The Adventures Of Nin-Dragon [Chapters 1-25]

This page has Chapters 1-25 of The Adventures Of Nin-Dragon. The story has gotten so long on this page, I need to make a new page for chapters 26-50 lol.

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Intro: Remember Nin-Dragon was revived after Cryptic was sacrificed in a ritual involving 3 keys. Now our Story begins with Nin-Dragon looking for clues…

Chapter One: The Investigation

Nin-Dragon enters a room and flashes his flash light, “Is he here?” After glancing around there seems to be nothing there. “Nope, not here.” Nin-Dragon turns and leaves to look elsewhere.

[After arriving at a small shack]

“Not here either…where could he be…Oh! what’s this? A clue!” A small piece of fabric was on the floor. Nin-Dragon gets fiddles with his pocket for awhile and pulls out a magnifying glass. “Glad I didn’t forget this.” He begins to inspect the cloth, its worn, old and black, not its color. “hmm, its almost like its been burnt. Wait I think I know where this came from, its from that gym that burned down!” Nin-Dragon rushes out of the room but he wasn’t aware of a presence high in the rafters of the room…

[Nin-Dragon arrives at the burnt down gym]

“Hmm the clue sent me here but…he would never have came here to exercise. He’s a 5,000 year old spirit. I have been fooled. I must return to the shack quickly!

[Nin-Dragon arrives back at the shack all out of breath]

Nin-Dragon comes crashing through the door, A homeless man attached to his leg who has been literally dragged for half and hour begging for money looks tired but still determined to get money. “Get off me you hobo.” He shakes his leg and smacks him a few times and slams the door shut. “Phew, now back to business.” As soon as he turns around however he yells out “Whoa!!!” and falls over. There in the corner is a silver parrot. “Oh…its just a bird, you startled me you little rascal.” As he gets up and dusts himself off he walks towards the bird. “Now what’s your name?” “SQUAWK!!!” the bird shrieks. “My name is not for you to know now, but follow the snow and you’ll know then.” “Hmm…follow the snow? but there is none? Its to warm unless there are patches of snow in the shade still? Guess its worth a look.” He leaves the shack. “Ah ha there is a patch of snow there…and I think I see some way over there to, I hope that’s the right way I don’t want to get lost.” He heads off and follows the snow patches for 6 hours before he notices a small structure about 100 feet away. “I wonder what that could be? Doesn’t look like a shack…its white?”

[Arrives at the structure]

“Ah hah, an igloo. I haven’t seen one of these in 10 years.” Nin-Dragon enters the small igloo which is small to the point where it could only hold 1 person comfortably. Inside is only a block of ice in the middle of the igloo with something ontop. “Now this is out of place isn’t it, a book. Why would someone just leave a book on a block of ice. That could ruin it.” He carefully picks the book up so it doesn’t stick to the ice. As he opens it, his expression becomes puzzled. ” What the hell is this? Some kind of a code? Is this a key of some sort?

[On the page it says 4, E, T, R, Z, O, N, W, O, I, T, 7, F, G]

“Hmm I will have to figure this book out later, I better head home I can’t say I’m looking forward to another 6 hour walk…uhg” Nin-Dragon leaves the igloo and heads home. He has no idea of the startling secret that he is soon to learn…

Chapter 2: A threat hiding in the darkness!

[Nin-Dragon is sitting at his desk looking at the book he found in the igloo. Many hours have past]

“Hmm…I just can’t figure this out, I’ve tried everything, maybe if I spend a little bit longer trying.” As another hour passes by, it is now midnight. The only source of light in the house is a candle as it has almost melted away to nothing…”Wait a second, could it be that simple? If I arrange them like this, If I take the F and then this and then that.” The candle flickers then goes out as Nin-Dragon stands up quickly in the now dark room, he drops the book and it hits the floor with a loud “THUD.” “No…it can’t be, this is very…very bad…” Nin-Dragon rushes out of the house into the night, as he drops the piece of paper he was writing it. It lands on the floor and it says, I wont forget.

[Outside of Nin-Dragon’s house.]

“I don’t know what you’re planning, but I’ll stop you! No good can come from you!” He yells to the sky. As he turns to go back inside he notices on the ground just a few feet away from his foot is a silver hair. He picks it up and examines it. “Hmm it looks like it came from that silver parrot.” He returns inside. “Where should I look next? I need to find that bird again. It’s name seems to be vital information to all of this. You wont escape me, and you wont complete whatever your planning…” Nin-Dragon goes to bed and tries to sleep.

[Meanwhile in a castle that is cloaked in darkness at an unknown location. Inside the throne room.]

2 voices can be heard talking in what seems to be a completely deserted room. Dust and rubble are everywhere. The throne is turned away from someone who is standing behind the throne…someone in a dark purple cloak with a strange symbol on the back. On one of the thrones arm rests is a hand that has no flesh, it is nothing more then a skeleton’s hand. “Please master, let me deal with him.” “No, unfortunately you would be no match for him in your current state Arken.” “What must I do to be able to deal with him master?” ” Never mind him for now Arken, I have a vital quest for you to do. You must find five ancient relics. With these I’ll regain my power from so long ago, and then I will grant you the powers you seek. Then we will destroy him. But dealing with him will come later.” “Very well master, but where are these ancient relics?” “Well unfortunately I don’t know the location of all of them at this current time. I do however know where one of the five relics are. It’s in a jungle to the south of here. It’s a ways away, I’d say about a 3 days journey. Go there and reclaim that relic in the name of darkness then return it to me.” ” Now be careful my loyal soldier, for each of these relics wont be obtained easily. A trial awaits you at each one and if you fail a trial you will die, if that happens I’m afraid even I will be unable to bring you back. I wish I could go with you but as you know I am bound to this castle for the time being. For if I leave this place without being at full power I’ll turn to dust and be no more.” “Very well master, I will be careful. By the way, how will you find the locations of the other relics?”

“SQUAK!!!” The same silver parrot that Nin-Dragon had come across prior, flies into the throne room and lands on the skeleton’s hand. “This is how Arken…say hello Arken.” ” Uhh, hello…” “SQUAK! hello, hello big dummy.” “Why you arrogant bird!” “Now, now, that’s not needed Arken. Our friend here didn’t mean it. Isn’t that right Cryptic? “SQUAK! Yes Master” “Now what news have you brought me?” The parrot whispers into the skeleton’s ear. “Very good Cryptic…very good indeed” The other skeleton hand gives a dead and half rotten rat corpse to Cryptic as he takes it and starts eating. “Now go Arken, and do not fail me!” “I shall not master, I’ll return as soon as I can.”

Arken leaves the castle as he mumbles to himself. “Dumb bird, why did master have to create that pint sized nuisance.” “Whatever I can’t let that pest distract me from my mission. I must remain focused completely.”

[Back inside the castle.]

The skeleton and parrot are talking. “Don’t worry my pet, soon you and I will be whole once again. Soon the world will cower in fear at our feet. Soon Nin-Dragon will be no more.”

Chapter 3: Nin-Dragon, Descendent Of A Hero.

[Back at Nin-Dragon’s house, the sun has just started rising.]

Nin-Dragon is already awake and ready to head off for the day and continue his quest. “I have to find that parrot, I doubt he is back at that shack still. Maybe someone in the village will know a way to find him.” He heads off to Sandwall Village, a small village at the edge of a jungle and surrounded by desert.

[After walking for an hour he arrives at Sandwall Village.]

“Finally made it, now who should I ask about finding a bird? I could try the animal shelter?” As he walks down a few streets and takes a turn he notices a rather large sign that says Fortune Telling in front of a tent. “A fortune teller eh? Hmm like I would ever believe that mumbo jumbo.” As Nin-Dragon tries to turn to continue on he has a strong feeling that makes him think twice. “Hmm…well it couldn’t hurt just to listen to some phony babble on for a minute or two could it?” He heads inside the tent. Inside it’s dimly lit and there is a small table in the middle with an elderly lady sitting at it. A few small boxes are on the floor next to her and a small bed is in the corner. “Well I’m guessing you aren’t a very good fortune teller or you wouldn’t be living in this tent.” As he sits down across from her, she doesn’t move a muscle. “Uhh miss…hello?” “Sorry my child I just wasn’t sure if you wanted to continue doing my job and predicting things hehehe, now tell me, why have you come to me today?” “Well honestly I wasn’t planning on it but I’m looking for something-” She cuts him off. “Aren’t we all looking for something in this world…very well I will assist you but under one condition.” “Oh and what’s that?” “Simple you apologize to me for that smart ass remark you made before.” “Oh yeah, that was a bit harsh wasn’t it, your right that was wrong, I’m sorry, I just don’t tend to believe in these kind of things.” “Thank you my boy, now let us get started shall we, if you would be so kind as to give me your right hand please.”

After a bit of hesitation, Nin-Dragon gives his hand to her, she studies it for a few moments then gasps! “YOU!!!” “I knew you would arrive at some point, but I must admit I was not expecting today to be the day. I sense you are one who has seen death and returned from it. You’re very lucky but that can only mean one thing. You are the descendent of the hero from so long ago…” “I’m a hero?” Nin-Dragon has a puzzle look on his face. “What the heck are you talking about lady?” “Hush boy, I will tell you a story that will change your life forever.

“It was 5,000 years ago, there was a great war that broke out and it threatened to destroy the entire planet. None who live today know about it other then myself…and I suppose since you’re here that can only mean he has returned as well. So he also knows this story…” “Anyway back then in this war, there were 2 leaders of opposite forces who fought against each other. One was of light and fought for peace while the other was pure evil. In fact they say he was the very source of all the evil in the world. This war went on for what seemed like forever. 20 years to be exact, both sides had seen loss until one day it was down to just the 2 of them. Now the hero…nobody knew his real name, but he was simply called Nin-Dragon by the people. The reason he was the last one left of his side was due to a sword he had. It protected him from the dark one’s powers. Now this was no ordinary sword. It was forged with 5 ancient relics. Now separately each relic had immense powers, but forged together as that sword, they made a blade so strong that it literally fed off what was in the holders heart. Now the hero of light had fed it light and hope, it was enough to repel the powers of darkness, and ultimately it was able to end the war, with a final grand strike the dark one was severed in two. However as the sword was absorbing the dark one, to seal him away for all eternity, he was able to bite his own tongue off and it managed to flee down into the earth through a fissure in the ground. Now nobody knows whatever happened to that tongue. After what was left of the dark one was absorbed into the blade, the hero Nin-Dragon returned home, though he unfortunately fell ill. Ultimately he past away. His body was never found, they say a light one night surrounded his home where the deities themselves took his soul so it could R.I.P but nobody knows for sure, as for the sword it had vanished, legend says that the sword crumbled apart back into the 5 ancient relics since there was nobody to hold it. I suppose the deities took the relics and put them some where.” “Wow…why did he become I’ll suddenly?”

“You see the world was out of balance, light had taken over and there lies the problem. There must always be a balance in the world, between light and darkness. For without light there is no darkness, and without darkness there is no light. But you see after the hero had passed away, he became a legend to the people. They had wrote down his story as best as they could and how brave he was and they even made monuments of him. As time passed it seems the world is getting back into balance. It has begun reverting back to normal or…what was normal 5,000 years ago. Which can only mean that evil has started to creep its way back up. Now this is where you come in my boy. You’re the descended of the hero from so long ago. It is your fate to conclude the war from 5,000 years ago. Although you mustn’t make the same mistake as the hero did. You must make sure to not let the balance of evil become greater then the light. If you were to fail…the world would perish. If you destroy the darkness completely the world will die as well.”

Nin-Dragon is in shock, his mouth wide open as he tries to compose himself. “Well, wait…I…I have to fight some ancient evil and NOT destroy it but beat it to the point it stays in balance? It sounds like I’ll need that almighty sword, but how do I go about that, if it fell apart and is who knows where?” “You must find the 5 ancient relics Nin-Dragon.” “Well geez that’s helpful information isn’t it? Where are they, how do I find them? Do you know where they are?” “I’m afraid I only know where one is…and I’m not even 100% sure…its just a feeling I have but in the jungle just outside this village I feel as though one is there. Other then that I do not know. Now you must go, time is of the essence boy.” As Nin-Dragon gets up slowly still trying to digest all of this story, he looks up at the fortune teller. “I’m sorry again…” “For what my child?” “For doubting you, there is no way a story like that could be phony.” “Oh that’s quite alright Nin-Dragon.” “Wait how do you know my name?” ” Do you really need to ask me that? You are the modern Nin-Dragon, it was obvious.” “Oh…right” He turns to leave the tent but turns back partially. “Tell me something…is this great evil…is it Cryptic?” “No my boy, Cryptic was merely a pawn in this war, the dark one is far worse.” “By the way fortune teller, what’s your name?” ” Heh, once upon a time I was called Crystal, but that’s a story for another time, now go fast for I sense you will meet a being of darkness once you reach the place the relic is at. I fear the dark one also wants that blade if he gets his hands on that blade…someone with his hatred…the evil in his heart the world would lose everything, the sun light, water, life, everything. One last thing boy, be careful at these places where the relic’s are. The relics will test you, or more accurately the deities will test you. If you fail a trial I’m afraid your life will come to and end.” “Sheesh talk about pressure…alright thanks a lot Crystal, I hope we run into each other again soon.” Crystal whispers to herself, “I’m sure our paths with cross again…”

[Nin-Dragon leaves the tent.]

Nin-Dragon heads off towards the jungle. “Man…something worse then Cryptic, I can’t even imagine something that bad but I’ll stop whoever this is or die trying.”

[Nin-Dragon arrives at the edge of the jungle.]

Well in I go…

Chapter 4: Arken And The 1st Relic.

[Nin-Dragon is in the jungle and is walking down a path]

“Man I must have been walking for 3 hours by now. Where could this relic be? It’s got to be around here somewhere.” He notices some bushes that were trampled on just a few feet away. “Hmm, looks like someone went off the trail here…but who? Could it have been that dark presence Crystal warned me about? I better check it out, heck its better then just aimlessly walking around, not like an ancient relic will just be sitting on the trail saying here I am.” He heads off the trail and goes into the depths of the jungle. After slowly making progress in the deep jungle, climbing over fallen tree trunks, and tree roots he arrives at a small opening. No more then 5 feet around. In the middle of the area is a perfectly flat circular stone. “Well now this is strange, this doesn’t look natural at all. I wonder if anything is under it? May as well try and lift it.” After a number of groans and grunts Nin-Dragon is unable to budge the stone. “Ow, my back, I shouldn’t have tried so hard…well that rocks not going anywhere. Maybe I can break the rock?” He looks around and notices a smaller rock he might be able to use on the other side of the flat circular rock. He starts to walk across the stone when all of a sudden, “Roar!” A low roar seems to come from no where. “Huh? What was that?” A mysterious voice comes from the air itself it echo’s around Nin-Dragon. ” What is it you seek mortal? Power or Truth? Light or Darkness? Nin-Dragon is stunned…”Must I repeat myself?” “Oh…uh…no, I seek truth and light, as well as an ancient relic.” A few moments pass in silence. “Very well mortal, you may enter…” “Enter? Enter wha-!!!” The rock underneath our hero shatters and Nin-Dragon falls into a dark hole that was under the rock. “Ahhhhhhhhh”

[Inside a mysterious cave]

Nin-Dragon plummets 50 feet into the darkness before landing in a small pond that is no more then 10 feet deep. Nin-Dragon makes his way to the surface as quickly as he can and gasps for air. “GASP, cough, cough, cough.” He makes his way to the edge of the pond and drags himself ashore and managed to crawl over to a fairly large rock against a wall where he sits against it to catch his breath. “Man…that was NOT cool mysterious voice!!!” “Mwahahahahahahaha, hahahahahaha, hehehehehe” Nin-Draon quickly looks up to the whole he fell through in the ceiling and that’s when he see’s him……the dark presence he was warned about, the man in the purple cloak. He is floating down slowly. “Hehehehe I don’t know what your talking about Nin-Dragon, but I thought it was hilarious.” “Who…who are you?” Nin-Dragon tries to sound confident but fails. “How do you know my name? You’re working with the dark one aren’t you?” The man continues to slowly float down, his face hidden by the darkness in the cave. “Heh the dark one, so you know of him, that means you know the story of the war from 5 millennia ago…I wonder how you found out about that…but its irrelevant you still know nothing. You simply call him the dark one, if you knew his actual name, you would die instantly. Not even the original Nin-Dragon knew his name.” “As for who I am…You can call me Arken.” He quietly lands on the cave floor. He starts walking towards Nin-Dragon and steps into a beam of light that is coming down from the hole in the ceiling. “Wha, what…” Arken’s face is revealed in the beam of light. “What happened to your face?” Arken’s face is half covered in a mask with strange symbols covering it, while the other half is a skull with no flesh at all on it. “Heh, not that I need to explain myself to you, but since you wont be leaving this place alive I’ll tell you a bit about me. My face is this way because in this time period I don’t exist. You see I was alive 5,000 years ago as my masters right hand man. Now thanks to this mask I’m back…partially. I’m not fully complete you see, but that’s fine and that Nin-Dragon…is all you need to know. I must thank you actually though, you found this place for me, now I’ll be taking the relic.” Arken stops and looks around and he can see a small shrine at the opposite end of the cave. “Ah there it is.” He turns and walks towards the shrine. Nin-Dragon quickly gets to his feet and tries to charge at Arken but Arken turns around quickly and points his hand at Nin-Dragon, he sends a shock wave at Nin-Dragon which sends him flying back first into a rock. “CRACK!” “GAAAAAA” Nin-Dragon yells out in pain as 3 of his ribs break on impact. “Cough, cough” Nin-Dragon spit up some blood as he places his hands on his broken ribs. “You fool, you maybe a descendent of the legendary hero from 5,000 years ago but right now you’re nothing but a man. You’re weak, you have no power, yet you still chose to come at me? What a foolish mortal you are hahahah.”

Arken turns his attention back to the small shrine across the cave and heads back towards it. “Uhg…nobody said you would have powers.” Nin-Dragon mumbles to himself, he tries to get up and but he can’t move due to the pain and having no energy left. Arken approaches the shrine. “I see…I guess this stone panel with what looks to be a hand shape cut into it is what I want…” Arken places his hand on the stone panel. After a second passes that mysterious voice returns and it echo’s through out the cave. “Who seeks the ancient relic of Nature? Are you of light or darkness?” “Ha, I’m Arken, soldier of the dark one. I represent darkness!!!” Arken bellows. After a brief silence. “Very well Arken of darkness. If you wish to be granted the relic of Nature you must pass a trial of mine. However be warned, fail my trial and I shall take your life as punishment for not being worthy.” “Ha I do not fear death, I’m basically already dead anyway. I accept!!!” Arken screams! “Very well Arken of darkness. In order to be granted this relic for darkness you must make a sacrifice of your own. Now if you would please cut off a hand of yours and leave it in the stone panel.” “Tsk, what a hassle, but whatever its a small price to pay.” Arken reaches into his cloak and pulls out a dagger, and in a swift movement severs his right hand off. It hits the ground with a sickening “Slop.” The hand was bone with bits of flesh on it. Arken picks it up with his left hand and places it on the stone panel. “Very good Arken, your sacrifice has pleased me. I here by award you the relic of Nature. Farewell…” The voice is gone. On top of the small shrine a rock crumbles away revealing a weird shaped relic under it. The relic has a symbol of what looks like a tree on it. Nin-Dragon is still trying to get up but is unable to. He looks up at Arken and yells. “How could you do that!!! How could you just cut off your own hand like that?” Arken grabs the relic with his left hand. “Hahahaha, you have much to learn hero.” Arken turns back to Nin-Dragon and starts to make his way back over to him. Arken puts the relic inside his cloak and immediately a purple and green aura erupt around Arken and swirl around him. He points his right arm at Nin-Dragon, where the hand used to be is just a bloody mess. “Squish, squish…..squish.” Arken yells out, “Rahhh!”A new hand grows out instantly and replaces the hand he cut off just a minute ago. “What!!! How did?” “I told you hero, you have much to learn. I can easily regrow any body part I need but unfortunately this is where your story ends. Arken raises his newly grown hand up and it starts glowing with the same green and purple aura that was surrounding Arken before. “Now before I do this, let me explain one thing, Nin-Dragon, the purple aura you see around me is my own aura, the aura of darkness. Which is basically my powers. The green you see now is from the Nature relic. Each relic has its own colored aura. Now I’m afraid it’s time for you to die.” “HAA!” A greenish purple blast gets shot out of Arken’s hand and flies towards Nin-Dragon.

Nin-Dragon is thinking. “I have to move, no matter what, I can’t die here!” With great will power and with a sliver of energy that has returned to his body he manages to get his foot under him and jump out of the way…mostly. “GAA!!!” Nin-Dragon’s left arm got hit by the blast and he can no longer feel his arm. “Well would you look at that, you actually had enough strength to dodge that. Lets see if you can dodge again hahaha I wont miss this time.” Arken starts to charge up another shot. Nin-Dragon is to exhausted to move, he wont be able to dodge another attack. Arken is about to launch his next attack when he stops suddenly and lowers his arm back to his side. He is talking with someone in his mind…”What? Don’t destroy him? Oh I’m sorry master I forgot we must destroy him together later. You must be the one to finish him off. I’m terribly sorry…I have the relic, I shall return immediately.” Arken glances back at Nin-Dragon. “Looks like you lucked out Mr. Hero. It’s not yet your time to die after all. But have fun getting out of this place. Maybe I’ll see you again…but I doubt it hahaha.” Arken starts to unleash a few quick blasts around the cave, the cave starts to crumble and fall apart, rocks, boulders, dirt, and rubble are crashing down. “Good luck boy, and if we meet again, I’ll be sure to break 3 more of your ribs mwahahaha.” His body dissolves into purple mist and he flies up through the whole in the ceiling and is gone.

The cave is really coming down now. “I have to get out of this!” Nin-Dragon notices another small pond about 25 feet away. He drags himself to it and slips under the water. He gets under water just as the cave has fully caved in…sealing him inside…and trapping him underwater. Nin-Dragon notices that he is sinking a bit as he looks over at his arm that he couldn’t feel. He is shocked to see his arm has turned to stone. He is thinking, “What the hell! This must be the power of that Nature relic. I guess it can turn things into things found in nature…like stone. How am I going to survive this? Am I going to die here?”

Chapter 5: Saved By Someone.

[Underwater a few minutes have went by]

“Blub, blub,” Air bubbles leave Nin-Dragon’s mouth as he is sinking and trying to stay calm. He is thinking to himself. “I can’t stay down here forever, I can’t hold my breathe for much longer either, I have to figure something out.” He continues to sink until his feet are on the floor of the pond. He notices a dark tunnel across the pond on the other side. As he is thinking to himself. “Hmm…what’s that? A tunnel? That couldn’t be a way out could it? Well I have no other option I have to go in it and hope that it is or I’m fish food. I better make this quick I cant hold my breath for more then another minute.” He slowly walks across the floor of the pond. 15 seconds have passed as he reaches the tunnel’s entrance. He notices a slight current going down the tunnel and decides to head in. “Hmm…a current that could be good.” Only 45 seconds of air left. The tunnel is fairly small, only about 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide. As Nin-Dragon is about a 3rd of the way through an electric eel pops out from a hole in the wall and swims at Nin-Dragon. “Ahh, blub, blub.” He screams but was quick to shut his mouth as he remembers he is underwater. That cost him 15 seconds worth of precious air. He raises his arm up to protect himself from the eel, and it bites down hard on his arm, however it bit the stone arm breaking a few of its teeth in the process. There was no shock, no jolt, no pain at all in fact…it quickly swims away. Nin-Dragon is smiling. “Hmm so it looks like its a good thing I got this stone arm after all.” As he proceeds down the tunnel more and more eels come out but Nin-Dragon is able to move his arm in their way and protect himself, breaking most of their teeth. He now see’s what looks like the end of the tunnel, he looks up and it seems it goes uphill a bit here. Only 15 seconds of air left. As Nin-Dragon looks around he notices he seems to be at the bottom of another small pond. He looks up, “Ahh there is the surface up there and I can see the stars and moon, I must have been down here longer then I thought, but with this arm I’ll never be able to swim up to the surface, I’m going to have to walk to the shallow end and drag myself onto the shore…” Nin-Dragon begins walking towards the shallow end but after a few steps his lungs start to burn, he has ran out of air and can no longer hold his breath. He is starting to black out but he continues to push on. “So…close…don’t give….up…no…I must…keep…going.” He is a mere 3 feet away from the surface when he passes out…

[15 minutes later]

Nin-Dragon awakens on the shore coughing up water and panicking. “Cough, cough, bleh, cough, cough, wha…” “Ahh…so you’re still alive I see…that’s good my child.” Nin-Dragon tries to sit up but is unable to, he is to exhausted, and in to much pain to move much. He turns his head to the side and he can see…someone a few feet away from him but their back is to him. A fire is crackling in front of this mysterious person. “You’re very lucky I was here to pull you out Nin-Dragon…especially lucky I was able to with my old age. And that stone arm of yours wasn’t much help hehehe. I see you have also sustained some broken ribs.” “That arm of yours must mean you found the Nature Relic…however unless you used it against yourself accidently, that means you aren’t the one who has it now…” Nin-Dragon tries to speak. “Who…are” his voice fades away. “Don’t tell me you forgot me already my boy…that’s not very polite. But we will have plenty of time to talk once you can stand on your own two feet again. For now you must rest. Tomorrow will be a difficult day.” Nin-Dragon feels a strange sense of calmness and safety with this person. As he thinks to himself. “Hmm…why does this person seem so familiar?” As he tries to think of who this person is he drifts off to sleep.

Chapter 6: A Dream Or Nightmare?

[8 hours have passed]

Nin-Dragon stirs in his sleep, and is dreaming…There is a city somewhere, people are going on about their lives, and everything is peaceful. After a few moments, the sun light fades away, a low rumble begins and shakes the city. Everyone freezes and stops what they’re doing and are wondering what’s going on…The sky begins to darken as thick black clouds swirl around the sky and blankets the entire sky. The rumbling intensifies, growing louder and louder. Crates begin to shake and bounce, things fall off shelves, the ground starts to crack and fissures spilt the ground in half revealing chasms that look bottomless. Panic sets into the peoples minds as they begin to run around like headless chickens. People screaming “Watch out!” and “Where’s my son and daughter!” At the center of the city there is a great fountain that was a landmark. It explodes and sends shrapnel flying everywhere. Immediately silence follows…As everyone thinks the danger has passed they all witness a pillar of dark purple light shoot into the sky from the ground where the fountain once was. As the light pillar begins to fade away a figure is standing inside the dark purple pillar of light, and there is someone else beside him. The one person looks familiar…The light has faded and it’s revealed to be Arken! Nin-Dragon stirs in his sleep, Mumbling words that can’t be understood.

The other individual is still a mystery. For he is covered in a mist that swirls around him, hiding his identity. Though his hands…are that of a skeleton…it’s him…the dark one. As everyone is still frozen in fear, he begins to speak is a loud, yet cold voice. It sounds like he has no soul, no emotion at all. “Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed that little show I put on. Now you might be thinking things like, who are those people. Well this is Arken, and I am…well that’s none of your concern really, but you can all call me master, or your almighty dark lord if you wish Mwhahaha.” “Wha…WHAT DO YOU WANT!” A man yells at the dark one from across the street. “What do we want? Well what me and my friend Arken want is very simple…to kill you all.” “Ahhhhhhh!” Women scream and panic takes over once again to the civilians. The man tries to stand his ground and be brave. ” Like hell we’ll call you that you evil being! And if you think we will just sit by while you kill us then you must have no brains in that head of yours!” The man grabs a shovel on the ground and charges at the dark one. “Rahhhhh!” “Snap” The dark one snaps his fingers and the man’s skin instantly dissolves off his body, only a quick “Ahh” is heard before he falls to the ground as nothing but a pile of bones and organs. “Aeiiiiii!” A women’s loud screak echos everywhere and everyone starts to run. The dark one and Arken start to walk along whats left of the road. The dark one stops at the pile of bones that was once a man just moments ago, reaches down and digs out the man’s intestines. He puts them where his head would be but due to the purple mist we can’t see it, but slurping sounds can be heard coming from the dark one. “Sluuuuurp, ahh refreshing. He was a bit on the old side…not as good as someone in his prime hahaha.” Arken chuckles. “Heh” They continue onwards as dark one glances at people, he points at them and says “Spinal Impaler” Causing 10 foot long bones that are sharpened to a fine point, erupting from the ground and lightning speed and impaling those people. Going right through their spine and sending them skyward. Their bodies dangle from the bone pillars…almost like animals that a hunter would mount on his wall. Arken has a grin on his face. As they continue on down the street. “Yes Arken, this will do fine for my new kingdom…that is…after we do a bit of, remodelling HAHAHA.”

Nin-Dragon’s eyes snap open as he sits up and sweat pours down his face. “Was…that…a…dream…no, a…nightmare?” As the pain returns to Nin-Dragon’s mind he keels over in pain. His memories return and he turns to the side and there she is. “Crystal! It was you who saved me!!!” “Yes my boy, I’m glad you remembered me after all.” “How long was I asleep?” “Oh…about 8 hours…maybe a bit more. Though you were tossing and turning in your sleep, not to mention mumbling something for the last little while. All that movement wasn’t good for your ribs you know. Did you have a bad dream?” “Well I…I don’t know if it was what I’d call a dream…it felt to…real.” Nin-Dragon explains his dream to Crystal, not leaving out any details. Once he finishes, she has a grim look on her face. “Oh my…this is not good, not good at all. I was hoping this would never come to pass but what you experienced was no dream, it was a vision, and I’m afraid that it was sent directly to your mind from the dark one himself. That can only mean his powers are beginning to return to him due to the Nature Relic no doubt. Which means he knows you survived, and what he showed you was a glimpse of his plans for this world. We must act fast, there is really no time to lose. Those other relics must not fall into his hands.” Crystal is all worked up and in a very serious mood. “We must make a plan immediately!” “I agree, but wait a second one thing puzzles me…how could he possibly know I survived?” “That I’m unsure of, my abilities can’t answer that. Maybe he just knew you would, maybe its cause if you die then the balance of light and darkness in the world would shift, causing darkness to gain the edge.” “I see…”

They begin to discuss ideas for a plan, while high up in a tree above them, deep within the branches and hidden from view, is that silver parrot…Cryptic.

Chapter 7: Crystal’s Loneliness.

[30 minutes have passed]

“So then are we clear my boy?” “Yeah it seems like the best plan of action on such short notice anyway.” “Alright then lets go over it one last time.” “Okay, so first of all we get out of this jungle, personally I’m tired of this place hehehe. Then we make our way to a city called Aginz where they have the oldest library in the world. Once we get there we will look for any information on the relics, and there locations. If we find anything then we can adjust the plan accordingly. If we don’t…well lets just hope we do find something. Lastly we must keep a low profile, we can’t let anyone know what we are doing, who knows who could be an enemy. I’m going to need to cover up my arm though, might be a bit hard explaining why my arm is stone hah.” “Exactly right my boy, alright seems we have everything ready, lets head out.” They slowly make their way out of the forest. Nin-Dragon is a bit on the slow side do to his injured ribs. As they leave Cryptic takes flight from the tree he was hiding in.

[1 hour later]

Crystal and Nin-Dragon arrive back at the village, as a man limps by with his leg all bandaged up. “Hmm, this gives me an idea Nin-Dragon, follow me.” After a short trip down a few streets, they arrive at a small doctors office. “Stand guard for a moment boy.” “Uhh…wha..okay.” Crystal slips inside. A few minutes pass, sounds can be heard coming from inside a few “clangs”, and “bangs” Nin-Dragon also hears things being moved around. As a few more minutes pass, Crystal returns. “Here you go Nin-Dragon.” She presents some bandages to Nin-Dragon and wraps up his stone arm up in it. “There, now people will simply think you have a broken arm.” “Good thinking Crystal. I don’t suppose you found anything else in there that could be handy? Like anything for my ribs?” “I’m sorry child, but there was no medicine for that in there.” “Remember you are the hero, you wont and can’t let a few broken ribs stop you!” “Well its my arm to…heh.” “Are you going to keep whining Nin-Dragon?” “No haha.” “Don’t fret though, we wont push you to much, if you need a rest every now and then, simply say so.” “Now lets get back to our journey to Aginz. They continue walking along, leaving the small village.

“So Crystal, how long will it take us to get to Aginz? Also why didn’t you mention this library before? Also if it wouldn’t be to much of a problem, why not tell me more about yourself?” “My, my, what’s with all the questions? Well, its about a 3 day’s walk from here.” “Wow 3 days…and it’s just that we wont have much else to do on the way there so we might as well talk…and it would be good to get to know you better. Remember back in the tent when I first met you, you said that was a story for a different time…well now seems like a good time hehe.” “Hmm…very well, ask me any three questions, and I shall answer them.” “Three questions huh? okay, uhh…let me think for a minute.” After a brief pause. “Okay I got my first question. Do you have any family?” Crystal stops dead in her tracks, and looks a bit sad. “Uhh…Crystal?” After a moment goes by. “Sigh…I have nobody left. They were all around 5,000 years ago much like I was…but that war…it…it took them from me. I also was almost done in back then. My sister…was taken by a few demons and was never seen again. My father was offered as a sacrifice to the dark one.” “And what about your mother?” Crystal’s eyes start to tear up. She closes her eyes and seems hesitant to reveal that information. “She died…protecting you Nin-Dragon.” “Whaaat?” “Well, the original Nin-Dragon, the hero from back then.”

“You see, at one point the dark one had launched an attack on some lost children during the war. Nin-Dragon had taken his attention off the dark one to protect those kids, but when his back was turned the dark one tried a sneak attack on Nin-Dragon, you see, my mother saw it coming in advance. She had slight powers, not as advanced as mine, she saw no more then 5 seconds into the future. My abilities are much more advanced due to being around for 5,000 years. That amount of time and training has honed my powers greatly. Anyway, my mother was originally protecting me in that moment during the war, she saw the children and she saw Nin-Dragon going to protect them. Then…she said she loved me…” Crystal begins to cry. “She looked me dead in the eyes, and told me to flee the city. To find a safe place and hide. She then turned and ran towards Nin-Dragon and dove behind him…and it was almost like it was in slow motion…I’ll never forget that moment. She intercepted the dark one, but his blade hit it’s mark…as Nin-Dragon was turning his head to look behind him…she was…” Crystal gets choked up and really starts to cry now. “She was cut in half before my very eyes. Blood sprayed and splattered everywhere. I screamed but no sound came out. I fell to my knees and started crying, again I knew I was crying but I heard no sound. Then he noticed me…I will never forget that moment. I was frozen in fear, I couldn’t move, couldn’t even cry. The dark one had turned his attention to me, and was coming for me. Nin-Dragon saw the dark one’s intentions and ordered his right hand man, his strongest warrior, his most trusted friend, Gizar to leave the battle field…he screamed at him, get the girl and get out of here! Gizar looked at me, then back to Nin-Dragon there eyes met and Gizar just nodded at Nin-Dragon. He said. “You better win, I’ll be back to help you man!”He ran to my side as Nin-Dragon intercepted the dark one, Gizar picked me up and he carried me outside the city. As we were running away I watched Nin-Dragon fight…that was the last time I ever saw the dark one and Nin-Dragon, until you came along that is.”

“Now long story short, Gizar raised me, but you’re probably wondering about him getting back to the battle field…well just a day after we escaped outside the city, he was gearing up to head out when it happened. That deafening indescribable sound. it was almost like two souls being ripped apart. Gizar knew right then that it was over…the war was over, his best friend Nin-Dragon was gone. That’s when he decided to raise me at least till I was 18 then he unfortunately passed away also…leaving me all alone once again.” Nin-Dragon is in complete shock. “Wow…how uh…how did he die?” “He had lost the will to live my boy…he was sick and he simply gave into death. But he did give me one thing.” She reaches to a necklace she is wearing and show’s Nin-Dragon. Its a small oval shaped piece of metal with a symbol on it. “It almost looks like a dog tag?” “It is similar to one yes. It’s called a spirit token. They were badges that Nin-Dragon and his men wore on their armor. They were placed over the heart and they say that part of the warriors soul gets absorbed into it when they die. Gizar told me, as long as I have that, I wont ever truly be alone…he would still be watching over me. That gave me the strength I needed not to give up on life also. I decided at that moment to dedicate my life to helping people and stopping evil. I would prevent that nightmare from EVER! happening again.” Crystal raised her voice. “I’m sorry Nin-Dragon…that was an awful lot to take in…I hope I answered your first question well.” Nin-Dragon is speechless and just nods his head. Crystal starts walking again. She wipes her tears away. “Well we should continue on then, you can ask me your other two questions. Oh and the reason I didn’t tell you about the library before was because I didn’t remember it at the time…” They both chuckle.


Cryptic arrives back at dark castle and lands on the dark ones shoulder. “Ahh yes my pet, you have returned…tell me everything.” Cryptic tells the dark one all the details of Nin-Dragon’s plan including the details about the library in Aginz. “Oh I see, Aginz huh…smart, very smart. A shame I didn’t think of looking there myself.” Arken enters the room, not thrilled to see Cryptic again. “Oh great your back you damn bird.” “Forget about Cryptic, Arken, you know he survived right?” “Who did?” “Who? my, my your head is empty isn’t it Akren. Nin-Dragon of course.” “What!! Well…you didn’t want him to die, so that’s rather impressive for a mortal.” “You still almost went against what I ordered Arken…you could have killed him and if you did that, I would have had to punish you. Although I expected you to be no match for him, but he has no powers, he is weaker then even I thought. I bet Cryptic here could kill him hahaha. Anyway I want to share with you some information that Cryptic brought us.” The dark one tells Arken Nin-Dragon’s plans. “So who is that lady then master? She seems…familiar?” “I thought so to at first Arken. However thanks to Cryptic’s little detour on his way back he has revealed her to me. She is that small female child from 5,000 years ago. It was her mother who I sliced in half. She was carried away by that insignificant worm Gizar back when I was fighting the original Nin-Dragon.” “She lives after 5,000 years? How can that be master?” “Magic obviously you oaf, it seems she has hidden powers as well like us.” “So what’s the plan master?” “Simple really Arken, they will be a problem if we let them continue on, more so that lady…I had not planned on him gaining an ally from 5,000 years ago. So you must go to Aginz and destroy the great library that they are heading for. Destroy everything but Nin-Dragon and anything useful there that could reveal the locations of the other relics, anything useful you will bring back to me. Everything else must be destroyed. The library, and that lady from our past…destroy CRYSTAL!” The dark one bellows. “Very well master, understood, leave it to me, I shall return soon.” Arken dissolves into dark purple mist and heads off towards the library in Aginz.

Chapter 8: Crystal’s Family Treasure.

[1 day has passed]

Crystal and Nin-Dragon are continuing down the road. “So, what will your second question be?” “Umm, lets see…how did you get the name Crystal?” “A that’s a good question, with a very simple answer, although the story I’ll tell you is a long one.” “You see my family had a treasured possession…it had been with our family for who knows how long…hundreds of years. It was a bracelet that the eldest female in the family always inherited and wore. It was made of pure crystal so it was very valuable. Thieves had often attempted to steal it. They were never successful though. My mother decided to name me crystal since I was just as precious to her as the bracelet was to our family.” “I see…but what about your sister? Did she not love her as much as you?” “Hehe, quite the opposite my boy, she loved her to much.” “So then why didn’t she get the bracelet?” “I’m getting to that, sheesh you are an impatient one hehe. You see my sister was a much more free spirited person then I am, she was the type to always get in your face. She would always go on adventures and lose her stuff. I remember one time she came back with no shoes mother wasn’t happy about that hehehe. She was never given the bracelet. My mother was worried she would lose it. My sister was always mad about that, although my mother had planed to give it to her when she turned sixteen. That was only a few months away, but remember the war was happening.” “So she was 15 then, how old were you?” “I was only five years old at that time. Anyways as you know from the last story I told you, my sister was taken by demons and never seen again. It was weeks later when my mother sacrificed herself to save Nin-Dragon. A week prior to her death though she told me she was entrusting me with the family bracelet. She said that since I was the only remaining female member of the family to inherit it I had to take it. I guess she could sense her time was running out…she told me I know you can handle this and make sure you protect the bracelet. Now remember I was only five at the time, I didn’t like jewelry then but I could tell it was special. Ever since that day I have kept the bracelet. I never was told what made it so special but I can tell just by wearing it…that something is special about it.” “So you still have it Crystal?” She pulls her right sleeve up and shows Nin-Dragon the glimmering bracelet. “Yes my boy.” It sparkles in the sunlight.

“Wow…it’s incredible…” Nin-Dragon stops for a moment. “Wait I…I thought I saw something in the bracelet…an image? No…it must have been my eyes playing tricks on me. We have been in the sun a long time haha.””Then let us rest.” Up ahead is a big tree with lots of shade under it, they sit under the tree and rest. “Sigh…that’s better, nice and cool in the shade, oh yeah, what was your sisters name Crystal?” “Sapphire…was her name.” “Was everyone named after rocks back then haha.” “No, but back then the times were much different. Magic existed where as nowadays it does not except for a few individuals from the past.” “You mean the dark one, Arken and yourself.” Nin-Dragon sounds a bit bummed out. “I wish I had the powers the original Nin-Dragon had.” “Well if you get those relic’s you will get some abilities. Although if you can get all the relics and make that blade again, who knows what might happen. Maybe you will gain the powers of the original Nin-Dragon…I sense you have some hidden potential inside you but yes currently the three of us are the only ones on the planet that have any powers left. At least all I know about anyway.” “Why is that Crystal? What happened to the magic? Did everyone have magic back then?” “No, only those who were worthy of it were granted it. Legends say it was the deities who scattered the relics, that took away magic from the humans after the war.” “Then how do -” Crystal cut him off. “How do we three have powers? Well I’m unsure how Arken has his, but the dark one, is the source of all evil, nothing he does surprises me, but again I don’t know how. As for myself, my powers were not taken I believe because I was only a kid…I was pure of heart and my powers had not yet awakened…Or maybe the deities knew I would need my powers to help you 5,000 years later…I do not know for sure. “I see…that was quite the story thanks for sharing all that with me.” “You’re welcome.” “So how much further do you think it is to Aginz?” “Oh, about one more day. We can set up camp here for the night and continue on in the morning. How’s your ribs doing?” “They’re still killing me to be honest, but as long as I take it easy and don’t think about it, I can get through it.” “That’s good to hear.” They get settled in for the night and go to sleep.”

[Meanwhile back at the castle of darkness]

Deep in the castle is the dungeon, there are cells everywhere, some empty, some with bones in them, others with decomposing corpses, and a few with live prisoners. At the far end of the dungeon’s is a staircase that leads down into a much smaller dungeon with just one cell at the end of it. The dark one is standing in front of that cell. “Soon…it will be time to introduce you to the game my dear.” Inside the cell is a person tied up in chains that glow dark purple. The person is sitting cross-legged and in the shadows, so the persons appearance is a mystery. She looks up at the dark one and her eyes glow dark purple and the emblem of the dark one is on her forehead. The emblem is a purple skull with red eyes. The prisoner begins to speak in a quiet yet hectic voice. Almost like she can’t wait to move around, she talks like a psychopath. “Soon…I’ll get to play again master? Tell me…can I play with all the corpses I want this time?” “Yes my dear……yes you can. Hahahahahahaha” The dark one laughs maniacally.

Chapter 9: Arriving At Aginz.

[Night has come and passed.]

Crystal and Nin-Dragon are packing up their stuff and are about to head out onto the road once again and get to Aginz. “So you got everything Crystal?” “Yes, you?” “Yup.” “I hope you slept well last night Nin-Dragon cause today we reach Aginz.” “Yeah, well I slept okay…it’s hard to sleep well when you have a stone arm hehehe.” “Ha I suppose it would be. Well if we are all ready to go then let us head out. Remember you still get to ask me your third question. Do you know what you want to ask me?” “No, not yet but I’m sure I’ll think of something along the way.” “Okay.” They continue down the road.

[Meanwhile at the dark one’s castle.]

The dark one is in a secluded part of the castle in a laboratory, conducting experiments. Someone screaming can be heard coming from the room. “Ahhhhh, Ahhhh!!!!” As it echo’s through out the hallways. “Ahhh!, Gaaaaa!” The person sounds like they are in excruciating pain. “STOP!!! It hurts!!! My eyes, I can’t see!!!” Inside the room the dark one speaks “Oh quit bitching, so I took both your eyes, it’s not big deal, get over it. If my experiment is successful then you wont even need your eyes anymore.” The dark one is standing at a counter while a man is tied down on table with those glowing purple chains. A few small pools of blood are on the table around the guys head, blood stains are on the floor from who knows how long ago. On the shelf’s there are beakers filled with eyes, tongues, bird corpses, intestines, and other unknown things. Over at the counter the dark one is working with the freshly harvested eye balls. The man speaks weakly. “Please…please give me back my eyes…” “Would you please shut the hell up or must I stitch your damn mouth shut. Even if I gave you your eyes back its not like they would work ever again.” The man starts to sob. The dark one goes back to his experiment. He drops the eyes into an empty container and adds a bit of boiling water, a bit of intestines, and he pours some blood from a vile into it. He speaks some weird chant as it starts to boil and bubble, it starts to glow and as it turns into a thick slop, steam starts to rise from it. It gets more and more aggressive then after a few seconds it slows and then stops. The dark one reaches into the container with his skeleton hand and scoops out the eye balls and begins to examine them. They are completely ruined, they almost look like they are burnt to a crisp then they fall apart in his hands into ash. “Damn it…that was a bit better then the last subjects eyes, but the eyes still can’t take it I’m going to need stronger eyes…”

[Back with Nin-Dragon and Crystal, half a day has past.]

“Ah ha I finally thought of my third question Crystal.” “Okay, what is it my boy?” “What started the war 5,000 years ago? How did Nin-Dragon and his allies become a group and what was the dark one’s plan?” “Hehehe that’s three questions, but fine I will answer them. First of all, the dark one’s plan was to enslave the world and rule over it as an evil god, to corrupt life itself. You would either be made into one of his demons, or you were taken, or you were simply killed. Now when it comes to Nin-Dragon and his army, I’m afraid I don’t know how they were formed. That was an ancient secret, I don’t think anyone but the original Nin-Dragon and his men know the answer to that, I doubt even the dark one knows that, though I doubt he even cares. Some say the deities themselves made Nin-Dragon, but I don’t really believe that. We may never know. As for what started the war…that would be the first time Nin-Dragon appeared and thwarted the dark ones plans that first time. The dark one was trying to destroy a small village that was hidden in the forest of Driea. Not many knew it even existed, most say it was a myth. Anyway, he was about to obliterate the village when Nin-Dragon appeared and wounded the dark one with a quick surprise strike, the dark one was so caught of guard and needed to heal that he retreated.” “Wait, you weren’t around then Crystal? So how do you know all this?” “Gizar told me the stories oh his adventures with Nin-Dragon while he raised me.” “Oh…I see, please continue.” “Well, the dark one clearly wasn’t expecting anyone to appose him at the time, people knew of the dark one, they knew he was a thief, and a heartless being but once Nin-Dragon stopped him that time, he gave hope to the people and the dark one was not a fan of that.” “Wait, so your saying Nin-Dragon started the war?” “Yes my boy, basically he did by saving the people of that village. The dark one declared war after a few days due to his intense anger, frustrations and embarrassment and as they say, the rest is history.”

“I see…” Nin-Dragon is trying to take in the whole story. “So…do you have any questions for me Crystal?” “No, I already know everything about your life since the day I held your hand back in my tent, including a few embarrassing stories from your childhood involving frogs…hehe.” “What! You even know about that…hahaha, okay well that’s fine I guess. Well there has to be something you want to ask me?” Crystal pauses for a moment and thinks briefly then turns to Nin-Dragon. “Fine, there is one thing I will ask you.” “Okay what is it?” “When the time comes will you be able to do what needs to be done?” “What? What does that mean” “It means my boy, when a time comes that will test you, for example, either save 1 live or save all life, will you be able to make the right choice?” “Uhh…I don’t know how to respond to that. Are you saying I’ll have a choice like that to make?” “Yes I’m sure you will at some point my boy. The original Nin-Dragon did not hesitate in that situation, he saved everyone at the cost of himself and his allies…” Crystal looks up. “Ahh there it is ahead…Aginz. We finally made it, the library should be about a half an hour walk from here.” After continuing on for a bit they reach Aginz. After they spend a bit of time asking a few people for directions they arrive in front of the Great Library of Aginz. “Wow it sure is huge an magnificent looking Crystal…” “Yes it is Nin-Dragon…truly a marvellous place.” They head inside.

[Meanwhile Arken is closing in on the city of Aginz.]

“Ahh there you are Aginz…soon Mr. Hero we will get to have some fun again and I hope you didn’t forget my promise to break 3 more of your ribs. Sure will be tough to breathe and stay alive with 6 broken ribs hahaha!”

Chapter 10: The destruction of the great library of Aginz.

Crystal and Nin-Dragon enter the front doors of the library. Inside is a hallway they take and after a few turns they arrive at a door. Nin-Dragon opens the door and they enter. Inside is a mammoth sized room filled with millions of books. Its five stories tall. “Holy…crap, there are so many damn books. How the hell are we supposed to find anything in a place this damn big?” “Do not worry Nin-Dragon we will find a way.” They ask the lady at the desk if she knows if they have any books about anything from 5,000 years ago. “Hmm, 5,000 years ago…well the oldest history books are on the fifth floor so you could search there.” “Okay thank you.” They head up the stairs to the second, then third, then fourth and finally the fifth floor. “Well that was a lot of stairs.” “Yes it was, but if an old lady like me can do it, so can you haha. Now let us look around.” “This could take awhile still, there must be two hundred thousand books on this floor.” “Yes that is a concern but we best start looking. Tell me if you find anything even remotely in the area of 5,000 years ago.” “Okay.” After searching for half an hour, Nin-Dragon finds something. “Hey Crystal, I think I’m in the right area.” He whispers and she comes over. “Lets see what have you found Nin-Dragon?” “Not much but these books here talk about a war from 5,000 years ago.” There are three books that mention a war from 5,000 years ago. Crystal looks over them and after a few minutes she shakes her head. “No, I’m afraid these are not the war that we are looking for. This one was a small battle between two villages, this was a war with slaves, and this one is a war between two families.” “Darn, I really thought I was close.” “Well I think we are in the right area, lets keep -” Crystal stops talking mid sentence and notices on a book shelf about 25 feet away, a book that stands out from all the others. “Wait a moment…what’s this.” “What’s what?” “This book over here my boy.” She walks over to it and picks it up as they both look at the cover. Its titled, The Hero Of Light And The Deity Of Evil. “Yes this is it, I can feel it.” Crystal says, as she and Nin-Dragon open the book and are a bit puzzled as they flip through every page but they are completely blank…”What is the meaning of this?” Crystal is a bit frustrated. “I don’t get why this book would be blank?” Nin-Dragon takes the book and looks at it. As he is holding it the book flips a bunch of pages on its own. “Whaaa!!!” Nin-Dragon and Crystal both exclaim. The book stops on a blank page as they both look as words start to appear on the page. It’s in some weird language. “Well that was certainly weird, well I guess we are getting somewhere eh Nin-Dragon. But I don’t understand that language? Its nothing I have ever seen even from 5,000 years ago.” “What are you talking about Crystal? Its in plain English?” “What? You mean you can read it Nin-Dragon?” “Of course, you mean to you this isn’t in English?” “No it’s not, its some weird chicken scratch to my eyes.” “Wow…that’s crazy.” “So what does it say my boy?” “Oh right, it says Hero of light, what you seek lies beneath.” “Lies beneath? Beneath what?” “How should I know Crystal?” “Are you sure that’s all it says?” “Yup, just that one sentence.” “I see, well -” Crystal quickly turns around and remains silent. “What is it Crystal?” “I sense…darkness is close.” “Really? Where is it?”

“Right here!!!” Arken appears from nowhere behind Crystal and tries to execute her with the small blade he used last time to cut off his hand at the last relic temple. “Haa!” Crystal quickly evades out of the way but her sleeve gets cut. Nin-Dragon trips in surprise and stumbles into a book shelf causing it to fall over with a loud crash. Books rain down and cover Nin-Dragon. After a brief second he quickly gets up and joins Crystal. “Hey, whats going on up there?” The lady at the desk yells. She starts to make her way up to the fifth floor. “My, my you sure are quick for your old age…Crystal HAHAHA.” “How do you know my name Arken?” “Oh please don’t think I forgot about you back when you were a kid, being taken by that oaf Gizar.” “So you know everything about me then.” “Yes, I’m afraid I do. Thanks to a little bird hahahah.” “A bird!!!” Nin-Dragon exclaims, “You mean Cryptic don’t you!” “Hahaha, maybe…. but that’s not really important. I’m here to fulfill my mission, to obliterate this library and to kill you Crystal. Now you Nin-Dragon, do not worry, for I wont kill you, the dark one will do that. I did however make you a promise to break 3 more of your ribs. Oh and how’s that arm of yours Nin-Dragon hahaha” “Grr” Nin-Dragon replies. The lady is walking up the last set of stairs. “Hello!!! I said what the hell is going on up here!” She is yelling. “Time to have a bit of fun.” Arken sends a dark purple chain flying from his sleeve towards the top of the steps. The lady gets to the top of the steps. “Alright what the hell – Ahhhh” the chains wraps around her. “Aieeeeeeeee!!!” She screams as it tightens on her and the emblem of the dark one burns itself onto her forehead. She collapses. “Hahahahaha, a fresh test subject for my master.” “You monster!” Crystal and Nin-Dragon both yell and try to rush to the lady to help. Arken doesn’t allow that. “Oh I don’t think so, Haaa! Haaa! Haaa!” Arken sends out shockwaves towards Nin-Dragon and Crystal they quickly dodge and hide behind some book shelves. As books go flying and book shelves break into pieces. “You really think a few book shelves will protect you from me?” “This isn’t good Crystal we have to do something.” “I know but what can we do, he may not have the power of the relic of Nature with him, but his powers of darkness are more then you can handle Nin-Dragon. And my powers are not for fighting and we cant just keep dodging forever.”

Arken starts to float into the air, he sends a shockwave at the roof, blasting a hole in it. “HAA!” He continues to go higher and higher. He is above the library as he stops and starts raining shockwave after shockwave down on the library. “Hide all you want, you will run out of places to hide in a moment!” After a few more shots there is only the two book shelves left that Crystal and Nin-Dragon are behind. “Well I think I have delayed this long enough, time to finish the job. I’m sure you will survive this somehow Nin-Dragon, just like last time.” Arken raises his arms above his head and starts chanting something, as a small ball of dark purple energy appears in between his hands, it is growing bigger, and bigger quite quickly. “What is that Crystal?” “Nothing good Nin-Dragon, nothing good. Its an attack they used back in the war, called the Despair Nova. Basically its a giant bomb. If that thing hits, there wont be anything left of the library, all the history will be gone. We must leave this place to try to save it.” “Alright!” They stand up and start to head towards the stairs, but Arken has already charged up his attack. “Oh I’m sorry you’re to late to run away now!” Arken moves his arms down and it seems like he is throwing a massive amount of weight, it seemed to take a fair bit of effort from Arken. “Farewell Crystal!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” “Shit, there is no time, prepare yourself Nin-Dragon, for this wont end well. I have a plan though.” “Alright, I hope its a good one.” The Despair Nova starts crashing down the roof, book shelves, tables, chairs, books, everything is in a whirlwind, but there is no sound as the Despair Nova explodes everything is ripped apart, floor boards rip up, the floor gives away, Nin-Dragon and Crystal plummet down to the 4th floor then the 3rd, then the 2nd and finally to the ground floor. The library has been destroyed in a matter of seconds. all that’s left is bits and pieces of stuff, Nin-Dragon is pinned under a bunch of rubble knocked out. “Hahahahahah well that was fun, I haven’t gotten to use that in so long. I forgot how much fun you could have with that.” Arken floats down to the ground and he looks around for a moment before finding Crystal, she is buried under a bunch of junk, not moving at all. Then he turns his attention to Nin-Dragon, “Lets start with you Nin-Dragon.” Nin-Dragon wakes up but is dazed. Arken moves a few things off Nin-Dragon before exposing Nin-Dragon’s side. “Time to keep my promise.” “Wha…?” Nin-Dragon manages to say before Arken starts stomping away at Nin-Dragon’s side. “AHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH,” Nin-Dragon screams. “Hahahahahaha you really are a disgrace to the hero from back then.” He continues to stomp away. “Crack….crack………crack!” “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA cough, cough, cough….Ahh…ahhh…ahhh….” “There, I always keep my promises boy, have fun with 6 broken ribs now HAHAHA.” He turns back to Crystal who still hasn’t moved. “Now…its your turn my dear Crystal.”

He walks over to her. She is on her stomach so all Arken can see is her back. He pulls out his blade again. “Well Crystal, its a damn shame you lasted 5,000 years just for me to kill you. But hey you know what they say, life’s not fair, HAHAHA. Farewell Crystal!” “HAA!” He stabs her right in the back as Nin-Dragon watches the whole thing. He screams out, “CRYSTAL!!! NOOOOO!!!!”

Chapter 11: The Mysteriously Quiet Man.

“Crystal!!! Get up Crystal!!!” Nin-Dragon screams. But she remains silent. “You bastard! How could you be so heartless!” Arken puts his blade away. “Ha, me, heartless? Oh please, compared to the dark one I gave her a quick and painless death. Now since she is out of the way, and I already damaged you further, all that’s left to do is to take any information that’s left from here back to my master. So tell me, Nin-Dragon, what information did you find related to the relics?” “Nothing…” Arken picks up a book and throws it at Nin-Dragon, smacking him in the face. “Don’t lie to me boy. What did you learn, you think a simple lie like that will fool me? Now what did you find out.” “I’m not…telling you shit.” It’s hard for Nin-Dragon to talk since he has 6 broken ribs now. “You really want to try to be the tough guy now? Fine have it your way, maybe I’ll go cut up Crystal’s body over there and bring back pieces of her that my master will feed on. How does that sound?” “NO! Leave…her body alone!” “Then you better start talking, I wont ask you again.” “Alright…cough…cough…we only found a book.” “A book? One book?” “Yes…it was called….The Hero Of Light…and…The Deity Of Evil…” “Now that does sound important, what did the book say?” “It was…completely blank, till I…cough…held it…then one sentence appeared…” “What did it say?” Nin-Dragon hesitates for a moment. “WHAT DID IT SAY.” Arken roars. “It said…”Hero of light, what you seek…cough, cough…lies beneath.” Arken ponders for a moment while mumbling to himself. “Beneath…beneath…could it really be that simple?” Arken looks down at his feet, and sends a few quick shockwaves at the floor. After a half a dozen shots there is a hole about 5 feet across and there is a hidden room revealed. “Hahaha, wow, literally they told you want you wanted, and you couldn’t even figure that out? I don’t see how my master thought you were a threat.” Arken jumps down the hole and looks around briefly. Then he finds what he is looking for, a small globe on a desk. The land masses are not quite accurate on it though. “Ah this was what the world was like 5,000 years ago. This should help us locate those relics.” As Arken grabs it, it starts to spin slowly. “Hmm…?” It doesn’t come to a stop though. “Well that’s odd, although the master will know what to do with this. Arken floats back up to Nin-Dragon who is trying to get up but having trouble. Nin-Dragon notices the globe. “Give me that Arken!” “Ha, fat chance, be glad I have to leave you alive. Although I’m sure we will cross paths once again. Farwell Nin-Dragon, till next time. Oops, I almost forgot about you my dear. He grabs the purple chain wrapped around the lady from the desk who is unconscious. Arken leaves the remains of the building and heads back to the dark castle.

[People start to come out from hiding and come to investigate the library.]

“Wow…” “What happened” People are mumbling and are shocked to see the library has been destroyed. Nin-Dragon is still trying to get up, as a man appears beside him. He is a fairly big guy, slightly bigger then Arken. “Who are…you?” The man says nothing, he doesn’t even look at Nin-Dragon, he lifts up books that are covering Nin-Dragon and after a second he is free. He picks Nin-Dragon up, “Uhg!” Nin-Dragon is in pain from his injuries. The man starts to carry Nin-Dragon away from the rubble before people find them. “No wait, my friend, we can’t leave her!.” He turns to where Nin-Dragon is pointing and Nin-Dragon is shocked to see she’s gone. “What? Crystal? Where did her body go?” The man turns and leaves with Nin-Dragon. He carries him down the streets. As people start pouring in and looking over what’s left of the library.

[After 30 minutes]

The man and Nin-Dragon arrive at a small house. “Is this…cough…your house?” He says nothing. He takes a pen from his pocket and draws a sign on the door and it unlocks the door. “Click” “What the?” Nin-Dragon is puzzled. They enter the house and the man closes the door and draws a new symbol on it causing the door to lock again. “Click” Inside it’s dark. “I can’t see anything?” The man snaps his fingers and a light flickers on. “Wow…” Nin-Dragon looks around as the room is small, almost like a hut. Everything in the room looks old…really old, 5,000 years old. In the corner is a bed, more like a cot. The man puts Nin-Dragon down carefully. Nin-Dragon starts to try and sit up but the man shakes his finger at him to stay down. Nin-Dragon doesn’t argue and lays back down. The man goes over to a drawer and pulls out a small box. He opens it up and is looking for something inside. Nin-Dragon can’t see what’s inside. “Hm.” The man grunts as he turns around and walks back to Nin-Dragon. He opens his hand and reveals another pen, although it looks strange, almost like chalk and its green? “What is that?” The man says nothing once more. He lifts up Nin-Dragon’s shirt carefully. “Hey careful, I have broken ribs you know!” Nin-Dragon is getting worried, as the man brings the chalk like pen down and beings to draw on Nin-Dragon’s chest. He scribbles a symbol, places his hand on the symbol and closes his eyes. A warmth starts come from inside Nin-Dragon’s chest. “Ah…what the hell…is…happening…my ribs, they’re…moving…AHHHH” A green glow starts to come from the drawing as it gets brighter then fades away. The symbol also fades away. Nin-Dragon hops up out of bed and is defensive. “What the hell was that all about!” He yells at the man. The man simply points to Nin-Dragon’s ribs, and turns back to the box and puts the pen away. Nin-Dragon is hit with the realization instantly. “Wait a second, my ribs? They…they’re fine? They aren’t broken anymore? Did you heal me?” The man nodes and goes to sit down in a chair as Nin-Dragon runs up to him and hugs him. “Thank you so much!!!” The man quickly shoves Nin-Dragon off, he lands on his butt. The man looks a bit unhappy. “Whoa, sorry man…just wanted to say thank you.” He sits down and Nin-Dragon gets up. “So who are you?” Again he says nothing, he looks at Nin-Dragon and closes his eyes. “I guess you’re not much of a talker are you. Well…thanks again, but I have to go find my friend’s body. I just don’t know where it could have gone. Nin-Dragon tries to open the door, but its locked and wont open. “Uhh…can you open the door please?” The man is asleep and snoring a bit. “Zzzzzzz…snore…zzzzzZ” “Sigh…I guess I’ll have to wait till he wakes up. Guess I might as well get some sleep…if I can. Nin-Dragon goes back to the cot, lays down, and closes his eyes.


Outside the house a silhouette is on top of a roof…someone…is watching the house Nin-Dragon and that man are in…

Chapter 12: The Mysterious Man, A Valuable Friend?

[It’s morning now]

“Uhg!” “Crash” The man roughly shoves Nin-Dragon causing him to fall out of bed and land on the floor hard. “Ow!, what did you do that for?” Nin-Dragon rubs his eyes trying to wake up a bit. “Oh that’s right, its morning, I have to go back to the library and search for Crystal, she could still be buried under all that shit or something!” The man points to the bathroom. “Oh right I should have a quick shower, thanks.” After 15 minutes Nin-Dragon returns and the man his is standing by the door, Nin-Dragon walks over to the door, as the man uses his chalk like pen to once again unlock the door. “Click”, they both leave the house as he once more locks the door behind him. “Guess you’re coming with me?” He once again says nothing, he just nods his head. “Hmm…” Nin-Dragon is getting a bit frustrated with him. They start walking back to towards the library. “Are you really never going to talk to me?” The man looks at Nin-Dragon and shrugs. “Well at least I know you understand me hehe.” After the short walk back they are about a block away as they stop in their tracks. “What the?” Down the street at the location of the library is a bunch of people, civilians who are all picking up pieces of rubble and helping clean up the mess. “We better go ask if they have seen Crystal or any survivors.” Nin-Dragon starts to head over but is quickly grabbed on the shoulder. “Hey!” Nin-Dragon turns around to see his new friend if you can call him that holding his shoulder a bit to tight. Nin-Dragon shakes free of says, “What is your problem? I have to go ask about my friend.” The man points at Nin-Dragon’s arm, as Nin-Dragon looks at it. “Oh shit, I completely forgot about this stupid stone arm…after all the trouble Crystal went through to help me hide it, I cant let those people see my arm.” Nin-Dragon is hit by an idea. “Hey you healed my ribs with one of those…things, can you fix my arm? Can you turn it back to normal?” The man shakes his head. “No? Why not? Is it cause it was done by magic?” The man nods once again. “Damn, maybe if I get one of those relic’s I can fix this arm.” “Heh” The man chuckles, “Oh uh…forget what I said, it was uh, nothing important.” Nin-Dragon thinks keeping the relics a secret is for the best. Although he already let it slip, so the man knows about it…at least slightly. “Well lets sneak into what’s left of the library.”

They quietly sneak up and start looking around. “Hey, Crystal, are you here?” Nin-Dragon whispers. The man just stands there looking around a bit. “Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to help me look for her?” He wonders off a bit to continue looking. After 30 minutes of looking, after back breaking labor of lifting up broken shelves and desks and such they have no luck. The man rejoins Nin-Dragon. “So no luck?” He shakes his head. “Damn, where the hell could her body be? I guess it’s possible those people found her and took her to a hospital or something…” The man taps Nin-Dragon on the shoulder and points ahead of them. A woman is near them. “Crap, we can’t be seen, we gotta get out of here, how are we going to get out of here.” The man reaches into his pocket and takes out another one of those weird pens. It’s a light blue one. He quickly scribbles a weird symbol onto the back of his hand, then he grabs Nin-Dragon’s hand. “Hey, what are you doing?” He scribbles the same symbol onto Nin-Dragon’s hand. The symbol glows for a second. “What the heck is this supposed to do?” The man waves his arm, signaling to follow him. With a puzzled look on his face, he follows the man. The lady turns around and causes Nin-Dragon to freeze in place. The man though, keeps on walking like its nothing. Nin-Dragon is thinking, what are you doing you big oaf. But he walks right past her without her noticing. “Hmm…I could have sworn I heard people over here?” The lady says aloud. Nin-Dragon is puzzled as he is thinking, what the fuck is going on? Can she not see us? Nin-Dragon notices the man is waving for him to follow him. Nin-Dragon carefully walks on, as he kicks a book accidentally, causing the lady to turn around and ask aloud, “Hello? Is someone there?” After a moment she decides to walk away. Both Nin-Dragon and the man continue leave the scene and walk down a few streets. The man goes and sits on a bench as Nin-Dragon joins him. “Okay so what the hell was that all about? How was she not able to see us?” The man points at the mark on his, and Nin-Dragon’s wrist. “So…that was some kind of magic? It made us invisible? Is that it?” The man nods. “Well all be damned. You really are something aren’t you. I hope you stick around on this journey of mine, you will certainly come in handy.” The man smiles. He takes a cloth out of his pocket and uses it to wipe the mark off his hand and then he wipes it off Nin-Dragon’s hand.

“Sigh…I don’t know what could have happened to her body…You have any ideas?” He shrugs. “Course not, you never say anything. “Well I don’t know what to do now. Do I keep looking for Crystal? Or should I keep trying to push forward on my journey?” Although I don’t even know where to go with that either, that idiot, Arken took that globe, and I’ll never find him. “Sigh…” Nin-Dragon leans back on the bench and looks up at the sky in frustration. Then he see’s it. “HEY!!!” High up on a pole above him is the silver parrot, it’s Cryptic! Nin-Dragon quickly jumps to his feet. “Cryptic!!! you get down here right now!” Crytic quickly takes flight after being spotted. While he circles in the sky before flying off he squawks, “Squawk!!! Nin-Dragon still as lost as a dumb mutt squawk!” “Grrr, Cryptic get back here!” Nin-Dragon takes off quickly after Cryptic trying to chase after him as best as he can. The man notices Nin-Dragon take off, he gets up to his feet and calmly walks away down a side street. After a few minutes of Cryptic flying around, insulting Nin-Dragon and making him run in circles he has had enough and is about to leave and return to the dark one. “Squawk! Bye bye Nin-Dragon hehehehe good luck – SQUAWK!!!” As Cryptic is about to leave a rock comes flying from now where and smashes right into Cryptic causing him to fall down and crash onto the street. He is completely knocked out. Nin-Dragon rushed up to Cryptic and looks over, walking up calmly is the man…”You did that?” He nods. “Damn, good throw man.” Nin-Dragon picks up Cryptic. “I think we just caught a break with this little pest. Lets head back to your place where I can interrogate this damn bird.” The man nods and they head back.

After the brief journey back they’re inside the mans house again. Nin-Dragon places Cryptic on the table as the man locks the door. The man wonders over to a counter and finds some string. He hands it to Nin-Dragon. “Good thinking, better tie up his claws and wings so he can’t get away.” After a few seconds Cryptic is bound and cant open his wings. He starts coming to just as they finish. “SQAWK, SQAWK, SQUAK!!!” Cryptic is freaking out trying to fly away but he can only roll around. “Squawk, let me go, you don’t know who you’re messing with. My master wont like this one bit, he’ll kill both of you squawk!” “Shut up Cryptic, here I’m the boss, and I think its in your best interest if you talk, otherwise…I might need to get rough. Tell me, how do you think it would feel if I plucked every silver feather of yours from your body?” “SQUAWK!!! NO, NO, DON’T BE MEAN TO OLD CRYPTIC! I DOUBT YOU HAVE IT IN YOU THOUGH! MR. NICE GUY WONT HURT ANYONE, NOT EVEN A BIRD SQUAWK!” Cryptic yells. “Oh is that so?” Nin-Dragon reaches for a feather and tugs on it hard, as it gets ripped out. “SQUAWK!!!” Cryptic cries out in pain as a bit of blood appears where the feather was attached. “Squawk, okay, no more, no more, squawk.” “Well that depends on you cooperating doesn’t it now Cryptic. This is going to take awhile, so you better not lie.”

Cryptic is in pain as he looks at Nin-Dragon with fear in his eyes…

Chapter 13: Interrogation With The Dark One.

[15 minutes have passed]

“SQUAWK!!!” “Well that’s another feather ripped out, that makes 12 feathers I have had to remove of yours, Cryptic. So tell me why are you following me and how long have you been doing it?” “SQUAWK, alright, alright, I am watching you for my master, been watching you ever since you first saw me back at that small hut squawk.” “Really? Ever since then huh. Alright, so you told the dark one everything then didn’t you? He knew about Crystal and I heading to the library because of you, that’s what Arken said!” “Squawk yes it was I who told them both of your plans, squawk.” “Alright, next question then, time to ask a more hard hitting question, WHERE IS THE DARK ONE!” Nin-Dragon yells loudly. “Squawk, can’t say, squawk.” “What do you mean you can’t say? Do I have to remove another feather?” Nin-Dragon reaches towards Cryptic. “SQUAWK, no, I can’t say, cause I don’t know, squawk.” “What do you mean you don’t know? Lying isn’t a wise choice Cryptic.” “Squawk, not lying, I have no idea what the name of the castle is that he is lives in, squawk.” “A castle? Where is this castle?” “Squawk, no point in me telling you Nin-Dragon, you cannot enter it.” “What? what do you mean, explain yourself.” “Squawk, well, its underground for one thing, squawk.” “So it’s in a cave then?” “Squawk, no its way deep down, its in the underworld, a place where those of the living may not enter, squawk.” “The Underworld? You mean hell?” “Squawk, call it what you want, but you cant go there, squawk.”

“So he is hiding in his castle while he has Arken do his dirty work, is that it?” “Squawk, no, master does not hide, master cannot leave the castle yet, not yet strong enough to leave, squawk.” “Oh? So he is forced to stay there currently…is that why he needs the relic’s?” “Squawk, yes, squawk.” “I see…interesting. alright what about you Cryptic, whats your story? How are you able to talk as a bird? How did the dark one turn you into a bird?” “Squawk, simple, his powers granted me speech, as for me being a bird, that was simply a choice of my master, not sure why but he said it’s part of his plan, squawk.” “Alright time to ask the biggest question…what is he planning?” “Squawk!, I won’t say that, wont say that, Squawk.” “Oh yes you will Cryptic.” Nin-Dragon rips 2 feathers out of Cryptic, by this point Cryptic is half bald with blood coating the bald spot, a small blood pool is under Cryptic. “Squawk, I wont say, pull all my feathers out if you must, but I WILL NOT SAY SQUAWK!” Cryptic spits at Nin-Dragon and it hits his hand. “Hey, no spitting on me! Why wont you say?” “Squawk, master is watching I wont say, to say that would cause him to not only punish Cryptic far worse then anything you could do, but he would kill me, and destroy my very soul. I wont betray my master! Squawk!” “He is watching? what do you mean he is watching? You mean he can see me and everything in this room right now?” “Squawk, yes! Squawk.” Nin-Dragon grabs Cryptic off the table and shakes him as he yells, “Tell me, how he can see me right now!” Nin-Dragon tosses him onto the table. A small “thud” is heard. Cryptic isn’t moving anymore. “Oops…did I knock him out accidentally?” Nin-Dragon walks towards Cryptic and he leans in close to Cryptic to take a closer look. All of a sudden a small purple skull with red eyes appears on Cryptic’s forehead. “Waaa!” Nin-Dragon jumps back. Cryptic’s body starts to float above the table. As Cryptic’s eyes open wide and they’re glowing red.

“What the hell is going on?” Nin-Dragon looks over at his new friend, he simply shrugs. After a second of silence, the silence is broken. “So you are having fun picking on my pet bird are you Nin-Dragon?” The hairs on Nin-Dragon’s back stand up. “Whaa…what? What happened to your voice Cryptic?” “Cryptic is no longer in control of his body, I believe you wanted to chat with me? I must say I didn’t expect you to be capable of being so cruel and so good at interrogation. Maybe you could join me? You could be in charge of my interrogation unit hahaha.” “Cryptic isn’t in control of his own body…that means…YOUR THE DARK ONE!” Nin-Dragon screams. “You really are quite stupid you know, compared to the original Nin-Dragon from so long ago. No shit, I’m the dark one. Course I don’t usually call myself that.” “Well…wha..what’s your real name then!” Nin-Dragon tries to sound confident but is not successful. “HAHAHAHA I’m aware that Arken told you that if you knew my real name it would cause you to instantly die, yet you still wish to know? Are you that desperate to die? But to be honest you aren’t worthy of knowing my name, in fact the only one who ever knew it was the original Nin-Dragon. While Arken knows my real name, as you know he isn’t fully alive so he can’t die from it hahaha.” “So now what…are you going to come after me yourself? Or continue to hide in your castle!” “Hehehe yes, Cryptic told you I was in a castle, I’ll punish him for that myself later, but no I wont fight you yet. It is not yet the correct time, fate will have us collide in the future. Now I must be going, I have to get back to finding the rest of those precious ancient relics hahaha, and Arken should be back soon with that globe he found at that library.” “I’ll kill him you know! The next time I come across Arken, I’ll kill him!” Nin-Dragon is enraged. “He killed CRYSTAL and don’t lie to me, you knew her!” “Oh yes…Crystal that was part of his mission, but once again I’m afraid I’ll have to punish him myself when he returns. He was supposed to kill her, yet he failed to do that. I’m glad he got at least part of the mission complete, why couldn’t he be more useful…” “What do you mean he failed to kill her? I saw him stab her!” “Haha, she is still alive, in fact I saw through Cryptic’s eyes, her little trick. It was very clever, it may have fooled Arken, but what he stabbed was only her cloak, she was not under it. She slipped away and used her cloak to fool Arken. She slipped away while you were falling, while the library was falling apart under your feet.” “WHAT!” She…she’s alive!”

“Yes, barely injured to. I do believe she was injured a bit on her arm when Arken tried to do his stealthy assassination, but it wasn’t fatal.” “Where is she!!!” Nin-Dragon screams. “That I don’t know currently. You see I have been watching you with Cryptic’s help. I suspect she is somewhere near you, probably in the city still. But her exact location I can’t tell. Her powers protect her from my powers currently. Anyway I really must be going, but don’t worry we will chat again at some point, I’m sure of it. Oh and I can’t wait for you to meet a new player I will be introducing to the battlefield soon hahaha! Farewell Nin-Dragon, and don’t think you will get to keep Cryptic, I’ll be taking him back now. First I should heal him up a bit though…”Cryptic’s body is surrounded by purple mist then it clears away and Nin-Dragon gasps. “What!” Cryptic’s feathers are back on his body and he looks good as new. “That’s better, now when I get him back, I think I will use your technique on him myself HAHAHAHA, it looked fun to rip those feathers out one by one HAHAHA. Farewell Nin-Dragon.” Cryptic dissolves into purple mist and flies out under the door and is gone. The bits of string that were binding Cryptic fall onto the table.

“Wait come back!!!” It’s to late though, Cryptic is long gone. “Man…that was insane, talking with the dark one himself…Cryptic being possessed, then disappearing and Crystal is alive! But why would she not show herself?” Nin-Dragon stands there in deep thought. “Why would she not come find me…and who is this new player the dark one was talking about?”

“She will return when she wants to…” The man says quietly. “I hope so…WAIT A SECOND!” Nin-Dragon spins around and looks at the man. “YOU SPOKE!!! And your voice…its so much softer then I thought it would be…I was expecting a loud booming voice since your a fairly big guy…” The man shrugs. “Oh great now your going back to being Mr. Quiet again.” The man smiles and nods.

Chapter 14: A Kid Named Dia.

[An hour has passed]

Nin-Dragon has left the house and is wondering around down the streets of the city. He chose to go for a walk on his own. “Sigh…what to do…what to do…what…to…do. I have nothing…no clue as to where the rest of the relics are, no clue where Arken, Cryptic or the dark one is, and I don’t have Crystal…All I have is Mr. Quiet back there. What do I fucking do!” Nin-Dragon stops and just stands there. A few minutes pass as a kid runs up to Nin-Dragon and taps him on the back. “Uh…mister…are you okay?” Nin-Dragon is in to deep of a thought to notice the kid. The kid pokes him harder. “ARE YOU ALRIGHT!” still nothing. The kid then shoves Nin-Dragon and that snaps Nin-Dragon to his senses. “Huh? hey what’s your problem kid?” “You were just standing there mister, and you weren’t moving…” “Oh, yeah sorry I was just, distracted.” “Oh…” The boy notices Nin-Dragon’s arm and gasps. “WHOA, what’s with your arm mister!” Nin-Dragon realizes he forgot to cover up his stone arm. “Shit!” “HEY, that’s a bad word mister!” “Ha, if you say so kid, but the sooner you get over trivial things like that the better your life will be.” The kid is poking at Nin-Dragon’s arm, not even paying attention to what Nin-Dragon just said. “Hey, cut it out, are you even listening to me?” The kid stops and looks up, “yeah, yeah, yeah. So what happened to your arm? How is it made of rock?” “Sigh…kid don’t worry about that, why don’t you go back to your parents.” The kid pauses for a moment and then starts to tear up. “What…uhh…what’s wrong kid? Don’t start crying now.” “My…parents…are gone…I don’t know where they are…sniff.” He starts crying. “What! What do you mean?” “They never came home…” “Really? Where do they work? We can go look for them.” “They work at the big library at the center of the city.” Nin-Dragon is caught off guard and freezes up.

“Wh…where did you say? Kid please don’t tell me you mean the Great Library of Aginz…” “Yeah…that’s the one.” “Ahh shit. Hey, what do your parents look like?” The kid describes his mother first and immediately Nin-Dragon realizes this kids mother…is the lady who got taken by Arken. Then he describes his father. Nin-Dragon doesn’t recall seeing him though. “We better go look for your father kid.” “Really? You’ll help me look for him and my mother?” After a second to think, Nin-Dragon decides he has to tell the kid the truth. “Uh..listen kid, the library is gone…it got destroyed…” “WHAT!!!!!!” The kid yells almost attracting attention from random people. “Hush up kid, I don’t need attention brought to me with a stone arm, now I saw your mother…” “REALLY!!! Where!” He sounds happy. “She was…taken away by a bad man…the man who destroyed the library took her.” The kid is shocked, he feels like he was punched in the stomach. “Wha…whaa…whaaat!” He starts crying again. “Don’t worry though, we will find your dad, I doubt he would be at the library, so we’ll check the hospital.” “Sniff…okay.” They make there way to the hospital which is about 20 minutes away. “So kid, what’s your name?” “Oh yeah, I’m Dia.” “Dia huh? that’s a strange name for a boy.” “Yeah well its my name so I gotta live with it.” The kid is smiling a bit and no longer crying.

They arrive at the hospital and ask at the front desk about the kids father. He says his fathers name is Ensin and after the boy describes him the nurse says she knows the man. She agrees to take the two of you to him but says he is in rough shape. “Well thank goodness we found him eh Dia?” “Yes, thanks a lot mister.” After a few turns the nurse points to the room down the hall. “3rd door on the left” she says. Dia runs up ahead as Nin-Dragon calmly follows. As Nin-Dragon gets to the door he can hear Dia speak. “DAD!” Nin-Dragon decides to stand in the doorway and try not to be a bother. The man wakes up and looks over at his son. “Dia…” he sounds incredibly weak. As he lifts his arms with a bit of effort and hugs his son. “How…did you…find…me? And where’s your mother?” Dia turns and looks at Nin-Dragon. “It was thanks to this guy that I found you, he was just standing in the middle of the road and after I shoved him…well long story short he agreed to help me find you.” “Oh is that so… I must say -” He ends his sentence suddenly and notices Nin-Dragon’s arm. “Dia…could you…wait outside for a bit, I…wish…to speak with this man.” “Okay dad!” After a quick hug he leaves the room. “So…I see you have an unusual arm there…and don’t try to lie to me about it. I…cough…maybe grateful that you helped my son find me…cough, but a man with a stone arm is far from normal.” Nin-Dragon walks up to the man and hands him a cup of water that’s beside his bed. “Cough…glug…glug” “Thank you, now as I was saying, I need to speak with you.” “About what?” Nin-Dragon replies. “A few things…first of all…tell me about your arm.” “I…uh…could but even if I tell you, you wont believe me, hell even I don’t fully believe it hehe.” “Try me…” “Sigh…alright, I warned you, prepare to have you imagination broken haha.”

[15 minutes later]

Nin-Dragon introduced himself and has told some of his story about being blasted by an ancient ruin, and about him having to save the world. He also explained what happened with his wife, the boy’s mother…Nin-Dragon stops talking and the man just looks like he saw a ghost. Then he starts laughing a bit. “Hehe…cough…cough…hehe, you’re right that is hard to believe Nin-Dragon, but you cant fake an arm like that.” “So you believe me?” Nin-Dragon looks surprised. “Yeah, I do…I always had a feeling there was something hidden in the world that nobody knew about…working…cough…in that library, you always hear of ghost…cough…stories and such. I always thought there was something special…cough, cough…about that place. Ensin starts coughing a lot, and Nin-Dragon notices he is coughing up some blood. “You’re coughing up blood Ensin, I should get help.” “No…its fine, listen Nin-Dragon, I’m not going to live much longer, in fact I don’t think I will last the night…cough, cough, cough, cough.” “What!” Nin-Dragon exclaims. “Listen, thank you for letting me see my son once more, now I know my soul will be able to rest in peace, please…COUGH, COUGH, take care of him for me? Raise him as best as you can.” “What! You can’t be serious? You know I am on a dangerous journey, I can’t have a kid come along with me, he could die!” “Please I know you will protect him, he has nobody else. Please for a dying man’s wish can’t you please do this?” After Nin-Dragon thinks about it for a minute and Ensin starts coughing up a lot more blood he finally agrees. “Alright Ensin, I’ll do it, but I cant guarantee you he wont die, he is just a kid, and I have gotten my ass kicked so many times its a miracle I’m not dead myself.” “That’s…cough…fine…cough, at least he…cough…wont be…cough…alone.” The man calls his son back in with almost the last bit of his strength. “Dia…come back in, I know you…cough…were listening this whole time, cough.” The door creeks open as Dia walks in with his head down, then he runs up to his dad and almost jumps on top of him. “Dad, you’re going to be okay right dad?” Tears are forming in his eyes. “I’m sorry…son…I’m afraid not…cough.” “Yes you will dad!” Dia is crying now as one of the machines starts beeping loudly causing a nurse and doctor to rush into the room. The doctor quickly goes to Ensin’s side as the Nurse pulls Dia off him. “NO, DAD, LET ME HUG MY DAD!” Dia is screaming. Nin-Dragon puts his hand on Dia’s shoulder, as both Nin-Dragon and Dia look at Ensin. “Son…this is Nin-Dragon…and he…is…going to take…care of…you…from…now……on…I’m sorry I…couldn’t watch…you become a man…but just know…your mother…cough…and I…will…always…cough….love….cough, cough, cough…you…and…watch over…you…good…bye….my………….son……” Ensin’s eyes close after he coughs up more blood then is stops moving…The doctor looks over at Dia and crouches as he says to Dia…”I’m sorry Dia…” Dia drops to his knees and starts crying. “Your father…is gone.”

Chapter 15: Ensin’s Treasure & Crystal Returns.

[On a bench just outside the hospital Nin-Dragon and Dia are sitting]

Dia is crying into his hands. Nin-Dragon is trying to comfort him. “Listen…Dia, I…I don’t know what to say. I don’t want you to think that I will ever replace your father…I’m sure he will always be a better man that I ever could. But I want you to know I will do my best to watch out for you, okay?” Dia stop’s crying but doesn’t say anything. “Dia, I know your sad, and you have ever right to be, but we can’t sit here forever. Your father would want your life to go on, he would -” “SHUT UP!!! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY DAD!!!” Dia gets up and runs off before Nin-Dragon can even get to his feet. “Dia, wait, come back!” Nin-Dragon takes off after Dia and loses track of him for a few minutes, after searching for a few more minutes he finds Dia in front of a small house. Nin-Dragon walks up to him. “Dia…there you are. You really shouldn’t run off like that.” “Sniff…sniff…I’m sorry Nin-Dragon, I didn’t mean to yell at you.” “It’s okay Dia….I’m not mad at you.” “Your not?” “No…and Dia…I don’t want to give you any kind of false hope…but there is a chance your mother is still alive you know.” “Really? You really think so?” Dia perks up a bit. “Unfortunately no I don’t Dia, but it is possible. Now I do know the longer we take the more likely she will not be alive…” After a few seconds Dia gets brave for a second. “OKAY, mister Nin-Dragon, WE ARE GOING TO FIND MY MOM! AND I’M GOING TO HELP YOU BEAT THE BAD GUY WHO KILLED MY DAD!” “Wow…thanks Dia…that means a lot, but no offence but your just a kid. I have to protect you, and I can’t let you be in any danger at all.” “Sigh…okay…” Dia sounds a bit disappointed.

“So this place…its your house isn’t it Dia…” “…Yeah…it is…or was I guess.” “I’m sorry Dia…” “Thanks but I’m getting tired of hearing the word sorry. Lets me just grab some stuff to bring along on this journey and we can leave.” “Okay…what do you need?” “Just a few things like clothes and such.” “Okay, do you need any help Dia?” “No, just give me a few minutes to throw some stuff in my backpack.” Nin-Dragon looks around a bit and notices a small box on a desk. After a few minutes Dia returns. “Hey Dia, what’s inside this box?” “Oh that…that belongs to my dad, he always told me it was his most precious thing other then me and my mother.” “Maybe you should take it now Dia…maybe your father would have wanted you to take it, plus its better then just leaving it here…if your gone it might get stolen.” “You’re right Nin-Dragon, I can’t let anyone take it.” “Do you know what it is Dia?” “No, I never got to see what it was.” “Well maybe we should look at it?” “Okay.” Dia walks over to the box and undoes the small latch on it. As he opens it both him and Nin-Dragon look inside and gasp. “Whoa!” They both say at the same time. Inside is a small diamond, but it looks strange. Its blue but an unnatural blue with almost a cloudy mist inside it. “Wow..that sure is something Dia…” “Yeah…” “Where did your dad get something like that?” “He told me once, I can’t remember exactly what he said but he was out on a trip once in the mountains, he was looking for a cave for his research so he could right a book and he hoped it would one day be in the library that he worked at.” “Really what kind of research was he doing? Why did he want to find a cave in the mountains?” “I don’t know but he said he found this in that cave and there was a weird stone inside the cave that had a hand shape carved into it.” “WHAT!” Nin-Dragon is surprised. “A stone with a handprint in it?” “Yeah, that’s what he said.” “That has to be an altar…” “An altar? What’s that?” “It’s one of the things we are looking for on my journey, it has a powerful ancient relic that we need.” “REALLY?” Dia gets excited. “Did your dad ever say where this cave was?” “No, he didn’t…but he said he was never able to find it again, he tried a few times but was never able to find it again.” “Damn…but regardless that’s good…it seems that you and I meeting up was our fate.” “Yup, sounds like it Nin-Dragon.” “Oh but he did always right about his adventures that he went on in his book.” “He did, where is the book Dia?” “Uhh its right over there.” He points to a desk drawer. Nin-Dragon opens it and finds a small journal inside. “Do you mind if I hang onto this Dia? It could help us out, don’t worry this is your possession though.” “Yeah, you can hang onto it Nin-Dragon.” “I’ll look at this later. We should head out Dia.” Dia puts the diamond back in the box and puts it in his pocket. “Okay, where are we going first?” “Back to a friend of mine’s house. Then we can try and find another friend of mine.” “A friend of yours is missing?” “Yes and we have to find her.” “What does she look like?”

Nin-Dragon describes Crystal to Dia. “REALLY! An older lady with a bracelet like that, I saw her!!!” “WHAT? WHERE?” Nin-Dragon almost yells out. “I saw her walking down the street the other day.” “You’re sure it was her!” “Yeah I only saw her for a second, I just remember that bracelet she was wearing it was really pretty and sparkly.” “Did you see where she went?” “No, but I did notice she was limping.” “What she was limping? So she’s injured, damn we have to find her but first lets go get my other friend.” “Okay!” Nin-Dragon and Dia both leave his house and start off towards the quite man’s house. “Now when we get there Dia, don’t be afraid of my friend alright, he is a bit of a big guy but he doesn’t talk much, in fact I have only ever heard him say one sentence hehe, he might look scary but he isn’t okay.” “Alright.” After awhile they are close to the house. “Alright we’re almost there its just around the corner.” The have arrived at the man’s house. “So uh…what’s your friend’s name?” “Ha, I actually don’t know.” “Oh…odd.” They walk up to the door and Dia ask’s, “What’s the weird thing on the door?” Oh its some kind of a magic lock he draws it on his door as extra security.” “Oh I see.” Dia looks confused. Nin-Dragon raises his hand and knocks on the door when all of a sudden a person jumps off the roof and lands beside Nin-Dragon and Dia scaring them both. “WHOA!!!” They both fall over on their butts. As the person stands up Nin-Dragon screams. “CRYSTAL!!!” Nin-Dragon quickly gets to his feet and grabs Crystal and hugs her with all his strength. “Ow, ow, ow your crushing my old bones Nin-Dragon.” “I’m sorry its just…I’m so glad to see you again!” Nin-Dragon’s eyes are watering. “As am I Nin-Dragon, as am I…but we have much to go over.” Nin-Dragon lets her go just as the door swings open and the man stands there as everyone turns and stares at him.

Chapter 16: Catching Up & And Getting Acquainted.

[A few awkward moments pass as all four of them stare at each other]

“Whoa…your huge!” Dia exclaims. The man smiles as Nin-Dragon laughs. “Hahaham I told you Dia.” “Hmm…you look very familiar…” Crystal says to the man at the door. He simply shrugs but smiles. He motions for them all to come inside so they all do. As he closes the door behind them he draws a new lock on the door with his chalk like pen again. Dia is amazed at all old looking stuff in his house. “Sit down Dia, we all need to have a talk.” “Okay!” Dia and Nin-Dragon sit down on at the small table in the center of the room. Then the man sits down and puts the chalk like pen in his pocket. Crystal gets a glimpse at it. “Now I remember you!!!” You’re also from the great war from 5,000 years ago!” “What!” Nin-Dragon and Dia both say at the same time and look at the man. “You know this guy Crystal?” “Yes…and no…I know who he is, but I don’t know much about him.” “Really? Do you have a problem with him Crystal?” She stares at the man for a minute then looks at Nin-Dragon. “No…I see no reason to think of this man as a problem and you seem to trust him Nin-Dragon so I will aswell.” “So since you know him care to tell us his name?” “What? He hasn’t even told you his name yet” “You have been hanging out with this man for the past 2 days and you don’t even know his name?” “Well…he never talks, in the past two days he has only said 1 sentence and, hey wait a second how do you know I was with him for the past two days?” “Simple, I was watching over you Nin-Dragon, hiding in the shadows.” “You mean you have been following me this whole time I have been looking for you!!!” “Yup…” Crystal has a smile on her face.

“You had me going in pointless circles this whole time Crystal!” “Yeah, sorry about that my boy.” “Well why didn’t you just come out and save me all that time.” “I had my reasons, Nin-Dragon, You see I couldn’t take the chance that Arken was still around, I’m in no shape to deal with him now.” Crystal walks over to the table and sits down, but everyone notices she is limping. “Oh that’s right you got injured, how did you slip away from Arken in the first place, you had everyone fooled, I thought you got stabbed in the back.” “Yeah, pretty good trick wasn’t it. Although it wasn’t easy, as we were falling down while the library was crumbling down on top of us, I managed to grab a few books and stuff them in my cloak and toss it away from me, then I simply blended in with the rest of the debris and got buried under a bunch of broken shelves. I watched the whole thing, I saw Arken attack you, and stab what he thought was me.” “And you didn’t think to HELP ME!” Nin-Dragon sounds pissed off. “I’m sorry my boy, but I broke my leg in the fall and I knew we stood no chance at defeating Arken in a fight. Our best chance was to out smart him. Luckily for us he isn’t as sharp as the dark one himself.” What about me? He could have killed me!” “No, he wouldn’t have, and I knew he wouldn’t. If I know the dark one as well as I think I do, then he wants to kill you, he wouldn’t let anyone else kill you.” “Really…well your really had a good plan after all…I have to give you credit Crystal.” “Thanks, now I saw Arken take that globe from the hidden room under the library.” “Yeah, that was what that book led us to, it was for me, now the dark one is going to find all the relics ages before we can even find one!” Nin-Dragon slams his non stone fist on the table. “Hehehe, well I’m afraid I have to disagree with you on that my boy.” “What do you mean Crystal?” “Simple, you said it yourself, that globe was meant for you. Arken is not you, there for the globe will not work for him, or even for the dark one.” “What!!! really? So we have nothing, and they have something that doesn’t work for them…so we both are getting no where.”

“Well that’s not quite right Nin-Dragon. The dark one will realize that it wont work for them, he will be aware that there is a 2nd piece, the piece that goes with the globe. Think of it as the key to activate the globe.” “Well that’s good news, though it wont take Arken long to get that other part.” “Hehehe, you mean this?” Crystal pulls out a small piece of chain with a small sun on it.” “Wow…what is that?” Dia exclaims. Crystal looks at him. “This…is the key to the globe. While it looks like a piece of jewelry, its much more then that.” “How did you get that?” Nin-Dragon asks Crystal. “When Arken left, and then you were helped out by mister man of few words over there, I managed to slip down into that room and look around. It took awhile since I have this broken leg…but after a while I found this, it was inside a glass case with a plaque in front of it. It said, Sun Dial Of The Deities.” “I see…so basically we each hold a piece that tells us where the relics are, that’s good, its a fair fight now…kinda.” So tell me everything that happened to you Nin-Dragon, I didn’t follow you all the time you know.” Nin-Dragon tells her everything, he starts by telling her all about the man helping him and healing him with his symbols, and him turning them invisible, then he tells her about Cryptic being captured and tortured then being possessed by the dark one and getting away. “Really! You caught Cryptic and spoke to the dark one yourself, and you were there to?” She looks over at the man and he nods. Dia raises his hand…”Oh sorry my boy I forgot about you being here, and who are you? I do remember you saw me the other day…” “Oh that’s Dia, I’m kind of…taking care of him, he’s part of our team now.” Nin-Dragon explains how he and Dia met, and how his father died, and had left Dia to Nin-Dragon, and how the lady at the library was Dia’s mother. “Oh I’m sorry my dear Dia…” “Thanks, but we can save her…I hope.” “That would be nice, but I don’t think there is much chance of that.” Dia looks really sad. “Hey! did you have to be so blunt about it Crystal.” “Sorry, Dia, I forgot your just a boy, how old are you anyway? 8?” “No! I’m 12!” “Oh well I’m sorry Dia, I did not mean to upset you.” “It’s okay…”

“Now Nin-Dragon are you really sure you want to bring this boy along, he could be dead by next week for all we know.” “Yes, I have to.” Nin-Dragon explains the other details about his dad finding a weird diamond in a cave and how there is a relic there and about Dia’s father’s book. “Really! May I see the book?” “Maybe later first we have to get you healed up.” Nin-Dragon looks at the man and asks him if he can heal her. “Well can you heal her like you did my ribs?” The man gets up and looks at Crystal and points to the bed. “Nin-Dragon helps Crystal over to the bed and she lies down on the bed. The man retrieves one of his pens, and then sits next to Crystal. She looks a bit concerned and then she can feel the pen drawing on her leg. “Ouch!” After a moment he is finished drawing the symbol as the same glow from before happens as Nin-Dragon and Dia watch as her leg looks like the bones under the skin are moving. “Ahhh!” Crystal cries out in pain. Then the glow fades and the man puts his pen away. “Well…that’s it Crystal you should be fine now.” She sits up and then gets off the bed and stands up. She then walks a few steps and paces back and forth. “Wow, that worked incredibly well, but I see these don’t work on magic, like fixing your arm hehehe.” “You could have told me that would hurt like that Nin-Dragon.” “Yeah I could have…but I thought it was a fair payback for all the stuff you put me through hehe.” Crystal walks up to Nin-Dragon and slaps him across the face. “SLAP!” “Ouch what was that for?” “For being a smart ass again…” The three of them start laughing. Crystal turns to the man. “Thanks.” “Oh by the way Crystal, you said you know this guy, so what’s his name?” “Oh…I did forget to say that didn’t I? HAHAHA” That man was one of the original Nin-Dragon’s men. I don’t know much about him, but there was only one man who ever used those weird pen things. Although I thought you were dead…” Crystal looks at the man. “I didn’t recognize you right away cause you look totally different then before, you hand long hair back then now its so short. You have aged as well, about as much as I have.” “Yeah, yeah, but who is he Crystal?”

“He is Nin-Dragon’s 3rd in command, another one of his childhood friends, the man of few words, the magic artist, his name is……Zygen.”

Chapter 17: Tears Of The Deities And Zygen Speaks.

“Zygen…huh…well that’s a badass name I must say.” Nin-Dragon is looking at Zygen. “Did he never talk even back then Crystal?” “I’m not sure my boy.” “Well…did you talk much back then Zygen?” Zygen just shrugs his shoulders and smiles. “Gaa, whatever, I guess you’re the strong silent type.” Nin-Dragon gets up and walks to a window and looks outside. The sun is starting to set. “Well I guess we better make a plan and get to it first thing in the morning, the longer we wait the more further ahead the dark one gets.” Nin-Dragon goes back to the table as everyone gathers at the table. “Now Dia, do you have any questions about…anything really?” “Well I would like to know more of all this really…if it’s not to much trouble…” “Of course not child.” Crystal replies, and she answers his questions, filling in the gaps of missing knowledge. After about 30 minutes Crystal has caught him up. “So does that answer all your questions?” “Yes, mam…” “Oh, you’re much to polite child, much more then Nin-Dragon was when I met him hehehe.” “Hey!” Nin-Dragon frowns. “Just call me Crystal, Dia.” After they all chuckle Nin-Dragon pulls out the book that belonged to Dia’s father. “Well lets make a plan, and I think this book is the best place to start.”

He opens up the book and flips through the pages briefly before stopping on a page that talks about the cave that Dia’s dad was exploring. “This is where we need to go I think. Its the best bet and frankly we don’t know where any of the other Relic’s are.” Nin-Dragon tell’s Crystal and Zygen about Ensin’s journey and the mystical diamond that he had found there. “Show her that diamond Dia.” “Okay!” He pulls it out and puts it on the table, and Zygen gasps. “Sound’s like Zygen knows what this is, which is good cause I’m afraid I have no clue Nin-Dragon.” Crystal says. Nin-Dragon, Dia, and Crystal all look at Zygen as he slowly reaches out his hand and picks up the strange diamond. He examines it for a minute before the silence is broken by Nin-Dragon. “Well…what the fuck is it Zygen?” He stop’s looking at it and looks at Nin-Dragon then he pulls out one of his pen’s and draws on the table. They all look at what he is drawing…first he draws an eye, then he adds tears to the eye and lastly he adds stars and the moon above it. Then adds an arrow from the eye pointing up to the stars. “So…the sky is crying?” Dia says. “No, I don’t think that’s quite right.” Nin-Dragon says. “Maybe rain?” “No…that’s not it Nin-Dragon, I think I know what he is saying…” “Well what is it then Crystal?” Crystal looks at Zygen. “You’re saying this is a tear of the deities aren’t you…” Zygen nods and goes back to examining it closely. “What the hell is a tear of the deities?” Nin-Dragon ask’s Crystal. “To be honest, it was a myth, nobody knew they were real, though it seems some did like Zygen here. I’m guessing only those chosen by the deities themselves knew about them. But the story goes that once the balance of light and darkness goes so far out of balance, the deities cry and these mystical diamond’s are their tears, they rain down with rain and blend in so nobody had ever seen them. Though not many actually rained down, one tear from each of the three deities…so only three in total.”

“Wow…so what do they do?” Nin-Dragon and Dia both ask at the same time. “Nobody knows, the myth says each tear has a different effect in this world. A small bit of that deities power lies in their tear.” “Wow, that’s insane, so you really think we have a tear from a god?” “Yes” Zygen says catching them all off guard. “Oh great you talked again, and only one word.” Zygen hands the Deities Tear to Dia and says…”You better protect that thing with your life Dia, that is one of the most powerful things on this planet. It has more power then any one of the ancient relics.” Dia takes it and nods. “You got it Zygen, I will protect this as best as I can!” “HOLD IT, did we really just hear Zygen talk full sentences?” Zygen looks at Nin-Dragon and nods. “Damn it, is it me or something? You wont talk to me?” Zygen sighs. “I only talk if I have something important to say, so quit getting mad, and you’re not the original Nin-Dragon, you’re not my leader and friend from back then. I’ll help you and I like you, but you and I are not connected like the original Nin-Dragon and I were, got it!” He looks serious at Nin-Dragon. “Sheesh, well sorry for being me Zygen, but thanks for at least letting me know.” Zygen nods. “So how does one use a Deities Tear Zygen?” Crystal asks. Zygen picks up a piece of paper, and crunches it into a ball in his hand and throws it down on the ground hard. “So you throw it on the ground and it breaks, releasing it’s power?” Crystal says. Again Zygen nods. “How do you know all this Zygen?” All Zygen say’s is “Can’t say.” “Alright I guess that knowledge should remain a secret. So who know’s what that will do if it’s ever broken. But we should avoid using it. It could one day become a huge advantage against the dark one.” “I agree Crystal.” Nin-Dragon replies. “You got that Dia, don’t let that break okay.” “Yup, I will keep it safe.” He puts it back in his pocket. “Oh yeah, Crystal when you were saying there are three deities…do they have names?” “Oh my mistake Nin-Dragon, I should have told you that, but of course they have names. The deity of time, Tymzion. The deity of space, Seprath. The deity of life, Hilostra.” “Tymzion, Seprath, and Hilostra…” Nin-Dragon repeats a few times outloud. “Okay got it.” “Good.” Crystal says. “Now lets get back to making our plan.” “Yes of course.” Nin-Dragon replies.

Chapter 18: The Pure Of Heart Test.

[The four of them are still sitting at the table]

Nin-Dragon has been pondering an idea for a while now. “Okay, so we should head to this cave although as Dia told me before we will have a very hard time finding it.” “Yes, the weather on that mountain changes so quickly, it’s almost unnatural how quickly it changes.” Crystal says. “Every 5 minutes it changes.” Dia quietly says. “How do you know that Dia?” Crystal asks. “My dad told me the story a million times, and he always said that if you spend more then 5 minutes in one spot you will just end up back where you started from the weather confusing you and getting you all turned around.” “Hmm, that poses a problem, since none of us have been on that mountain before, we have 5 minutes to find that cave once we get up there.” “So where exactly is this mountain Crystal? Does this mountain even have a name?” “Yes Nin-Dragon, its called Mount. Berzerk due to the weather going berserk. Its quite far away to. We will have to fly there. Even by plane its a 2 day trip though. I fear that might not be enough time, the Dark One might get ahead of us by then.” “Leave it to me.” Zygen stands up. “What do you mean leave it to you Zygen?” “I can get us to the base of the mountain in a matter of moments.” “What?” Nin-Dragon and Crystal both ask. Zygen walks over to a shelf and takes a box of the shelf, he reaches in and pulls out another magic pen, this one is glowing a bright blue glow. “Is that thing radioactive!” Nin-Dragon asks alarmed. “No.” Arken says. “Oh…good.” “What is that Zygen?” Dia and Crystal ask at the same time. “One of the rarest secrets of Nin-Dragon’s army. I wont tell you much since only members of Nin-Dragon’s army are permitted to know, but this is a chalk transporter. With this I can draw up a pattern that will allow us to transport ourselves directly to any location I want.” “WHAT!!! How do you chose where to go?” Crystal asks. “Depends on the symbol, I draw the mountain we want to go to, poof we go there. I draw this house we come back, hell I draw the moon and we would end up there.”

“I call bullshit Zygen.” Nin-Dragon says and rolls his eyes. “You honestly think we could go to the moon?” Zygen just nods. “Well I think the best proof is to do this then isn’t it Zygen?” Crystal calmly says. “I suppose so, but before we do we have to go over two things.” “Oh what’s that?” Dia asks curiously. “First you three must be able to keep this chalk transporter a secret.” “Oh that’s no problem right Dia?” Nin-Dragon says. “Yah, I promise not to say anything about it…I don’t even fully understand much of this hehe.” Dia chuckles. “I also promise not to share this knowledge with anyone.” Crystal replies. “I’m sorry but that wont cut it, not even close.” Zygen says. “What do you mean? Why not?” Nin-Dragon asks confused. I’ll have to test each of you to make sure your worthy of this secret.” “How exactly do you test us Zygen?” Crystal asks. “Simple enough process. I draw the emblem of Nin-Dragon of each of you and it tests you. It will search you heart, mind, and your very being and sense if you are of pure heart. If there is any darkness in you then the mark will mutate into a skull and you will drop dead here on the floor.” “WHAT THE FUCK?” Nin-Dragon screams, Dia looks scared and Crystal just stands there in deep thought. “Well then there is no way we can do this, right Crystal?” “Wrong, you all must do it now, since you all know about the chalk transporter. If you refuse I will be forced to kill you myself here and now. I really don’t want to have to do that. But it’s part of the pact that Nin-Dragon made ages ago. Every secret of his army must be protected with such extremes.” “He is right Nin-Dragon, we have no choice but to do this test.” “I…I guess we don’t have a choice…” “Very well then, I’ll start with the boy. Dia hold still and don’t move.” He looks scared but Crystal says “it’s okay Dia, your young there is no way there is any darkness in you.” “Just close you eye’s Dia, this will be over in about 10 seconds.” Dia closes his eyes. Zygen draws the emblem of Nin-Dragon on Dia’s forhead. It’s a dragon’s eye. The mark glows green for a few seconds. “If it stays green then fades away then Dia is of pure heart and mind.” A few more seconds go buy and it starts to fade away, but before it’s gone it starts to glow blue and a flash of blue light explodes in the room, temporarily blinding everyone.

“Ahh, I can’t see anything, whats going on Zygen?” Nin-Dragon yells. “Interesting, and how unexpected.” is all Zygen says as the light fades away and the mark changes into the shape of a diamond. “Explain this Zygen.” Crystal says as she wipes here eyes. “It’s very simple, the mark of Nin-Dragon searches a person’s being. It will expose everything, nothing is hidden from it, and when a blue glow like that happens, it means only one thing. The person who had that glow has a hidden ability inside themselves that hasn’t been awakened yet.” Dia opens his eyes. “What do you mean I have an ability that isn’t awake yet?” Crystal speaks up, it means Dia, that you were chosen by the deities themselves and you were destined to be partnered up with us.” “Really…wow…” Dia says excitedly. “So what ability does he posses?” Nin-Dragon asks Zygen. “I don’t know. Not even Dia does, but the emblem of Nin-Dragon changed into a diamond…so that is a clue, but I don’t know what it means. It might mean that diamond Dia has will unlock his abilities, but again, we can’t risk using the deity tear. This is a risky situation but for now its not a concern. It’s good to know he has an ability it could come in handy should it awaken later down the road.” “I agree Zygen.” Crystal says. “Alright, so Dia passes, Crystal you’re next.” She hesitates and then closed her eyes. “Alright, go ahead.” Zygen draws the emblem of Nin-Dragon again on her forhead as it glows green for a few moments then glows yellow, but the emblem of Nin-Dragon doesn’t change. The glow dies away and the mark vanishes. “So what does yellow mean Zygen?” Nin-Dragon asks. “It means she has abilities that are already awakened. The emblem stayed, so Crystal is also of pure heart.” “Phew, well that’s good to know hehe.” Crystal sounds relieved. “Did you think you had darkness in yourself Crystal?” Zygen asks. “Well no, but my past has a lot of sorrow in it, so I wasn’t sure how that would effect this test. “I see.” Zygen turns to Nin-Dragon. Well, your the last one, though since your the descendent of the original Nin-Dragon it should be interesting to see what happens with you.” “Alright lets get this over with so we can go to bed and actually get a move on tomorrow morning.” Nin-Dragon closes his eyes. “Ready.”

Zygen draws the emblem on Nin-Dragon, though for a minute nothing happens, no glow at all. “What’s wrong? Why doesn’t it glow?” Crystal asks Zygen. “I’m not sure, it’s possible it’s being blocked or it’s possible that since he is Nin-Dragon, or the descendent of the original anyway, his own test wont work on him.” ” I feel odd…” Nin-Dragon says. “How so?” Zygen replies. “I feel…something deep inside me, like in my soul…as if my soul itself is regaining memories or waking up from a deep sleep or something…I can’t explain it…” “Fascinating.” Zygen whispers. All of a sudden the emblem on Nin-Dragon’s forehead glows bright green as a number of different symbols appear on Nin-Dragon’s body. One on his normal arm, one on each leg, and one on his chest. All different symbols, they glow so brightly that the symbol’s shape can be seen glowing through his clothes. A bright flash of green light erupts in the room and Nin-Dragon has a quick second flash in his mind of a person…of…him…the original Nin-Dragon. Then the glow disappears in an instant and Nin-Dragon has his eye’s open as he tries to think of what just happened. The marks are all gone from his body as well. “Zygen…do you have an explanation for that?” Crystal says, rubbing her eyes again. “No…not a full explanation anyway. Some reaction did happen, the emblem stayed so he is indeed pure of heart…but the other symbols, I have seen them before, they were symbols on the original Nin-Dragon’s body long ago…and they were in the same exact place. Of course he had one on the other arm to, but I assume that the stone arm is the reason it didn’t show up.” “I saw him…” Nin-Dragon whispers. “Saw who?” All three of them ask. “The original Nin-Dragon, it was only for a brief second, and in my mind, but I saw him…now I feel…different then before…like I have a secondary energy source inside me…” “So that’s what happened…” Zygen exclaims. “You’ve begun to regain the powers the original Nin-Dragon had. You see while you have gained a secondary energy source which basically means if you get exhausted or tired you will have a back up tank of energy basically. Now the original Nin-Dragon he had 5 extra energy sources, one from each of the relics…it’s odd you get one without even having a relic though.” “Yeah…” Nin-Dragon starts to talk then collapses on the floor unconscious.

A few moments later Nin-Dragon awakens slightly on the bed. “Uhg, what happened?” “You’re body isn’t used to that level of change, it overwhelmed you and drained you completely. You need to sleep and regain your energy, by the morning you should feel great. “Oh…okay. It’s late, we should all get some sleep.” Nin-Dragon says while yawning. “We will make our preparations and head out in the morning.” “Where do we sleep Zygen?” Dia asks. “Not a problem.” Zygen draws three images of beds on the floor, and after a glow three beds raise up out of the floor. “Man…is there anything you can’t do Zygen?” Crystal asks as she yawns. “Yes, there is plenty I can’t do. Now, get some sleep everyone, we set out in the morning.” Zygen gets into bed and goes to sleep. Dia also gets into his bed and goes to sleep. Lastly Crystal gets into bed and drifts off to sleep in a few minutes. Nin-Dragon can’t keep his eyes open anymore…”Good night everyone…” He falls asleep…as a vivid vision takes over his mind…

Chapter 19: Arriving At Mount. Berzerk.

Nin-Dragon lies tossing and turning in his sleep. As he mumbles in his sleep another vision is taking place in his mind from the Dark One. Nin-Dragon’s see’s himself on top of a snowy mountain as Crystal, Dia and Zygen are all dead in the snow. Nin-Dragon is standing alone, across from him is Arken. Arken begins to speak. “Well Nin-Dragon, here we are once again, just you and me. Though it will turn out the same as it always does I’m afraid, and you know that don’t you? Your friends can’t help you since they’re all dead wahaha.” Nin-Draon can’t move he is in shock. “I mean just look at your own hands, YOU HAVE THEIR BLOOD ALL OVER YOU!” Nin-Dragon looks at his hands and he can see blood coating his hands. “What…have I done?” Nin-Dragon mumbles in his sleep. “That’s right YOU killed them! You killed them all!” “Nooo!” Nin-Dragon snaps awake and sits up in bed. He looks out the window and noticed the sun has started to rise. Dia, Crystal and Zygen are already up and staring at Nin-Dragon. “Did you have a bad dream Nin-Dragon?” Dia asks. “Yeah…kinda” “Was it another vision from him Nin-Dragon?” Crystal asks. “I think so..” Crystal explains to Dia and Zygen about his last vision from the Dark One. “That’s a very dangerous thing to have happen Nin-Dragon.” Zygen says sternly.

“I know.” “So what was it about my boy?” Nin-Dragon explains that he doesn’t remember much, just being on the mountain, and them all being dead with their blood on his hands and Arken saying he killed them. “The Dark One is playing mind games with you, it means nothing. Pay no attention to it Nin-Dragon.” Zygen tells Nin-Dragon. “But how can I know I wont kill you all somehow?” “Simple, the emblem of Nin-Dragon I drew on you yesterday proved there is no evil inside you.” “Ah, he has a point my boy.” Crystal chirps in. “Yeah…yeah your right.” “Well now that that’s out of the way, hurry up and get ready Nin-Dragon, we are heading to the mountain in 30 minutes. “Alright, I’ll just have a quick shower and grab a bite to eat then we can head out.”

15 minutes later Nin-Dragon is back and he grabs some toast. “While Zygen gets his teleporting thing set up lets go over this once again.” Crystal exclaims. “We only have 5 minutes in 1 area on the mountain before the weather changes on us. Dia, you will stay close to Nin-Dragon and myself. Nin-Dragon you will take the lead, Dia will follow behind you, then I will be behind Dia, and Zygen will take the back of the pact. Now we want to find that cave as fast as we can and get back as fast as we can, hopefully that eye sore, Arken wont be there. But we better count on him being there. It will be difficult to deal with him and protect Dia so if Arken shows up, Dia you will stay beside me, and Nin-Dragon and Zygen, you two will deal with him. Sound good you guys?” “Yup” all them say at once. “Okay.” “It’s ready.” Zygen just finished drawing a symbol of a mountain on the floor of the house. “So where will we end up Zygen?” Crystal asks. “The base of the mountain, its the best I can do I’m afraid.” “Oh that’s quite alright.” Zygen gets up and steps back as the symbol starts to glow then rings of energy rise from the floor and fade after rising a foot feet. “Well…lets go I guess.” Nin-Dragon says. “I’ll go first.” Zygen announces and walks onto the symbol. His body starts to fade and after 5 seconds he’s gone. “I’ll go next then you Dia.” Crystal says as she pats him on the head. Crystal steps onto the symbol and is gone in a few seconds. “Alright Dia, your next.” Dia is a bit hesitant but steps on and fades away. “Alright…my turn…lets do this!” Nin-Dragon steps on and is teleported. It feels like his body is going numb.

A rock at the base of the mountain has the symbol of the house on it as Nin-Dragon comes flying out of the rock and face plants into the snow. “AHHHH that’s cold!” Nin-Dragon quickly gets up and brushes the snow off him as he shivers and tries to warm himself up. “Hahaha” Dia and Crystal laugh. Zygen is behind them looking up the mountain. “So where on this mountain is this cave?” Nin-Dragon asks Dia. “I don’t know, it might say in my dad’s book.” “Oh that’s right.” Nin-Dragon gets the book out of his pocket and flips through the pages. “Hmm…it says here that even he doesn’t know how far up, but he says it was roughly 3/4 of the way up…” “Well we better hurry you three.” Zygen says with a bit of anxiousness in his voice. “Why’s that?” Nin-Dragon says. “Because…something’s coming.” As he points up into the sky. Way in the distance pitch black clouds are coming towards them. “We better hurry up the mountain cause I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Zygen says as he is about to start walking. He notices Crystal. “What’s wrong?” “I’m not sure…I feel…uneasy…I feel something is coming that I haven’t felt in thousands of years…something…familiar…” “Is it Arken?” Nin-Dragon asks. “No…this is something else…its something familiar…but…it’s different then before…I can’t put my finger on it, but…I don’t have a good feeling about this.” “Then we really better hurry!” Nin-Dragon says as he starts towards the mountain. “Yes, lets go.” They head of towards the mountain.

[A few hours earlier]

At the Dark One’s castle, in the dungeons he has opened that cage to the lady with glowing purple eyes. ” It’s time my dear, it’s time to put you on the playing field. HAHAHAH” “Thank you master, I can’t wait to rip every bit of them to pieces. It’s been to long since I got new organs to play with.” “Now, now you can kill all of them but him remember.” “Awe…alright master.” “Now, head up to Arken, and you two will head out immediately for Mount. Berzerk, and make sure Arken doesn’t forget the relic.” “I’ll make sure master.”

Chapter 20: The Cave & The Relic Of Water.

“How much longer could this possibly be, we don’t have time to wonder around aimlessly!” Nin-Dragon shouts loudly. They have been walking up Mount. Berzerk for nearly 30 minutes. “Let me take a look in this journal again.” Nin-Dragon opens up the journal that belonged to Dia’s father, and quickly reads over some notes. “Now he mentions a tree…one single tree all by itself.” “Could it be that one up there Nin-Dragon?” Dia points up ahead to a single tree that can’t be more then 5 minutes away from them. “Hmm…that might be it Dia, but it makes no sense how does one random tree let us know that there is a cave near it? It looks like there is nothing around it even the rock face of the mountain itself is a way’s, away from it.” “Well quit standing around and get going Nin-Dragon lets check it out.” Crystal shoves Nin-Dragon to get him to go again. They head towards the tree when all of a sudden a blizzard picks up and its so strong they can’t see anything more then a foot in front of them. “Holy shit I can’t see a damn thing, everything is just white, Crystal, Dia, Zygen where are you guys?” “I’m right here.” Crystal says as she grabs Nin-Dragon’s hand. “Everyone grab hands!” Crystal yells. Dia grabs Crystal’s hand. “Phew found you Crystal thanks.” Dia is relieved to not have lost everyone. Zygen grabs Nin-Dragon’s shoulder since grabbing Nin-Dragon’s stone arm would do no good. “Okay the group is still together, now which way was that tree again?” Nin-Dragon is confused. “That way.” Zygen turns Nin-Dragon’s body and slightly shoves him in that direction. “How do you know for sure Zygen? I don’t want to get lost up here.” “Trust me I know. This is nothing like back in the days of the great war. I have always been good at tracking or finding something.” “Alright I trust you Zygen.” Nin-Dragon starts to walk in that direction but not more then a few steps later does a tremendous howling wind pick up and it’s so loud that they can’t even hear their own thoughts. “….She…………sh……….so…………………can’t” Nin-Dragon tries to yell over the wind but Crystal can only see Nin-Dragon’s lips move but can’t hear anything. Zygen once again shoves Nin-Dragon to get him going again. They continue on for a minute or two when all of a sudden, “THUD”. Nin-Dragon walked right into the tree.

Nin-Dragon is stunned a bit but shakes it off. As the rest of the group huddles around Nin-Dragon and the tree Crystal points to her watch. Nin-Dragon and Zygen understand she is saying they need to wait a minute and the weather will change again. After another minute the blizzard and wind is gone completely and the sky is half blue and sunny and the other half is pitch black clouds…Arken is getting close. “Holy moly that was way to loud!” Dia screams. “Dia honey, you don’t need to yell anymore the wind is gone.” “Oh…haha, sorry.” “That was intense alright.” Zygen calmly says. “Looks like we got to the tree, or Nin-Dragon’s forehead did hehe.” Crystal says and laughs. They all examine the tree but there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it. “So now what, we went through all that shit just to get no closer to finding the cave.” Nin-Dragon is a bit frustrated. “SMACK!” Zygen smacks Nin-Dragon on the back of the head. “Would you quit bitching, your such a disgrace to the original Nin-Dragon.” “Ow…your right, sorry Zygen. I just really don’t want to have to deal with Arken again.” “Well, I can’t fault you on that. Arken is not someone to underestimate, even back in the war he was a tough one to take down. That being said get your act together and focus. We need to find this cave.” “I know, I know.” Meanwhile Dia is examining the trunk of the tree closely. “Hey, is this something useful?” Nin-Dragon, Crystal, and Zygen all look at Dia. He is pointing at a mark on the trunk of the tree. There is something scratched into the bark. It looks like a weird arrow design where there is 4 arrows in a circle all pointing towards each other and in between each arrow is a different symbol, Snow, Wind, Sun, Rain, in the middle of the circle of arrows is a smaller circle. “Heh, would you look at that, good job Dia.” Nin-Dragon pats him on the shoulder. “Yes great job Dia, Crystal says. “Do you know what this means Zygen?” Crystal asks. “Unfortunately no I don’t have a clue. It seems to be saying we are going in circles.” “Nin-Dragon what about you? any guesses?” “Nin-Dragon?” he is examining it closely and almost zoned out. He is in a deep thought. “I think he know’s something…” Dia says to Crystal. “Yeah, maybe…” “Let’s see…Snow…Wind…Sun…Rain…in a circle….” “Well, what do you think it means Nin-Dragon?” Crystal asks again. “I think I figured it out.” “Really? well please do tell.” “The weather on here goes in the same cycle over and over, we had the snow, and then wind, and now we are in the sun, this is telling us how to find the cave…there is a time period I believe where one of these weather changes reveals the cave.” “Really? Any guess on which that would be?” “Well…I don’t think its when it snow’s cause nobody can find anything in that blizzard, combine that with the wind making it so you can’t hear anything…I don’t think its then either. Now we are currently in the sun so that could be it, but how would we know for sure? What does the sun do to help us?” “That.” Zygen says as he is pointing at the side of the mountain. They all look and over about 100 feet is a wall of ice covering an opening into the mountain.

“HA there it is!” Dia and Nin-Dragon run over to the ice wall that has sealed the cave shut. Zygen and Crystal calmly walk over as Crystal lets out a sigh. The ice wall is melting a bit. “Of course…I get it, that’s why you can’t find it, the sun melts the ice only giving you a minute to have access to the cave cause it has to take at least 3 minutes for that to melt fully then it rains getting everything wet and then the blizzard kicks in freezing the water and snow coats the area, then the wind blows the snow onto the wall of ice covering it up, making it look just like a normal snowy part of the mountain.” “Wow that’s quite a lot of protection just for a cave.” Dia says as he taps on the ice. “Seems like its about a foot thick? Guess we have to wait, and then we can all run in and find that relic and get out real quick or we will be sealed in right?” Well that’s not really a concern infact it might be a good thing to let our selves get sealed in.” “What why?” Dia asks alarmed. “Think about it, if we get sealed in then Arken shows up, he wont know we are here, or even if he does, he wont be able to figure out where the cave is, he maybe strong but he is also an idiot. He wont be able to figure out the clue on the tree, hell I doubt he will even seen the mark on the tree.” “That’s true, that sounds like a good backup plan Crystal, just like you to always be thinking of extra plans just in case.” Nin-Dragon replies to Crystal. “Well someone here has to.” “So…we just wait 2 more minutes for the ice to melt?” Dia asks everyone. “I don’t feel like waiting anymore!” Nin-Dragon says as he runs full speed at the ice wall. “What are you…?” “HYAAAAAA” Nin-Dragon reaches way back with his stone arm and thrusts it forward as best as he can and shatters the ice wall. “There…the…wall…is gone.” He is out of breath slightly. “Man this arm is heavy but thankfully it came in handy this time. Ha, handy no pun intended. HAHAHA.” Nin-Dragon laughs. “Well that’s making the most of what we got to work with Nin-Dragon.” “Yeah thanks.” Zygen starts towards the cave clearing away any left over pieces of ice. The sky has gotten almost completely pitch black now. The dark clouds are nearly covering the whole mountain. “We have to hurry, Arken could be here in a matter of minutes.” Crystal warns as they all head inside the cave. Inside the cave is pillars or stone, moss on the walls, and on one side of the cave has a huge drawing of some sort on it. There isn’t much light in the cave so Nin-Dragon reaches into his pocket and takes out a lighter as he lights it they all walk up to the drawing. “Wow…it’s like a cave drawing from the days of the Caveman…” Nin-Dragon says. “Yes, this is truly remarkable. It must be 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide. But again I think you will need to figure this out Nin-Dragon. You figured out the last one, so you can figure this one out hahaha.” “Agreed” Zygen replies. “Alright I’ll give it a try. I have experience with things like this, but this is unlike anything I have ever seen…its complex yet for whoever drew this so long ago…this must have been simple for them to figure out. So lets see, here on the far right is the relic.” “Are you sure that means the relic?” Crystal asks. “Yes, there is two hands holding it, that means its something special, or precious.” “I see.” “So if we work backwards we might be able to figure this out. The symbol next to it shows darkness? Or maybe that means the cave being sealed?” “So we need to be trapped inside and in complete darkness to get the relic?” Dia asks sounding worried. “Yes I think so…” Now this drawing on the far left is puzzling, it means upside down?” “Upside down?” Zygen asks confused. “Yeah…” Suddenly it starts raining outside the cave. “Okay guys well looks like we are going to be sealed inside, but we should only have to wait 15 minutes for the Sun to come out again and melt the ice wall for us again.” Crystal says. “Your forgetting a important detail Crystal.” Zygen looks at her. “We don’t have that luxury. With the dark clouds outside the sun wont come back and melt the ice!” “Shit that’s right!” Nin-Dragon shouts. “Hmm…that poses a problem. We either leave now, or stay and get sealed in and not know when we could get out.” “We stay.” Nin-Dragon says. “Arken wont be able to find us and we will be safe, then we can look for the relic in here like the code on the wall says.” “Okay, I agree.” Dia, Zygen and Crystal all say at once. As another minute passes by the rain stops, and the blizzard is back. As Nin-Dragon and company sit there waiting to be sealed in, they can see the water from the rain and snow mixing together at the entrance and start to form ice. After 5 minutes the Wind is back outside and it blows snow across the ice wall, sealing them inside…in total darkness.

As Nin-Dragon was about to stand up they can hear a noise…almost like stone grinding against more stone. In the middle of the room a small stone pillar rises up from the ground with some glowing mushrooms on top of it. In between the mushrooms is…the relic. “There it is!” “Nin-Dragon yells in excitement. Nin-Dragon was about to run towards it when a loud voice echo’s through the cave. “Does thou wish to obtain the relic of water? If so state your name and if you are a member of light or darkness.” “Oh…I totally forgot about the crazy voice from last time…uhh, I’m Nin-Dragon and I am of light.” “Very well Nin-Dragon, leader of the light army from five millennia ago, you wish to take the trial? If you do and fail, just no that not only will you die but the other 3 members of your group will as well, and don’t think of having them help you. Only one may do the trial at a time.” “Uh, I don’t see what’s so hard about this trial but I accept.” “Hahahaha” Nin-Dragon starts walking towards the relic as all of a sudden it feels like an earthquake, but everyone in moving…the entire cave is moving…its rotating in a circle. “Hey what the hell is going on!” Nin-Dragon yells at the voice. “You must retrieve the relic in the darkness while the cave rotates around you, timing and skill will get you success, fail to get the relic by the time the wind stops outside and the cave will rotate faster and faster, throwing you all around and smashing you into the cave walls and stone pillars. You will die from it in a matter of minutes. If you retrieve the relic then the cave will return to normal and you will all live. Good luck…hahahaha” The voice and laughter fade away. “Nin-Dragon don’t waste a single second, GET THAT RELIC NOW, you only have 3 minutes left till the wind stops outside.” “Right!” Nin-Dragon replies as he gets to his feet again. The cave starts to rotate a bit faster now. Nin-Dragon tries to run towards the relic head on but trips on a big rock and falls on his face. “Ah, son of a bitch that hurt, why do I have to do this in darkness. The only bit of light in this place is a tiny glow from those mushrooms under the relic.” He gets to his feet again and dives for the relic but misses due to the cave rotating. He goes flying past it and quickly gets on his feet again. “Wait where did it go?” Nin-Dragon looks around and its behind him now going up the wall. “He runs after it and jumps for it again, and misses yet again, slamming into a rock. “OUCH!” Man even if I get the damn thing I will kill myself from slamming into so many damn rocks.” Another minute passes by with nothing but failed attempts. Zygen, Dia and Crystal are holding onto anything they can to stop from being tossed around the walls of the cave. “Listen to me Nin-Dragon, your going about this all wrong, stop chasing it and use your head for once.” “No helping!” the loud voice echos again. “Say one more word and all four of you will die here instantly.” Crystal says nothing. “Okay, I’ll figure this out…only got 2 minutes left to get this damn relic. What can I do, think Nin-Dragon, think.” As he stands still as best as he can, he notices something. “Wait a second, the relic moves in the same pattern every time, and the mushrooms have to have a purpose to them right? A slight glow…that moves across the cave floor, walls and ceiling……OF COURSE!” Nin-Dragon figures it out just as he gets a rock slammed into him from behind. “GAAA” He falls over and is dazzed again. He struggles to his feet once more. “I figured it out guys, the glowing mushrooms, I just have to watch them go around one time and it will give me just enough light to see where rocks and such are, then all I have to do is remember where they are when they are hidden in the dark and I can navigate my way through and grab the relic!” Crystal, Dia, and Zygen all smile while they are holding on as best as they can. The cave is picking up more speed now. Only 1 minute left. Nin-Dragon is thinking in his mind. He watches the cave rotate a full time, the relic goes passed him as Nin-Dragon memorizes where each obstacle is. After 30 seconds Nin-Dragon has it memorized. “I got it…I think. But I don’t have time to wait, I have to do this now.” The cave is spinning faster now Nin-Dragon has to almost run to keep his feet under him. “Now there is a rock…THERE!” He jumps to the right to avoid it. “And two rocks…there!” He jumps to the left. “Only got 15 seconds left gotta hurry, okay and there is 3 huge rocks all in a row here with a small hold under the middle one, can’t jump this one, that means I have to HYAAA” he crouch’s down and goes right through the hole. “duck phew…only 5 seconds left and there is the relic.” 5…4…the relic is heading for Nin-Dragon as he reaches out his good arm, 3…2…”Almost there!” 1. “Slap” Nin-Dragon’s hand slaps down on the relic. “GOT IT!” Nin-Dragon yells as loud as he can. He lifts it up above his head. “Very good Nin-Dragon of light you have passed the trial.” The room starts to slow down, then it stops and is back to normal. “Congrats Nin-Dragon!” Dia yells as he tries to make his way to Nin-Dragon. “Yeah nice going Nin-Dragon, Zygen says as he also approaches Nin-Dragon.” Fantastic work my boy!” Crystal says. “You are now the owner of the relic of water Nin-Dragon. Farewell.” The voice fades away.

“Well now what do we do? We have the relic, but without the sun coming out due to those clouds we can’t get out?” Dia asks everyone. “Well this relic has powers, maybe it can deal with the wall since this is the relic of water and the ice wall is made up of water and ice…” “It’s worth a try my boy, go ahead try the power of a relic out.” “Okay then…here we go.” Nin-Dragon points the relic at the ice wall covering the entrance in his good hand, and squeezes the relic. “I can feel energy coming from this thing, its a lot of power!” The relic starts to glow blue. “WOOOOSH!!!” A torrent of water erupts from the relic and smashes against the ice wall, smashing it to pieces. After a moment Nin-Dragon eases up his grip on the relic and it stops the flood of water coming from it. “Wow! That was insane! Nin-Dragon!” Dia says with a big grin on his face. ” Yeah tell me about it…it felt like I held an entire ocean in my hand…such power…and this is just 1 of the relics, no wonder the dark one wants them.” “Yeah, remember Nin-Dragon, be careful with that power.” Zygen says sternly. “I will, now lets get the hell out of here before anything else happens cause I’m to sore for anything more to happen.” “We all are Nin-Dragon. “Crystal says. They head for the entrance and emerge outside. The dark clouds are completely over the mountain now and there is no sun, some light is around but not a lot. “Wow…this is weird, what happened to the snow and rain and wind? It’s just calm now?” Dia asks confused. “The relic is no longer in the mountain so I don’t think the random weather will happen anymore.” Nin-Dragon says. Suddenly a thick mist starts rolling in around the area. “Stay sharp everyone!” Zygen yells. “What’s wrong? it’s just some mist?” Dia asks. “No, mist has never occurred here, this is no ordinary mist.” Nin-Dragon says as he is on guard. “He’s here…somewhere…hiding in the mist…” Crystal says strictly. “Who?” Dia asks as he starts to tremble. Nin-Dragon, Crystal and Zygen all say at the same time. “Arken.”

Chapter 21: Fight For The Water Relic: Brothers And Sisters Conflict!

“Hahahahahahahahaha” Laughter echo’s all around everyone. “We meet again Nin-Dragon, and I see you actually managed to complete a trial and gain one of the relics, very impressive. Maybe you aren’t the hopeless dolt I thought you were, hahahaha.” Everyone is looking around for Arken but they can’t locate him. “Whats the matter Arken? Are you scared? Why don’t you show yourself!” “Well that would ruin the fun, Nin-Dragon.” “Enough of this!” Zygen roars as he draws an image of a tornado on the ground and in a moment a mini twister whips up and begins to disperse the mist around them. “Ahh” Dia gets blown over as Nin-Dragon and Crystal hold their ground. “Whoosh, whoosh, WHOOSH!” The mist has almost completely faded away and Arken’s location is revealed. Up in the sky about 20 feet in front of them and about 20 feet in the air is Arken. The tornado fades away. “There found you, you fiend.” Zygen yells at Arken. “Ah yes…Zygen, it’s been to long hasn’t it, we really should catch up sometime, but I’m afraid your going to be to dead to talk much hahaha.” “We’ll see about that.” Zygen replies. Dia gets back to his feet. “So your the big bad Arken, you don’t look that scary! Sure you can fly and you made mist but Nin-Dragon will kick your ass!” Arken turns his attention to Dia. “Oh and who is this, little pest, I’m surprised a boy your age has the nerve to say such things to someone like me. It’s rather funny though this kid has more nerve then you Nin-Dragon. However I have some bad news kid, by coming here you sealed your fate, you will die here today. HEEEYA.” Arken quickly throws a small dagger at Dia. Dia freezes in fear and can’t move. The blade is heading right for Dia’s head. “CLANG!” Nin-Dragon intercepted the shot with his stone arm as it hit the stone arm and fell to the ground. “Oh? so this kid is important to you Nin-Dragon? My master will find that interesting. Maybe that kid could work for one of my masters experiments HAHA.” Arken turns his attention to Crystal this time. “Grrr, and Crystal, you managed to fool me once by faking your death, but I assure you it wont happen again.” Crystal smiles. “I think your making a mistake Arken.” “Oh? And why would that be?” “Simple math, you’re out numbered Arken, even though Dia can’t fight, its still 3 against 1 and Zygen beat you long ago so he alone could beat you on his own again!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” “What’s so funny Arken!” Nin-Dragon asks. “Whats…HAHA…funny…HAHA? You fools think you actually stand a chance at survival? Nin-Dragon you will survive as always cause my master will be the one to kill you, but Crystal, the kid and good old Zygen over there will all die today. Oh and don’t get to attached to that relic cause it will be mine very shortly.” “As for Zygen the only reason he was able to beat me back then was cause he held my brother as a hostage!!!” Arken roars! “What!!!” Nin-Dragon and Crystal look at Zygen. “Yes, it’s true one of the great Nin-Dragon’s friends stooped as low as we would, he held my brother who while evil was a child and slaughtered him before my eyes which effected me just long enough for him to kill me! That is something I will never forget Zygen!” “So tell me how does it feel Zygen? to have killed two brothers?” Zygen’s face is serious and he says nothing. “Oh but don’t worry Zygen I don’t blame you, it was the greatest war the world had ever seen, so you had to do whatever you could do to win.” “Zygen! Is that true?” Nin-Dragon and Crystal both shout at him. “Yes it is, and I would do it again in a second.” “GASP!” “Tsk, tsk tsk…what would the original Nin-Dragon say if he knew what you did Zygen? HAHAHA.” Zygen smiles, “Heh, even after 5,000 years your still the stupidest person I have ever seen.” “Huh!?” Arken looks angry. “Who’s idea do you think it was to take your brother as a hostage in the first place Arken!” “Well yours of course Zygen.” “Wrong, it was none other then Nin-Dragons!” “WHAT!!!” Everyone gasps. “That’s a lie! Nin-Dragon would never resort to that!” Arken bellows. “Wrong, you didn’t know him like his army did. He wasn’t proud of the plan by any means but if it meant it would help us kill the dark one then it had to be done.” “…….unbelievable…” Arken mumbles to himself. Nin-Dragon looks a bit shocked that his ancestor would do such a thing, but strangely he understood it had to be done. “Enough talking Arken, you’re here for a fight, so lets fight and as Crystal pointed out your out numbered 3 against 1 so we will end you in a flash.” Zygen yells. “Oh? hehehehe, my mistake you seem to think I came here alone?”

“What?” Crystal shouts. “You didn’t really think I would come all this way on my own to fight someone who has a relic when I don’t have one myself did you? HA, who’s the stupid one now!” Arken howls with laughter. “HYAAAAAAA” Nin-Dragon quickly points the water relic at Arken and sends a wave of water at him. “Gaallaaa” Arken drops to the ground and stands up quickly. “Well that was highly rude now I’m all wet.” “That sure didn’t seem to do much damage to him Nin-Dragon?” Dia asks. “No shit kid, its water, even though its powerful, it’s still just water not to mention Nin-Dragon here hasn’t figured out how to tap into the full power of a relic.” Arken looks at Nin-Dragon and company. “Though talking has run it’s course, time for me to take that relic and give it to my master just like the last time. Now, let me introduce you to some…friends of mine I guess you could say hahahaha.” “Snap” Arken snaps his fingers as beside him the ground rips open as a casket rises up from the ground. “I’ve seen these before, this isn’t good Nin-Dragon!” Zygen shouts to Nin-Dragon. “What is that Zygen? It doesn’t look…normal…” It’s not its a cursed casket, these were used in the war to, and its a casket that is able to absorb the soul of the body inside of it and store it for later, when one of those caskets is broken open…the soul returns to the body and the person is revived but the soul can be altered causing the person who is revived to be stronger then they ever were before!” “What!!! So that’s….someone from the war? Who is it can you tell?” “I sense something familiar from that soul but I can’t place it.” “Haha, well that’s going to hurt his feelings when he shows up Zygen, so lets stop wasting time and say hello shall we!” “HYAA” Arken sends a shockwave at the casket causing it to explode as the smoke from the small explosion fades away a corpse is floating in the air a few feet off the ground as a glowing purple orb flies around it then it goes into the body. Immediately purple mist swirls around the body and small lightning strikes fly everywhere. “….That was a…
kid?” Crystal whispers…”ARKEN!!!!, you didn’t do that did you!” Zygen yells. “Oh yes I did mwahahahaha!” “Do what Zygen? Who is that boy?” Nin-Dragon asks. “Allow me to answer that Nin-Dragon!” Arken laughs. “Laidies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to…….” The purple mist all gets absorbed into the boy’s body as the boy floats down and lands on his feet but is staring at the ground. As he looks up his eyes are nothing but burning purple flames. “The one and only…Kiga!!!!!!!” “Or for those of you who don’t know him, allow me to introduce you to….my YOUNGER BROTHER WHO ZYGEN KILLED 5,000 YEARS AGO!!!” “GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Arken you really are vile, you actually messed with your own kid brother’s soul and brought him back to this world! That’s disgusting! I killed you both before and I will do it AGAIN.” Zygen roars. “Wrong, Zygen…this time I will kill you for my older brother.” Kiga says quietly but sternly. “Even though he brought his brother back to life it’s still 3 against 2, we still have the advantage Zygen!” Crystal shouts. “Wrong, Crystal.” Zygen looks at her. At best its an even fight, Kiga was killed easily in the past before cause much like Dia, he wasn’t a fighter, he hadn’t learned any of the dark one’s methods yet. There is no telling how strong Kiga is this time, I think I can handle him on my own, but you and Nin-Dragon will need to deal with Arken on your own!” “But that would leave Dia vulnerable.” Nin-Dragon says. “Dia, you stay with Crystal and I will take on Arken, I have the water relic so I should be okay, and plus he can’t kill me anyway remember.” “Okay…if your sure Nin-Dragon…” Crystal says. “HAHAHAHA I may not be able to kill you Nin-Dragon but knocking your ass out again and maybe breaking some more bones will be easy enough then I’ll take that relic. But there is a flaw in your plan you fools.” “Oh? what is that Arken!” Nin-Dragon shouts. “You seem to think my brother was the only friend I brought along? hahaha.” “Oh shit, there is someone else?” Nin-Dragon and company look around. “Yes there is I’m afraid hahaha, and she has been here the whole time, observing everyone hahaha. And much like how Kiga was from Zygen’s past, this lovely lady is from Crystal’s past HAHAHA.” “What? Mine?” Crystal looks shocked.

“Yes I think it will be quite touching for you to see each other again hehehe. Why don’t you come out now and show everyone who you are my dear!” Arken shouts to the sky. A wind blows past and in an instant she appeares…behind Crystal with sharp blades coming from her fingers as she grabs Crystal in a split second and holds the blades to Crystal’s throat! “CRYSTAL!!!” Nin-Dragon starts to run towards her but Arken throws a small blade infront of him cutting him off from Crystal. “Sorry Nin-Dragon but your fight is with me.” “Uhg…who…are…you…” Crystal tries to struggle free as she is able to twist her head and see who she is. “GASP…….Sapphire!!!!” “Hello, sister it’s been a long time, shall we play? I can’t wait to show you this new game I learned unfortunately I need you in pieces for us to play hehahehaheha” She breaks out into a crazy laugh. Crystal is paralyzed in fear. Tears begin to pour from here eyes. “Your…alive….this whole time….you were alive? What happened to you? What did they do to you? Crystal begins to cry a bit. Sapphire’s eyes are glowing dark purple as the mark of the dark one is on her forehead. “Trust me sis…you don’t want to know hehahehahe!” “So there we have it Nin-Dragon, the stage is set, Zygen will deal with a my brother from his past, Crystal has some…family issues that needs to be worked out….and you….you get me hahahahahahaha!” Nin-Dragon looks at Dia. ” Dia, you stay close to me, close enough where I can protect you but not close enough to the point you get in my way! Me and you are going to take out Arken!

“Let the fight begin!!!!” Arken yells. Kiga runs up to Zygen in a split second and does a round house kick that catches Zygen in the stomach. “GAAAAA” It sends him flying into the side of the mountain 50 feet away as he crashed into the rocky wall, rocks fall down on Zygen and half bury him. Sapphire grabs Crystal tightly as she quickly runs off with Crystal about 250 feet away. Arken smiles at Nin-Dragon. “Now, it’s our turn to have some fun!” “Hyaaa” Arken sends multiple shock waves at Nin-Dragon. “Hyaa!” Nin-Dragon uses the water relic and his water waves crash into Arken’s shock waves causing multiple explosions!

Chapter 22: 1, 2, 3, They All Fall Down.

“Is that all you got Zygen? You’ve gotten weaker and slower in your old age.” Kiga says as he walks towards the rubble that Zygen is buried under. “Gruuuhhh” Zygen stands up quickly causing rocks that were on him a moment ago to go flying. “I haven’t gotten weaker Kiga, you’ve gotten stronger. Unfortunatley for you, its still not enough to beat me. If that was your best then that’s laughable.” Zygen smiles. “My best? That was nothing but a simple kick. Perhaps you need more abuse, lets see if you can handle this.” Kiga charges towards Zygen. Zygen had secretly scribbled a drawing onto the ground when he was buried under rubble. “That’s right charge at me…just a little more…” Zygen is thinking in his head. Kiga gets about 2 feet away from Zygen when Zygen puts his foot on his drawing. “Got yeah.” a flash of light erupts from under Zygen’s foot and causes Kiga to stop. “Really Zygen, trying to blind me? Have you forgotten that I don’t have eye’s anymore?” “Ha, who said anything about blinding you? Try binding you.” “Huh?” As the light fades away the rocks that were on the ground around Zygen are now floating around Kiga and spinning rapidly. “Oh…is this all you were planning Zygen? A rocky prison to try to contain me?” “It’s all I need to stop you Kiga. It’s over for you, all that’s left to do is kill you once again. These rocks are slowly closing in on you and you will be crushed to death by them. Sorry, I couldn’t kill you as quick and painlessly as before.” Kiga smiles. “Well I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you then Zygen. Cause this pathetic play pen of yours can’t hold me.” “Oh? Then why is it holding you now Kiga?” “Simple, because I allow it to. Observe.” The purple flames in Kiga’s eye sockets burns stronger as purple flames appear all over Kiga’s body, until his body is a purple flaming corpse. The rocks spinning around Kiga stop spinning and fall to the ground. “What the!!!” “I told you Zygen, your tricks wont work. Your magic chalk has no effect on me. The dark one gave me immunity to your spells.” “…….Shit…..this isn’t good.” Zygen was thinking to himself. “Now I think it’s about time I resume my attack Zygen.” “HYAA!” Kiga rushes up to Zygen and delievers a number of kicks to Zygen. First he sweeps Zygen’s leg causing him to start to fall down, but before Zygen can even hit the ground Kiga kicks him in the spine from underneath him, sending Zygen skyward then in a second delievers 3 more quick kicks to Zygen’s chest and stomach, before smashing feet first onto Zygen’s face with enough force to send them both plummeting back to the ground. “THUD” Zygen smashes into the ground on his back as Kiga is standing on his face. “Ha, Zygen you couldn’t even block 1 attack of mine. I wish I had this power back when you killed me, then I would have killed you then.” He steps off Zygen’s face. Zygen is knocked out.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Shock wave after shock wave is colliding with water waves from Nin-Dragon’s Water Relic. Nin-Dragon and Arken are running around doing long range fighting. Dia is trying to stay close to Nin-Dragon without getting in the way. “This is getting no where Nin-Dragon, our waves are evenly matched, so I think I should tip the scale more in my favor.” “Heh…heh…heh…”Nin-Dragon is a bit out of breathe. “Oh? Getting tired already Nin-Dragon? I suppose nobody told you that using the relics, drains your own strength, it uses your own life energy haha.” Nin-Dragon falls to one knee. “Nin-Dragon are you okay?” Dia runs up to Nin-Dragon and asks him. “I’m…fine…just a bit…winded.” He stands back up. “Good, you can still stand, I am glad to see our fun can continue, but now lets see how much longer you can withstand my assault. You might find this to be a real…problem hahahah.” Arken jumps up into the sky, then immediately, turns himself around and heads, head first towards the ground. “SMASH!!!” He plows into the ground leaving only a hole behind…Arken has gone underground. “Where….where is he Nin-Dragon?” “I don’t know Dia…” A few moments go past, then a low rumble starts up as Arken explodes from under the ground and pops up right in front of Dia. He delivers an uppercut on Dia, right under the chin which sends Dia flying 15 feet away, his body is limp as he lands with a thud on the ground. “Thud!” Dia is out cold. “DIA!!!” Nin-Dragon yells as he tries to run towards Dia. “Ah, ah, ah Nin-Dragon, you can’t keep ignoring me hehehe, don’t worry I didn’t kill the boy….not yet, he is just knocked out…might have a concussion to though. Looks, like Kiga has also knocked out Zygen over their, so now it’s just you and me without that annoying brat. Now it’s 1 on 1…well actually that’s a lie HAHAHAHA!!!” Arken laughs as he starts to glow with the same purple aura as before, and suddenly 5 more Arken’s appear out of thin air. “What the fuck!” Nin-Dragon hollers. “Hahahaha, as you can see you can fight 6 of me.” All the Arken’s talk at the same time. “Course, only 1 of us is the real me, the other 5 are simply clones of me, and are fairly weak compared to me, if you manage to land even a single hit on 1, it will dissolve away into nothing. I doubt you can manage to take out even 1 though, and don’t think they can’t hurt you, cause they can.” “HYAAA!” Nin-Dragon sends a water wave at one and hit’s it dead on causing it to dissolve away. “heh…..heh….1 down…5 to….go.” “Why you! You won’t get that lucky again.” The remaining 5 Arken’s all slam into the ground and all hide underground. “Come out Akren, I didn’t think you were the coward type. Show yourself so I can kick your ass for Dia!”

“You really must be having a hard time with your emotions right now sis.” Sapphire throws Crystal down on the ground and pins here down by sitting on her. She is pointing her blades at the ends of her fingers at Crystal’s throat. Crystal is trying not to cry, but can’t contain herself as she starts to cry more and more. “Now, now sis, calm down, I’ll be putting you out of your misery soon, after we have a bit of fun bonding together hehaheha.” “Sapphire….sob….I can’t believe your alive…” “Well I am sis, now lets not waste anytime, lets play my little game.” Sapphire uses one of her finger blades to make a cut on Crystal’s shoulder. “AHHHHH” Crystal screams. It’s not deep enough to be fatal but it’s deep enough to hurt like a bitch though. “Ahhh YES, that’s the stuff!!!” Sapphire screams in bliss. “Please…Sapphire, you don’t need to do this!” “La…la…la dee daa…la…la…la.” Sapphire cuts Crystal on her stomach. “AHHHH” Then cuts her other shoulder. “AHHHHHHH” Then makes another cut on her neck. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” Blood is pouring down Crystal’s neck and torso. “Look at all this blood! I can’t wait to have fun with it!” Sapphire rubs her hands in Crystal’s blood and coats her hands in blood. She then starts to write and draw with the blood on the ground, then she puts more blood on her hands and spreads it on Crystal’s face. Almost like face painting. “Please….Sapphire…stop…” Crystal is struggling to stay conscious, but as more blood pours out she gets weaker and weaker. “Lets see how this blood tastes shall we?” Sapphire covers her fingers in more blood and licks it off as she swallows the blood, she shrieks loudly. “Ohhhhhhhh, That’s the best tasting blood I’ve had in a long time, hehahehaheha.” Crystal can’t stay awake any longer, she passes out. “HEY NO, WAKE UP SIS, I’M NOT DONE PLAYING YET!!!” Sapphire snaps and starts cutting small cuts all over Crystal.

Zygen, Dia, and Crystal are all unconscious. Nin-Dragon is the only one left standing and conscious.

Chapter 23: A Victory, A Loss Or A Tie? Chaos Unleashed!

Nin-Dragon is in shock as he stands, looking at his fallen comrades. “Zygen get up! Dia are you okay! Crystal…please…get up…” “Hahahaha your wasting your breath Nin-Dragon.” Arken says from underground somewhere. A low rumble starts up as Arken charges towards the surface where Nin-Dragon is. “Hyaaa!!!” All 5 Arken’s bursts out of the ground like a geyser, and they all deliver a single hit on Nin-Dragon, 1 of them uppercuts Nin-Dragon in the stomach. “BLECH, COUGH…COUGH” Nin-Dragon bends over in pain, as a 2nd Arken lands a blow on his spin with his knee, driving Nin-Dragon towards the ground, though the 3rd and 4th Arken both land a kick to Nin-Dragon’s face sending him flying back 15 feet where he gets hit in mid air by 3 shock waves from the 5th Arken. Nin-Dragon crashes onto the ground on his back. “Thud” The Water Relic falls out of Nin-Dragon’s hand and rolls a few feet away. Nin-Dragon is in a lot of pain, but isn’t knocked out. “Uhhhhg…….Grrr……Is…..that…..the……….you…….Arken?” Nin-Dragon slowly gets to his feet, despite being in a lot of pain. Blood is dripping out of Nin-Dragon’s mouth, nose and his left ear, he is holding his stomach with his left hand, his legs shake and buckle as he tries to stay standing. “Well would you look at that, I’m quite impressed your still conscious after all that Nin-Dragon. Though it seems like you barely are, I bet I could toss a rock at you and it would be enough to knock you out hahaha.” “You….wish…..Arken……..wish.” “I….will…defeat…….Arken.” “Oh Nin-Dragon, you will never defeat me, I see you dropped the Water Relic, without it you are no match against me.” “Go get it” Arken orders one of his clones to go pick up the Water Relic. One of them starts to walk over to it. Nin-Dragon tries to reach and pick it up but falls to his knee’s and is struggling to stay conscious, blood drips from his face onto the ground. As he see’s the blood he falls forward face first and hits the ground. He stretched out his left arm to try and grab the Water Relic but he is just a few feet away and can’t reach, he lacks the energy. “Oh I don’t think so Nin-Dragon, HYAA!” Arken sends a shockwave at Nin-Dragon. “BOOM” As the dust and rubble around Nin-Dragon settles, Nin-Dragon is knocked out. His face lies in a pool of blood that is slowly getting bigger. “There we go, Nin-Dragon joins his weak companions, maybe they can all dream of beating us, cause that’s the only way they ever would, HAHAHAHAHA.” The Arken clone reaches the Water Relic beside Nin-Dragon, as he looks down at the relic and Nin-Dragon, he then reaches down and picks up the Water Relic. “Use it on Nin-Dragon, maybe a bit of water will wake him up.” The real Arken orders to his clone. The clone smiles, and aims the Water Relic at Nin-Dragon. “Hyaa!” A water wave gets sent out and heads for Nin-Dragon, but stops in mid air and falls to the ground short of it’s target. “What? What happened?” Arken is confused. “Do it again!” Again the Arken clone tries to attack Nin-Dragon with the Water Relic but again the water wave disappears before hitting Nin-Dragon. “Hmm….maybe a clone can’t use the relic’s properly…” Arken is thinking to himself. Suddenly Arken notices that Nin-Dragon is on his feet, standing again…

“What!?” “How did you get to your feet with such ease and without anyone noticing?” Nin-Dragon says nothing. “Hey, wise guy, I asked you a question!” “Nin-Dragon once again says nothing. “Grrrrrr” Arken is getting pissed off. “You know what, fuck you, Nin-Dragon, just stay down! HYAAA” He sends a shockwave at Nin-Dragon which causes an explosion as it hit’s Nin-Dragon. “BOOM!” The smoke clears…..”What? Unbelievable….what the fuck is going on here?” Nin-Dragon is still standing, he hasn’t budged. Blood is still dripping down his face. “Wait a second……” Arken thinks allowed”…….is he?……..unconscious?” Nin-Dragon is indeed completely out cold, yet he is standing as still and as strong as a statue. “This….is strange, even I wasn’t expecting something like this.” Arken says. “Well lets see what happens if I do this.” “HYAA! HYAA! HYAA!” Arken sends 3 shockwaves at Nin-Dragon. Nin-Dragon’s left hand raises up on it’s own, without Nin-Dragon doing it, as each wave crashes into his outstretched hand and causes 3 mini explosions. “Huh? Did…..did he just cancel out my shockwaves?” Arken is all flustered. Suddenly, symbols appear all over Nin-Dragon’s body, they begin to glow much like before when Zygen tested Nin-Dragon with his magic chalk. They begin to glow almost a golden color, brighter and brighter. Strange lines appear on Nin-Dragon’s body as they connect each symbol on his body together. The lines go to the sides of Nin-Dragon’s eyes, Nin-Dragon’s eyes open, and glow with the same gold aura as his body. “This……doesn’t look good…” Arken seems to be getting worried. Nin-Dragon snaps awake and looks at Arken, then at the Arken clone that is just a few feet away. Nin-Dragon raises his left arm and points it at the clone. “GET OUT OF THERE NOW!” Arken shouts at the clone. The clone turns to try and retreat back to the real Arken. “Whoosh!!!” Nin-Dragon sends a gold beam of light out of his hand and in an instant it hits the Arken clone, piercing the clone, boring a hole right through the clone’s chest. “Uhg!” Is all the clone can say as it explodes and dissolves away into nothing. The Water Relic he was holding goes flying towards Arken. One of the remaining clones quickly grabs it, but just as he grabs it, Nin-Dragon fires off another golden light beam destroying that Arken clone, and once again sending the relic towards the real Arken. There are only 2 clones left, 1 of them charges at the relic and the other charges at Nin-Dragon. Nin-Dragon doesn’t even move, he simply aim’s and launches another golden beam as it rips through the 1 Arken clone that was coming for him, dissolving him away, it is heading for the final clone, and connects just as it was able to grab and toss the relic towards the real Arken. “UHG!” “BOOM!” The last Arken Clone dissolves away into nothing. Arken catches the relic. “This is insane, time to get the fuck out of here, just what is going on here!” “Uhhg” Arken falls to his knees feeling drained of a lot of strength. “…Shit….I forgot that using my clone ability takes up a lot of energy, and if they get destroyed it takes out twice as much of my remaining energy. I’m in no condition to fight much longer” Arken is thinking. “Tell me, just what the fuck is going on here Nin-Dragon!” Arken bellows. Nin-Dragon looks at Arken. “…Arken…I’m disgusted to see you alive again.” “What? What does that fucking mean? Did those blow’s to your head make you suffer memory loss?” “Be silent Arken, I was hoping to never have to see you again, but we killed you so long ago, I will end you again, here and NOW! For the Nin-Dragon Army will not stand for you or your evil ways.” “Wait…the way Nin-Dragon is talking….the way he is acting….it’s completely different then before….and those light beams….those were divine beams….which were only used by…….oh shit…this can only mean…” Arken is thinking to himself. “You’re….Nin-Dragon aren’t you…the original Nin-Dragon!” “There is no other Nin-Dragon Arken, so I don’t know what your talking about, you must have hit your head not me.” “He must not be aware that he died long ago, and that he has somehow taken over the current Nin-Dragon’s body…” Arken once again is thinking to himself. Arken stands back up. “Look around Nin-Dragon, things aren’t as you think they are, over there is your friend Zygen, knocked out, and over their is your friend Crystal, all grown up, though you might not remember her, she was the child you saved long ago from the dark one, and of course Dia on the ground there, well you have no clue who he is do you?” “What are you talking about Arken?” “Just look at your body, Nin-Dragon, it’s not YOUR BODY. This isn’t the war we fought before, this is 5,000 years after! This is a different TIME, you somehow took over your descendant’s body.” “What?” Nin-Dragon looks down at his body and notices his right arm is stone. He is shocked.

“What……what is this?” He looks over to Zygen and see’s him out cold, “ZYGEN, GET UP SOLDIER!!!” He looks over where Arken said Crystal was. He just see’s an older lady lying down as another person is ontop of her cutting her. “That’s….Crystal? The girl I saved in what just felt like yesterday?” He looks at Dia who still hasn’t moved since being knocked out. “Could….could what Arken have said, been true?” “AHHHHHHHHHHH” Nin-Dragon drops to his knees and screams as he starts to lose control. Kiga and Sapphire notice the scream and turn to look at what is going on. “I think this is my chance to get the hell out of here. I got the relic, so my mission is mostly complete, We were supposed to kill Zygen, Dia, and Crystal, but the original Nin-Dragon being here is far to dangerous. I must get the relic back to the dark one and inform him of this twist. “Kiga! Sapphire! It’s time to go!” Arken yells over Nin-Dragon’s screams. “Shame, looks like you will live this time Zygen, I just needed another minute or so to finish the job, but you got lucky, till next time.” In an instant Kiga is at his brother’s side. Sapphire gets off Crystal. “Aw….to bad, we didn’t get to finish our game. You’re just barely alive, though I guess I wont get to see you die of blood loss in the next few minutes….good bye sister, I have to return to my master now.” In a few moments Sapphire joins up with Arken. Dia, finally starts to stir, and he sits up dazzed for a few seconds, then quickly remembers what was going on. He looks at Arken, Kiga, and Sapphire all together, then he notices Crystal is on the ground far away from him, then he turns to Zygen who is just starting to move a bit, then he quickly turns to Nin-Dragon who is still on his knees screaming.” Nin-Dragon! What’s wrong!” Dia screams as he quickly gets up a little wobbly, and runs over to Nin-Dragon, but the screaming of Nin-Dragon is so loud and powerful it actually has a bit of force to it, preventing Dia from getting any closer then 15 feet away. “Uhhg, my head…” Zygen manages to sit up. He quickly recalls the battle that was going on, he looks at Dia trying to get to Nin-Dragon, he see’s Nin-Dragon glowing gold and screaming, he see’s Crystal behind them off in the distance not moving. Then he notices Arken, Kiga and Sapphire together. ” Ah, shit this can’t be good.” Zygen tries to get to his feet and is to dazzed so he basically starts to crawl over to Nin-Dragon and Dia.

“Alright it’s time we take our leave, Nin-Dragon and company, you lucked out this time, but we got the Water Relic so lets just call this one a tie shall we HAHAHA. Till next time, farewell!” Sapphire and Kiga dissolve into dark purple mist followed by Arken, then they all launch into the sky and head back to the dark one. Nin-Dragon is still screaming, as Zygen crawls towards Nin-Dragon, he also gets to about 15 feet away before he notices the force of the scream. Zygen thinks for a second, then reaches into his pocket and grabs one of his magic chalk’s and draws a symbol on the ground the symbol is a face with it’s eye’s closed. “Sleep!” Zygen yells as he places his hand on the symbol, making it glow and activate. A ring of light appears Nin-Dragon and Nin-Dragon begins to calm down, before he drops to the ground, unconscious once again. The gold symbols dim down, but don’t fade away. Dia runs up to Nin-Dragon and hugs him. “What….what’s going on with Nin-Dragon Zygen?” Dia starts to cry. “I’m not 100% sure Dia, seems we all got knocked out and Nin-Dragon was on his own, against Arken.” “Though it seems Crystal took the worst of it. Help me up Dia, I need to get over to her, and see if I can help her.” Dia helps Zygen to his feet and they walk over to Crystal as she is lying motionless on the ground…. “Dia, you don’t want to see this, go back and watch Nin-Dragon for me.” “….sob…..okay…” Dia is still crying as he is about to head back to Nin-Dragon, but he couldn’t help but quickly look at Crystal, before bursting out in tears then running back to Nin-Dragon’s side. “Oh…Crystal….I’m sorry we couldn’t protect you better…I shouldn’t have underestimated Kiga, I could have dealt with him and then protected you….and….Nin-Dragon.”

Crystal is lying on her back, covered in blood, with almost 100 cuts across her body, some shallow, some deep. Zygen check’s her pulse. “….just barely alive…good…hang in there Crystal, don’t give up on us….” Crystal is running out of time, Crystal is…slowly…dying…

Chapter 24: Catching Up With An Old Friend.

[Night has fallen]

Dia and Zygen worked together to drag Nin-Dragon’s unconscious body back into the cave they had gotten the Water Relic from. They lean him against a wall of the cave. They knew he would be safe inside the cave. Zygen told Dia to stay with Nin-Dragon while he tried to treat Crystal’s wounds. “56…57…58” “Man, this is horrific…” “65….66…67” Zygen continues to wipe up Crystal’s blood. “88…89…90.” “Seems like there is no end to these cuts, I hope this works.” “98…99…100.” “100, cuts…not many people could withstand something like that, but you will Crystal, you hear me!” Zygen reaches into his pocket and takes out one of his magic chalk’s and draws an outline on the ground around Crystal’s body. A white light starts to emit from the outline. “Please work…” Slowly, cuts across Crystal’s body start to heal and close up. Eventually they all close up, and she looks normal. Though she is far from normal. “Alright, time to get you moved.” Zygen carefully lifts Crystal up and carries her over to the cave. As he is walking into the cave Dia notices him and Crystal. “Zygen! Did you….did you fix her?” Zygen puts her on the ground softly. “I’ve done what I can Dia, her body is healed…” “So she’s good then!” Dia sounds happy. “Wrong, Dia…I may have healed her body, but that’s it. She lost a lot of blood, more then any person can afford to lose. For all purposes she should be dead…” “What!” Dia starts to cry.” “Dia, quit crying, you knew that when you joined us, that this was going to be a bloody and violent war, now granted what Crystal went through was far more bloody then any of us were expecting.” “Sob…You’re right…” Dia rubs his eyes. “I have to get stronger, I can’t just cry every time something like this happens!” “So is she going to die Zygen?” “I don’t know…like I said I healed her body, but it comes down to a few things, can her body reproduce enough blood before she dies from lack of blood? Cause right now, her life is hanging by a thread. If she had just a few more cuts she would have died hours ago, we can only wait and see if she can pull through this.” “Okay…so is there anything I can do Zygen?” “No, other then just watching over her we can’t touch her. No unnecessary movement otherwise it could kill her.” “Okay…so whats the plan then? With both Crystal and Nin-Dragon out…you’re in charge Zygen, so whats the plan.” “Hmm…I’ve never been in charge before, I’m a soldier not a leader.” “I know you can do it Zygen.” “Thanks Dia, alright here is what we will do. It’s to late out now, so we aren’t going back to my house till morning. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Arken was to return during the night, by now he has probably given the dark one the Water Relic and filled him in on everything that happened, and unfortunately I don’t know what did happen after Kiga knocked my ass out. What about you Dia, did you see anything before I woke up?” “I only woke up a minute before you, all I saw was Nin-Dragon screaming with that weird scream. I saw him glowing, and that’s it. Speaking of which why is Nin-Dragon glowing to begin with? And what was with that scream?” “I don’t know about the glowing, there was something similar to those markings on the original Nin-Dragon’s body but I don’t know much about them. As for the scream, I do know what that was. It was called a Time Laps Scream.” “What does that mean?” “Basically it’s a rare occurrence that happens when someone comes in contact with something from a different time period. The mind can’t handle it and completely shut’s down and that scream is like a defence mechanism, protecting the person while the body tries to fix itself.” “So Nin-Dragon came in contact with something from a different time period? Like what? Arken?” “No, it couldn’t have been Arken since they had come in contact with each other before. It had to have been something that happened while we were knocked out.” “I see, so was their anymore to your plan Zygen?” “Yeah, we will will camp here tonight, I will stay up all night on watch, you will get some rest cause I’ll need your help tomorrow morning if Nin-Dragon and Crystal aren’t awake yet.” “Okay, but you need your sleep to Zygen, so I will take watch to!” “Are you sure Dia?” “Yes I can handle it.” “Alright then, I’ll get the first 4 hours of sleep, then you wake me up and then you can get 4 hours of sleep. It isn’t a normal amount of sleep but it will have to do.” “Okay, good night Zygen. You can leave it up to me.” “Alright.” Zygen replies. He lays down on the ground and starts to drift of to sleep. “Zygen…” “Yeah Dia…” “Could you…train me to fight?” “…sigh…that’s a good idea Dia…sure, tomorrow we’ll start your training…” He drifts off to sleep. “Thank you Zygen.” Dia smiles as he begins his watch for the next 4 hours.

[4 hours later]

“Zygen…Zygen…” “Uhhg…what?” “Wake up Zygen, it’s your turn to keep watch.” “Oh, thanks for waking me up.” Zygen rubs his eyes and looks around. Crystal and Nin-Dragon still haven’t moved. “So, did I miss anything?” “Nope, it was quiet and those 2 haven’t moved a muscle.” Dia looks a bit sad. “Did you stay awake the whole time?” “Yes sir, I was wide awake for all 4 hours!” Dia sound’s proud. Zygen smiles. “Good job Dia, well your time to get some sleep.” “Before I try to sleep can I ask you something Zygen?” “Yeah sure, what is it? “What did you do to Nin-Dragon? You drew that symbol on the ground and it made Nin-Dragon calm down. What did you do to him?” “Oh is that all, it was a spell that overrides a person’s mind and forces the body to go into a deep sleep.” “So why did you do that?” “Nin-Dragon needed to be calmed down, that screaming would have attracted to much attention from the people at the bottom of the mountain, and we can’t have random people involved with this.” “I see…I guess your right, good call.” “Yeah.” “So…how long will it last on Nin-Dragon?” “Hmm, tough to say, it differs from person to person. On someone like Nin-Dragon it could last anywhere from a day to a week, maybe longer…I really don’t know. Now get some sleep Dia, remember your training begins in just over 4 hours.” “Okay, good night Zygen.” “Good night Dia.” Dia lays down and falls asleep. Throughout the next 4 hours Zygen does a lot of thinking. He replays his brief fight with Kiga over and over again in his mind, and him being brought back to life infront of them, he also goes over everything Dia has been through. “Man…I shouldn’t be caring about Dia so much, as a soldier we can’t have connections with people who aren’t a member of the Nin-Dragon Army, but there is something about Dia, I sense he has a special power that will one day be unleashed. Oh well, times have changed I guess.” Zygen goes back to thinking about Kiga kicking the shit out of him. He stands up, stretches his legs and arm. “Uhhg, still really sore. That brat sure got strong, I know we will fight again and probably sooner rather then later, but I don’t know if I can beat him. I thought I could…but I thought wrong.” “Zygen looks at Dia. “Maybe some training would benefit me. Though we were only ever trained by Nin-Dragon himself. So I really don’t know how I would train…” “So then maybe it’s time for another training session…” Zygen stops and thinks for a second, “wait did I just hear…” Zygen looks over at Nin-Dragon who is still leaning on the cave wall. Nin-Dragon is awake.

“I heard everything you just said Zygen.” “Nin-Dragon! Your awake, that’s great!” Zygen goes over to Nin-Dragon and sit’s down in front of him. “How do you feel? I see you still have those symbols on your body…” Nin-Dragon looks at his legs, chest, and left arm, noticing the glowing symbols. “Yes…the Deity Contract.” “The Deity Contract? what is that and how do you know what it is?” Nin-Dragon looks at Zygen. “Of course Zygen, I’m the one who signed the contract.” “What are you talking about Nin-Dragon?” “Sigh…how long have you known me Zygen…” “Well…not that long.” Nin-Dragon has a puzzled look on his face. “Zygen, did you lose your memory cause you’ve known me for years, we grew up together.” “What? Wait a second…are you…the original Nin-Dragon!” “You’re the second person to say that to me…First Arken now you.” Nin-Dragon looks up at the roof of the cave. “I know the truth though now Zygen. This isn’t my era…the present…isn’t my present. I somehow took over this man’s body….apparently he is my descendant. His name is also Nin-Dragon.” Zygen hugs Nin-Dragon. “Uhg, what the, Zygen let me go, and that’s an order!” Zygen let’s Nin-Dragon go, sorry, Nin-Dragon, I’m just so glad I get the chance to talk to you again.” “Yeah well don’t get used to it Zygen, while it’s nice to see you to, my presence is not going to last for long.” “Why is that?” “Let me explain, and please don’t interrupt me.” “Okay.” “First of all let me say, I don’t need you to tell me the situation, when I was suffering from the Time Laps Scream, my own mind and the current…Nin-Dragon’s mind were bouncing around like crazy, we both saw into each other’s minds, so I know everything he knows. And I know what your thinking Zygen, he is not the same as me, he is weaker, not as bright and almost useless in battle. But even so, he is my descendant so he will be strong in time, whether he ever gets a strong as I was or not, I don’t know, but you must treat him as you would me Zygen.” Zygen nods “Now let me explain what happened with Arken during the time I took over Nin-Dragon’s body and the time I had the Time Laps Scream.” Nin-Dragon explains how he used Divine Beams to take out 5 Arken clones and how Arken took the Water Relic, “but I know you know that part.” He fills Zygen in on the rest of the details. “So do you have any question’s Zygen?” “Just one, what was all that about the Deity Contract?” “Oh, right I forgot about that, I can’t tell you everything about it, it’s just another secret we carry, you know all about our secrets Zygen hehe, but it basically was a contract that I made with the Deities themselves long ago, before I died. It was a deal that when I died, I would have descendants that would have a small part of me inside them just in case evil arose again. The only catch was I had to sacrifice myself to the deities for the contract to be made.” “So…that’s how you died, nobody knew how, you just were gone…” “Yup, but that’s all I can say, I can’t say anymore on it.” “So how long do you think you will be around before you disappear again?” “Less then 24 hours I would guess. I can feel the current Nin-Dragon’s mind inside beginning to gain it’s strength back. Once it get strong enough, it will overtake me and give Nin-Dragon his body back and put mine back into a deep slumber inside Nin-Dragon.” “Will you be able to show up again?” “Maybe, but the Deity Contract can only be triggered in certain dire situations. So if Nin-Dragon is ever in a dire situation I might be able to appear again and help him out. But I wont be able to for a long time, it takes time to rest up and have enough strength to take control of this body.” “I see…” Zygen says. “And don’t worry about telling Nin-Dragon about all this, he is aware of this whole conversation as we speak.” “Now, you need more training, so you can deal with Kiga…Arken’s brother…so I can help you with that, you also want to train the boy…Dia was it. I think it would be better if I trained both of you before I disappear again.” “That sounds like a good idea. It would be an honor to be trained by you again.” “Alright, first thing in the morning then.”

[A few hours pass]

Dia wakes up as he rubs his eyes and looks around he notices Zygen is sitting with Nin-Dragon. “NIN-DRAGON! YOUR AWAKE AGAIN!” Dia rushes over to them. “Listen Dia, sit down we need to talk.” “What is it?” “This is…the original Nin-Dragon, not the Nin-Dragon you know. “What?” Dia is confused. Zygen explains everything to Dia. “Wow….that’s crazy.” Dia can’t believe it. “So you were a legendary hero…” “I guess so, I wasn’t back in my time period.” Nin-Dragon says. “Wait, you had powers right?” “Yes…I did, and I still do have some, why?” “Zygen. maybe he can heal Crystal?” “Oh right! I didn’t even think of that!” “Can you Nin-Dragon?” “Crystal…..the child we saved so long ago…” He seems a bit sad. Then snaps out of it. “Lets see what we can do then. Nin-Dragon, Zygen and Dia get up and walk over to Crystal who still hasn’t moved. Nin-Dragon crouches down beside her, as he strokes her hair. “Oh Crystal, you shouldn’t have been injured like this.” He moves his left hand over Crystal’s body back and forth with his eye’s closed. “So, anything Nin-Dragon?” Zygen asks. “She is in rough shape, she is alive…but low on blood. I might be able to help her a bit.” Nin-Dragon places his hand above her heart and focuses. After a few moments she starts to breathe. “You did it Nin-Dragon!” Dia screams. “No, not fully.” “What?” “I got her heart to produce more blood for a short period of time. She is out of the critical zone, but she will need lots of rest and nobody should touch her so she can rest. She is at the point where rest is the best cure for her.” “Oh, thank you Nin-Dragon, you really are awesome!” Dia hugs Nin-Dragon. “Yes, he really is Dia.” Zygen puts his hand on Dia’s shoulder. Nin-Dragon and Dia stand up. “Well, now how about we get to that training. Dia, after this training you will be officially a member of the Nin-Dragon Army, do you accept the responsibility of that?” “You bet!” Dia has a big grin on his face. “Alright then lets head outside and get to it.” “We only have a few hours, I feel Nin-Dragon’s mind growing stronger.” They head outside the cave. “Just like old times Nin-Dragon.” “Just like old times Zygen.

Chapter 25: Zygen’s Speed Training.

[Outside the cave]

“Alright you stand over there Zygen.” Nin-Dragon points about 15 feet away. “Right!” Zygen replies. “And Dia, you stand over there.” Nin-Dragon points a few feet away from where he told Zygen to go. “Okay!” “Alright listen up, we don’t have much time so I’m going to give you guys a crash course on a few new abilities. Zygen, your up first. I have 2 abilities I can teach you.” “Alright!” “This first ability is one that only you can use Zygen.” “Uh, if only I can use it then how can you teach it to me?” “Good question, but I don’t need to be able to do it, to teach it. Now, please, shut up Zygen.” “Right, sorry.” “Okay, as I was saying, this is an ability that only you can use, so start by getting out one of those chalk sticks you have.” Zygen reaches into his pocket and pulls out a red one. “Will this one work?” “Yes, now I want you to throw it high up into the sky.” “Uh, okay…” Zygen tosses it high up into the sky, higher and higher it goes. Everyone follows it until it gets to high and the sun blinds them. “HYAA!” Nin-Dragon sends a ball of fire up into the sky and after a few moments it collides with the chalk. Causing a puff of red smoke to appear and a heat wave to rush across everyone. The chalk falls back down as Zygen holds out his hand and catches it. “Ahh!” Zygen drops the chalk on the ground. “Shit, that’s hot, what did you do Nin-Dragon?” “Simple, I gave you a new elemental ability. I added the power of fire to that particular chalk. However it will take you awhile to get used to it, since its as hot as the sun….or close enough anyway hehe. Also you must remember that while its going to be quite a strong power for you, once you use up that chalk, the power will also be gone. So use it wisely.” “Well….thanks, but…how do I hold it? It’s to hot.” Treat it like you would walking on hot coals. Just stay calm and relaxed. Your mind must be at ease and you wont even notice the heat.” “I see…” Zygen looks down and closes his eyes, as he picks up the chalk…a moment goes by and nothing happens. “See, you got that down already Zygen, you were always a fast learner.” “Thank you Nin-Dragon.” Zygen opens his eyes. “Now, lets begin training your body. You need to be faster to be able to deal with Kiga. His speed is currently seven times faster then your top speed Zygen. So we will get your speed up by 10 fold. Meaning you should be faster then Kiga, though as I understand it, he might not have even used all his speed against you in the first place. So I am hoping at least you will be even with him, in the worst case scenario.” “Okay, so how do we increase my speed and agility?” “You need to get your body to react faster then it ever has, your muscles, your nerves, your eyes, everything must be faster. We will work on all of those areas at the same time. Normally this training would take weeks, but I have full confidence you will master this within an hour.” “If you say so Nin-Dragon, I’m glad you have such high hopes with me.” “Alright lets get started and just to let you know, there will be a….test you could call it, at the end of this.” “A test?” “Yes, but don’t worry about that right now. Now here I come, try to block my attacks!”

“Raaaaa!” Nin-Dragon rushes up to Zygen. “Wha-” “Umph” Nin-Dragon went for punch to the side of Zygen’s head with his good arm, but Zygen just barely managed to get his arm up to block the punch. But Nin-Dragon’s strength was still strong enough to shove Zygen a few feet back. “Geez, that was-” “Raaaa!” Nin-Dragon goes for two punches back to back this time, Zygen blocks the first one, but couldn’t keep up with Nin-Dragon’s speed and gets slammed in the chest sending Zygen flying back 20 feet. “ZYGEN!” Dia yell’s. “Why are you beating up Zygen Nin-Dragon, don’t hurt him!” Nin-Dragon looks over at Dia. “Listen Dia, I can’t hold back in this training, Arken, Kiga, Sapphire and especially the Dark One will never hold back against us. It’s the only way you guys can learn fast enough.” “He’s…right…Dia…uhg.” Zygen gets to his feet. “He has to be aggressive against us, it pushes us to fight in real situations, as if we were on the battle field with our enemies.” “I…guess.” Dia sounds a bit confused. “Just stand back and watch Dia.” Nin-Dragon orders. “Now, Zygen, do you know why you were unable to block that second punch?” Zygen walks back to where he was standing before. “Because I couldn’t keep up with your speed and movements.” “Correct!” “So we need to get your eye’s to move faster so they can track the body’s movement, you need to be able to read the slightest movement in even a single muscle, if you learn that you will know where your opponent is going to aim for with their attack. It will almost be like reading their mind.” “I see…so how do I improve the speed of my eyes?” “A number of ways my friend. Lets do the first exercise, Hyaa!” Nin-Dragon sends a divine beam into a few tree’s up the mountain a bit. “Now Zygen, I want you to count the amount of birds that fly into the sky from that attack I just did, as well as tell me how many of each color bird there was.” “8….14…….brown…” Zygen’s eyes are trying to track every bird. “I think I counted 5 red birds, 3 blue birds, and 7 brown birds. That’s 15 birds in total.” “Wrong Zygen.” “What?” “You were close but you messed up twice. I was watching your eyes and I can tell you were really focusing but you counted one of the brown birds twice, and you missed the 1 yellow bird. So you got the right number, by luck hehe.” “Sigh…sorry Nin-Dragon, I failed you.” “No, no, you didn’t fail me. This training takes a lot of focus, which you can’t do on the battle field, but don’t worry once you master this you will be able to track a million things at once while still fighting.” “Okay, let me try again.” “No.” “What? Why not?” “Cause there are no birds left over there hehe.” “Oh haha.” “Don’t worry I have another exercise to do that will train your eyes.”

“This one is a bit tougher though.” “Alright bring it on.” “I’m going to charge at you again, and I want you to not move a single step. I know it will be hard to resist that defense mechanism we all have, to move when danger is coming, but trust me. I want you to stand still, and only move your eyes and arms to block, nothing else. Also I will add a few fake punches that you will have to try to read. If I’m about to do a fake punch then you will say out loud, fake. Other wise you will block every punch. Lastly to make the difficulty even harder I will use this stone arm that the current Nin-Dragon managed to get. If you get hit by this, you will get broken bones.” Nin-Dragon looks serious at Zygen. “Are you ready?” “gulp….yes.” “Alright then, here I come.” “Raaaaa!” Nin-Dragon goes for a punch with the stone arm right off the bat, aiming for Zygen’s stomach. It’s almost like time is in slow motion for Nin-Dragon, while he is charging at Zygen his eyes are watching Zygen’s eyes. He watches Zygen’s eyes slowly look down as Zygen blocks the first hit. “Umph!” Nin-Dragon quickly jumps straight up into the air and goes for a double downward strike. Zygen’s eye’s move up to see Nin-Dragon on the way back down. “Umph!!!” Zygen blocks but cuts it close, as Zygens arms smash into his own head from being a split second to slow in reading Nin-Dragon’s moves. “Hmm, I’m doing it, this is awesome.” Zygen is thinking to himself. In a split second Nin-Dragon is gone, and pops up behind Zygen. “Gasp” Zygen is confused as he lost track of Nin-Dragon entirely, Nin-Dragon goes for a punch to the spine, as he stops his punch mid air. “Zygen pay attention, don’t bother thinking to yourself while in a fight when you haven’t mastered this. All that does is distract you, your lucky that was one of my fake punches.” “Zygen spins around. “Sorry Nin-Dragon.” Nin-Dragon is gone again, but he keeps popping up and disappearing around Zygen at a blinding speed. It’s almost like he’s teleporting. “Don’t be sorry Zygen, just focus, and I told you not to move. Now I’m going full force this time so pay attention or get a broken bone.” “Right!” Zygen gets serious as he stands perfectly still. Only using his eyes to follow Nin-Dragon. Nin-Dragon’s speed is still to fast to track completely but his eyes fly back and forth with insane speed as Nin-Dragon is just a blur to him. Nin-Dragon keeps bouncing around Zygen. As a few seconds go by, Nin-Dragon begins to be less of a blur and more of his normal appearance. “Good, Zygen is getting it, I bet he can see me perfectly fine now……lets test that shall we.” Nin-Dragon thinks to himself. Nin-Dragon goes for a punch with his stone arm straight to Zygen’s face. Zygen’s eyes were already looking dead ahead and Zygen blocks the punch. “UMPH!” Nin-Dragon goes right into a series of punches in quick succession, “Umph, umph….umph.” “There you go Zygen, your getting it, time for a few curve balls.” Nin-Dragon thinks to himself. Nin-Dragon goes for a fake punch but as soon as Nin-Dragon is halfway into the fake punch, Zygen says “fake”. Nin-Dragon goes for two real punches back to back, the first aiming for Zygen’s left shoulder and the second aiming for his spine. “UMPH!!!” Zygen blocked both even the one behind him. “He didn’t even look behind himself and he blocked that. Excellent.” Nin-Dragon is once again thinking to himself.

Another minute goes by with a few real punches and a few fake punches and Zygen never got hit once. Nin-Dragon jumps back quickly from Zygen and lands back where he was before. Dia is standing with his mouth wide open. “What…..what the….heck was that? You were so fast Nin-Dragon, I couldn’t even see you appear, you almost looked like a ghost. Appearing for a second somewhere but by the time I looked you were gone and appearing somewhere else? And Zygen, you were not that fast, but your arms were moving faster and faster until it didn’t even look like you had arms anymore. Even your eyes….they were just white, I couldn’t even see the rest of your eyes they were moving so fast.” “Really Dia? It didn’t seem like I was moving fast?” “Oh yeah, you definitely were.” “Yes, very impressive Zygen. You have mastered that particular skill. Your eyes are almost as fast as my own now.” “Yeah, I could see you clearly after a while, at first you were just a blur, but then I saw you perfectly fine and it was like we were in slow motion? Does that make sense?” “Yup, its how it’s always been. Don’t know why, but it just is.” “Also I noticed my eyes would almost lock onto different muscles individually on you Nin-Dragon. whether it was in your arm or fist, I would notice a muscle start to tense up, and I just knew….where your attack was going…it was insane.” “Indeed it is Zygen.” “So that completes that part of increasing your speed. But we still need to increase your body’s speed. We have made you a better defensive fighter, but we need you to be a better offensive fighter. In your new state Kiga wouldn’t be able to land a hit on you, but you wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to land any of your own hits on him.” “I see. So how do I increase my body’s speed then?” “Follow me Zygen, Dia you can come to.” They all run for a few minutes over to a cliff. Nin-Dragon looks over the edge. “This will do.” Nin-Dragon looks down the cliff. It’s about 1,000 feet down to the bottom of the mountain. “What do you mean this will do Nin-Dragon? How will this cliff help my body’s speed?” “You’ll find out Zygen, or at least you better, or you wont survive the final part of your training.” “What does that-Ahhhhh” Nin-Dragon suddenly kicks Zygen in the back with both feet, hard, sending Zygen flying over the cliff’s edge. “Hyaa!!!” Nin-Dragon blasts the edge of the cliff multiple times with Divine Beams, which sends a ton of massive boulders down after Zygen.

“Nin-Dragon!!! What the fuck did you do that for!” Dia screams! “Relax Dia, this is the final part of Zygen’s training. If he survives this he will have mastered this training.” “How can he possibly survive that?” Dia screams again. “If he remembers to use his eyes, just like before then he can get out of this and get back up here.” “Really?” “Of course, now lets wait and see what happens.”

The next 25 chapters with be on a new page, starting with Chapter 26. Keep an eye out for it.

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