The Vault

Whats the Vault you ask? Well…It’s the place I lock up all my work! Over time I will reveal things.


Alright, I have decided to give a very small sneak peek into the Vault. The 1st image is showcasing one weapon I designed. The second picture shows off…well it’s self explanatory use your eyes lol. Now you can see what the Vault meant….now if I have to spell it out for you, The Vault is where I will showcase my work (Games developed by myself or my team) Now I ask that you don’t pester me or pry and ask for more info on my work, since I wont tell you anything. This is just a sample. So I hope you enjoy, now to close the Vault again lol. Also the pictures are slightly censored. I whited out our name, since the time is not right to reveal our name. Enjoy.

Zerk's Deity Binding Chains Done

Real Infernous Tree Done

Infernous Bush Done Censored

Here is a song I uploaded quite a while back on Youtube, made by myself with the assistance of my composer.

14 thoughts on “The Vault

    • lol, thanks man. Its not as easy or as fun as you think making a game. It’s tough work, and if your someone like me who gets distracted or frustrated easily…well it makes things even more difficult and takes a lot longer to get anything done. But I have said before, and on my YouTube profile it says I’m an Indie Dev, I told people before that I’m part of the industry. Maybe they don’t believe me, but I don’t care. I have shared a song I made “Arrival Of A Deity” and now these pictures. I plan to add a 3rd picture when I can, its just an updated picture of the 1st one, the Hammer Of The Corrupt picture, it will be the same except the hammer will have textures on it.

    • Sorry for the late reply. As for your question, that’s not an easy question to answer. There are a number of ways, but it depends on a number of things. For example:

      1: Do you want to make a cheap and or free game for Ipads/Smartphones?
      2: Do you want to make a game that is PC Exclusive? For like Steam?
      3: Do you want to make a game that is a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo Exclusive?
      4: Do you want to make a game that is a multiplat that goes on more then 1 Platform?

      Once you know that part then you can move onto the next part.

      5: What type of game do you want to make? Platformer/FPS/Puzzle so forth.
      6: Will it be a 2D or 3D game?
      7: Will it have a story? If so whats it about?
      8: Making concept art or work.
      9: Asking yourself if you can make it on your own or if you will need help.
      10: Asking yourself if you should try to work for other known developers like Nintendo or Retro Studios or something.

      After you know that stuff, then you can decide the next stuff.

      11: Should you become your own developer?
      12: Should you go to College/University to learn stuff?
      13: Do you want to do EVERYTHING? Meaning be a designer/programmer/audio guy so forth.
      14: Asking yourself how much time are you willing to put into this?
      15: Being okay with not making huge money until you become well known.

      Then we move onto more stuff:

      16: Should you hire people?
      17: Should you do a Kickstarter or pour your own money into development?

      And of course lastly the most important parts:

      18: Buying everything you will need to actually MAKE the games you want to make. For example, you WILL need a PC and not some crappy $200 PC. One that’s at least $900-$1500. (Mine was around $920 cause it was on Sale)

      19: You will need multiple software on your PC including Game Engines and Modeling Programs. (So you can design your own characters, items and such)

      20: If your going to put your game on a console either as an exclusive or multiplat you will need Dev Kits of those consoles, which if you don’t know what a Dev Kit is, it is basically a modified version of that console but it lets you access a number of things that let you get your game up and running on it so you can work with it and your game at the same time. And by the way, they are NOT CHEAP. A Wii U Dev Kit is about $5,000. Might be a bit cheaper if your a well known dev like say Capcom lol.

      Once all that shit has been figured out then you simply use all the tools you got and start designing your game with all the software and such. Course you will need to learn them, but you can either teach yourself the stuff, which is slower but ultimately a better way to go about it, or you can learn it else where like University where you will spend 3-4 years being told how to make stuff and what to make with not a lot of freedom.

      Anyway I hope I gave you at least a bit of info lol. Of course that’s not all the info or in the most detail but it’s a rough outline of most of the shit lol.

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