Smash Bros Character Revealed: Lucario Is Back!!!


Well this is certainly out of left field. Lucario is back and was revealed even before Jigglypuff?

So lefts go through the list of everyone we know SO FAR plus ones we know will be back.


1: Lucario
2: King DeDeDe
3: Zelda
4: Marth
5: Sonic
6: Rosalina
7: Toon Link
8: Peach
9: Luigi
10:Captain Olimar
11: Villager
12: Mario
13: Donkey Kong
14: Megaman
15: Wii Fit trainer
16: Link
17: Samus
18: Kirby
19: Fox
20: Pikachu
21: Bowser
22: Pit

Unconfirmed Returning Characters:

23: Ness
24: Captain Falcon
25: Jigglypuff
26: Yoshi
27: Ganondorf
28: Mr. Game&Watch
29: Diddy Kong

Characters Who Are Less Likely To Return

29: Ice Climbers
30: Mewtwo
31: Falco
32: Wolf (Sadface)
33: Pokémon Trainer
34: Wario

Characters who WONT return.

35: Snake
36: Rob
38: Lucas
39: Roy (Sadface)

So if we include all the characters except the 3 I say are gone for good and if we say all the ones who are LESS likely to return but have a chance that’s 34 characters. We know there will be about 40 or so characters that leaves us with 6 more characters to be a surprise. Now of course technically my list here is most my speculation. Anyway comment on what you think.


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