to me. To my eyes they looked like chicken scratch, which I assumed was either some kind of magic, or only members of Nin-Dragon’s army could read.” “Really? Let me try!” Dia hops off his chair and looks around as he spots a bookshelf across the room. He dashes over grabs a random book from the middle shelf, and opens it. “Hmm….hmm…mhm….” Dia mumbles to himself as he flips page after page. “Don’t tell me you can read that Dia?” “Yup…I sure can.” “WHAT?” Crystal stands up and looks at Dia. “How? How can you read it?” “Well…simple….this book…” “Yes?” Crystal asks impatiently. “Well you see Crystal…this book is just a recipe book for chicken soup!” Dia has a big grin on his face. A brief awkward pause happens as Crystal goes from excitement to being upset. “DIA, that wasn’t funny, and this is no time to be funny!” As she walks over to Dia and grabs the book, and smacks him upside the head.” “OW” Dia rubs his head. Crystal then puts the book back, but grabs another one from the top shelf and hands it to Dia. “Here, try to read this one.” She demands. “Uh, okay I’ll try…” Dia grabs the book and flips it open, quickly he has a confused look on his face, as he flips the pages faster and faster till he is at the end of the book. “Well?” “I…I can’t read any of it…it just looks like scribbles to me?” Dia looks defeated as he hands the book back to Crystal, as she puts it back on the top shelf. “See not so easy is it!” “No…” Dia and Crystal walk back to the table and take a seat as Crystal continue her story of how she was able to track them down. “So as I was saying I was also unable to read any of these books of Zygen’s, so I was just about to give up and try to figure something out, when I suddenly heard it…” “Heard what?” “A voice…” “A voice???” Dia asks a bit to loud. “Yes…it was familiar…but I couldn’t place it at first, and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from at first either.” “Was it a GHOST!!” Dia looks a bit nervous. “Hmm….yes and no Dia…yes and no.” “That doesn’t make any sense Crystal.” “Relax Dia, allow me to explain. after a few minutes of me talking to seemingly the air, I figured out where it was coming from.” “Where was it?” Dia asks. “From here…” Crystal reaches and grabs her Spirit Token necklace. “Your necklace?” Dia looks puzzled. “Yes Dia, you see this is called a Spirit Token, I once explained this to Nin-Dragon…” She looks over at Nin-Dragon’s body then back to Dia.

“What does it do?” Dia says in almost a whisper. “Well honestly it never did anything….for 5,000 years it never did a damn thing…” “……” Dia says nothing. “But I was given this by a man who once fought along side the original Nin-Dragon back in the great planetary war way back then…” Dia can tell she is remembering her painful past. “You see Dia, the short version is, Nin-Dragon…the original Nin-Dragon and the Dark One defeated each other basically, and the war ended, however prior to that one of his right hand guys, Gizar was ordered by Nin-Dragon to take me far away from the battle field and protect me…” “He was ordered to leave Nin-Dragon behind?” “Yes Dia…” “Wow…” “So he raised me till I was 18, and died, after he lost the will and energy to continue on. I think the feeling of regret over those years was slowly killing him. But before he died, he gave me this…” She holds up her necklace. “Whoa…” Dia gasps slightly. “He told me these were called Spirit Tokens, and that a part of his soul would always be in it even after he died. He told me I would never truly be alone, that he would be with me with this.” Dia looks on in great interest. “Now this is when I recognized the voice…as I was asking out loud WHO IS THIS!…” Crystal pauses. “That’s when the voice said…”It’s me Crystal….” “That’s when it clicked for me, and I found myself dropping to my knees as I said…Gizar…is that really you?” “He said yes, and he told me he had always been with me, and he could see everything and hear everything that was going on over the last 5,000 years. But he couldn’t communicate to me because what was left of his soul was barley enough to even exist….” “Wow…” Dia says so quietly you couldn’t even hear him. “We had a short but information packed chat, as he explained that he didn’t have the energy or life force to be able to communicate with me this whole time, and that it was only after the original Nin-Dragon returned and healed my wounds, that he was able to do this.” “How does that work Crystal?” “Well according to Gizar, the energy the original Nin-Dragon put into my body reacted with the Spirit Token and just a sliver of that energy was absorbed into the Spirit Token I wear and it triggered a small almost insignificant surge of energy, that was just enough to give Gizar’s soul enough to start to communicate, however I was not awake remember, so he had to wait until I was to communicate with me, so that’s why after you guys left me his voice was able to talk to me…” “Sheesh…” Dia says.

“Yes indeed, tell me about it Dia, I was in tears at hearing Gizar’s voice again.” “I bet, but I still don’t get how this helped you find us?” “I’m getting to that part Dia. You see as we talked he told me that he could help me read Zygen’s books. He could send what little energy his soul had into my eyes so I could understand Zygen’s books. Now I would have taken forever, so with Gizar’s help he helped guide me to a certain book. Which to me looked no different then the others, but as soon as I grabbed the book I got a surge of energy in me, and the book started to glow blue.” “Blue?” Dia’s asks. “Like the blue color of the room we were trapped in?” “Precisely Dia.” “I see.” “So I found out right away and was shocked that I could suddenly read everything in this book. It was no different then plain English, although I noticed I could only read for about 10 seconds at a time before I would start to get a massive headache, which I learned was the trade off on my body for having Gizar merge with my eyes temporarily. So after a slow back and forth battle with just reading a damn book, I was able to understand just what Gizar had wanted me to find. It was a book that was for locating a tear of the deity. Which as you know is what you have Dia.” “Oh shit I forgot about that!” Dia reaches into his pocket and pulls it out and looks at it. “So you see Dia, that is how I found you and Nin-Dragon. While the book wasn’t easy it did ultimately show me how to track that tear of the deity.” “But how? Nobody even knew what this thing was except Zygen when I showed everyone before! And it was said these were nothing but a myth!” “That is all true Dia. “Cause with this book wouldn’t anyone be able to find other ones?” “You would think so, but no. “Oh…why not?” “You see Dia, it only lets you track one…that you have actually seen with your own eyes before.” “Ohhhh that makes sense…” “Yes, since you showed it to me before I was able to locate you, so after I realized I had seen it, I kept on reading as it revealed that all I had to do was draw one of those fancy symbols Zygen always drew with one of his chalk sticks. Now it took a few attempts since it was pretty complicated and it had to be EXACTLY RIGHT. One little line to long, or short or crooked and it wouldn’t work. After a few dozen tries I got it! Suddenly it glowed and then there was just a flash of blue light and I thought I blew myself up for a moment, as I felt my body hurling through the air and suddenly coming to a stop as I could see you and Nin-Dragon, unable to move with the Dark One….then I was suddenly back here, laying on the floor.” “Geez, sounds like a bad drug or something, heh…” Dia says as he half laughs. “Indeed Dia, anyway Gizar was also able to see what I saw, so he assisted me in the next step which was the next part of Zygen’s book, which let me make a rift that would connect where I was to where the Tear Of A Diety was…” “I see…” Dia says. “So again, simple way to put it was I had to draw an even more complicated pattern with Zygen’s chalk, however this one required the use of 5 different ones, and after what seemed like forever, I got it right, as the rift appeared in front of me as it had caused a vacuum effect and almost just sucked me inside right away. Lastly the last bit on the page stated that the rift in the location of the Tear Of The Deity would cause a reaction, which would slow down time temporarily…” “Kinda like a side effect?” Dia says to Crystal. “Exactly Dia…exactly that. Now normally you don’t want a side effect, but this one worked in our favor, if that didn’t happen…I would have shown up to try to save you guys, and I would have been killed by The Dark One in no time at all.” “Shit…” Dia whispers to himself. “So I made a plan with Gizar as he told me I would only have a brief bit of time to pull this off, and the rest is self explanatory. I went into the rift, popped out where you guys were, and saved you both…well…saved you Dia…I was to late to save Nin-Dragon…” Crystal has a tear forming in her eye.

Suddenly Dia hugs Crystal. “Wha…whats that for?” Crystal asks. “For saving me, and coming to save us!” Dia looks up at her and smiles. Crystal wipes the tear away from her eye. “Thanks Dia, I needed that.” “So, you said you were researching two things? What was the other?” “Oh right, I was trying to find out anything on the remaining two relics, mainly their location, however I got nowhere with that.” “Hmm…that’s to bad, cause The Dark One has 3 of the 5 already, we desperately need to get one of the last two if not both of them!” “I know Dia, but there is a problem.” “What is that?” “Even if we did get the other two, you and I couldn’t unlock their true power…only Nin-Dragon, Zygen, Arken, or The Dark One himself could unlock it.” “GAAAAAA! That’s not fair!!!” Dia yells and slams his fists on the table catching Crystal off guard. “So we can’t do anything, that’s it, we just given up?” “No Dia, not at all, while we may not be able to fully use them, we can still do one thing.” “What’s that?” “Well…it’s a dangerous plan…in fact it’s….” “It’s what Crystal?” “It’s….suicide…” “WHAT!?” Dia exclaims. “You see while we can GET the relics all we could do is prevent The Dark One getting them, which would prevent him from being able to make the Blade Of Corruption which he seeks so desperately.” “Well that’s great lets do that!” “But even if we do that Dia, that doesn’t actually help DEFEAT HIM, he would still be around, him and Arken and Kiga…and….Sapphire….they would still be around and stop at nothing to get the last two relics!” “That’s true…but what about Ikarukiri?” “Yes, after you told me about him I thought about this Dia…we can’t even go out there…out into the world to find these last 2 relics…the world is melting and being destroyed!” “Yeah…that is true…” Dia sits back down looking defeated. “But what did you mean by you had a plan but it was suicide? You can’t mean we just kill ourselves and give up?” “No Dia, that is not what I meant.” “Well then what did you mean Crystal?” Dia looks at her intensely.

“Well you see Dia…the only plan I could come up with…is that we find the last two relics, though I was hoping Nin-Dragon would be part of our party….and we destroy the last 2 relics…so NOBODY can use them.” “What? DESTROY THEM?” “Yes…destroy them.” Crystals tone drops a bit. “I see Crystal…I see how that might be the best bet we can do, but I still don’t get how it’s suicide?” “Well it is in more then one way, you see risking our lives not only to just go out in the world with that power of Ikarukiri’s destroying the world is basically suicide, but even if we find the relics…you can’t just smash them and be done with it…” “What do you mean Crystal?” “Well…in order to destroy a relic, according to Gizar….they can only be destroyed by someone who was around 5,000 years ago…like myself, Zygen and Nin-Dragon…” “Well then we’re in luck aren’t we? Cause you’re here!” Crystal smiles but it’s a weak, false and feeble smile. “You don’t get it Dia.” “Don’t get what?” Dia seems concerned now.

“You see Dia, in order for one of the relics to be destroyed…the person from 5,000 years ago has to sacrifice their own life, their own soul, their own mind, body, life energy….everything that is them…to the deities…they have to kill themselves and then and only then will that one relic explode and be erased from reality…” The room falls silent for a few moments….”Oh….Crystal….” “Yes Dia?” “We CAN’T DO THAT!!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Dia yells. “Why not Dia, we have no other plans, no other moves.” “If you do that, you would destroy one relic however that would leave 1 left and I can’t destroy it, so I would be left all alone!” “Hmm…you’re right Dia, that wouldn’t be fair to you…I can’t leave you alone to just watch the world end and let you die alone…but there is nothing else we can do…” “NO, I don’t accept that!” Dia screams as he stands up quickly. “There MUST be something else we can do…this journey isn’t over yet, it’s to soon! The good guys ALWAYS WIN IN THE END!!!” “Dia, this isn’t some fairy tale, this is real life, and the Dark Side has an impossible to beat advantage over us. Unless you have some kind of plan, I say we have no moves left to make Dia.” “Hmm…” Dia paces back and forth. After a minute or two he stops pacing. “I got it!!!” “What is it Dia?” Crystal looks at Dia with a small amount of excitement. “Why don’t we ask Gizar to help us out?” “That would be a good idea Dia…had I not already tried that…” “What do you mean?”

“You see it took everything that was left of Gizar’s soul to protect my old frail body while I went through the rift I made…without him I would have been ripped apart by space and time itself. He told me I wouldn’t be able to talk with him again for awhile, or maybe ever again…” “Oh…” Dia once again looks defeated…”Well…I still say there has to be SOMTHING we can do…The Dark One MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!!!” “If there is something Dia….I’m not seeing it…I hate to say it, I really do, but I fear it’s over…I fear The Dark One has won…

Chapter 43: The 4th Relic’s Fate?

[Three Hours have passed]

Both Dia and Crystal are sitting at the table trying their best to come up with some kinda of plan, while the world burns outside. Suddenly Dia stands up swiftly, as Crystal looks up at him in surprise. “What is it Dia?” Dia looks over at Nin-Dragon, then back to Crystal.” “Well? What is it Dia, did you figure out something?” “I’m not sure…but I do have an idea!” “Really!?” Crystal says not really believing Dia has a plan. “What is it?” Dia doesn’t reply, he just turns his attention back to Nin-Dragon’s body which hasn’t moved since being placed on the bed. Dia then walks over to Nin-Dragon which causes Crystal to stand up and follow Dia over to Nin-Dragon, as she repeats herself. “What is it Dia?” Both Crystal and Dia come to a stop in front of Nin-Dragon. Dia looks over Nin-Dragon’s body then he looks at Crystal. “What…?” Dia reaches into his pocket, and pulls out his Tear Of A Deity. “This…Crystal…this is my plan.” In shock Crystal doesn’t know what to say other then, what do you mean this, you don’t even know what a Tear Of The Deity does…” “You’re right Crystal, but I have to try something! No, WE have to try something! We need help, we can’t solve this on our own, Zygen is gone, Nin-Dragon is gone, us two alone aren’t good enough.” “WE NEED SOME HELP!” Dia yells. “But…who…and how?” Crystal has no idea what Dia is thinking. “I’m…I’m going to pray to the Deity Tear!” As he clasps his hands around it and squeezes as hard as he can! Crystal doesn’t know what to say, she considered saying Dia, that wont work, but she had no better plan so she went with it. Dia closes his eyes and starts talking in his mind. “Please…we need help, evil is winning and we can’t let that happen…we need Nin-Dragon back…if anyone is out there, please…help us save the world…no, the universe!”

As he concludes he waits patiently with his eyes closed. Nothing…Crystal looks sad for Dia, that his only plan had produced no results. Dia opens his eyes and looks around…nothing happens still. “PLEASE WORK, PLEASE DO…SOMETHING…ANYTHING!!!” Dia starts to beg. Still nothing happens. “Gaaaa stupid diamond” a single tear falls from Dia’s face and lands on the tear in his hand. “Its nothing but a hunk of junk!” Dia throws the tear across the room as it bounces off the wall and lands on the floor. Crystal places her hand on Dia’s shoulder which catches him off guard. He looks up to her with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry Crystal, I thought something would happen.” “It’s fine Dia, you had an idea and you tried, not all ideas produce results you want you know.” “Yeah…I know…but still, I just thought that dumb thing would do something!” “It was worth a shot Dia we will just have to think some more I guess.” The Deity Tear on the floor starts to sparkle just a bit, as Dia looks back at Nin-Dragon. Suddenly the floor starts to shake ever so slightly. “Dia…do you feel that?” Crystal asks as she listens carefully. “Yeah…the floor it’s shaking?” Dia spins around just as the Deity Tear shoots off the ground and comes flying straight at Dia, aiming right for his left eye! “SPLOOOSH” “GAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” Dia yells out in excruciating pain as the Deity Tear slams right into his left eye, embedding itself deep inside Dia’s eye ball, as blood sprays out of Dia’s eye socket and as Dia falls backwards onto the floor flailing around covering his eye, screaming on the floor, the diamond is fusing itself into Dia’s eyeball. “Dia!!!” Crystal screams as she tries to approach Dia when suddenly a gust of blue wind surrounds Dia’s body and it sends Crystal back a few steps, she digs her feet into the floor to prevent herself from being sent flying. As this whirlwind swirls around Dia, Crystal finds herself yelling outloud, “DIA, DIA, DIA!!!” But her voice is drowned out by the howling wind. Crystal tries to to get closer to Dia, step by step, as she manages to take 1 step, she gets a cut on her arm from the blue wind itself. “AHH!” Crystal yelps. “What is this…the air itself is as sharp as a blade.” Crystal says to herself “What is going on here!” Dia is still hollering in pain.

The deity tear continue to fuse with Dia’s left eyeball, and in what seemed like hours of pain to Dia it was only a matter of seconds as the Deity Tear had completely and successfully merged with Dia’s eye and in that instant, the blue whirlwind surrounding his body was gone. Crystal is no longer held back from Dia, so she rushes over to Dia who is motionless on the floor with some blood down his cheek, from his eye. “No….not you to Dia, you can’t die on me to!!!” Crystal drops to her knees in front of Dia and she scoops Dia up in her arms and holds him. “Dia!, wake up, Dia, WAKE UP, DIA, WAKE UP!”

“A voice…who’s voice is that…” Dia is talking to himself in his mind. “DIA, DIA, DIA!!!” “That…voice…it’s saying…my name…right? I’m Dia….but why?” “DIA, DIA, DIA!!!” “The voice repeats but starts to fade till it stops completely. “Why did the voice stop?” Dia wonders to himself. The voice is quickly replaced with a new sound…”What…what is that sound…?” Dia asks himself. “It sounds like a buzzing?” “It’s getting louder?” It gets louder and louder until Dia can no longer hear his own thoughts. “Ahh, stop this, it’s to loud!!!” Dia yells in his mind.

[Back with Crystal]

Crystal notices some blood start to trickle down from Dia’s nose. “No…Dia, what is happening to you!” Crystal is gravely concerned. She reaches for a rag in her pocket as she wipes up some of the blood on Dia’s face.

The buzzing has started to fade, “Oh thank god, it’s going away, I thought I was going to die from a sound…how lame would that be.” Dia thinks to himself. In just a matter of seconds the buzzing is gone, as suddenly Dia feels a rise in temperature, his body…it feels warmer?” “Oh great…now what, I’m going to be cooked alive?” “Is this Ikarukiri’s ability?” “No, it is not…” A mysterious voice says to Dia in his mind. “WHAT, who…who…said that!” Dia starts to panic as his body starts to twitch in Crystal’s arms. “Hold on Dia! Fight this with all your might!” Crystal says into Dia’s ear. “Calm yourself boy…” Instantly Dia can feel something….he can feel the source of the warmth…it was coming from…from the…voice! “Listen to my voice boy, it will sooth you.” Dia doesn’t know what to think but finds it impossible to resist the soothing, calm voice. “Who…who are you!” Dia says in his mind, in a shaky voice but it isn’t as shaky as it was a moment ago. “I am known by many names boy, but I go by Hilostra these days.” “Hilostra?…isn’t that…” “Yes my boy, I am one of the Sacred Deities!” “…….” Dia can’t comprehend what he has been told and can’t think of anything to say. “Listen closely Dia, I only have a limited amount of time to tell you what I need to tell you, so please do not speak until I’m done.” “O…okay…” “Very good, well as I said, I am one of the three Sacred Deities, Nin-Dragon and The Dark One are very familiar with us. Now you are thinking how am I talking with you and the answer is simple. The Tear Of A Deity you had in your possession…it came from me, from my eye to be exact. It was formed the day we three deities banished The Dark One as a Deity, I cried over the actions we had done…and in doing so a single tear of mine fell from my face, down onto the Earth where it formed into a Deity Tear, where eventually your father would come to find it…”

“Now when your tear made contact with mine it triggered this situation, anyone who does make this connection usually…end up dead by the end of it. Only roughly 1% of people across the history of the planet Earth have lived after merging with one of our tears…” “Merging with the tear…?” Dia says to himself. “Yes Dia, I apologize for the pain, and suffering but these are not mere toys for everyone to be in possession of. The Tear was testing you, you see if you fail it’s judgement you die.” Dia’s body tenses up briefly in Crystal’s arms as she looks down at his face. “Now if you are judged as being worthy of the tear, then you survive, which you have seeing as you and I are having this conversation.” “Oh…well that’s good…I guess…” Dia doesn’t know what to say or think. “Yes, now please be quiet Dia while I tell you the last few things I need to before you wake up.” “Okay…” Dia says. “Where to start…ah yes, you and Crystal are searching for the 4th Ancient Relic are you not?” “Yes…” Dia says softly. “I will reveal to you where it is…” “……” Dia has no response. “Or rather I will show you where it is…” Suddenly Dia’s body jolts as his head flails around as Crystal tries to hold him still. In Dia’s mind he is no longer in nothingness he is moving….flying… insane speed higher and higher, he shoots up into the sky past the clouds, higher and higher, into the atmosphere and continues on until he is in space, where this vision continues to take him further and further away from Earth. After what seemed like minutes to Dia he journey suddenly stops as he is just floating in space as he looks around and notices something off in the distance. “Is that…a meteor?” Dia asks out loud as Hilostra replies yes, that is where the 4th Ancient Relic is, the Space relic…” “Wow….” Dia says to himself. The meteor is flying away now, as it’s soon out of Dia’s vision. “Wait…where did it go!” Dia is back in his mind of nothingness. “I have shown you where the Space Relic is Dia, it is on that meteor we named Myith. “Myith….wait how do we get that relic then if it’s in space somewhere?” “You see Dia Myith is a magical meteor we three sacred deities made, and with the Space Relic inside of it, the meteor itself can use the relic’s power of transporting itself to where ever it wants at whatever time it wants…” “Whoa…unreal…” Dia says in almost a whisper. “Indeed Dia, it is unreal, as for how you can get it…that’s hard to say, first and fore most only you can get it, with the power you know have with your new left eye.” “My…new left eye?”

“Yes you see the Deity Tear you had is no a part of your left eye. It has judged you worthy of it’s power, although it is not a lot of power in comparison to us Deities, it is a sliver of our power or rather, my power. So with this new eye you have been granted an ability that is only for you and us three sacred deities. Even Nin-Dragon does not possess the power you now have.” “Wow……” Dia is in shock and awe. “What is this new power I have?” “Good question Dia, you now have the power to transport yourself and yourself ONLY, to any place you so wish.” “What…really!” “Yes, well…within your universe that is…you would need my power to be able to go any farther out into space.” “Shit….that’s…that’s insane…” “Agreed Dia, it is quite the ability to posses, now as a quick explanation on how it works, if you recall when Crystal saved you from The Dark One, a blue rift was opened up and she traveled through that…do you recall?” “Yes…I do, so that’s what I can do?” “Simply put yes, however you version is in a league of it’s own. You don’t need to draw any symbols, you just need to picture a place in your mind and your body will be sucked into a blue rift similar to what Crystal made with Zygen’s chalk. Though the rift your eye will make will disappear along with you so nobody can follow you through the rift, you will appear where you pictured, this is how you will get the Space Relic.”

“Wait just a second!” “Yes, what is it Dia?” “Are you saying you want me to transport myself into space where I saw Myrith?” “No, Dia, that would do you no good, you see Myrith is no longer at the location, remember it randomly transports itself, it might will soon transport itself outside this universe, and who knows when it will return back to your universe. But you have seen Myrith so you should be able to picture it, and transport right onto it.” “Damn….that’s crazy, but hey wont I die being in space???” “Normally you would Die, Dia…but your new eye will protect you from that. Now it wont protect you forever, only for as long as your eye remains open. For your powers only work when your left eye is open, if it’s closed it wont work, and if you blink it will cancel out anything you are doing with that eye. Lastly I should tell you Dia, whenever true power comes along in a beings life, there is always a trade off.” “…I was worried their would be something bad about this…” Dia says with a shaky voice. “What’s my trade off?” Dia asks Hilostra. “The trade off for such a power is quite a steep one, the longer you use it the more stress it puts on your entire body. Since only your left eye has the power of a deity the rest of your body wont handle that to well. The longer you use the eye, the more permanent damage will be done to the rest of you, your right eye will slowly go blind, your heart will be stressed way past it’s limit and could cause you a fatal heart attack if not used wisely, your brain and mind as well will be under unmeasurable stress while using this power. A stroke could occur or your mind itself could shred to pieces killing you in an instant.” “Holy shit…maybe I shouldn’t even use this ability at all…” “You must Dia, you must…also even your muscles, organs and ligaments will be damaged.” “So how long should I use this power for?”

“Honestly Dia, never use it for more then 3 -5 seconds at a time. Think of a place, transport and when you get there close your eye immediately. That will reduce the chances of any damage coming to your body or mind.” “So how am I supposed to grab the relic in space when if I close my eye when I get there, I cancel out my protection and would just die!” “You will have to keep your eye open in that case Dia…you will have to willingly damage yourself to get the Space Relic, just make sure you move as fast as possible. More then 30 seconds at once and you will die.” “FUCK…30 seconds is almost no time…” “I’m aware of that Dia, so I hope you transport yourself as close as you can to the relic, and get back as soon as possible. One last thing before I go Dia…that ability is much more effective in a battle then you may think, especially as a defence. Nobody will be able to hit you as long as you transport over and over again, they won’t know were you are going to pop up. Just remember timing is important, transport and reappear and close your eye. You will be fine doing a number of quick transports.” “Now I must leave you now Dia…you’re about to wake up.” “Wait is there a name for this new eye of mine? Or this new power?” “Yes, your left eye is now a sacred eye. And the ability is known as Celestial Transportation.” “Oh cool….wait what about Ikarukiri?” “Ah yes, you will be safe from him while in space Dia…that is all I can say for sure.” “Will…will he be stopped?” “That…I do not know Dia…you are about to wake up Dia, take care…” “WAIT, what about Nin-Dragon! He’s dead!!! Can I save him!!!” “…Do not worry about Nin-Dragon….he is not dead…he…is…in…a…suspended…state……right…now….he…shall…return…..farewell Dia…” “Okay, THANK YOU HILOSTRA!”

“DIA! ,DIA!!, DIA!!!” Crystal is yelling at Dia once more. As Dia’s right eye slowly opens Crystal gasps as Dia sits up right. “DIA, You’re alive! Oh thank god!” “No…thank Hilostra…” “What?” Crystal is confused. “What happened to you Dia, what happened to your left eye, why don’t you open it so I can check the damage?” “No…” “No? Why not?” Crystal asks concerned. “Cause it’s fine, and besides…I have something much more important to do!” “What? What’s that?” “I know where the 4th relic is….the Space Relic!” “WHAT!!!” Crystal screams!

Chapter 44: Dia’s New Ability, The Celestial Transportation & Myrith!

“What do you mean you know where the space relic is Dia?” Crystal yells as Dia gets back to his feet. “I was shown where it is Crystal.” “Shown? By who?” Crystal asks in shock. “You need to sit down and rest, your face is covered in blood, you need to let me take a look at you, and that’s an ORDER DIA!” Crystal says with conviction. Dia looks towards Crystal with only his right eye open. “Sorry Crystal, but I don’t have time for you to waste time by looking at my eye, which is fine by the way. Oh and I was shown by Hilostra.” “Who is Hilostra, Dia?” “He is one of the sacred deities.” Dia says in a calm voice. “Wha….one…one of the…sacred….” her voice trails off. “Yes Hilostra came to me in my mind and explained everything to me, well maybe not everything.” “What…what did he say? And how do you know it was real, you have a nasty injury you could have been hallucinating…” “No, he was no hallucination Crystal.” Dia says as he wipes blood off his face. “As for what he told me…he told me I have obtained a new power…called Celestial Transportation, and that the space relic…is literally…” he hesitates for a moment. “Literally in space…” “Dia says quietly. “Space?” Crystal repeats. “Yes….on a meteor to be more specific….” “Wait, what the 4th relic is on a meteor in space? How the hell are we supposed to get that?” “Yes it’s on a meteor called…Myrith.” “Myrith?” Crystal is confused. “Yes, this meteor is using the power of the space relic to transport itself across space so it is impossible to know where it will be, however Hilostra showed me a vision of the future, a specific time when it will be in our solar system, which is why I said I don’t have time to waste explaining this to you for it will be in our solar system in about 10 minutes, and I don’t know how long it will be here for!” Dia says with power in his voice. “So that’s why even the Dark One can’t find it, it teleports across space almost randomly…but I still don’t see how we are going to get it. We can’t go into space.” “I’ll get it.” Dia says as he looks up at the roof, thinking about space. “YOU!? How do you plan to do that Dia?” “I already told you, I have a new ability, called Celetial Transportation. With my left eye which has now merged with the deity tear I can transport myself anywhere I want to be, however my range is only this solar system, I can’t go passed that so that’s why I have to go soon, before I miss my chance!” “HOLD ON A SECOND MISTER, if you’re telling me that you think I’m just going to let you go into space on your own to get this relic then you have another thing coming!” Crystal yells.

“I’m sorry Crystal, but this I must do on my own, I can’t bring people with me with this ability, and you can’t survive in space.” “NEITHER CAN YOU DIA! MY GOD DO YOU EVEN LISTEN TO WHAT YOU’RE SAYING!” “Yes Crystal and I will survive, Hilostra told me my power will keep me alive in space, but for only as long as my left eye is open.” “Well then open you eye up already!” “You don’t get it Crystal, this new power has strings attached to it. The ability only works when my eye is open, however the longer I use the power the more permanent damage it does to my body, and eventually I will go blind in my left eye depending on how often I use the power. it will also immensely stress my mind, soul, heart, brain and my entire body while I use my power. So if I use it to long I will not only die, but my mind itself would be shredded to pieces. There is no way I could be brought back even Hilostra couldn’t revive me then.” Wow….so you would have to chose to damage your own body and mind and risk death just to grab this relic…” Crystal says in awe. “Yes that is correct Crystal.” “Wait so you plan to transport ONTO the meteor itself and keep your eye open long enough to grab the relic and come back here? How long can you keep your eye open for?” Crystal says with great interest. “Only 3-5 seconds at most on average Hilostra says would be the safe bet. Though on Myrith I will have to keep my eye open for at least 30 seconds if not more….if I’m lucky maybe less then 30 seconds…and that’s depending on how close to it I transport to.” “Well then you can’t go Dia! It’s not worth risking your life over!” “But…you just said a while ago we should kill ourselves to break these relics, and we would be risking our lives just to get them anyway, so this is exactly the same thing!” “You’re right Dia…” Crystal says after a pause. “I get it Crystal, you don’t want me to die so you would be the one left all alone.” “Gasp!” Crystal is shocked to hear Dia say that. “That’s…not” “Yes it is true Crystal and you know it.” “…” Crystal thinks. “You’re absolutely right Dia…” “But don’t worry I’ll get the relic and come back alive….probably will be in rough shape but I know I’ll do it.” “How…how do you know Dia?” Crystal asks softly.

“Because I HAVE to do this according to Hilostra, I MUST get the relic and we must not destroy them.” Dia’s fist tightens. “We can’t destroy them? Why not? Without Nin-Dragon we have no shot at winning against the Dark One Dia, you know that!” Crystal looks over to Nin-Dragon’s body. Dia notices her gaze and also looks at Nin-Dragon. “Don’t worry about Nin-Dragon, Hilostra told me he isn’t quiet dead yet.” “WHAT!!!!” Crystal rushes over to Nin-Dragon and feels for a pulse. “I…I can’t find a pulse, he is definitely dead Dia!” Dia walks over to Crystal and puts his hand on her back. “Relax Crystal, no he isn’t. Hilostra told me as he was leaving my mind as I was coming to, that Nin-Dragon is in a suspended state where his body and mind is trying to repair itself. He said Nin-Dragon will return.” “He did!” Crystal has a few tears forming in her eyes. “But when!” “I don’t know that Crystal…he didn’t say. I don’t even know if he will be able to come back as good as before…I hope he can….but I just don’t know.” Dia walks away from Crystal as he walks to the middle of the room. “Wait, Dia where are you going.” “It’s time Crystal, I only have a minute left till Myrith will appear in our solar system. I have to go now.” “Wait Dia!!!” Crystal runs over to Dia and hugs him tightly. “Please….be careful and come back soon. This should only take you a minute at most right?” “Well…in a perfect situation I would say 45 seconds at most…but honestly I just don’t know…this will be the first time I have used my ability.” “I see….well I’ll pray for your safe return!” “Thank you Crystal…this is sure going to be a risky first test…well whats that saying…go big or go home?” “Yeah that’s it Dia.” Crystal says with a smile on her face. “Shame…that sounds good cause this is more…go big…or die and never come back…” Crystal’s smile fades. “Sigh…” Dia lets out a sigh. “Well…here we go…wish me luck Crystal, and I hope to see you back here shortly…” Dia slowly opens his left eye as Crystal notices a bright blue glow coming from his eyeball. “GASP” She notices his eyeball looks different, as a strange symbol is across his eyeball surrounding his pupil. “Hopefully I’ll see you soon Crystal, farewell!” Dia waves his hand good bye as Dia’s body has a light blue aura surround his body as a small rift suddenly opens up behind Dia. In an instant he gets sucked into the rift and it closes, before Crystal could even blink. “Good luck…Dia…be safe.” Myrith has just now entered the solar system and is flying past Saturn.


It’s cold…very cold, and dark on Myrith, the meteor is about 100 feet long by 100 feet tall, it’s flying past Saturn and near the front of the meteor a small blue rift opens up as Dia comes flying through and lands on his tail bone pretty hard. “OW!!!” Dia hollers. Dia gets to his feet and looks around for a few seconds. “Wow…it worked….I’m in space…I actually made it onto Myrith…” Dia notices he can talk outloud in space. “Huh…my ability must allow me to breathe in space…AHHHHHHHHRRRRRR” Dia drops down to a knee instantly and grasps one hand on his head and the other hand over his heart. “Ahhhhh this pain…….it’s to much…..I have to… this quick….I don’t think I can handle this for much longer…I feel like my soul is vibrating and going to separate from my body!” Dia forces himself to his feet once again, and struggles to keep his left eye open. “I gotta move fast…now where…would the relic be!” Then Dia notices something. “Wait a second…could that be…” Dia thinks for a moment. “It is, I can sense the relic…it’s not that far…maybe 50 feet away straight ahead!” Dia starts to walk forward towards where he thinks the relic is. “AHHHHHHHH” The pain is so much more then Dia ever thought it would be. “ARRRRRRRHHHHHH!!!!” “I…must…do…this…fast…I…must…not…give……up!!!”

Chapter 45: The Space Relic’s Trial!!!

“HAA…..HAA….HAA” Dia is breathing heavily, as he musters all his strength to take each step. “Just gotta do this…one step…at a…time…” Dia thinks to himself, then he senses something, the energy he felt before, is growing stronger. After Dia pushes onwards a few steps and climbs over a boulder, he see’s it. “There…that HAS to be it!” About 25 feet away from him, there is a small perfect pillar sticking up from the meteor. At the top of it sits a hunk of rock, that is sparkling as bright as stars in the sky. “There it is! The Space Relic!” As Dia gets closer, only 15 feet away he notices there seems to be spherical glow around the Space Relic. “Wha? What is that? A shield?” Dia managed to reach the small pillar. “I better just grab it and go, I can’t survive much longer.” Dia quickly reaches for the Relic, however his hand hits the barrier around the Relic and sends out a quick energy blast knocking Dia up into space, as he floats away from Myrith! “AH!” “Shit, gotta get back down there!” Dia uses his eye ability to quickly open up a rift to go through to get sent back onto the surface of Myrith. “PHEW, that was close. But what was that? How do I get through that barrier?” Dia approaches the Relic once more, and ponders his choices. “Maybe I need a strong enough attack to break through it? Dia decides that’s his best bet and lunges towards the barrier with his fist clenched! “HYAAA!!!” Dia’s punch lands square on the barrier, as another energy blast tries to push Dia away again, however Dia was prepared for it this time, and stands his ground grinding his fist into the barrier. Dia’s hand starts to get damaged from the barriers constant barrage of energy waves. “GAA!” Dia pulls his hand back. “Well…that didn’t work…now what, I don’t have time to mess around with this!” Dia drops to his knees again, as immense pain radiates throughout his whole body. “GAAAAAAAA” Some blood starts to drip down Dia’s face from his left eye. A few drops of blood land on the surface of Myrith.

“WHO DARES ATTEMPT TO TAKE THE SACRED SPACE RELIC!!!” A booming almost demonic voice coats the meteor. “GAA” Dia falls over backwards just from the power of the voice. “Who’s there!!!” Dia pushes himself up to one knee. Dia looks around but see’s nobody. “I ASK YOU ONE LAST TIME WHO DARES ATTEMPT TO TAKE THE SACRED SPACE RELIC, ANSWER OR DIE!!!” “Shit, well I guess I have no choice.” Dia thinks to himself. “My name is Dia, and I seek the power of the Space Relic!!!” Dia yells. A moment passes. “WHERE ARE YOU FROM DIA.” The voice echo’s from every direction. “I’m from a planet called Earth!” Another moment passes. “EARTH!!!” The voice roars. “YOU’RE ONE OF THE DARK ONE’S ARMY, AND FOR THAT REASON I CAN NOT ALLOW YOU TO LIVE!!! PREPARE TO DIE!!!” “What NOO I’m -” Dia is cut off as the entire meteor starts to shake and rumble. Fissures start appearing and opening up the ground of Myrith, and in an instant a massive blast from the center of the meteor erupts sending chunks of meteor flying in every direction. It takes everything Dia has to prevent himself from going flying off again. Then Dia saw it…it was only a blur and for a second, but something…shot out of the meteor and grabbed the Space Relic. Dia looks around briefly before he see’s it! “You’re….you’re…a……DEMON!!!” Dia shouts. A creature that is pitch black that is easily 8 feet tall, with wings each 5 feet wide, strange sparkles are glimmering all across it’s wings. As you can see constellations and nebula’s in his wings.

“YES, I AM A DEMON. AND YOU, YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A BOY!!! WILL THE DARK ONE STOP AT NOTHING TO GET WHAT HE WANTS!!!” “I am not -” Dia gets cut off again before he can say anything. “SILENCE, AS THE GUARDIAN OF THE SPACE RELIC, IT IS MY DUTY TO DESTORY ANY AND ALL WHO WISH TO OWN THIS!!!” As he holds his one hand up high, showing the Space Relic. “NOW PREPARE TO DIE AT THE HANDS OF DRIDIAN!!!” Dridian grasps the Space Relic and taps into it’s power causing a rift similar to Dia’s to appear, and in a flash Dridian is gone, but Dia senses somehow that Dridian is going to appear right behind him, almost as if it’s in slow motion, Dia turns with his fist ready to punch, as a rift appears right where Dia thought it would, Dridian is emerging from the rift, as Dia lands a successful punch straight in Dridians face. Which sends Dridian back into the rift and he’s gone… Dia senses around and quickly looks to his right at a small pile of rocks. And like clock work Dia was correct again, as a rift appears, it spits out Dridian and he falls onto the pile of rocks. “AHHH, HOW..HOW COULD YOU KNOW WHERE I WOULD APPEAR!!!” Before Dia can speak Dridian opens up a rift once more, and is gone. Once again, Dia is able to tell where he is going to emerge. Dia stands ready to punch straight in front of him! He reaches back, and begins to punch forward as the rift begins to appear, but suddenly it’s gone and begins to appear behind Dia, Dia’s own momentum from his punch makes it impossible to turn around in time. “SHIT!, he tricked me!” “RAWR!!! Dridian leaps out of the rift from behind Dia and in a split second stabs his whole arm through Dia’s torso! “GOTCH YAH!” “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Dia lets out a blood curdling scream, as blood pours from his chest and back down across Dridian’s arm. “Have…no…choice…” Dia thinks to himself, as he musters up the energy to use create his own rift behind him and Dridian. “WHAT!!! HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO MAKE A RIFT!!!” Dia’s plan is to try to use his rift to suck Dridian inside, freeing his body from the arm sticking through him. Dridian is being pulled back slightly. “Ohh I DON’T THINK SO!” Dridian smashes his feet into the surface of the meteor. “Shit…looks…like I…lost…” Dia says allowed weakly. “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT YOU LOST YOU BEING OF EVIL!!!” Dia looks back over his shoulder at Dridian, he says quietly as he is about to pass out. “I’m…sorry…Nin…Dragon…I’m…sorry….Crystal….I’m…sorry….Hilostra…” Then Dridian notices Dia’s left eye glowing blue. “WAIT…THAT EYE…THOSE NAMES…NIN-DRAGON…HILOSTRA???” Dridian quickly frees his arm from Dia’s body, which collapses to the ground. Dridian looks down at Dia’s body, who is out cold but his left eye is still open, preventing him from dying from space, though blood is still dripping down his cheek. “OH SHIT, COULD IT BE? COULD THIS HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF NIN-DRAGON’S ARMY, AND NOT THE DARK ONE’S???” Dridian thinks for a moment. “I MUST FIX THIS!” Dridian presses the Space Relic to his own chest, across his heart, and pushes it into himself. Dridian’s own blood bursts out and sprays everywhere. “GAAA!!!” “PLEASE SPACE RELIC LEND ME YOUR POWER, AS I SACRFICE MY OWN LIFE TO REWIND TIME 1 MINUTE!!!” The Space Relic now resting in Dridian’s chest causes his heart to explode, the blood of Dridian’s heart coats the relic as it begins to glow brighter and brighter. Soon the brightness is as if a sun was right next to them, the entire meteor is in blinding white light.

Dia is standing again, as the rift in front of his face is disappearing. “Shit, he tricked me!” Dia says to himself. “Wait didn’t this already happen???” Dia says to himself. The rift behind Dia appears as Dridian’s corpse falls out of the rift, the rift vanishes instantly. “GASP!” Dia spins around, utterly confused… “What? what just happened!?” Dia stares at Dridian, who is barley alive. He is laying in a pool of his own blood, as it gets bigger and bigger. “I WAS ABLE TO…REWIND TIME BY…ONE MINUTE AT THE COST OF MY LIFE…TO…SAVE…YOU…BOY…” Dridian says softly. “Save me? But you tried to kill me?” Dridian smiles.” “I didn’t try…I succeeded in killing you…” “WHAT?” Dia yells. “But I now know that I was…cough wrong.” Dridian coughs up blood. “Wrong? About me?” “YES…YOU ARE A MEMBER OF NIN-DRAGON’S ARMY… ARE YOU NOT…” “Yes that’s right!” “AND YOU KNOW…COUGH HILOSTRA…” “Well I’ve met him once…he’s the one who gave my this ability in my eye.” Dia drops to his knees beside Dridian, and points to his eye. “Ahh…huff…huff…” Dia is at his limit. “AH, I SEE, SO THAT TIME HAS COME…THE WAR BETWEEN THOSE TWO IS HAPPENING ONCE AGAIN…THOUGH WHY WOULD NIN-DRAGON NOT COME HERE HIMSELF…I WONDER.” “Cause…he is half dead…right now…” “WHAT!” Dridian’s eyes open wide a bit. “He is in a weird state right now, his body and mind are trying to repair him, Hilostra told me he will awake again, but I don’t know when…” “I…SEE…COUGH! Dridian coughs up more blood. “I was all that was left, I was the only one capable of making it all the way here…to Myrith…Hilostra told me about this place…” “GASP” Dia is breathing heavy as a tremendous pressure is building in his body. “Gaa, I feel like my body is about to explode!” Dia screams…”WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME THEN…BOY…COUGH, COUGH! IF ALL THATS LEFT OF NIN-DRAGON’S ARMY IS YOU…AND THAT CRYSTAL PERSON, THEN THINGS ARE…NOT GOING WELL FOR THE SIDE OF…LIGHT…COUGH!!!” “You can say…that again…The Dark One has three of the Sacred Relics, and we have none…” “WHAT! HE HAS THREE OF THE FIVE RELICS, WHILE NIN-DRAGON HAS NONE!!!” “Yes, that’s why I came here. I need that Relic to help give us a fighting chance for once!” Dia is barley able to say. “THEN TAKE IT BOY…” “But it’s in…your chest, you will die if I remove it…” “BOY I’M ALREADY GOING TO DIE…I EXPLODED…MY OWN…HEART TO SAVE…YOU…TAKE IT…YOU CAME…ALL THE WAY HERE…FOR THIS…YOU…CAN’T GO BACK…EMPTY HANDED NOW…” Gulp…Dia swallows. “You’re…right Dridian. I’m sorry things…had to go…this way, I wish…you could have joined us…” Dia reaches for the Space Relic. Dridian places his hand on Dia’s hand. “I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO JOIN…FORCES WITH…NIN-DRAGON…BUT ALAS…THAT WAS NOT…WHAT FATE HAD…PLANNED…COUGH, COUGH, COUGH…LISTEN BOY…WHAT IS YOUR NAME…” “Dia as I said before…” Dia says with a small smirk. “Oh…right…heh…sorry I was…to angry to hear you’re reply from…before…” Dridian’s voice is fading. “Dridian!!! You’re voice, I can barely hear you!!!” Dridian musters up the last of his strength to say his final message.

“I, DRIDIAN, GUARDIAN OF THE…COUGH!!! COUGH!!! SPACE RELIC, ENTRUST COUGH!!! DIA OF EARTH, COUGH COUGH COUGH!!! WITH THE SACRED SPACE…RELIC!!!” He shoves Dia’s hand onto the Space Relic and uses his last bit of energy to help Dia rip it out of his chest. Dia falls back with the Space Relic in his hand, he feels an immense surge of power flow through his body, giving him enough energy to some what recharge his eye abilities. “You…gotta get back to Earth Dia…soon, the…Relic has given you enough energy to make it back…” Dridian’s voice is almost non-existent. “Thank you Dridian! I will tell Nin-Dragon of your sacrifice when he returns!!!” “Thank you…Dia…” After a moment, Dridian speaks one last time. “Dia…I have a small request for…you…cough!” “Yes, anything Dridian!” “I…have…been on this….hunk…of rock…for…what seems….like…forever now…my final wish…is please…toss my body into space…even though I’ll be dead…I COUGH COUGH…am free from my duty as a Relic…guardian…I want my body to be free from this place…COUGH COUGH!!! May…it become…one…with…space…………………………itself……………..” Dridian’s eyes close, as he passes away. A tear forms from Dia’s right eye and drops onto Dridian’s body. “Sure Dridian…I will grant you, your final wish… Dia gets to his feet, stars off into space for a moment then bends over to pick up Dridian’s body. with the power of the Space Relic, Dia’s strength is increased and he is able to hoist up Dridian’s body. “HYAAAAAAAAAAA” Dia puts everything he has into his throw and sends Dridian out into space. As Dia watches his body float away, he says his farewell. “Good bye Dridian…I wont let you down, I will help Nin-Dragon take down the Dark One for you!!!” And in a flash Dia opens up a rift with his eye and the power of the Space Relic, merging their powers together, and is gone…traveling back to Earth.

Dridian’s body floats peacefully…into the unknown universe…

[Back on Earth]

A rift opens up on Earth, as Dia is tossed out of the rift. His body sent into a tree. “GAA!” Dia looks around. He is in a big open meadow. “Well…I don’t know where I am…but…I’m home…I’m back…on Earth…” Dia smiles and closes his eyes.

“Well, well, well…look who we have here!” Dia’s right eye snaps open, keeping his left eye closed to not drain himself anymore. “You!!!”

There they stand not even 15 feet away from Dia….”ARKEN, AND KIGA!!!”

{Stay Tuned}

Chapter 46: Dia’s Overwhelming Power Unleashed!!!

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    • lol, thanks man. Even though I don’t update the story as much as I want to, I try to make it a good story. Being a good story teller is one of my talents, and in this story you never know what will happen next, cause I don’t do the usual good guy vs bad guy OH BIG SHOCKER GOOD GUY WINS AGAIN! No no, the bad guys have the edge in my story. Plus my story is raw and uncensored, brutal and crazy lol. I PLAN to do the next chapter tomorrow night.

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